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India is wearing hate in 2020. No space for Tanishq’s secular jewellery

Like the Indian economy, secularism, too, is facing the demand-side problem.

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You remember the song — Ek chidiya anek chidiya — from Doordarshan’s 1970s animated short educational film? The whole premise of the song rested on inspiring unity despite the religious and cultural differences prevalent in India. It was an attempt to spread the message across a country that could still hear the pangs of Partition. The attempt was to keep the secular spirit — mauled to near-death in the post-Partition violence — alive. That was 1974. In the India of 2020, secularism is a ‘joke’ and the Tanishq commercial is the latest proof. Being unapologetic is a political fad and many Indians don’t care about the health of secularism. This is most visible on social media.

In India of today, anything that talks about unity or secularism, finds a way to be controversial. The makers of Tanishq advertisement have been accused of promoting love-jihad. Wonder what equipment the propagators of hate have access to — they are quick to tell how hurt a particular community is when faced with such portrayals.

However, let’s not delude ourselves. Deep inside, most Indians struggle to be secular. And a lot of the credit for keeping this centuries-old hate alive goes to politicians and their politics.

Much of India’s politics and the driving force for voting has been based on either caste or religion, because Indians are primarily driven by these two factors in their day-to-day lives. The fact that auto rickshaws, trucks and buses with Jai Shri Ram or 786 stickers are a common sight in India shows how people wear religion on their sleeves. Even government offices have pictures of gods and goddesses — tells a lot about how a State views religion. Religion in India isn’t private. Governments in India flirt with it all the time to their advantage. Even the Constituent Assembly had thrice rejected the proposal to add the word ‘secular’ in the Constitution.

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Being ‘secular’ has a face value

The person who is credited with adding the word ‘secular’ in the Constitution — Indira Gandhi — is the very politician who played the Hindu card. Even though her election slogans were all about roti, kapda aur makaan, she came back to power in the 1980 Lok Sabha election thanks to her frequent temple runs that were covered well by the AIR. The national broadcaster also aired programmes based on content from the vedas and other Hindu scriptures.

It was her devout Brahmin identity that helped her come back to power despite committing the horror of Emergency. Her last four years in office also saw some of the bloodiest riots —Meerut, Baroda, Neli and in Biharsharif.

Congress’ silence in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination that led to Sikh riots, which saw the killing of over 3,000 people was another occasion in independent India’s history when secularism and its credentials were put to test. Adding a word to the Constitution won’t make India secular. The hate has been winning since centuries. It has the ability to get under your skin. It often leaves you fearful making you worried about you and your community—as if they are facing existential threat. And that’s where the politician enters, preying on your fears, reassuring you of his support, and ready to bury secularism one more time.

In fact, it is no coincidence that the Sangh Parivar began ideating the Ram Mandir movement during the 1980s Indira tenure. There were signs even in the 1950s. Jawaharlal Nehru ensured the banning of cow slaughter in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Like great-grandfather, like great grandson — Rahul Gandhi’s attempt to become prime minister in 2019 also followed the same blueprint. Wear janeau, visit temples, try and look as Brahmin as possible.

But the BJP has aced this game because they’ve been consistent with it since the 90s. While then, all of these not-so-secular moves were made implicitly by the Congress, today, the BJP makes no qualms over rejecting secularism explicitly. Being unapologetic, I told you. That’s where it’s all coming from.

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The hate agents, the religious contractors  

Troll armies on social media ensure that ads like Tanishq are seen with the prism of Muslim men capturing and ensnaring innocent Hindu women, thus emerging victorious over the majority community — they sexualise this idea. They question why a commercial with a romantic ‘liaison’ of a Muslim woman and a Hindu man are not shown. That’s their rationale. A 2019 Surf Excel commercial that showed a girl child, presumably a Hindu, protecting her Muslim friend — a boy going to namaz from Holi colours — was also dubbed as promoting love jihad. Even kids are viewed from this lens of sectarianism. They say tolerance is going down in India. But this tolerance for hate? No need to worry. It’s been on an upward trajectory since 2014.

