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In Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan, a minority commission without minority

Imran Khan’s attacks on India over its treatment of the Muslim minority stand blunted, considering his own govt’s poor track record on minorities in Pakistan.

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A minority commission without a ‘minority’ is what Pakistan is promising its minorities.

Every turn the government of Imran Khan takes regarding the welfare of Ahmadiyya community ends up in a U-turn. After all, there is nothing new in Naya Pakistan when it comes to protecting the beleaguered Ahmadis.

The latest controversy involving the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government began with the cabinet deciding to include the Ahmadis in the National Commission for Minorities. All hell broke loose by the mere mention of their representation. Within hours, a vile campaign against the community started on social media, labelling Qadianis as traitors, calling them the worst infidels in this world.

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The hate campaign

Joining this hate chorus, minister of state for parliamentary affairs Ali Muhammad Khan tweeted: Beheading is the only punishment for those who mock Prophet Mohammad. Ali Muhammad is the same politician who vehemently opposed the child marriage bill last year, telling a Hindu legislator that he had no right to present an anti-Islam bill.

Meanwhile, PTI’s coalition partner Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain showed his disdain, saying the government was opening a Pandora’s box by suggesting that the Ahmadis become part of a minority body when they don’t consider themselves as minorities.

Two voices from within the government, and a troll army on social media were enough for the religious affairs minister Noorul Haq Qadri to shun the “rumours” that the PTI government had made any suggestion to include Ahmadis in the National Commission for Minorities.

The formation of this commission hasn’t pleased other Pakistani minority groups either. They are urging Imran Khan to constitute this body under an Act of Parliament, rather than with cabinet notifications. The demand is to establish something on the lines of the minority commission in India, which was formed after the Liaquat-Nehru Pact of 1950 between Pakistan and India for protection of rights of minorities in both these countries. In 2014 then chief justice of Pakistan, Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, mandated the government to constitute a taskforce to safeguard the rights of minorities. But to no avail. There are apprehensions that this new commission proposed by the Imran Khan government will be an ineffective body with little or no powers.

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PTI, the master of U-turns

Why does the PTI government always start something that it can’t complete?

This is a Déjà Vu for the government. Succumbing under the pressure of religious groups is nothing new for the PTI.

In September 2018, soon after he came to power, Imran Khan removed renowned economist Atif Mian from his economic advisory board because of his Ahmadi faith. In 2014, Khan had revered Mian as one of the top 25 economists in the world. He had gone on to name him as his future finance minister. But when Khan was questioned on Mian’s faith and his stand on the finality of the prophethood, the prime minister made a U-turn.

It is criminal how successive governments in Pakistan have failed the religious minorities by surrendering to the pressure groups at the drop of a hat, starting from the time when Ahmadi Muslims were declared a minority by the government of Zufliqar Ali Bhutto through the second amendment in 1973. The decades following this move saw the worst kind of persecution of the Ahmadis. Now under articles 298(b) and 298(c) of the Penal Code Ahmadis preaching or professing their beliefs could go to jail, could be booked under blasphemy and the discrimination at the societal level knows no bounds. Even the mosques of the community and their graveyards have been targeted. All this under the patronage of the state of Pakistan.

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Defining minority in Pakistan

To suggest that “non-inclusion of any Ahmadi in the commission is because they do not fall in the definition of minorities” is laughable. What definition do they fall in? Pakistan itself declared Ahmadis non-Muslims. Now, if Ahmadis are not minorities then what social contract do they have with the state of Pakistan? Does Pakistan consider its Ahmadis citizens even human?

The issue of Khatam-e-Nabuwat or finality of the Prophet is a handy political tool. Every political party has used it as a weapon against the other when in opposition and the tables turn when the party is in government. Just the way Imran Khan exploited the ‘change of oath’ issue against PMLN government during the 2017 sit-in of Khadim Hussain Rizvi. Rizvi had then accused the government of committing blasphemy by changing the words of candidate election oath from ‘I solemnly swear’ to ‘I believe’.

The vicious cycle goes on. And the only casualties are the persecuted Ahmadis, and not any political party.

