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Pakistanis are saying ‘mandir nahi banaenge’. Fatwas follow Hindu temple construction

Not allowing the construction of a Krishna temple in Islamabad is Pakistan’s latest ‘sin’ against the Hindus who have equal rights under the Constitution.

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With ‘mandir to banega’, Pakistan is having its own ‘mandir wahi banayenge’ moment.

Authorities halting the construction of a Shri Krishna Mandir in Islamabad’s H-9 sector last week is yet another reminder of how the space for religious freedoms is shrinking in Pakistan. The temple would have been the first new place of worship for the 3,000 Hindus residing in the capital. But not anymore.

Marred with fatwas, religious bigotry, threats and political point scoring, the construction of the temple has now run into disputes. The other 16th century Ram Mandir in Islamabad’s Saidpur Village is just a tourist spot and Hindus are not allowed to pray in the temple.

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Reconstructing temple against Islam’s spirit

What began as a goodwill gesture from the Prime Minister’s Office with a grant of Rs100 million for the temple construction, soon saw the religious and political groups go up in opposition. In one such decree, the Jamia Ashrafia madrassa ascertained that according to Sharia laws, it is not permitted for non-Muslims to build their new worship places or rebuild those which were in ruins. “This is a sin in an Islamic state.” The same was echoed by federal government’s ally and speaker of the Punjab Assembly, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi who said that only the repair of the existing places of worship of the Hindus, Sikhs and Christians was allowed, and that building a new structure was against the spirit of Islam.

Many had a problem with the temple being built on taxpayers’ money but it didn’t occur to anyone that Hindus as Pakistani citizens, too, pay their taxes. So why can’t the government spare money on their place of worship? The Kartarpur Gurdawara’s renovation, with much-hype and glitz, was made possible with the government money. Since that was in ‘national interest’, none of these religious and political charlatans dared squeak on it.

Unsurprisingly, succumbing before many religious pressure groups, City District Administration stopped work. When the Islamabad Hindu Panchayat halted the construction of the temple’s boundary wall, citing security reasons, a television channel proudly took credit for the same in ‘leading the anti-temple discourse’.

Now, the trespassers who no one is bothered to stop, desecrate the construction site, vandalise the temple’s foundation, chant slogans and shoot videos of themselves offering namaz with great pride. All this when an already beleaguered Hindu community in the capital feels helpless and threatened by such behaviour.

How a temple can shake the foundations of a republic that promises equal rights to the minorities is the sad reality of Pakistan.

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Othering the religious minorities

Pakistan’s bias towards the minorities hasn’t surfaced overnight. Decades of othering the religious minorities as part of making a national identity lies at the root of this inherent bias. The glorification in the history textbooks of temple vandelisers like Mahmud Ghaznavi and at the same time hoping to show the world how Pakistan is a pluralistic society sounds delusional. You cannot preach one thing and practice another.

Pakistan faces some fundamental questions: what is Pakistan’s relationship with its minority citizens? What is the social contract between Pakistani Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and the State? If the Constitution gives rights as equal citizens and the freedom to practice religion, then why does the State let the pressure groups treat minorities as third-rate citizens?

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Double standards

Pakistanis who draw immense pride in watching New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardren’s mosque visits, don’t want their leaders to speak for their own minorities. If Nawaz Sharif, Bilawal Bhutto or Prime Minister Imran Khan mention religious freedom, their beliefs are questioned at once. Their reaching out to the minorities is seen as a sign of shame and appeasement, but Ardren’s actions signify greatness. The hypocrisy at play is laughable. When Nawaz Sharif became part of a Holi event in Karachi in 2017, a fatwa was issued against him, which said “Nawaz Sharif’s Holi speech has shaken the ideological foundations of Pakistan”. I wonder how weak these foundations are? Today, PM Khan’s images are shared on social media superimposed on Hindu religious figures.

While mistreatment of minorities is an issue that’s as old as Pakistan, the Imran Khan government and his party’s track record on appeasing the Islamists is no secret. From supporting an anti-blasphemy sit-in against the Pakistan Muslim League-led Nawaz Sharif government, to appointing renowned economist Atif Mian as an economic advisor and then backtracking due to his Ahmadiyya faith, to signing a contract with Tehrik-e-Labbaik goons after Asia Bibi’s exoneration, to not including Ahmadis in the National Minority Commission, the list is long, and shows the non-existent resolve of the government.

But, the Imran Khan administration is the loudest when it comes to raising voice against persecution of Muslim minorities anywhere in the world, especially in India. If PM Khan’s idea of giving a lesson to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on treatment of religious minorities involves making a U-turn on every tough decision and appeasing the clergy, then how is Naya Pakistan any different from the old one?

The author is a freelance journalist from Pakistan. Her Twitter handle is @nailainayat. Views are personal.

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  1. Remove the sentence ” how weak those foundations are” from the eighth paragraph of your article for muslim readers on here find this offensive.If you will not comply withwith this reasonable demand then I will submit a complaint against your islamophobic statements to the concerned authorities of theprint. Secondly,Mahmoud Ghaznavi R.A ( was a great man and a king in the true sense of the word. Curse on you for speaking against the Noble king. Mahmoud Ghaznvi R.A Zindabaad.Mahmoud Ghaznvi R.A Zindabaad.Mahmoud Ghaznavi R.A Zindabaad.Curse on the enemies of Blessed Mahmoud Ghaznavi The Great !

  2. Majority of people are not aware of meaning of God/Allah/Khuda/ Christ/Ram what they have conveyed to human beings on this earth. Humanity is thousands miles away from them. Except few who are serving the humanity without considering what religious beliefs they are having. Why hate any one. Read the history of Sher-e-Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji by English writers ( Google reviews. ) He donated gold for Sunehri Masjid of Lahore and equally distributed to Shiva Mandir of Kanshi along with Golden Temple, Amritsar without any partiality to any individual on his belief. And he was considered the best ruler of the world. Consider everyone as human being and not based on what he/she is and hatred towards any one. This is the message of Almighty for everyone. Understand the needs of humanity in distress Coronavirus period. CORONA-19 is deadly enemy of all races whatever faith you are having. Be a beautiful person on this Globe in this hour crisis.

  3. The comments section is replete with many shrill, jingoistic, chest-thumping and the hoarse battle-cries of indignant Muslims from Pakistan and Hindus from India. Each believes that he lives in paradise – although most try to leave said paradise for greener pastures outside! They deftly omit any mention of the violence and discrimination perpetrated on their own soils towards minorities – however one might choose to define a minority. Instead, they wag an accusatory finger towards their neighbours and sport an holier than thou attitude. Thus, in order to love India and be a true Indian, you need to hate Pakistan and Muslims; in order to love Pakistan you need to hate India and Hindus.

    This tragic state of affairs reminds one of a quote from General Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970), former President of France:

    “Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first”

    Meanwhile, people die in both countries are dying in the thousands from the COVID virus; economic disaster looms ahead; starvation is rife; social cohesion is fraying and democracy is dying. Of course it was dead in Pakistan a long time ago, but India wants to prove that it too can kill democracy and beat Pakistan in all formats of that game too !

    All this is good news for politicians on both sides of the border. They know that all that they have to do is to stoke some silly mandir – masjid issue and people will rally behind them. Of course, most of these jingoistic Indians and Pakistanis guys seldom go to mandirs and mosques, but that is beside the point. It is not the desire to worship that drives the discussion but the perverse notion that hating the religions of others is true worship and fidelity to my religion.

    Sadly, neither Ram nor Rahim can save India and Pakistan.

    But, Ram and Rahim seem to have heard the prayers of the many weapons manufacturers in Europe, USA, China and Russia. And forgotten the very people who build houses of worship to them in India and Pakistan – when they don’t tear each others houses of worship down.

  4. If Indian allowed muslims to rebuild Babri Masjid, then Imran Khan government can allow to build temple otherwise it is cowardice of Imran government. We have no brave muslim leader at moment that can beat and teach lesson to Indian government.

    • Mr Amin, for you kind info, we are not bigot and narrow minded as you. India have most number of maszids in world more than any Islamic country.
      and you Pakistanis have broken all non islamic structure in last 70 years. Let alone structure, you have genocided majority of non muslims. There can’t be any comparison between you and us. And Pakistan is just a would be colony of China. We are teaching big lesson to China who killed 15 lakh uighur muslims and you guys does not guts to even speak about that. Don’t worry we’ll avenge on your behalf.

    • Sau choohe khaa ke billi haz ko chali!! Sote jaagte, raat din jo dusron ki mandiron ko dhaane ki hi sochte rehte hainm unke ek babri masjid kya toot gaya, buss ussi ka naam japte sote aur jaagte hain! Babri masjid kahaan banaya gaya aur uske neeche kya hai, agar yeh sochne lage toh woh musalman Jaleeliyat aur jahalat se baahir aa sakta hai. Pa kitne hain aise?

      Waise. jo kpi bhi pakistan mein Mandir banaane ki Baat karta hai, woh toh aur bhi maqqar hai!! Pehle yeh toh bolo 22% jo minority that Pakistan ke under 1947 mein, woh kahaan gayab ho gaye?