While promotion of secularism has to rely on commercials far and few, those opposing it have 24*7 access to bigger platforms like TV media. The 9 pm messengers can dissect secularism to the point from where a Tanishq would never dream of coming up with such adverts. Tanishqs will put in place strict contracts with their advertising partners and plead not to bring secularism out of coma, for India is wearing hate in 2020 and there is no space for jewellery from a brand that promotes a universal/liberal idea.

Many primetime TV shows justified why ads like Tanishq are spreading the wrong message. In his show, DNA, Sudhir Choudhary dissected the entire commercial and declared that in 70 years of India’s independence, the majority community and their sentiments have always been sidelined. He, then, went on a toxic tirade to stoke communal sentiments by ‘showcasing’ Hindu men who have been beaten or killed for being in love with Muslim women. The Zee News anchor also expressed his displeasure on why Muslims are always shown in movies and pop culture as peaceful people who keep their promises, whereas, according to him that’s not the case in real life.

For a minute, you think all this could be Choudhary’s individual opinion. But it isn’t. Millions of people are listening to him, suggests the show’s viewership data. According to Zee Network, the show is watched by five crore viewers every month.

The relationship between demand and supply is easy to understand. And demand for secularism is pretty low in India’s social economy. Like the Indian economy, secularism, too, is facing the demand-side problem. Except there is no RBI to fix it.

Shows and TV channels, apparently dedicated to undo the ‘hypocrisy of secularism’ are a hit, because people are watching such content. Colonies in metropolitan cities, segregated on the basis of caste and religion is an on ground reality we can’t turn our faces away from. People of India want India to be a country that espouses ‘Dharma’ based on Hindu philosophy. Which is why the BJP and Narendra Modi is being brought to power again and again. This is exactly what the BJP promises explicitly — a Hindu Rashtra. And people vote exactly for that. We as a nation are not secular. Let’s not pretend to be so either.

The author is a political observer and writer. Views are personal.

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  1. Those who preach this kind of secularism by showing Hindu women getting married by Muslim men should also advertise the other way-Muslim women getting married to Hindu men and see the response . If you want a just society DO it. You are a pseudo secular. The neo rich cine actors and business men are not the examples of secularism, They are not the models to be followed in selecting the other half,it is the common man . Please bear this in mind.

  2. Why is secularism forced on one community only..? When will you show little secularism ..why not muslim girl getting married to a Hindu family ?? Wake up..Its time for u to show little the way your article is shit

    • Excellent Reply…Remember ek hath se taliya bajaye nahi jati hi…For these B….
      secularism means Hating the Majorities, mimicking n molesting their customs and Pleasing the Minorities…Hell with Indira, Shez not a Hindu in the first place, how can you term her as Brahimin?

    • The rationale of yours has already been attacked in the article itself perhaps you didn’t read it. What else is to be expected from a guy who is ready to hound with his unsolicited and baseless opinions.

  3. Hey, author! I think you don’t know about Nusrat Jahan marriage, right? Where has your sickukarism gone? I am not saying that don’t write articles for criticising Hindus. But don’t be one-sided man! Write about the ‘secularism’ in Muslims community also. Present both type of facts and arguments! Don’t be a radicalist man being a journalist. Don’t mislead the country. You can never succeed in uprooting the culture of Bharat…

  4. Be Cautious of Wire, Print, Scroll, NDTV, DC, DH, Indian Express etc and THE SICKULAR JOURNALISTS, their interpretation of Sickularism differs according to the situation. Actually i dont ever read news posted by these sites. But thought to know the views of the author. Ab samajh ki sab ek hi ghar ke hain

  5. The wire,the print,ndtv all are expecting secularism from hindus the writer of this article itself is a muslim go to your islamic countries if you want so much secularism

  6. Who introduced this word ‘SECULAR’? Certainly not Dr. Ambedkar. Neither when the country was under democratic rule! Isn’t it?

