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Maharaja Scindia has shown Congress the way: Find other NPAs within and get cracking

Jyotiraditya Scindia can be a case study on someone giving up an envious career in a party that treated him like royalty. But Congress is yet to learn the lesson.

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The writing was on the wall. Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia’s exit from the Congress and his prompt entry into the Bharatiya Janata Party exposes the existential crisis within the grand old party. But Scindia is just an example. The Congress still has many NPAs – or non-performing assets – about whom the party will have to decide sooner or later, or be prepared for more Scindia-like moments.

The Congress is peppered with leaders who are ideologically dodgy and therefore untrustworthy. The party’s trials and tribulations will peak now since many of the prominent faces it heavily invested in are rumoured to be all set to leave for greener pastures. Scindia’s exit will have a domino effect because, apparently, the Congress isn’t worth all the struggle.

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Tell-tale signs 

Maharaja saheb’s departure left many in the Congress scratching their heads. Here was a man with huge influence in the ‘darbar’ of the Gandhis, who was forever seen as one of the frontrunners after the Gandhi family, but who decided to suddenly turn his back on everything the Congress avowedly stands for: secularism, anti-RSS, anti-Hindutva. Scindia could be a case study on why someone would give up an envious career in a political party that treated him like royalty (pun intended).

But it isn’t like Scindia wasn’t giving the signs as to which direction the wind was blowing.

The Congress party’s stand on the dilution of Article 370 was clear from the beginning – that the Narendra Modi government’s way of going about it was unconstitutional. But there were leaders in the party – yes, like our very own Jyotiraditya Scindia – who were more than willing to hail the government for its “nationalistic” move. And many did.

But as Scindia goes about ‘correcting’ everything he said or did until a few months ago – from criticising Modi for putting “my entire Hindustan in danger” to showering praise on him because “India’s future is in his safe hands” – he leaves behind a template for the Congress party to study and figure out who its next Scindias are.

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Who are they?

Aditi Singh: One leader who held the same opinion as Scindia on the Modi government’s Article 370 move was Congress’ Raebareli MLA Aditi Singh. Often dubbed as the rising star of the Congress, she celebrated the removal of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status. When the Congress’ stance was pointed out to her, she resorted to calling herself “an Indian first” to justify her position. This only suggests that for Aditi Singh, her party’s stand was “anti-India”.

In November 2019, Aditi Singh had attended a special session of Uttar Pradesh assembly called by the Yogi Adityanath government instead of her own party’s training session held in Raebareli. For defying the party whip, a show-cause notice was issued to Singh. Not much has happened since then, though. Neither has Aditi left the Congress, which many suspected her to, nor has the Congress, predictably, taken further action against her.

Milind Deora: Here’s another leader who seems to be playing the odd-even scheme. Deora looks like a true blue Congressi one day and not quite one another day. Deora has courted controversy for being on the fence on various issues that the Congress has held a clear stand. For example, Milind Deora’s take on the Article 370 move is the definition of sitting on the fence. Deora’s tweet was so cryptic that it’s hard to know what he was actually trying to convey. He compared Article 370 with demonetisation and hoped the decision would “play out more favourably”.

Deora also heaped praises on the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) recently. Although it appears to be very statesman-like for Deora to praise the Delhi government for becoming the most fiscally prudent, it didn’t go down well with his colleagues in the party’s Delhi unit. He was criticised for patting the AAP on its back even as his own party scored a zero in the 2020 assembly election. Leaders like Ajay Maken and Radhika Khera also tried to school him by presenting data and figures from when the Congress was in power in Delhi.

Deora also had a public spat with Sanjay Nirupam who blamed the former for not being able to energise the party cadre during the Maharashtra assembly election.

Jitin Prasada: Rumours have also been rife from early 2019 that Jitin Prasada was going to join the BJP but was placated by Ahmed Patel and Scindia. Speculations turned serious when former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah tweeted and asked Prasada why he could not categorically deny that he wasn’t joining the BJP instead of beating around the bush. Prasada has been a one-time minister and yet the Congress party has not done much to pull him up. It was also reported by Times Now that Prasada was seen in and out of the BJP offices.