  5. Down with pakistani mullahs and their fatwas! They are all “oloma-us-suu” (bad/evil scholars), and pakistan is in effect (na)pakistan.

  6. Excuse me Sir! Have you read Quran in your life? Have you studied the constitution of Islam? At the time of Fatah-eMakah, Our Prophet (S.A.W) destroyed 360 idles which was present in Makkah. Was they not given equal rights to minorities? Or you and your Cecular friends are more excellent then them? Islam doesn’t allow to build any Temple or church in the country of Muslims. Remember, full name of our country is Islamic Rebulic of Pakistan….

    • What you have contended here makes me very wild? Is Pakistan an Islamic Republic? My foot! Killing scores of students brutally in a shoot out in a school! And you call it an Islamic Republic! Your ignorance is unpardonable.

    • Mr Hamza Ali Khan: You pontificate:

      “.. Islam doesn’t allow to build any Temple or church in the country of Muslims ..”

      But Islam allows its adherents to build mosques in the countries of kafirs and polytheists right?

      See the hypocrisy writ large Sir ?

    • In Dubai a temple is there for more then hundred year old . In Oman and Bahrain a temple is functioning all are more then hundred yr. Recently abudhabi allowed construction of new temple. Apart from churches and Gurudwara built in UAE.

      • MrBlc: The examples you cite – if true – are by and large exceptions.

        It is virtually important to build a place of worship for non Muslims in almost all Muslim countries. Indeed, the Pope himself pointed out that whilst Saudi Arabia could build mosques in Rome, no churches are allowed to be built in Saudi Arabia. Reagrdless of what the Qur’an says about tolerance, almost all Muslim majority countries are not exactly paragons of tolearnce towards non-Muslim minorities. That was true in the past and is even more true today. sadly.

        Indeed, this week, Turkey announced a change in the status of the famous Church of Hagia Sofia in Istanbul which was converted into a mosque by Mehmed II in 1453 upon the conquest of Constantinople. The structure was turned into a museum by Mustafa Kemal’s secular Republic in 1935 and was a museum until now. The UNESCO heritage site has now been turned back into a mosque by the regime of Reccep Erdogan – another populist in the Modi mold. And like Modi, he too dabbles and stokes up religious sentiment when everything else goes to dogs.

        I guess mosques and mandirs have tremendous utility for cunning politicians. They aid them in convincing the masses that constructing these places of worship will solve all their problems and people seem to accept that. As political philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) said:

        “One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived”

  7. Mera Bharat Mahaan.Let Us First Finish Mandir Building In Hindustan. Why Bother About A Mandir In A Terrorist Infected Country?

    • Mr TR Ramkumar: What your ilk forgets is that the destruction of the Babri Masjid orchestrated by BJP leaderAdvani and the ensuing riots and bloodshedhave paid put to India’s relatively better image of religious tolerance, at least when compared to Pakistan and Bangladesh.

      That act of destruction was carried out solely for political purposes by the BJP and not necessarily for the sake of any religious reasons. The vast majority of Indians, particularly outside North India had never heard of that particular temple and never considered it central to their liturgy or other religious rites. The BJP’s politicisation of the Babri Masjid incident has had repercussions that went far beyond that incident. The Bombay riots followed next, then the Godhra pogroms tacitly engineered by then CM Modi and then the gradually increasing climate of anti-Muslim, anti-Christian and ant-Dalit violence in India. Lynchings have now become a part of brand India.

      Yes, Hindus in Pakistan should be allowed to build a temple. But at the same time, Hindus in India should not build a temple by razing down a mosque. As a Hindu – a lapsed one I must confess – I do believe that Hinduism is the more tolerant of the two religions in question. But the Ayodhya episode is blot on that reputation for tolerance.

      What India needs is a government that promotes tolerance, not temple building to demonstrate intolerance and hatred.

        • Ms Anuradha Raghavan. Thanks for the response.

          With all due respects to your boss whose utterances are evidently the gospel truth for you, I beg to differ Ms Raghavan.

          To the best of my knowledge, the initial impetus for the destruction of the Babri Masjid was kicked-off by BJP President LK Advani’s notorious “rath yatra” in the autumn of 1990. The subsequent rioting that took place left many dead and stoked religious discord all over North India. It all culminated in the destruction of the mosque by Advani’s stormtroopers in 1992. The rest as they say is history.

          Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in May 1991.

          Please ask your boss what he was smoking when he told you that Rajiv Gandhi was behind the Babri Masjid incident.

          As the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegård (1813-1855) said:

          “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

      • In Ayodhya Ram temple was existing before Babri masjid, so there is nothing wrong in demolition of Babri masjid to build Ram temple. History repeats itself.

        • Mr Tukaram Gopal Rao: There is utterly no evidence to that effect.

          Indeed, the Archaeological Survey of India produced a report that was solely done to please its political masters. As the abstract of the Research paper:

          “Was There a Temple under the Babri Masjid? Reading the ‘Archaeological ‘Evidence'” by Varma & Menon (ref:


          “As witnesses to a major part of the excavations carried out by the Archaeological Survey of India at the Ram janmabhoomi-Babri masjid site in Ayodhya in 2003, the authors detail the many irregularities and outdated methods they observed. They also refer to the objections they filed regarding some of the procedures followed by the
          ASI, as well as the objections to its Final Report on the excavations. In several ways, it was obvious that the
          ASI was operating with a preconceived notion of discovering the remains of a temple beneath the demolished mosque, even selectively altering theevidence to suit its hypothesis. The authors stress that there is little doubt that the kind of archaeology practised by the statist ASI, where archaeologists see themselves primarily as bureaucrats, suffers from aserious absence of academic engagement and training”

          And in any case Mr Rao, I am quite sure that the most important issue in India today is the destruction of the mosque and the erection of a temple there. I guess that is the pre-requisite to ushering in the much heralded Ram Rajya that will banish poverty, make India powerful and so on. Indeed, the temple might even banish the COVID virus !

          I am quite sure that with educated people like you, Idnia is on the bullt train to becoming a 5 trillion USD economy !

    • Yes surprised to see a pro Pakistani troll site like print publishing a genuine fact based article like this one!!

  8. We in India must support the Pakistanis on this issue at all costs. This shows the commitment of the Muslims to their Religion and Faith. If we lack in respecting our Faith, we cannot blame Muslims for being true to their religion.

  9. Actual problem is construction of temple on tax money.
    So stop misleading people. The is no issue in construction of Hindu temple. Only issue is why government wants to build it on taxpayer money.

    When this government has no policy of never buiding mosque or church on taxpayer money.

    • Mr Umar: I live in Europe and most Muslim immigrants here request and receive financial or material support from the local governments to build mosques. Yes, local comunities sometimes object to the construction of mosques but there are often dialogues initiated under the auspices of governments to smoothen things.

      Indeed, in most nominally Christian countries and in India, mosques are built with little difficulties. Try building a new temple or gurdwaara in Pakistan, its mentor Saudi Arabia or Iran. You would then see various theological interpretations from the ulema to block other faitsh and forms of worship.

  10. I don’t know why indian Muslim’s are always taking side of Pakistan looks like they get paid from Pakistan government not from india, I used to watch every social media they don’t even support india but they stays in india. In India there is equal rights for every religion. #indian #freedom #forall

    • To say that they do not support India is a lie. Many Indian Muslims died to win the freedom that you are hashtagging about. They stayed in India instead of going to Pakistan because they supported Indian values as they were at the time of Independence. At the time, India was a secular country that supported equal rights and religious tolerance. Everyone could practise their religion without fear, eat what they wanted, marry who they wanted, and no-one was losing their citizenship because of their religion. Now they are being killed in the name of beef by religious extremists with the tacit support of a government that wants to convert India into a Hindu Pakistan. Detention camps have been built across the country to round up Indian Muslims, who are called “infiltrators” even by the government.

      Take the case of HS Doreswamy, a 102-year-old freedom fighter whom the government attacked as an infiltrator and “Pakistani agent”. This is a person whom the British Empire jailed because he fought to free India from colonial rule. If they treat a freedom fighter in this way, how much worse will they treat a regular Indian Muslim?

      • One of the best comments so far Mr Adityan A !

        My father, is a retired military man in his late 80s and he saw action in 1962. He was shocked when a Muslim solider friend called my father and asked him if he would offer shelter to his family if there were riots targeting Muslims. Needless to say, old soldiers like my dad who will shield their soldier comrades with their own lives immediately asked his friend to come over with his family if he ever feared for his life. And if that is the fear that Muslims have in Madras, where things are relatively more peaceful, one can only imagine the plight of Muslims in the chappathi belt and in Adityanath territory.

        The BJP is tearing the fragile unity of this country asunder. It is ripping apart the Constitution and the values that made India stand tall in the comity of nations. And worse still, Mullah Adityanath – the man who endorsed the rape of dead Muslim women – is grooming himself to replace Modi. Move over Amit Shah, India needs a true saffron thug not an effete dhokla man from Gujarat !