  7. Dear print shot the add vis,versa and see what is secualrisam if there are no fatwas against u for that than u can speak eke and anek here u just can’t control ur emotions behold ur guts for the upcoming change in Indian’s and Hindus.

  8. Why not show a muslim girl in hindu family? Hindus can take much better care of her and won’t bring more wives either.. won’t give triple talaq either..also give her respect like a godess.. but some brainwashed animals like you won’t understand that… Go and play in shit… don’t worry about India!

  9. Zainab should accept the fact that Muslims and their Hindu supporters took India for ride. Muslims are allowed four wives, despite constitution’s claim of equality between men and women. Govt. took over Hindu temples but not Mosques. Muslim men marrying Hindu women if attacked were condemned but Hindu men marrying Muslim women.

    Let us look at Love Jihad issue and compare it with other similar group accused. Black people in west are accused of trying to marry white women. But even most racists whites have never accused Black people of not allowing their sisters or daughters of marrying Whites. So Black attempt is genuine desire for integration. In case of Muslims, they don’t allow their daughters & sisters to marry Hindus but they themselves want to marry Hindu women. So it is not genuine desire to integrate, but rather take advantage of tolerance of other, with goal of take over.

    Muslims are not willing to assimilate into India like Greeks, Scythians and Huns did, therefore they don’t allow their sisters & daughters to marry Hindus.

    Secularist keep claiming how poor & backward Muslims are, but Muslims are no worse off than Dalit, Tribal. this point is never brought. neither is the fact that upper class Muslims enjoy much better life than average Hindu. If India as country is poor how could all Muslims be rich?

    • Muslim men marrying Hindu women if attacked were condemned but Hindu men marrying Muslim women.

      Correction: Secularists condemned if Muslim men marrying Hindu women were attacked but not Hindu men marrying Muslim women.

  10. This is too mediocre. I expected better from libtards while doing the Rudali routine. If nothing, they at least write well. I hope next time, this website will publish something worth debating.

  11. Are muslims secular? Ask this question to yourself first. Then ask Tanishq to dare and make ad with Muslim girl in Hindu family. This country has always been Hindu rashtra there is no two ways about it. Muslims being minority do not tolerate mixed marriages when it comes to their girl why should we hindu be the only tolerant folks around. Modi govt or not, henceforth we will not tolerate any thing that promotes love jihad or gazwa-e-hind.

  12. Let Bharat be declared a Hindu Rashtra, then lackeys such as these won’t dare to use the Nonsense named SIKULARISM.
    Hindus are getting EXTERMINATED, WOMEN & GIRLS,TENS OF THOUSANDS OF THEM RAPED OR FORCED TO MARRY to some Ungootha Chaap Mullohs in the our neighbouring countries since 1947 onwards .
    Today the population of HINDUS in Pakistan comprises of less than 1% of their total population while HINDU Population in Bangladesh has come down to less than 7% from 23% of their total population in 1971..
    Yet this Caricature hasn’t raised his voice for the Persecuted HINDU POPULATION IN ISLAMIC COUNTRIES..


  13. We should boycott the print as well and remember Bharat is a Hindu Rastra and no secularism boycott Tanishq and boycott the print

  14. Dear The Print if there was shown a muslim girl with Hindu boy than the owner of Tanishq would be in jail or in heaven and zainab Sikander would be criticizing Tanishq for that . So for your so called muslim secularism article I m going to block ur site from my device. PEACE

  15. Wonderful article – big applause. This is what the author of this article expects ?
    Such splendid hypocrisy and a communal guy talking about secularism (applause).

  16. True Secularism is where all religions are given equal importance. It is evident from the times of mughal and other islamic emperors how they have treated people from other religions and cultures. And, britishers even made things worse with their manipulative education system and caste system. Incidents like Moplah Genocide of hindus, Kashmiri Hindus displacement and many others are proof of the bullshit and fake secularism.