Anil Shastri: Then there’s former prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri’s son Anil Shastri, a senior Congress leader who has openly asked the party to rethink its ideology by judging the mood of the people. For those who need this to be spelled out, the mood must be that of Hindu nationalism perhaps.

In 2015, Anil Shastri had spent over an hour with RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat at Lal Bahadur Shastri’s ancestral house in Ramnagar, Varanasi. Bhagwat was in attendance for the release of the book Bharat Ratna Lal Bahadur Shastri.

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The dead horses

Finally, there are the Sam Pitrodas, who seem to be the dead weight that the Congress carries around. With zero political acumen and barely any sense of ground realities, leaders like Pitroda and Janardan Dwivedi are more a liability than be of any real help to the Congress. The party was left red-faced on the eve of the 2019 Lok Sabha election after Pitroda infamously remarked about the 1984 anti-Sikh riots as “hua toh hua (it happened, so what?)”. He remains the chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress. Janardan Dwivedi, besides writing speeches for Sonia Gandhi and sharing a stage with Bhagwat at a religious event, has not done much for the Congress either, except bring some embarrassment to the party. His son Samir was “inspired by Narendra Modi” to choose the BJP over the Congress.

The question that remains is: why isn’t the Congress cutting ties with members who clearly have a problem with the party’s stand, and are going to either embarrass it or bring its way unnecessary criticism and public scrutiny? The other question is for these Congress leaders: Are they buying time to save their sinking political career? More importantly, are these the very people who are drilling holes in the battered ship of the Congress, causing it to drown faster much than it would have? The Congress must find out before another party leader does a Scindia on it.

The author is a political observer and writer. Views are personal.

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  1. Unless there is change in leadership, there appears little hope for d party to reclaim it’s waning credibility, at d same time old gaurds, who r more of a liability than asset to d once glorious party b accorded farewell, and youth brigade who can contribute a lot, aid in reemerging party’s strength b in d forefront rather than d old misfit to d current political scenario, lacking political acumen, mr Rahul Gandhi must leave leadership by allowing agressive youth leader d rein of d party, to reclaim its lost image, d current leadership should brainstorm to infuse energy image credibility which is possible by way of change in leadership alone..

  2. Aah congress – wah Congress
    Tell – who is there to look after the Grand Old Party
    No One
    Trimurti- Sonia Amma, RAHUL Baba and choklate faced Priyanka
    Who bothers
    When I see all the three sitting together for political game plays , I certainly feel sorrow KYA THA KYA HO GAYA

  3. It’s doubtful if the Congress will rise again. Do we want it ? In other countries, political parties have closed shop and new parties have arrived.
    With a change in worldly political environment and changed political situation in the country, it will be more appropriate for the country’s development for a new political party with new generation people to emerge.
    However, this can happen only if:
    1. Basic qualifications are specified and insisted upon for contesting elections.
    2. Clean image for contesting elections is adhered to.
    3. Holding a ministry is considered as a service rather than power.
    4. It’s ensured that any minister can hold power only twice like a president.
    5. It’s a rule and law, no party position holder holds a ministerial position.
    In my opinion, Congress can’t come back to any position in the future. The members who fought for Independence must be respected. But, the next generation members have been only after power, black money , corruption, caste based, least national and selfish. The third generation has grown on the wings of the second generation.
    We need an emergence of a new party with educated and qualified members with clarity in aim and a nationalist feeling, attitude and honesty.
    Jai Hind!

  4. The Congress will rise again. But, without the baggage of a Nehru or Gandhi. Sycophants who feed off their proximity to this now redundant family will be discarded. The party will prove itself to be above family politics, especially today when the family cupboard is bare in quality. No intelligence, no charisma and no commitment. In this proud Nation of young, educated and intelligent people, the very thought of having a dumb RG, his sister Priyanka or bro in law Vadra flaunting nothing except their closeness to an Italian widow is indeed hollowness beyond compare. Arise, Awake Young India. Discard this baggage and rediscover yourself.