In its annual report the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom again identified Pakistan among the Countries of Particular Concern. The body noted that the religious freedom conditions across Pakistan continued to trend negatively. The systematic enforcement of blasphemy and anti-Ahmadiyya laws, and authorities’ failure to address forced conversions of religious minorities—including Hindus, Christians, and Sikhs—to Islam, severely restricted freedom of religion or belief.

Imran Khan’s attacks on India over its treatment of the Muslim minority now stand blunted with his own government’s poor track record on minorities in Pakistan. Can he get his minorities to be considered a minority first, please? Fighting for their rights shall come later.

Whenever incidents of violence against Muslims in India are reported, some Pakistanis want to “thank Jinnah for saving them”. Wish the Ahmadis who played a pivotal role in building Pakistan could one day thank Jinnah too.

The author is a freelance journalist from Pakistan. Her Twitter handle is @nailainayat. Views are personal.

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  1. And all the while in secular India, where milk and honey are in abundance and women and minorities are free to live their lives without being raped lynched or beaten. If only Pakistani society could be like the majority of Hindus and vote for a party like the bjp, then in Pakistan the minorities could enjoy the same life that the minorities enjoy in india.

  2. I’m only here are the comments lmao. The amount of abuse Naila is receiving from these islamic extremists tells you the kind of intolerance and hatred against non muslims and minorities in pakistan

    • Is that the best you can do, more like another kam-bakht who votes for a Hindu fundamentalist party. and you have an issue when we Pakistanis speak up for our own nation.
      look to what is happening to minorities in India, they live in fear of their lives, politicians, police and bakhts attacking , lynching and raping minorities. or are you going to deny this occurs at all.

  3. Indian website, using a name of Naila Inayat, what can u expect from an Indian based website, full of fake information and their public believe without asking for authentic source.

  4. Even Ahmadis accept themselves as Minority, Extremist Mullas will never allow Govermnent to make them Part of any commission. Hate agints Ahmadis is a Big Business of religious parties and Jumping jeff for political parties. Let Ahmadis be out of Utopia or leave the Land.

  5. I pretty much believe that Ms. Naila has received a fair share to call these Kafirs, Ahamadis.
    Ahamadi is someone who follow Prophet Muhammed Sallalahu Alaihe Wassalam which these Kafirs don’t. So let them accept themselves to be a non Muslim minority. They will get the rights for the minorities.

  6. Does naila inayat know the essence of the teachings of Islam? In the Qur’an it forbids to even divide Islam into different sects. The Ahmedias have committed the worst sacrilege by insulting the messenger of Allah. Any Muslim who does not believe in the finality of the Prophet has no right to call himself a Muslim. Every Muslim about to die ought to utter ‘la illaha illallah wa muhammadun rasullilah’. There is no God but Allah and prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger. This is crystal clear to every believer of Islam. The writer is probably an Ahmedia. The Hindu commentators should understand Islam which they can never, before sending embarrassing posts revealing their ignorance. There is absolutely no chance of comparison between the situation of Muslim minorities in India and that of the Ahmedias in Pakistan. The world is beginning to understand what kind of people the Hindus of India are regards tje ongoing political injustice meted out to the Muslim citizens of their cou try. The Arab nations are realising what a mistake they made in trusting them by welcoming them to live, work and run businesses in their lands.

    • Watch on YouTube
      1. Faceless talk Hindi/Urdu
      2. Ghalib Kamal
      3. Harris Sultan/Pakistani mulhid
      4. Secular jehadist
      5. Ex muslim of North America
      Challenge them put forward your point of view

    • لا الا ھا اللھ محمد رسول اللھ
      la ila ha illa Muhammad rasool allah
      Exact meaning..
      There is no god but God & Muhammad is the prophet of God…full stop..
      Where did he get **the last prophet** bit???
      That means that any one reciting the* kalima*.accepting Muhammad as a prophet & not as the last prophet is a Muslim.This is the definition given by the prophet himself.The prophet further goes on to say in one of his famous hadith that** any one who prays like us & eats our slaughter is a Muslim….No mention of *the last prophet*…..