  17. Every time leftists idea backfires,they put the other face infront of you i.e educated,innocent who come forward to protect the evils. India need to learn how to slap both the faces.

  18. We are Indian firstly and lastly, we live as one but such so called people always come with this hindu-muslim agenda for their benefits, shame on those who still give value to religion first, give your kindness and loyalty as human being not as belong to any religion, these BJP andh bhakt and RSS is only responsible for our todays India’s bad condition in all sector.

  19. If it was Muslim girl in Hindu household the mleccha author of this article would have changed his views and become sikular. Well until it’s Muslim girl in Hindu home it is not secular. Fuck Tata. No need for jewellery from that company. They know and hence took down the ad. This biased muslim agent of jihad has good points. I think you shud make an ad of Muslim girl marrying Hindu and publish that. Than I can watch that ad. Else this is jihad and we don’t want Muslim jihad here. This is a jihadi writer. All articles are Hindu hatred and Hindu bashing. Carry on you jihadi.

  20. Boycott campaigns are better than burning homes or humans for expressing their views, don’t you think. This ad was not bad in itself but it’s timing was. Remember what happened in Bengluru. Or the recent case of a hindu boy being murdered for loving a girl of another community.

  21. Why tata fellows gold business fellows entered into politics of religion to please muslim. They better confined to business only in their business interest and sack the fellows to proposed this nasty add

  22. Just listen you are Missionary product. if there is any religion, there is communial thinking. If you want secular nation then first make pakistan secular then come to india…. First make all islamic and cristian country secular then come to india.. Ok… 😊

  23. One more educated poisonous journalism sight for our country.Everyone should read the
    books Korann and hadis to know the base of Islamism,Jai hind, vandemataram,bharat mata ki jai🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  24. Indians are still secular and will remain secular. But at the same time we r fed up of this one sided so-called secularism.
    Why still we show hindu women and girl childs getting married/getting sheltered to other whatever casts.
    Because if we show in reverse way, I am sure secularist like Mr. Sikandar will not only take objection but these secularists will ensure riots declaring that ” our religion is in danger “.
    We r secular and will remain secular till it is both sides story.

  25. Stop jihad man. Muslims love violence thats why Muslim countries are violent. Other religions are belittled in Muslim countries. Your opinions are wishful. I personally don’t hate Muslims. I mean why hate a religion. Although, I hate the idea of living in a shariya controlled, backwards thinking, violent and unstable country. So I will fight tooth and nail to stop this infestation in my country.

  26. India is wearing hate? Stfu
    We don’t need sickular people like you
    People like you have made journalism a joke and have also contributed to hate b/w the Hindus and Muslims
    Please, stop trying to please the so called minority group. If you can’t do so, then kindly leave journalism

  27. We are just struggling to save our country our religious beliefs our traditions and our self .
    We are not against any religion but we will not bow down to a pseudosecular junk you presstitutes want to throw at us.
    If you are so obsessed with secularism then go get your happy ending yourself don’t publish your junk to demerit our culture.

  28. Boycott taniqsue , secularism is not a duty of only hindus muslims should also allow muslim girl to marriage a hindu boy boycott secularism MUSLIMS are eating INDIA very badly so we have to remove this muslim virus from India

  29. We have gone the Pakistan way. Where people are misguided into believing religion is supreme and in that name politicians loot the country. Same is happening in India no one wants to talk about jobs education and economy only hindu muslim. Let’s imagine tomorrow there are no muslims and Christians in India will there be no fights there will be fights between Hindus as man has always found ways to divide himself. Yes there is problems in Islam which muslims do not address so it is with every religion. There should be rule of law and equality.

  30. Atleast it’s better than minority appeasement. See the cases of Love Jihad. You are journalist. We are here to read the news and not to read about ur opinions. If you want to give your POV then open a blog.