  5. Biggest NPA and liability for Congress are its over 65 years who had had power for 15 to 30 years. Topping the list is Gulam Nabi Azad. He would have even a tough fight wining any seat in J&K or anywhere in India except maybe maybe Kerala. He is glorified peon who knows too much and cannot be let go. So he used his position (and his beliefs) to craft a response for article 370 which most of the major leaders (especially who still have little mass support left.) in Congress did not support . This had happened in all the Muslim issues. If you have a Muslim leader who represents minorities then atleast he should be able demonstrate it by either seats in parliament or managing the opinion or public discourse. But not so as happens when to back NPA – Gulam the real assets will leave.

    • Authoris highly biased..He says party treated him with royalty..scindhia was waiting to meet Raga for last one year but could not get appointment ..Is that royal treatment..Author should not put his words in to others mouth..Biggest NPA for Congress is Raga, Sonia is of course an asset for party

  6. We are living in democratic country, Congress was or is still a National party but in day to functioning why the party not willing to adopt the first democracy with in party itself. Are RG or SG capable to handle the party smoothly, what is positive thing with them except their name or surname. Now the Congress is sinking shop or white elephant that today or tomorrow definitely collapse. Their young leader will come out and join other party or frame some regional Party. In the past number of example we have saw, in AP, Bengal, Maharastra, Orissa , J&K,

  7. Parties like INC have no ideology but to occupy the “kurshi” and hold on to the power. The Opportunist. They are neither communists or socialist or fascist or Islamist or Jihadis or Hunuman-wadis or Ram Bhakts or even Nationalist. Just a bunch of cunning clever power-hungry people. Naturally, when the wind is flowing in another direction, and that too strong wind, its members, like a true congressman, will seek greener pastures. When the wind was USSR dominated communism, they were fake socialists.
    Even Mr Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was no different. It started with him perhaps. This certified Opportunism. He converted a secular movement and institution into his own Jagir and mixed it with anarchy and religion…possibly forced Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a completely irreligious pork eating and scotch drinking playboy brown sahib into the Islamist Camp.

  8. The author must be a anti Hindu ideologist in the name of secularism.if you take statistics the hardcore Congress men are either converts, strongly supporting conversion or Muslims.congress is getting support from Medea funded to destabilise India

  9. From when has the congress ideology Anti – Hindutava .Please do not write such irresponsible stuff and help the party you hate to grow further

  10. I have some words of advice for you, Rahul, now that you are closer to the throne. First, you must prevail upon your mother and her coterie to change their “communal secularism” agenda that is completely polarising our nation and alienating the majority population by attempting to destroy their self respect, into ‘national secularism’ that is truly inclusive of the nation . Ram Jethmalani to Rahul

  11. I agree with the author of this article. All the hindu nationalists in the Congress are NPAs and should be removed to the BJP. Congress should remain the party of the left, of muslims and of Italian mafia interests.

  12. It appears that no True Indian has picked up Courage to tell the Truth that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was responsible for making Congress into Gandhi Party by Not cooperating with Elected President , Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and subverting the Leadership of Bose !! Congress party died when Netaji left it in 1938 itself !! It had become Gandhi’s private limited party !!

  13. The author seems to have minority agenda,and has inteligently placed it on Non performing assets, where as his agenda is opposing article 370

  14. The biggest NPA of Congress party is non other than RG under whose able guidance and leadership congress party has lost 44 elections. Will you declare him NPA, rather NP[L – non performing leader after completing first century of defeats for the Party .?

  15. I am wondering how such an article was published in the print.The writers problem seems to be only article 370 and whoever supported its scrapping has become liability or non performing asset.first of all congress looks more like a yes bank so question does not arise at all who is a good asset and who is npa.Scindia will prove his mettle in bjp and he belongs to Madhya Pradesh unlike kamalnath who does not even belong to that state.hence s India’s grievance was legitimate.