  7. So basically you are a propaganda news. You have very beautifully tried to portray Pakistan as equivalent to India in treatment of minorities. No one is so violent in Pakistan against minority. Unlike Bjp or Rss. Pakistan is usually verbal remarks about minorities. Please feel shame for writing such a manipulate and self created fake article. But usually news reporters are shameless without any self respect. Maybe you are a Qadiyani by yourself and you cannot see that Christian, Hindu and Sikh are included in this minority commission. But you have made the title “minority commission without minority”. So you think that only Qadiyani can be a minority. Christians, Hindus, Sikhs doesn’t have any right to be a minority for you?

  8. If they are not a minority they are Muslims. Sheer logic. If kafirs like Hindus are acceptable why not Ahmadis?

  9. Dear Naila, How much money do you get from Indian Govt and RAaw for these kinda articles?

  10. If Ahmadiya are non muslim minorities then what is their religion?
    For putting them in minority place they must accept the constitution first which make them minority. Your article is baseless biased.

  11. Very very low standard, prejudiced,biased and manipulated article.Naila Bibi need to study more on the subject before writing.

  12. Naila Bibi
    I am sorry for you.
    Very very low standard .prejudised,biased and manipulated writing.
    You need to study more before writing .

  13. Author asks many questions which answers to which make this whole article redundant. Ahmedis call themselves muslims, hence do not consider themselves a minority. So to forcefully include them I am not sure how it fulfils any purpose. Secondly they do not accept constitution of Pakistan so making them part of any parlimentary body is a nuisance.

  14. The medias never report anything about human beings. They are very much interested in dividing the people in the name of caste and religion which make some religious fanatics go.crazy and start hurling unwanted hatred.comments against each other. Without this, these medias think that they will find short of of sensational news to.print or telecast in the following days. Please do not publish or give publicity to 1 or 2 such incidents happening in some corners of some countries. It is you people who are encouraging them to do.more.such things by giving these publicity. Please use your knowledge to telecast or print something which will be useful for the well beings of the humanity.

  15. Nailainayat shame on you…mirzayis are neither Muslim nor non-muslim, they are munqirs of Khatam-e-Nabuwat, it’s clear from your blog that you are from somewhere in Hira Mandi, who don’t understand the sensitivity of Khatam-e-Nabuwat. Curse on you and your upbringers.

    • Since you have mentioned *khatam e nabuwat* without explaining what it means in Arabic….word *khatam* means in Arabic, a seal or stamp, but not last,as generally interpreted by ignorant muslims .A stamp or seal could either be for negative as well as positive meaning..for example word **khatam al jaheleen* would be some one highly stupid as by calling him *khatam* has put a stamp on his stupidity,so no one can reach him in stupidness either before or after him….
      Sameway prophet Muhammad pbuh has been called in verse *al ahzaab*
      ما کان محمدن ابا احدن من رجال کم ولا کن رسول اللھ و خاتم النبین۔۔۔
      ma kan mumadan aba ahadn mn rjal km wlaa kl rsool allh wa khatam al nbeen
      meaning….Muhammad is not a father to any male among you but he is a prophet & seal of all prophets( meaning his status is like a father of all prophets ,either before or after him)
      the reason for revelation for this verse was that Muhammad pbuh married a women who was in relationship was his daughter in law because she was his adopted son’s wife.So a verse was revealed in Quran saying that**Muhammad is not a physical or real father to any male( therefore he is allowed to marry a women who happens to be wife of his adopted son)….& he is a prophet & also”” seal of all prophets””meaning his has been given the highest status in prophethood in all times,weather before or after….here are some more examples os this word “”khatam”” to make it absolutely clear what it means..
      Khatam al shuara…خاتم ال شعرا
      Meaning a poet who achieves seal because he is so good…
      Khatam al muhajreen خاتم ال محاجرین
      meaning someone who has migrated & a seal has been put on his status..
      khatam aulia خاتم ال اولیا
      Meaning highest status as a *wali ullah*
      There will be more ولی اللھ but he is the hightest….& last here is a saying of the prophet explaining how he understood the word khatam….he says to Ali his cousin….
      انا خاتم النبین۔۔۔۔وا انتا خاتم الاولیا۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔
      meaning O Ali…Im seal of all prophets as you are seal of all aulia( meaning friend of Go)
      This clearly explains all confusion that it does’nt mean LAST in any sence….it all boils down to one thing…that the meaning taken by Ahmadies are exactly how the prophet of islam has meant it,therefore they are true muslims & their opponents in Pakistan are only against them because all religious movements have been opposed in the beginning according to allah in Quran & the Govt of Pakistan is only doing what the opponents of prophets have done in the past.