  11. Every religion should get the full freedom in the name of god no matter what religion they are and pk’s pm should need to help the Hindu’s like the Indian pm does on india and that’s why I think India is the best country and I’m proud to be an Indian #somuchfreedom #indian #equalrights #for all

  12. Why, Hindus not willing to buy his own earth privately and simply start construction himself as whole Muslims communities are doing abroad being expatriate or second citizenship.

  13. No issue with building worship places in Pakistan by any minority but NOT with government money.

  14. Let india rebuild all mosques they destroyed, then they could ask to make a mandir in Pakistan.
    If India is not ready to make all mosques they destroyed so they have no right to make a mandir in Islamic capital.

  15. Islam doesn’t deny/prevent minorities rights on islamic lands. They have the right to build their religious places but by their own wealth. Its unlawful for an islamic state to build mandir/gurdwara church etc with govt fund because these funds are extracted/received by muslims with the name of taxes.
    Govt should focus on health and education for all pakistani community including minorities and show the world that pakistan always respect their rights.

    Shame on the reporter who portrayed pakistani people as extremists and narrow minded towards minorities.

    The reporter should think that he/she is responsible for their acts/thoughts and will be answerable on the day of judgement.

    • If constructions of Muslim churches/masjids are funded by the tax payers then Hindus n other minorities also pay the taxes. So, it’s only fair they are also tax payer funded.

      • Pakistan is an Islamic state. We know there’s only One Allah (One God). Associating partners with Allah is shirk. Mushrik (A person who associate partners with Allah) will never be forgiven.
        A Muslim state or person can never help anyone in doing shirk. This is prohibited. Read Surah Maidah.
        No help from Muslims to do something which is worst you can do with your life. Sorry but No, we’ll never support, donate or spend tax of a Muslim state on Mandirs, Churches or Gurdwaras.

  16. We know you people and your purposes! Who are you to say that Pakistan’s basis is weak? You always take a bad step in the name of freedom… Shame on such journalists. Let me tell you, you are never gonna succeed! We don’t depend on you to teach us the lessons of Human rights! And other thing- Never try to. Play with Our ISLAMIC IDENTITY#
    We know-freedom, Human rights and everything#
    Never cross your limits###
    And, don’t try to seek cover under Islam- you fake people!!! You should change your name…

    • Mr Faisal: Your indignant screaming:

      “.. Play with Our ISLAMIC IDENTITY ..”

      raises a number of questions. Allow me to pose them Sir:

      1: Does the Islamic identity apply to Ahmadiyas? Or are they apostates as the Government of Pakistan asserts?

      2: Why did the Bengalis who are Muslims not share the same “Islamic identity” that you tout here?

      3: Sticking to erstwhile E.Pakistan. When E.Pakistan left the Islamic homeland for Muslims that Jinnah created, didn’t that act essentially destroy and smash to smithereens the very basis for the creation of Pakistan? So isn’t the very basis of Pakistan weak? After all, didn’t that conflict not witness Muslim upon Muslim genocide in present day Bangladesh? Islamic identity not a strong glue in nation-building perhaps Mr Faisal? Indeed, an Islamic identity does not prevent genocide on fellow Muslims does it Mr Faisal?

      Care to clarify Mr Faisal?

  17. There should be complete transfer of population. All minorities should migrate to India and all Muslims should go to Pakistan.

    • Mr Gary: So you wish to do ethnic cleansing ? Like Adolf Hitler did? Like dictator Milosovic did in Yugoslavia? Like Idi Amin did to Asians in Uganda?
      And Amit Shah wants to send Muslims to Bangladesh, not Pakistan, so please check with him !

    • Mr Gary: Your “complete transfer of population” suggestion needs to be scrutinised further Sir.

      If all Muslims should go to Pakistan, does that also apply to the roughly 200 million Muslims who are citizens of India? Will they be stripped of citizenship Sir ? What if Pakistan refuses to accept them? What if the Middle-East where millions of Indians work throws out Hindus? What if Malaysia does the same? What is Christian countries in Europe do the same towards Hindus?

      And then what plans do you have for Sikhs Sir? Will they get a Khalistan?

      Please clarify Sir.

  18. The thing is people of other religions can make their religious places with there own money.An Islamic state which is receieving all its tax money from Muslims in majority is not allowed to use it for these things.Rs.100 million is not a joke.After all I don’t remember in the history of Pakistan that Government has allotted money to build a Mosque(there’s only Shah Faisal Mosque which was built by funds from Saudia Arabia).Government only allots land for mosques,it’s construction is upto the people.Thanks for reading.If i missed something you can reply me.

  19. Pakistanis are barking calling hindus communal are hypocrites where they were when Kashmiri pandits were killed and women raped by Islamic terrorists, in India a Muslim can become president and superstars, thousands of Pakistanis minorities are being forcefully converted or killed .ask your playboy prime minister to take care of Pakistani minorities and then lecture india

  20. Pakistanis are barking calling hindus communal are hypocrites where they were when Kashmiri pandits were killed and women raped by Islamic terrorists, in India a Muslim can become president and superstars, thousands of Pakistanis minorities are being forcefully converted or killed .ask your playboy prime minister to take care of minorities and then lecture india

    • Mr Naman: The vast majority of Muslims in India do not become Presidents, Bollywood personalities or cricket stars. They toil in poverty; they get discriminated, they run the risk of getting lynched by your gaurakhsak friends. And then, from time to time Modiji’s RSS friends organise pogroms like the one in Godhra 2002. Or the ones in Hashimpura, Muzzafarnagar, Nellie, the Bombay riots of the 1990s etc.

      Nope, Pakistan is no paragaon and is certainly an intolerant, hell-hole of a country. But, since when did Pakistan become a template for India?

  21. There are already several mandirs present in the adjacent Pindi town of Islamabad, Infact, on of those mandirs is present inside a Mosque of all places. They are seldom used because there are not many Hindus in neither the Islamabad nor Pindi part of the territory. There is no need to waste government funds on a show piece mandir, especially when most Masjids in Pakistan are not made of government funds either. It’s best to continue building them un places like Sindh instead where there is a substantial Hindu population. There are only churches in the Vatican and a mosque was destroyed in the adjacent India to build a Mandir so what kind of hypocrisy does it take to demand that a mandir be built in a place named Islamabad?
    Please stop spreading hate in the Heart of Hindus.

  22. You people why are on Hindu side we Pakistanis sacrificesd millions of our precious pure souls and lives just because Hindus never let us freely worship in india they says are Hindus lesser Pakistani we said yes because of them we sacrificesd millions of our precious people whom they killed violently and you are only a reporter who allowed you to write like a Hindu did you forget kashmiris and Muslims in India

  23. If pakistan really care for indian muslim, they must give their hindus as equal right as they want india to give to their minority first of all…

    • Mr Saif: I disagree with you completely.

      Islamic Pakistan is no template for secular India and never should be one either. Admittedly, under the BJP and its Nazi and fascist backers such as the RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal Etc., India has become more like the intolerant Pakistan – a Hindu Pakistan if you will. Nonetheless, despite all its faults, India has largely avoided the worst aspects of religious and ethnic violence that one has witnessed in Pakistan. Although, the trend in India under Modi’s Hindutva is deeply worrying.

      As a democracy, India’s citizens, regardless of their religious persuasions must be treated equally and have a Constitutionally guaranteed right to equal treatment. Thus, India’s treatment of Muslims cannot be made contingent upon Pakistan’s treatment of Hindus or other minorities there. Hence, your thesis that fair treatment of Hindus in Pakistan is a pre-requisite for fair treatment of Muslims in India is absurd.

  24. religious Freedom is protected in our constitution but most of the moulanas of Pakistan are extremist and what to talk about Hindu Temple they keep on creating problems for different sects of Islam. Political parties and some external extremists groups use them in Pakistan. Hindu are Pakistani and should be treated equally like any other Pakistani . State of Pakistan should take serious action against any act of extremist because it can be much problematic for the country.

    • I’m not Moulana and I don’t support construction of mandir with TAX. If you are Muslim, you should read Quran – Surah Maidah. We can’t support any act of Shirk and Mandirs are built to do that. Let me know if you find something in Islam to support your argument.

  25. It’s surprised to see people raising voice for Hindus in Pakistan while they kept silence when Babri Masjid was brutally demolished in India. Where does double standard lying just have look at your own face.

    • Forget about a mandir in pukestan. I simply dont give a fig!
      Let the Pukestanis protect their mosques from their very own Terrorists.
      Nauseating Establishment.

    • Babri masjid was built on Hindu temple after being vandalized by Muslim mongers.
      Let their be vice versa.What if temple mecca is being broken by non muslims and temple is being built or any church what will you say on that

    • It’s also surprising to see people giving India lessons on treatment of religious minorities while also raising supporting the voice against temple construction in Pakistan. “Where does double standard lying just have look at your own face.”

  26. Government can think of calling all Hindus to India and send all Muslims to Pakistan, there by everyone can be happy with their religious faiths

    • So your opinion is to simply regress, in lieu, of addressing this and venturing into progressiveness .