  31. Atleast it’s better than minority appeasement. See the cases of Love Jihad. You are journalist. We are here to read the news and not to read about ur opinions. Your job is to give news and not opinions. If you want to give your POV then open a blog.

  32. We are way of life which said “Vasudeva Kutumbakam “(world is my family) centuries before leftist ideology came in existence. Second thing Hinduism isn’t a religion but a way of life unlike other Abrahamic faiths. Dont teach us about secular principal .The minorities like Jews ,Parsis ,jains or buddist have found no issue staying here with majority Hindus and leave peacefully here .doesn’t it tell by itself how secular we are

  33. The people who are labelling the ad secular didn’t utter a single word when what happened in Bangalore .If interfaith marriage are secularism as shown in ad why don’t they show the vice versa of Muslim girl marrying the Hindu boy and see if the same people call the ad secular.we already saw what happened after Gadar n Bombay movies released .

  34. This would be so much more powerful, had the article been penned by a media house that is NOT filled of hate towards hindu dharma in general. So, you Print, are as hateful as the thugs who shut down an ad out of their insecurities.

  35. Forgot to add.

    When Tanishq ad was playing, a hindu to Muslim converted married woman was self immolating in UP.

    This is the real face of tribal and violent fundamentalist Islam.

    Even after giving endless reality and facts, if you want us to believe the Tanishq ad then good luck with that.

    Knowingly or not if you remain deaf and dumb you can’t expect aam jaanta to be like you.

    I would encourage you to write more vigorously, fearlessly and with same conviction on fundamental Islam and maskin community.

    I rest my case.

  36. Author is onto something big and revealing. In fact she is right.

    Maskin community is spreading hate that these hate peddlers will have to start migrating to where there ancestors came from whether turk arab or mongol.

    These hate peddlers ask for 15 min, talk about 30 crores on 100 crores, plunder rape murder public and public property in delhi, Bangalore in an organized manner.

    These maskins then form human chain infront of temples which they were going to burn it down or do an ad on baby shower.

    These fabricated secularism will not soften the tribal and violent face of fundamental Islam anymore.

    Aam jaanta can clearly see through this disingenuity and rest assured will respond accordingly.

    I recommend author and members of her maskin community to start packing their bags and get one way ticket to their ancestral holy land in Middle East.

  37. You have audacity to comment secularism on a trivial thing as an advertisement but apply duct tape when a teeanged Hindu bou is killed in the national capital for falling in love with a Muslim girl. That incident was conveniently shrugged under the carpet and no tears flowed in the name of secularism even though blood was shed and a life was snatched away. Its this hypocrisy which is being killed and not secularism .

  38. Hindus are seeing Tanishq ad as secular If you don’t understand this then you are disconnected from hindu sentiments

  39. It is easy to go after hindus, The question is why did Tanishq not do another Ad with religious identity reversed, How come arm chair seculairsts are silent when hindu boys gets killed becuse they fell in love with muslim women. You don’t even publish such news. So looks like secularism is expected only from Hindus, That ain’t going to work anymore.

  40. Sikander,

    These articles are like lolipop to children’s to hide main agenda in the name of Secularism, Gone are those days, Hindus are more matured & understand these tricks very well. Can you rewrite the article with request to same brod caster to replay the same ad. with revers of religion ( Woman is from Muslim family in Hindu in laws house) ?. If you do that , then there is substance left in your journlism oR ….. 🙂

    -Truth Anayzer

  41. Selective outrage as usual. Secularism is a two way traffic mam. You can’t expect Hindus to be always humiliated and stay secular.

    • Stop trying to appease the minorities.
      What a senseless article !!
      Open your eyes !!
      Hindus are made up of all kinds of ppl, they may not be perfect , but they are far better, far accepting ,fqr humane than Muslims. period.

  42. I was searching for your article on Bengaluru riots and recent France incident but couldn’t find any. Maybe you forgot to preach secularism at that time or maybe you were on vacation I believe.