  16. I agree. PTI government pathetic U-Turn on minority rights. Ahmadis are human as well. The life of the Holy Prophet and first muslim state in Medina protected the rights of all minorities.
    Shame on mullah..
    Unfortunately the government is more scared of the fanatic Mullah than the God Almighty..
    Is it Islam??

    • Dr Zafa….thank you supporting my claim thst Ahmadies have their basic human right to claim whatever religion they claim.they say muslim therefore we cant call them anything else because we have no right to do that…thank you once again.God bless you amin…..

  17. Worst analysis and full of rubbish and lies shame on you naila inayat, you must be a qadiani. Pakistan is the safest country for minorities but some cases regarding minority highlighted by ppl like you only to go abroad and take asylum.

  18. This article is full of lies.What if minority don’t consider himself as a minority? Qadiyani’s say they are Muslims and Muslims are not a minority in Pakistan.If they are a minority they must accept themselves non muslims.

    • You are right..Qadianis are not a minority & never wanted to be a minority because they claim to be Muslims & anyone who makes a claim to be whatever faith he is must be accepted as that.So Qadianis are muslims & the majority are forcing them to deny that and become a minority which they are not.Its about time the Govt of Pakistan come to their sences & stop playing God..

  19. Her waqat rota rehta Hai Sala Imran khan jai chor dey,
    keep resignation to parliament and leave the Pakistan we don’t want to see him and his face
    Itna Bara bewaquf mein ney aj tak apni life mein nai deakh gatiya admi k wade b us k jaisay hotey hain

  20. Worst analysis and blatant lies. Although Naila Inayat very smartly tried to manipulate the truth but it’s an established fact that Ahmedis are not muslims. Insha Allah Imran Khan will be the game changer for Pakistan.

    • Qadiyani are no Muslims but Munafaqeens posing themselves as Muslims around the world who are imposters and Declare Kafirs non-Muslims all over th e world

      • what if you are called a munafiq Tahir…???,how will you prove that you are a real muslim?? Well there is only one way to find out whats in your heart……can I cut your heart out to find whats inside???????
        Come on…….do’nt be stupid…the biggest munafiq ever known in prophets time in Madina was a man named Abdullah bin Salool.He called the prophet with very derogatory term & nearly had his neck chopped off but the prophet intervened & saved his life.Even Abdullah’s own son who was a true muslim was not allowed to kill his own dad who asked for a permission from the prophet.
        And when Abdullah died,the prophet not only gave his shirt to put it in his coffin but also lead his funeral prayer… learn to behave your self & stop playing God…..

    • Ahmadies are muslims according to the prophet of islam & thats all that matters.What the constitution of this ** Accidental state Pakistan **?is nothing but load of rubbishhere is what the prophet said…..
      Any one who recites “”kalima”” is a muslim.
      Further he says in a hadith….(sayings of the prophet)….
      Anyone who prays like us & eats our slaughter is a muslim….
      The parliament is a cursed parluamwnt according to Imran khan where he is sitting as a PM….Also the famous General Zia uk huq has stated in a **white paper** who abolished this parliament in 1977 that the reason for closing this assembly was because it was filled with looters,gangster& fraudulents. So the very same assembly has passed a law that Ahmadies are non.muslim.What a joke.Thats why the members of this parliaments who have been playing football with this constitution themselves_expect Ahmadiedms to respect it…what nonsence……

  21. There is no issue for minorities in Pakistan…PTI never took U turn on Ahmadis..just read what is the status of Ahmadis…there is no roits in Pakistan till today…christians, hindus muslims are living with peace…Imran Khan unfortunately facing after shokes from currupted x political parties…everything will be fine..people of Pakistan are brave and loyal where ever they live in this world

  22. Ahamidies are not Muslims and are enemies of Muslims due to their financial support by the enemies of Muslims in the global village.

  23. Ahmedis don’t accept the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and all committee etc. establish under the constitution. So how is it possible they become the member of the body which is established under the constitution when they don’t accept it?
    India’s case is different. So don’t compare India with Pakistan in this issue.