  27. What about you guys . You Hindus Indians are killing Muslims in Kashmir and India . and destroyed largest mosque and give that place to build your Mandir … and you are calling yourself that you have given rights to minority and you took Muslims out from Thier mosques and torture them . your India is on the vision of RSS and calling yourself a country which give minorties Thier rights . Wow Apne muhn miya Mithu .

    • Come to India. Stay here for a week. You ll know the freedom your brothers enjoying here. Don’t be fanatic.

      • You should also go to Pakistan. Don’t just spend a week there, spend a year.Then you’ll realize how much freedom you’ll enjoy. I’m a Catholic, not born there. I spent 21 years in Pakistan. Went to Catholic school there. Half the students in school were Muslims n other monorities. Worked there for 11 years. Almost all my co workers were Muslims. Never, ever had I ever been discriminated or ill treated. In fact, my best friends in school were Muslims. First day of my work, all Muslim co workers welcomed me with mithai/sweets. I left Pakistan for better economic reasons. I still have cousins there, doing well,with goods jobs n own their own homes. Since I came to Canada, I have been back there 7 times, even with my wife n 2 children born in Canada. My wife who is not from Pakistan, loved the country so much, that she even said she would love to retire there. Please think about this, rather than condenming Pakistan each n every way. It’s the ignorant, illitrate moulanas that brain wash the gullible n ignorant, and innocent Muslim youth to cause problems for the poor Christians, of course with the corruct n wicked politians.

  28. Pakistan is pure rog state they have been continuous forceful converting Hindus to Mulsim after independence, earlier in Karachi 42% population was hindu , now only 4% or less ,

    • As usual, u Indians are very good at pointing fingers at others, but see ur own evil barbaric crimes, Indian discrimination, violence, killings, racism, hatred and fascism against muslims and all other none Hindus, ur Indian Hitler fascism and Indian media are spreading false propaganda, war crimes, discrimination, illegal occupation, Pakistan has always extended the hands of friendship,India has always spreading hatred and racism and terrorism against Pakistan, u r being repaid back with all the evils that u have been spreading against the innocent people of south east Asia, the truth is that all ur so called friends have not come to help,Pakistan is here to stay for ever,weather u like it or not,Pakistan zindabad for ever.

  29. What about you guys . You Hindus Indians are killing Muslims in Kashmir and India . and destroyed babri masjid and give that place to build your Mandir … and you are calling yourself that you have given rights to minority and you took Muslims out from Thier mosques and torture them . your India is on the vision of RSS and calling yourself a country which give minorties Thier rights . Wow Apne muh miyan Mithu .

    • Need correction in your comment; originally Babri was infact a very rich mandir destroyed and looked by proto daesh invaders. Actual Honda taxpayers are disbursing to construction another axis of evil!

  30. RSS is killing Muslim destroying mosque (BABRI MASJID)
    Pakistan is wonderful 👏 country without Hindus. We love SIKH only

  31. Well done pakistan, don’t let these filthy Hindus to built ugly place in Islamabad. They are killing Muslim
    And what they did to BABRI mosque. I am very proud to be Muslim

    • Islam and their followers only know infidels and nothing , that’s the reason of islam to be still in underdeveloped mimdset.

  32. As per them Humanity and all goes with Muslim only. Non muslim are not human, they can’t do prayer in their places. This countrys birth is based on hate for Hindu hence we can’t expect anything . There are other muslim countries in gulf which are happily helping Hindu temple for their migrant workers but these people can’t.

  33. Really Shame on you to Write this kind of Article. It’s clearly Anti – Muslim Stretegy.
    I think you Forgot about, what is going on in India (So called largest Democracy) with Muslims and you also forgot about, what Hindu goons from Shiv Sina did to Babri Mosque.
    You should also listen Indian news Channels because they just have only one topic,
    they are only shouting against Pakistann.
    Pehle Apne Girebaan main Jhanko phir Bhonko.

  34. The condition of minorities in India is far bad than pakistan. We should look into our own pockets instead of taking out the worms of others

  35. My take is slightly different.
    Historically the present day Muslims of Pakistan, or, for that matter, in Afghanistan, Nooristan (Kafiristan) etc have been Hindus/Bhudhist prior to forced
    convertion to Islamic faith.
    My ancestors were perhaps Jains prior to 12th century. We carry no hatred against them.
    Neither they.
    Then why is that only a person becomes a Muslim is s/he so much prone to hate, violence and bigotic venom spewing against what they call as “others”?
    Is it faulty narrow teaching ? Or is it a manifestation of saying “Religion is the opium of masses”
    Afterall we are an insignificant tiny mass in the cosmos. Can we not live and let others live peacefully ?
    What is the solution for this Bigotry ?

  36. This is totally nonsense by the Author. It has clearly expressed by the religious leaders of Pakistan including Mufti Taqi Usmani that any non-muslim residing in Pakistan are allowed to build there places for worship but govt can’t fund for the construction. Any non-muslim can build their own place of worship on their own expenses.
    The fact is the government is not funding to construct any place of worship even for Muslim too. All Muslims religious school are running on their own expenses.
    Sorry to say that this article is compilation of false propegenda staged against Pakistan and Islam as a whole.

  37. Same bjp and rss do with Indian Muslim..
    Destroy mosque there i mean like bjp rss legal right….
    Hisab barabar…
    This is not India internal matter..
    Sorce ..mea😂

    • Your name is correct.. Dont know anything about India and shouting. It is just media is showing negative.. Else here we all Muslims and Hindus are living together without any issues.

      • Indian: Mohammad Akhlaq, Junaid Khan, Alimuddin Ansar, Pehlu Khan and scores of other Muslims who have been lynched are not alive to validate your vacuous claim:

        “.. here we all Muslims and Hindus are living together without any issues. –“

  38. A few Hindus residing in the capital cannot outweigh the religious sentiments of millions of Muslims… The actual no. of Hindus are way less than they are portrayed in the article, which also says a lot about the writer’s point-scoring approach, which is a different subject… Pakistan is an Islamic state… All its citizens’ having equal rights is conceived improperly by many… Minorities have the right to live and practice their respective faiths as they deem suitable to their beliefs but it is not justified to belittle the religious ideologies of a much larger mass just to make a few men happy and appear tolerant in the hypocritic eyes of the global community… Since Pakistan is not a secular state we shouldn’t try to act like one just to please others… Whereas India always claims to be a secular state… They never said they were going to uphold Hinduism in the country which is why their partiality towards minorities is criticized all around the world… Take the example of Israel… Do they allow any other faith, say Islam or Christianity, to build their places of worship in their state… Heck, they have occupied almost every church or mosque in their country with extreme prejudice… In an Islamic society it is deemed a great deal of disrespect towards the Almighty God to call him names He has not described for Himself… What Hindus practice is the worst kind of polytheism which stands contrary to the ideology of Islam… However, wherever in Pakistan Hindus are in majority they perform their prayers conveniently… Many parts of Sindh have Hindus in the large number they are not hindered by any Muslims in their religious conventions… One last thing to support my argument; in Pakistan there are several different Islamic sects being practiced, but in the best interest of keeping peace and harmony in tact, Pervaiz Musharraf banned all mosques to use loudspeakers to deliver any kind of sermons, but within the premises of the mosque… And it is in practice to this day… That’s how much peace and harmony mean to us

    • Mr Kashif Raza: In your infinite wisdom, you pontificate:

      “.. A few Hindus .. cannot outweigh the religious sentiments of millions of Muslims ..”

      Well, let me replace Hindus with Muslims and Muslims with Hindus in your statement and see how it goes:

      “.. A few Muslims .. cannot outweigh the religious sentiments of millions of Hindus ..”

      Well, your first statement would be the statement of a bigoted Muslim. And I am sure that Pakistan does not exactly have a short supply of such Muslims. And in Pakistan, that edgy, intolerant lot is easily instigated by cunning, self-serving politicians and a bunch of equally bigoted ulema and you have the thinly disguised hate for non-Muslims on display here in these columns.

      The second statement would be one made by a bigoted Hindu. And I am equally sure that India does not have a short supply of bigoted Hindus either. And in India, that edgy, intolerant lot is equally easily instigated by cunning self-serving politicians and the usual flock of unholy saffron “holy” men and self-styled gurus. And then you have the same, thinly disguised hate for Muslims on display here in these columns.

      And when even the educated in both these countries forget that both countries are reeling from an out-of-control COVID crisis, an economic meltdown, massive unemployment and even starvation and yet indulge in mandir-masjid madness, well, the politicians in both countries must be raising a toast to themselves. Imran Khan and Narendra Modi know that all that they need to do is raise the issue of religion and the public will rally behind them. Sad, but true.

      As French diplomat Joseph de Maistres said:

      “Every nation gets the government it deserves”.

  39. This is perhaps the only reason that I sometimes feel BJP needs to be there in India to at least stop the Muzzies expansion in India

    • R Das: But what if India starts to split like Pakistan did thanks to the BJP’s violent, discriminatory policies? Religion never united any country and is a weak force in nation building. And Pakistan is a classic example of that isn’t it ?