  16. I hope the Congress party will listen to this writer and expel these leaders. That will complete the transition of the party to that of a foreign funded activist NGO. As a side note, this jihadi’s heart seems to be burning at the abrogation of 370? Would she care to explain why?

  17. Wov. Suddenly some of the Congress so called young leaders have become NPA (or dead-wood), leaving the real dead-woods to rule. There people who has one foot in grave, who cannot travel and win their own seat but depend on nomination for RS are real assets. Nice analogy. And someone said here that there still good people in Congress. Better name few… who can really carry and win the election on a national scale.

  18. Answer to your question is simple. Congress at all times was an umbrella party. It is only natural that a few more-than-moderate Hindu elements would be drawn towards the extremist Hindu party. That doesn’t mean that Congress should become a minority dominated party. It should continue with its inclusive nature.

  19. I can punch a thousand holes in this article. The author ‘s central view is that why does the Congress not get rid of those leaders who have a doddgy ideology and who are thus fence sitters like the names given here. I want to ask the author what is the Congress ideology when Sonia Gandhi appeals to Imam Bukhari of Jama Masjid Delhi to exhort all Muslims to vote for the Congress ? What is the ideology of the Congress when it criticises Shiv Sena, calls it communal and other names and then join hands with it after 2019 Maharashtra in its greed for power ? The Congress is anything but secular. In fact it is the most communally divisive and corrupt party. Rahul Gandhi, in the famous wikileaks leaks was telling the US senator that the real danger for India was from Hindus when we all all know how Sikhs were massacred in 1984 under Congress watch, how Hindus are systematically killed in Bengal and Kerala, both places where Congress had some share in power at one point of time or other. And what about the temple hopping excercise of Rahul Gandhi and his blind bhakt Surjewala declaring that Rahul is a janeudhari Bramhan ? Did the people of this country ask Rahul Gandhi if he was a janeudhari Bramhin ? Why the Congress had to declare his religion from rooftops during election campaigning ? Is this secularism Ms Sikander ? So Ms Sikander please keep this flawed of secularism to yourself. People are much smarter and know your compulsions and designs. Congress did no charity by giving position to Scindia. He was capable and there was no way Congress could have ignored him. The only problem in Congress is that people who are much intelligent and smarter than Rahul are kept away from top positions because the Gandhi family feels threatened and fears that it will be rendered irrelevant. Also scrapping of article 370 was done with support of both houses of Parliament. So how can you say that it was unconstitutional ? I mean there is a limit to which lies and disinformation is being spread and a narrative favouring Congress is being pedalled. Shame on this dishonesty.

    • Mr good to write so big but where you find so called systematic killing of hindus in west bengal? is it from nagpur? or gujarat? Moreover if you say about 1984 sikh killing then you have to say about killng of IG them PM of india. We know how much sweets were distributed on that day.

  20. Aditi Singh – had never heard of her -, Milind Deora, Jitin Prasada, Anil Shastri, all three minor dynasts, rahe kya aur gaye kya. For that matter, difficult to figure out what purpose the continued retention of the Gandhi family is serving. There are undoubtedly good people in the Congress, it is still possible to assemble a more impressive Cabinet from amongst them than the present one, However, the party needs to be set free from the rusted chains that bind it.

    • ……… the party DOESN’T WANT to be set free from the rusted chains that bind it, if there is such rusted chains. It wants Gandhi family for its survival! Let the party decide its own future.

  21. Congress only ideology is power,bootlicking of terrorists & pakistan,conversions.If Congress was Secular then what if is doing with Shiva sena in Maharashtra.the congress can be anything but not secular since it has aligned with parties like Muslim league in kerala & Shiva sena in Maharashtra.26/11 is also a joint venture of pak ISI & khangress party.the author is a stooge of Pakistan ISI.

  22. Why the Congee lead don’t understand the same after JS MP case study will definitely give them the intention, shows them the future. Whether they day dream or pretend as if in sleep . Actually they might be sleepless.
    Actually they must awake , rise select Prez and team to fight with ideology, principally based activities, should have programs suits to latest conditions of the nation

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