  24. Ahmedis don’t accept the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and all committee etc. establish under the constitution. So how is it possible they become the member under the constitution when they don’t accept it in toto.
    India’s case is different. So don’t compare India with Pakistan in this issue.

    • India with all its problems is a great country & has more muslims living there peacefully than Pakistan……Pakistan is a Military run estate & dont know weather they are coming or going so no comparison…

  25. Commission on qadiani, has not uturn because qadiani not accept themselves minority but they declared KAFER in Islamic and Pakistan’s laws so cancelled

    • The law passed by the parliament in 1974 is a true copy of the law passed by the kuffar e mecca when Muhaamad pbuh was forced to leave Mecca.The non believers made all sorts of offers to Muhammad through his uncle Abu Talib…like maje him a king of Mecca….offered him lits of wealth…offered him the most beautiful wimen in Mecca…with only one condition….to give up all his claims of being a prophet & preaching oneness of God..& his reply went down in history as this…..
      ***even if they put Sun on my one hand & Moon on the other,I will not stop my mission**”
      Well the history is repeating itself….the Ahmadies are doing exactly the same..what their Master Muhammad pbuh did in front of Meccans……Do what you like o’ stupid Govt of Pakistan…..Ahmadies are Muslims & will remain Muslim….& the constitution is…heading fast towards bin of history…

  26. Bibi naila. You need to understand the difference between a non muslim minorities including Hindus Sikhs and Christians and Qadiani community who persistently refused to call them non muslims according to constitution of Pakistan. If they consider themselves muslims how they can be non Muslim minorities, if they agree to consider them as non muslim, they will be treated like other minorities respectfully in Pakistan and given seats as of other minorities

    • Its about time pskistan govt came to their sences… Ahmadies Muslim to save embarrassing situation in the world….

  27. Only way to mass communicate in F….ngstan is they read your lips, reading is a rarer virtue , they have little schooling except memorize in Arabic. Turks, Pesians etc are muslims but not with an arab name, …istan and Bangladesh have arabic identity due to lack of their own.

    • Seems like you have or feeling difficulties in saying or writing some WORDS!!.. which also shows your narrow mindness about the whole have no idea what this is all about..ha

    • Hillllllllariousssss!!!
      The height of ignorance @AmitRayRoy!
      “… Except memorize in Arabic???!!!” (ROFL)

      As for the writer, it was very poor writing lacking knowledge, facts, quotes and skills too!
      Didn’t stir any emotions, provoke any thoughts, raise any questions!
      Very poor attempt!!

  28. Much biased writing by the writer. I dont know about PTI but for us Muslims ., Ahmadis must not call their selves as Muslim. Because their belief of their so called Islam is not actual Islam what Allah and our beloved Last Messenger Hazrat Mohammed PBUH taught us. So it’s very simple. We are not against minorities but we are definitely against Disguised Personification.

    • How can a state like Pakistan dare to call themselves muslims as they allow interest to be taken in their financial institutions???

    • Nudrat Khan…I think your knowledge of islam is very poor….do you know that your views about Ahmadies are exactly the same as of Kuffar e Mecca were of prophet Muhammad pbuh..????????.They were also offended when the prophet preached Islam…they then made some lucrative offers through his uncle Abu Talib,to which Muhammad pbuh gave them
      a reply after which he had to leave Mecca to Madina…..He said that ** If you put Sun on my right hand & Moon on my left hand,even then I will not leave my mission**
      The law of 1974 is exactly the same as its forcing Ahmadies to deny Islam while you some how think that islam is your personal property & the name Islam is registered for Pakistani Mulla’s….if only they had read Quran with translation,they would had found that all believers of religions previous to Islam were also called Muslims……Even jews of the past were **muslimoon** at one time….so stop playing God & behave yourself…..

  29. You idiots don’t know anything and just try to blame Pakistan. Illiterate media. Ahmadis are minorities who don’t follow constitution of Pakistan still they have right to live and do business in Pakistan but to become part of a constitutional body one must accept the constitution first. They accept the constitution, believe the self a non Muslim. They can do anything like hindus and Sikhs are doing even contest an election and become a law maker. Study a little bit before waiting time on writing…

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