      Take the example of Assam. The Assamese want Bengalis out, regardless of whether they are Hindus or Muslims proving taht religion is not necessarily a unifier. You find similar fault-lines all over India where people are in conflicts due to caste, language, ethnicity, class etc. and religion is not always the prime cause. And perhaps the best example is that of Pakistan itself. Punjabi Pakistanis never regarded dark.skinned Bengali speaking E.Pakistani Muslims as equals and perpetrated a bloodbath and a genocide in erstwhile E.Pakistan in 1971.

      The BJP is polarising India at a time when the country needs to be united. The Chinese seem to know that don’t they Mr R. Das?

  40. In Pakistan muslim don’t have equal rights especially ahmadiya muslim shia muslim hazara Muslim how you think they giving non muslims equal rights Bangladesh why separate from Pakistan

  41. The print is operated by devil minds and spreading hatred against Islam by its wordings. What is right and wrong is a matter to be decided in fatwas by the Sharia scholars.
    Had the writer been present during the time of conquer if Makkah by Prophet Muhammad (SWAWW) he would also have uttered shits in that case and would have supported the non believers Makkah of those times and would have objected on breaking the idols.

    • Pakistan is not the flag wearer of Islam. Pakistan is biggest shame on Islamic world. A rogue terrorist nation

  42. Wow hindus are torturing muslims in India and no one has spoken about it the hindus living in pakistan are not tortured , their kali maathr black mother promotes killings so educate instead of blaming pakistani or muslims , muskims cant eat beef in India a muslim woman died because no hindu doctor wouod help her with giving birth to her child her husband took her to afew hospitals because of her religion they left her to dir

  43. In Pakistan every one have theirs own rights but show me in the history of any non Muslim country in world that gives free government land and 100 million for their Masjid are other religious space.
    But in Pakistan they can make any worship if they have theirs own money and land.

  44. This shows what will happen if these rnts of Bulla become majority. These are far worse creatures than the snakes.

  45. Look I’m a Pakistani and a Muslim and I say for my self that it is all wrong we should respect each other and live equally we shouldn’t fight or blame each other and I am very dissapointed in my people who aren’t letting the Hindus have a temple I am very sorry from my country.
    And look in the US there are soo many people from different religions and countries but ALMOST all of them live equally so why can’t we do the same.

    • States do not provide funds for construction of religious places. Have USA, UK, France, India, Russia or China provided funds for construction of a Mosque? If yes please provide plausible evidence

    • I totally agree with you & I think majority of Pakistani think the same but unfortunately the voice of this silent majority is not heard they are too mute and this is giving a bad name to Pakistan and giving a chance to the world to call Pakistan a intolerant nation which is absolutely against the fact. If today Government hold a referendum on this matter I am sure the extremist will be defeated.

    • You can make your country better yourself. Make your kids believe in humanity, teach others also.
      One day Pakistan will also be a golden bird.

      With Love from India

  46. These muslims are good for nothing folks. There is always a fatwa when some anti muslim narrative is afloat. They feel free to accept from Hindus, but cannot give it back. They can accept blood, kidney, liver, eyes from other communities, but when it comes to give it back, it is against islam.
    Moreover, I, as a Hindu, do not vouch for building a temple in Pakistan for it will be attacked, desecrated again and again by islamists, ultras and Hindus killed in large numbers.

  47. I’m not surprised nor could I be least bothered with the events that have taken place in Paki state. Non of the pakis are expected to show any better tolerance. They are 99.9 percent fanatics and radical lot. And few who have spoken for the minorities like Governor Salman of West Punjab have been brutally assassinated.
    It will future not surprise me as I know perfectly well that the likes of Arunditi Roy and Bharkha Dutt and company will not utter a single word. And frankly I don’t even care.
    I just hope my fellow Muslim countrymen realise how shallow their leadership in India is who take claims of representing them. All the time and probably since 1947 all they have done is spread fear and distrust. There have been more than about 5000 mosques built in the last 10 odd years my state and no one has had any problem .
    Ours is a true secular country .
    I’m sure they can one day see and realise what their leader and representatives have or have not done for them.
    Only in India can leaders challenge the majority population provoking the majority cause unlike Pakistan ours is a very tolerant society. Would anyone imagine a Sikh or a Christian or a Hindu publicly cursing or abusing or challenging the majority population there.
    Don’t know how the likes of Azam Khan, Owaisi, Pragya saadhvi, and all the hate mongers can make anyone feel safe.

    It is a Hindu majority state no doubt and shall remain so but it has to be the best country for Muslims and any other community. Let’s keep it just the same for our kids to enjoy and take this legacy forward.

  48. It is completely illegal to allow idol-worshippers and polytheist to have their temple according to the last Man to have any conversation with the Arabic deity. No more future conversation is also possible. It is a dead-end. Arabic deity had already spoken.

    Idol worshippers and polytheist in India are so far is safe because they are significantly large in numbers and a majority. It is a matter of time though that the remaining ones left in India may be destroyed. Arabic deity has spoken.

    Since Arabic deity can speak only Arabic, and for some reason has lost its power to communicate to conscious human beings in billion years to come. …what to do.

    Don’t blame Pakistan. Little bit low IQ maybe, but they are doing what they are supposed to do – according to the Arabic deity. The last man to have the final conversation with the Arabic deity did destroy more, killed more. and waged more wars…
    Pakistanis are our people…unfortunately colonized by the Arabic ideology…

    But human consciousness will win one day – they will be free surely one day.

  49. Why should Britain Australia or New Zealand
    allow and pay for Mosques to be build or convert from churches if Pakistan fumbles over Hindu temple on the land which was a Hindu land for thousands of years before it was given to Pakistan ?

  50. In Pakistan Hindu, Sikhs and christians are free to worship and build and maintain temples in the arras where they have sufficient population. In Pakistan, Unlike India (Where Muslisms are regularly beaten up and killed for no reason) No Hindu, Sikh or Christian is disgraced. People of Pakistan just protested that why Government of Pakistan was giving free plot and huge amount to build temple from Government exchequer. In Pakistan all Muslim Masajid are built and maintained by mulims and not by Government.

  51. I know for certain that all Pakistanis in Punjab & Karachi are fanatics & fundamentalists. They are all characterless feuds. They are in the habit of exploiting the others who may be Muslims but good one & turning them into the bad ones. We have in our India also Muslims in UP, Bihar & WB as fanatics & fundamentalists with a small percentage in Hyderabad. Our own Kashmiri Muslims brothers & sisters were true brave hearts but the new generation came into the influence of Islamic fundamentalists from across the border as well as within country & made them turn militant & terrorists. Maximum of temples & lands of Hindus was then looted in Valley & all were mere spectators. Individual Kashmiris are even today beautiful human beings but when collectively they are hell.

  52. It is sad to see such comments about a Muslim state. As per my understanding of practicing Islam, Islam gives equal rights to all religion and as per the Islamic State, it should ideally be the safest place on earth for anyone other than Muslims. I dont agree with the notion of constructing a Hindu temple in an Islamic State as unislamic act.

    • Lol. Islam provides equal rights to other religion? Lol that’s literally the funniest thing i have heard in my entire life.

  53. First thing no one is opposing the temple construction, the only real issue is grant of tax payers money for construction of temple.
    Government of pakistan has never issued any funds for construction of any mosque in pakistan than why for temple.
    Secondly first change or make ammendment in constitution that doesn’t allow non muslim to make new worship place.
    And last u guys wont succeed in this propaganda to show, look how miserable minorities are in pakistan they are already enjoying equal right and freedom without any hastle or rustle.

      • Where?
        Let me know please
        Yes in India you are right
        You got killed if you never chant jei Rama romo and also killed if you chant.
        Give me one example of that in the whole world.
        Gobar bhara hay na to wohi nikle GA.

    • That is not true. All sects like Barelvi/Deobandi etc have been given plots free of charge for their mosques by the government of Pakistan. May be not money for mosques, but it does not matter, Indians will send 100 crores. No big deal. It is the nature of islam that is a problem.

  54. This is a political game to entirely deviate people from ongoing critical corona crisis. What a pitty!!

  55. Excuse me Pakistan was voted for Muslim rights in independent Muslim community & country then why r still these people r living there they need to go if they r not happy. There r enough temples already there according to their population, In India the hindus’s r distroying & demolition Muslim Mosques in all Towns & villages have they forgotten the distrustion of Barbari Mosque so soon which is very very old. Their government does not allow any Pakistani visa unless he is married to a Hindu girl. Pakistan was build for Muslims under the Constitution for Muslims not hindus’s they cannot demand rights.

    • Babri was built to demolish Hinduism. It was lying vacant hence demolished. There are lakhs of mosques in India probably more than all put together in muslim world.

  56. I m a muslim and I live in India and I think that we have enough mosques for us here, and that after being a minority . I think Pakistan authorities are going against human rights, their Constitution and also against shariah laws, as shariah laws have no laws against construction of other religious buildings instead it allows people in its state to practice their religion freely. I think they are doing this to create vote banks for them by dividing people and supporting the majority to gain votes. it happened also in India regardinG ram mandir and babri masjid, these are all done on the interest of pak gov and we can also include army in this as Pakistan is very much influenced by pak army.

    • I won’t argue with you brother. I’ll just ask you to Read Quran – Surah Maidah.
      Apko pata hai k shirk sab se bara gunah hai aur kabhi maaf ni kiya jayega? right?
      Ap kuch quote kr dain Quran ya Sahi’ Hadith se jo ap k comment ko support krta ho.

  57. The biggest threat to Pakistan security and national interest is these fundamentalist groups. They challenge the write of the state, are anti democratic & does not believe in plurality.

  58. The biggest threat to Pakistan security and national interest is these fundamentalist groups. They challenge the write of the state, are anti democratic & does not believe in plurality.

  59. What kind of Idiots are commenting about Issues of Minority. What kind of Logic these Schools are teaching in India. Comparing Imran Khan action against Injustice around the World, while India, Israel, China, US, Russia and European mistreatment against Minority are Valid.

    • Mistreatment of muslims in india? All the rights are protected for muslims in the constitution, they’re given liberty for creating their educational institutions and protect their culture and also some rights which aren’t even given to hindus. Facts are in front if you, ya’ll are driven by agenda, facts don’t matter for you. Pakistan has already embarassed itself in the world regarding minority treatment and continues its legacy.

      • Mr Aditya Shankar: You ask wonderingly if Muslims get ill-treated in India. Well, your jingoism and the saffron tinted glasses you wear perhaps prevented you from reading about the many lynchings of Muslims taking place all over North India in BJP run states.

        Names like Mohammad Akhlaq, Junaid Khan, Pehlu Khan, Alimuddin Ansari and many other victims of lynching by crazed mobs led by the RSS ring a bell Mr Aditya Shankar? Heard of the rape of the 8 year old Muslim girl in Kathua of all places in a temple and of all persons by the temple priest and a few other upsatnding Hindus Mr Shankar? One of the rapists also happened to be a policeman.

        Pakistan’s treatment of minorities is barbaric to say the least. But India is catching up fast with Pakistan Mr Aditya Shankar and part of the problem is jingoists like you who behave exactly like the bigoted and idiot mullhas of Pakistan

  60. Every time any news against Pakistan and Muslims spread all the other communities, human welfare organizations rises. But for past many years Muslims are suffering the most where the hell does these communities and welfare go?.
    Kashmiri Muslims are being treated worse then insects but no one is speaking about them.
    World has made NGO’s that stands for animal rights i just want to the world
    ” Are Kashmiri Muslims not more worthy then animals?”

  61. It is expected and not surprise talking such issues. Pakistan never give equal rights to Hindus bcoz it is under China control. Dirty politics of pak

  62. It’s strange amd unfortunate how things are. In India muslims are being treated in the worse manner, Historically significant Majids are being demolished for no just reason. Muslims right to have Citizenship, assets, freedom m in India are being abused.
    And yet we have people pointing fingers to Pakistan for not approving a temple build….!?
    How unjust are you….?
    Pakistan has always welcomed Hindus and Sikhs to visit Pakistan to attend their sites of significance, so why all this negative bulltalk?
    If anyone has got a problem, its Modi the oppressor of Muslims and downright liar.

  63. Mandr nhi Banega

    Hindu Indian ma babri misjid K SATH Kya krty Hai. Ya to ap ko Pat Hai Lakin or ap Kya kr Hai .ya ap ko nhi pat

  64. Shameful and sinful the way these fundamentalists distort religion. To respect every faith is a compulsory part of Islam and disrespect is a sin. I am quoting from a sermon by Hazrat Ali on non Muslims in a Muslim state – promises safety, security, religious freedom….their priests treated with due respect, allowed to preach their faith without fear… helped with state funds to build their places of worship….Alas, with these crazy fanatics, who will hear the voice of truth and reason.

  65. Pakistani Islamists are under the delusion that this is the 7th century Caliphate of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali. They are wrong. There deaf ears can’t hear about the mosques in France, Britain, Australian, USA, Canada, Italy, India etc. If practise of Islam is allowed practically all across
    the West, East Asia etc. the majority religions of those countries should be respected in Muslim countries!

  66. Those who throw stones on houses of others should not live in glass palaces..That was India who first started interfering in religious matters of minority communities whether it was tripple talaq or demolition of Babri masjid and that too by the so called constitution of country ..what can be the fate of a country whose constitution relys on the hands of hypocrite political leaders who by their will can even change their country’s constitution. At least sense of humour prevails in Pakistan’s social community..Had this decision made in india the members of majority community had gone in clashes with minorities with no laws to stop them.. Pakistan’s government giving aid for construction of temple and fatwas raised against it show some sort of democratic values that are being enjoyed by all communities of Pakistan..But look at constitution of India ..Anyone who speaks against government is either slapped with PSA or is labelled with charges of anti-national statement’s..what is the meaning of democracy then?.Anyone can compare the atrocities on minorities of both country’s and awaken his inner self conscious ness to see which country places it’s democratic values in high esteem..

  67. Hindus are actually the real owners from ancient times to the present of the present India and Pakistan. Looking the pathetic condition of Hindus and of course other minority communities in Pakistan, CAA is the most civilised and humanitarian Acts in the contemporary world. How any Indian citizen can have any misgivings about the Acts is beyond comprehension. Some more population exchange, not less between Pakistan and India seems the only solution.

  68. If 3000 hindus list is present with u kindly share it… According to media sources only 300 to 400 himdus are present in Islamabad.
    We Muslims believe in equality. But the rules assigned by our Islam cannot be neglected in the name of equality.
    We believe that some foreign agencies – The true enemies of Pakistan – are working hard to spread hate and anarchy among the people of Pakistan…. And for this mission they are using social media platforms… The way you made a blog to spread hate and anarchy.

  69. Imran not only inaugurated but allocated funds to build the temple, but as you all opposition and paid fake media propagate to push him on this, now after getting to know that this same temple was once inaugurated by former PM NS, who is in London right now after being sacked for his Panama corruption, this all is irrelevant like all the bigots and infamous Modi strategies, only breaking India, long live Pakistan and Freedom for Kashmir.

  70. India welcomes all Hindus and Sikhs back in India. In exchange, all Muslims in India should be sent back to the land of Pure Pakistan, which was created by 95% muslims who voted for muslim league andcreation of Pakistant before 1947.

  71. This is an extreme case of the government bending its back before the radicals and bunch of illiterate Muslim Ulema. It is unfortunate for the minorities that are persecuted in the name of popularism. It is a big blow to the democracy and extreme violation of religious freedom for Hindus living in Pakistan. Shame!

  72. PM should take it in notice…Hindus and other minorities have equal rights in Pakistan 💞….also don’t use poor words for Pakistani’s as they are much much better than Indians which always targeting Muslims of India badly ….you people can talk about Pakistan as u really don’t like it…..but what about the Muslims?….not in India only but in every state they are targeting Muslims just because of religion… chill no one is perfect….I believe Imran khan will do his best about this situation insha’Allah 🙏

    • BJP is doing right thing for hindus. BJP should remain in INDIA until Modi is alive. I suppot him for doing right thing in INDIA. All the evil
      eyes against China and Pakistan has been destroyed

  73. All religions, without any exception, are man-made. None of the present day religions existed ten thousand years ago. And the beginning of human history goes back to millions of years.

  74. Pakistani Muslims are Satan’s tribe, are the biggest example of sin in the world and these fiends and demons are destined to go to hell or jehnums after they die where their souls or atmaas will be preyed upon by poisonous serpents and hells terrible monsters. Not only that Hells Messengers will make them alive again so that again and again their souls or atmaas will be devoured and torn apart and bled by the ferocious creatures residing in Hell. And after all these Islamists murderous souls will be drowned in a sea of fire and this torture will continue on them for ages and ages. When alive these Islamist bastards commit atrocities on Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and their place of worship but they forget that life is temporary and a terrible world awaits them after their death where they will be made to pay for each and every misdeed and atrocities that they have committed against Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists & Christians by the Masters of Death.

  75. All religions, without any exception, are man-made. None of the present day religions existed ten thousand years ago. And the beginning of human history goes back to millions of years.

  76. All religions, without any exception, are man-made. None of the present day religions existed ten thousand years ago. And the beginning of human history goes back to millions of years.

  77. Imran khan allowed kartarpur corridor but sikhs spent the money $500millions not pakistan government.

  78. It is really bad what they’re doing…. But please also write an article about the indian muslim minorities who are by law allowed to follow Islam but when in practice they are seen as downtrodden and seen as something evil in India… When in Noida people are not allowed to pray their prayers on Friday on the streets… Where sometimes because of small size of mosques Muslims sit on the road with no intention to harm anyone. It was banned and punishable for anyone to pray. Our Prime Minister speaks of all sorts of festivals but never talks of eid in his speech. And when a mosque is destroyed and Muslims are made fun of and are laughed upon. That ram mandir was never a need for Hindus it was only a thing to mock the Muslims and to claim it as Hindu rashtra… Yet you will never find a Muslim anywhere around the world who can tolerate this. Yet we did. Then the citizenship law. Then things like… Katwa, mulla, etc and then the fear of being lynched. The laws here don’t even work. Tell me a rapist who was punished. Show me one major case in uttar pradesh that goes through judicial process. The judiciary has become a mere catapult in the hands of the ruling party. Pakistan is a worst nation to not allow Hindus to worship. I agree and strongly condemn such misinterpretation of Islam. But, after condemning pakistan, will the Indians atleast recognise the pain of the Indian Muslims? And India is a country where the Muslims sacrificed and the Hindus sacrificed their ego to make a nation as great as India. Our morals and values are different from that of any other Muslim in the world. The love we have for our Hindu brothers is not perishable. If anyone puts an eye on our Hindu brothers we will snatch it from their faces. The kind of love we have for all communities in India is such that you may even throw us out… Yet if need be… We will sacrifice ourselves for our nation. We are different.

  79. The right of minorities in an Islamic state have been decided over 1400 years ago. This mainstream Islamic scholarship is echoing the same law. New places of worship for polytheists are not allowed under Islamic law.
    An Islamic state cannot be a promoter of polytheism but a carrier of the banner of monotheism. What the critics need to understand is that the constitution clearly says that no legislation will be made repugnant to the Quran and the Sunnah.

  80. That’s what you get for following a 7th Century illiterate merchant who cooked up his own stories by stealing theological knowledge from Jews, Christians and Zoroastrianism to create Islam

  81. Very sorry to say about your opinion on Pakistani minorities, is biased!
    Have you given any idea about India and Hindus?
    What is happening with minorities over there!
    Anyway Islam is not biased may be muslims in Pakistan. Arab allowed minder inUAE.

  82. As usual saffronise are using it as an excuse to defame Pakistan & Muslims without having proper knowledge of issue…
    Issue is government of Pakistan cannot fund temple construction.. Hindus can be there temple at any place in whole Pakistan but government cannot fund it..

  83. To be true pakistan could ve built a mandir in isb as a gesture for the hindu minority but probably after seeing what is being done to muslims in india its a good decision to step bk .no one in the world is concerned whats going on in india and jammu kashmir but with this news of the non acceptance of the mandir construction why this big reaction is coming ,m unable to understand

  84. People commenting on construction of mandir in Islamabad and declearing its opposition,the sign of intolerance of Muslims against Hindus and denying them equal rights, their comments reflecting their own bias against Muslims.They are not so naive that not understanding the difference between construction of mandir and construction of mandir from goverment funds.When no masjid was built from goverment funds in 70 years,then how a mandir can be funded.Name the country which funded for a masjid through out the world.Muslim communities collect fund through donations and get NOC from goverment and the built a masjid.So please don’t tfy to fool the people.

  85. Please allow the building of a place of worship by Pakistani citizens.
    India is ruled by the RSS Aryan fascists who murdered the father of their nation in body & spirit.
    Are Pakistanis going to betray the father of their nation too?

  86. When the destruction is near , wisdom of the mind will be lost . VINAASHA KALE VIPAREETHA BUDDHI .

  87. The most important thing to do is raise a solidarity for all over the world Muslim at every platform,, we are Muslims,, yes,, we should think and work for betterment of our country,, not to streamline the process of worship for non-Muslims,,, because our all Holy Prophet’s (A. S /S. A. W.) ruined the idols and, it’s not on the record in the مسلم history to build temple’s, mandir,, or other worship places for the non-muslims.. Because to built such worshiping place other than Masjids,, means that the one is laying the stone to start SHIRK, Which is a big Sin.. Hence we all should support to stop, halt, and withdraw such making of temple’s,, mandir etc.. At last we are accountable for our deeds on the judgment day…

  88. What happening in India with minorities is much more than this.
    And this reaction possibly in Pakistan is due to the modi attitude with Muslims in India. Whatever happening in India with minority is not even comparable to Pakistani minorities. Pakistani minorities have much freedom than Muslims have in India.

  89. Ironically in Muslim country adulteration, lies and deceit and all kind of corruption goes on but basic rights of religious worship is not allowed by bigots and corrupt Mullahs 😡😡😡

  90. Please report and reflect on your own ‘sins’ against minorities. We will pay for our sins. You will pay for yours. Peace.

  91. Look who are writing and commenting. Did all Muslims get equal rights in India.
    Did you open minded people rise your voices against torture of Muslims kashmir and India

  92. Muslims don’t want Christians Jews where they r in majority. But where Christian, Jews, Hindus, buddhists are in majority they want democracy and secularism. When they become majority they start dar ul Islam. Like owaisi is planning. By settling rohingyas. And converting Hindus to Muslims. If a Muslim concerts to hindu fatwa. If otherwise award him. They make Hindus, Christians pregnant and leave them.easily with three phrases. Look at all Bollywood . Then they declare hindu land as their land like in kashmir. And drive the native arab
    Christians, Jews away from mecca. Jews claim back land of abrahmim mecca. Don’t stop.

  93. You are showing only one aspect of the story that’s how you are misleading the general public of India. Pakistan government and opposition didn’t oppose the construction of Hindu temple. In fact the government has given Hindus 4 canals piece of land for free to Hindus. But the Hindus are asking for 10 crores extra money for construction which is heavily criticised by the public and government is also reviewing this decision. So what’s wrong with that? We have given them free land and we also has given them permission but we cannot give them 10 crores. That’s the whole story but Indian media as expected misleading it’s public by not explaining the while situation so that the Indian citizen cannot know that Pakistani government has been doing so much for minorities as compared to India who are demolishing mosques.

  94. What about India who bared the right from muslims to rebuild babri masjid again. Ram mandir was made in india because of hindu Majority. Same applies to Pakistan. Both nations are same from every single corner.

  95. Well before anyone start spreading Hate about our country first remember the years fighting in India (Masjid yhi bnega and Masjid yhi bnega )
    was lost by Muslims due to there minority so if any Indian is trying to bark in this news remember you guys also don’t give respect to your Muslims India

  96. Well before anyone start spreading Hate about our country first remember the years fighting in India (Masjid yhi bnega and Masjid yhi bnega was lost by Muslims due to there minority so if any Indian is trying to bark in this news remember you guys also don’t give respect to your Muslims India

  97. It’s untrue that Pakistanis are against it. In every community there will be some people who will be against it and some in favour just like in India there are those who destroyed Baabri Mosque and some who were against skinny such act. The vast majority of people in Pakistanis in the light of Jinnah vision whereby he says Hindus, Christian are free to go churches temples etc. furthermore in another speech he said, Pakistan which symbolises the aspirations of a nation that found itself to be a minority in Indian subcontinent cannot be unmindful of minorities within its own borders.

  98. This is bulls..t that Pakistanis are against it. In every community there will be some people who will be against it and some in favour just like in India there are those who destroyed Baabri Mosque and some who were against skinny such act. The vast majority of people in Pakistanis in the light of Jinnah vision whereby he says Hindus, Christian are free to go churches temples etc.

  99. Its a shame and embarrassing that a weak govt succumbed to those who do not follow and practice religion in true spirit. Sign of an insecure government.
    Pervaiz Elahi, speaker of Punjab assembly defaulted and got millions of rupees bank loan written off, not to mention long list of corruption, was that in a true spirit of Islam?

  100. Pakistan ke hindu ko mandir chahiye ya nahi ispe aap news bana rahe hi aur india ke muslimo ki masjid tod kar waha mandir bana rahe ho ye kaisa dogla pan hai tumhara

  101. What an irony , construction of a religious place i.e a temple is against the spirit of Islam … and what’s about construction of a mosque in a country where Muslims are in minority? Is not that the against the sprit of Islam ? Double standard…
    If this is not the man made sprit and truly sprit of a religion, then it is a big shame on that religion and it’s followers .
    Actually , one can not expect much from this religion, their fundamentals are weak, they fear from others, if other comes , they will exposed

  102. Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan is not secular and it’s only for Islams, no room for Hindus, Christians, Sikhs or any other minority communities. In short, Imran’s Islamophia.

  103. Building a mandir is something awkward in Muslim country. PM is blind here, because he’s unaware of the oppressive attitude of Hindues in Kashmir. Hindues are trying to root out the Muslims from Kashmir, they even voilating the basic human rights. We strictly disagree with such kind of decision.

    • Hindus are trying to remove muslim?hindus were removed from kashmir(hindu land) by rape and murder.

  104. The Pakistan is formed that a land where Islamic laws will be implemented no any religion has laws and Sharia as Islam has because it is a final religion for humanity although people are always negative about Islam not knowing any thing only just media war against Islam .No one is opposing construction of mandir only people are opposing that it will not be constructed by government as no any government in any country construct any masjid for Muslim even not in Pakistan people construct by donations .so please not make an issue from non issue

  105. When babary masjid was attacked it was also a matter of minorities religious rights. Muslims in kashmir, Palestine and Burma are facing hardships, where were you peoples. Its not a sin keep in mind,its not gesture of peace. Our religion consider it haram. Because the taxes amount is our halal money and even the government has not right to spent it in buiding temples when your 33% population is facing food shortage.

  106. When babary masjid was attacked it was also a matter of minorities religious rights. Muslims in kashmir, Palestine and Burma are facing hardships, where were you peoples. Its not a sin keep in mind,its not gesture of peace. Our religion consider it haram. Because the taxes amount is our halal money and even the government has not right to spent it in buiding temples when your 33% population is facing food shortage.

  107. How many Masajids have the Government demolished. Did anyone wrote against those incidents, why now. The double face of journalism is death to democracy. The government never stopped any religion from construction of theirs worship places, may it be Church Mander or Gurdawara .

  108. All of you have a right to your opinion, but majority of people, even religious leaders have supported the Mandir,. Only protest was against using public money. But this hate culture started, from vandalism of babri masjid, and recent attacks on Muslims, and masjid in New Delhi. Hindus have more rights in Pakistan, than minorities got in India.
    Still government of prime minister Imran khan is trying every possibility to construct the mundir. He allocated 100 millions rupees, and land was also granted free for temple.
    Imran khan is a very passionate human being, and supports every body equally.

    • “.. Imran khan is a very passionate human being, and supports every body equally ..”

      Did that extend to Altaf Mian, the Ahmadiya Muslim economist ?

  109. Giving Indian Citizenship to the hindus in PORKISTAN would be a fitting reply to them.
    Also shaming them globally will help us and counteract the anti 370 narrative of the global beggars.

  110. Where is the Aman Ki Asha gang and the Anti-CAA groups? This is exactly why CAA is needed. Otherwise it will be 1940s again with mass killings and genocides of minorities in Pakistan.

  111. They built the kartarpur corridor only for begging in dollars.. It served dual purpose for them, show of secularism to the world and income from visa given to pilgrims..

    Beggars of country.

  112. The biggest insult is Hindus in India fighting against CAA rules. This is excactly why it is needed to safeguard the suffering non muslims in the region. Muslims have many muslim countries to fall back. This people only have Mother India.

  113. And still most parts of our media, luddite liberals and selective secularists staunchly oppose CAA. They might be busy reading the Pakistani constitution.

  114. “.. the Imran Khan administration is the loudest when it comes to raising voice against persecution of Muslim minorities anywhere in the world, especially in India ..”

    Well, wrong.

    Imran Khan maintains a stony silence when it comes to the state sponsored persecution of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province in China. China has created the Chinese equivalent of Nazi concentration camps where Muslims are detained, undergo religious “detox” and their Muslim identities diluted and demolished. Indeed, China has taken its repression of Uighur Muslims to entirely new levels, bordering on the genocidal. Uighur women are forced to undergo pregnancy checks, sterilization and abortion is forced upon hundreds of thousands of them, see ref: Having too many children is often reason to get sent to detention camps and parents with many children pay huge fines.

    But then, playboy turned politician turned born-again Muslim Imran Khan does not – and indeed cannot – complain about the Islamophobic behaviour of the Chinese who throw their crumbs and coins into his bottomless begging bowl. Pakistan’s transformation from Jinnah’s home for India’s Muslims to a pariah state that functions as a vassal state of China is now complete.

  115. It is laughable that Imran Khan criticizes India for its treatment of Muslim minorities forgetting his own country’s handling of the Hindu minority. He should go through a self-analysis– Does he has the moral right to criticize India for its treatment of minorities? His hypocrisy is further exposed that the likes of him in Pakistan maintain a deafening silence on China’s treatment of Uighurs but shamelessly become vocal about Kashmiri Muslims forgetting that they live in a secular and democratic India.

    • What did you expect when Indian government is destroying mosques and trying to forcefully convert muslims, regularly beat and destroy muslim property. I have no doubt hindu fascist will get full support from white fascists. Sad reality is the people like this woman who is only prepared to see only one side of the coin whether it’s deliberate or not only she knows

    • In Pakistan, Hindu, Sikhs and Chtistians are free to worship. They can build their temples where they have sufficient population. Unlike India (where Muslims are regularly beaten to death, their masajid destroyed) no hindu is brutally thrashed or murdered in Pakistan, nor they are disgraced. Pakistanis just protested that why Government of Pakistan was providing a free plot and a huge amount for construction of the temple from the Government exchaquer. All the Muslim Masjids in Pakistan are built by people of Pakistan from their own pockets, Why a Hindu temple from government exchaquer?

    • Good Morning Reddy. You seem to be unaware that even in India new mosques are not allowed to be built.

      • Please come and visit India , If a single Muslim is living in a village a Mosque was built , each and every village in India has a Mosque, most of these mosques were built on government land and by government money , and these were granted by so called secular Governments in India , Congress , SP , BSP , RJD , TDP , Trinamool Congress and so many other so called secular parties , first find out how Muslims are pampered in India , Muslims got Haj money paid by Kaffirs for 71 years in India , do you need any more information, please just Google!!

      • There are thousands of mosques built in India on Government land by Government money , granted by all secular governments , Congress , Communist , Trinmul , SP, BSP the list is very long .

  116. Pakistan can never pure nation until HINDUS who idol worship are there. I would kindly request to deport all HINDUS to INDIA so that the faith of Pakistanis is not hurt which unnecessarily leads to rape and deaths of HINDUS.

    • What type of shameless hypocrites you are When Hindu fanatics demolition 16 century Mosque in Ayodhya after your fascist RSS trained leaders took to streets and led criminal Hindutva goons to demolition that mosque and with the result thousands of innocent defenceless Muslims were killed but non of these criminal Hindutva leaders were arrested or punished for the crime they committed so don’t talk about Pakistan try to see what you are doing in india

      • How will you feel when your Mecca is destroyed , and something else build? Ayodhya was a historic religious place which was demolished to build mosques by the brutal Mughals

    • Deport hindus Christian’s shias ahmediyas bohras etc till pakisthan has only punjabi muslims
      Also kick balichis sindhis mohajairs from.pskisthan
      Land of pure where allah rules directly

    • Look at the colour of your flag ,green and white people lime you will keep Pakistan in the state it is now international lepers

  117. We Hindus are not surprised, where ever Muslims gain a majority, they will enforce Sharia and make Non-Muslims third-class citizens, example, Kashmir,Pakistan, Bangladesh, and all other Islamic Countries but when they are in minority, they want secularism, and equal rights, the Leftists and secularists will appear and start their drama, India is a great example for this hypocrisy, but show me one Muslim majority country where Leftisst and secularists are present and active.
    wake up Hindus before its too late,Kerala, West Bengal , Assam are slowly becoming Muslim majority states, you can expect the same fate for Hindus , same as Kashmir Hindus.

    • In india,hindus are burning our mosques(babri mosque) and u expect from us that we make ur religious places on our own money and that also in such a bad condition our country is facing.

    • I agree. If we do not wake up early it will be too late.
      I see Christians are also behaving like Muslims in India. We need population control ASAP

    • Don’t say our beloved land.majority don’t give a damn. Wheather temple or masjeed. Everyone have right to pray whereever they wanna. These are only small minority they don’t like . Just ignore them. We are very liberal. Don’t disappoint be a strong person.

    • Bangladesh is a secular democratic state with equal rights for citizens. There are millions of non Muslims live peacefully and contribute to the development of the country and society. Unlike India where you have a govt driven by fascist ideologies, Bangladesh promotes equality of her citizens. Yes we have some extremists in our midst who do not believe in equality. But fortunately they do not hold much power

    • First of all, there are not 3000 Hindus in Islamabad. Secondly, there is a mandar already in Islamabad and no one pays visit there. Thirdly, look who’s talking about the freedom of religious rights that’s can’t even give human rights in their on bloody country???? Look inside yourself and then speak about other countries!!! #freeIoK

      • Who says that the Muslims in India are going through any religious bias against them? They are freely doing everything they want….they are much happier in india than the Hindus in Pakistan are…stand before a mirror and ask yourself whether your Islam is truly a religion for peace and equality?

    • Well said n abs true, Muslims have no qualms abt constructing mosques in other countries but Islam does not allow hindu temples in their countries

    • If you are so much afraid of muslims nothing can be done. World has given ample examples of how secular countries prosper and religious ones falters. Go check a d stop spending your venom. You people serve your political masters and destroying our country and religion.

    • Mandar is not allowed from the money of Bait-ul-Maal (money of zakat, the islmic way of tax), While everyone is allowed to built their religious places in Pakistan.
      While Islam and constitution of Islamic republic Pakistan safeguard the fundamental rights of all minorities.

  118. Non-Muslims were never given equal rights under Pakistan’s constitution which permanently bars them from being eligible for some of the highest constitutional posts. In Pakistan it is illegal under it’s constitution to test Non-Muslims as equals to Muslims. So all Pakistanis opposing the temple construction are truly following it’s constitution.

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