  43. Secular means convert a Hindu women!!, no one in India will dare portray a Muslim woman married into a Hindu household; that is a fact and that is the issue. If we are really about secularism then the ad would have been shown the other way around

  44. I always thought about the afore mentioned Surf commercial with a tweak. instead of protecting the islamic boy, what if the girl encouraged him to join the pagan festivities and he does so and discovers the joys of secularism thus giving the Surf product more reason to clean his white Kurta. But I wonder how the minority religionists would have reacted.

  45. Whether they realise this key point or not, subconsciously, what was most galling to offended viewers, was the manner in which the imperious mother-in-law patronisingly deigned to break from her rigid Islamic norms, for once, to condescend to the girl’s Hindu traditions which were otherwise banned in that home. Even more galling was the girl’s gratitude, at being allowed to become Hindu again for a brief while; a point which the ad-makers reinforced repeatedly, through shots of her appreciative glances towards the older woman. So, what was intended as a preachy social message of communal harmony ended up as a grating example of submissive Hindu thanks, for overbearing Muslim generosity, and left incensed viewers pitying the caged fate of the pregnant girl. The price of her love for a Muslim boy, by the ad’s script, was the abandonment of her religion, and her customs.

    Stop Romanticising Interfaith Marriages Blindly; Marrying Muslim Men Has Serious Legal Consequences For Non-Muslim Women. Love Jihad Can’t Be Wished Way Purely For Reasons Of Political Correctness.

  46. Funny thing about Indian secularism is Muslims and communists who supported violently for creation of Islamic Pakistan and were successful in creating Islamic Pakistan, where 23% of Hindus & Sikhs were butchered and cleansed , lecturers Hindus to be secular, even after Kashmiri Hindu cleansing still Hindus should stick to Secularism and follow Gandhi’s preaching of Dying in the hands of Muslims with out any resistance as Muslims are just doing their religious duty of killing Kaffirs( Hindus) what an irony that Hindus s are still tolerating these secularists and not behaeding like Paris teacher .

  47. We have got it wrong all along. India is not looking for secularism. When the Indian constitution (rightly or wrongly, is another matter) and some Government policies distinguish its citizens by caste and religion, how can India ever be a secular Nation. We can’t expect politicians to define secularism (religion) and maintain harmony in the plurality of religions in India and absolve religious leaders and the public at large in the process. This tolerant pluralism is multilateral and not unilateral.

    In religious matters it should simply mean that every religion should be free to pray to its God in a manner each wants – that is assuming that every religion has a God and every one professing that religion wants to pray – without treading on the other’s toes. In effect, (religious) secularism should simply mean that each religion accepts each of the other religion on as is where is basis. Yu can’t do it with laws.

    The leaders of these various religions should repeatedly announce to its followers that “there is not only one way (their own) to reach GOD but there are many ways. What the other religions follow are also paths that lead to GOD. Those who practice religions other than ours are also believers of God”. Tell the followers that there is only one God with many names…call it/he/she by any name. Teach the kids this in Schools of all types. All politicians, self-styled “activists” of all types and THE MEDIA and independent journalists (with own opinion) should convey this message always and all times. Why is this NOT done? Why are these people especially the activists and the media not seeing it this way?

    I am afraid we are doing this all wrong. It is THAT simple. Just one slogan… “Your GOD is as good as my GOD”. Then, there will never be any hate on religious grounds!!!!

    Disclaimer: In my family, extended family and close friend circle there are many inter caste and inter religious successful marriages

  48. I wish liberals won’t hv problems with a single hindu country out of 193 countries in the world…world’s oldest socio cultural system shd be able to sustain in atleast one country given there r more tha 100 christian countries and more than 60 islamic nation with minimum rights for minorities….all hindus r asking is for one country with flourishing ancient hindu culture. And traditions…all those who hv problems can very well settle in other parts of the world

    • I wish that Modi Ji just tells that India is not a secular country to UN and other world authorities ;but a Hindu state.

    • I wish that Modi Ji just tells that India is not a secular country to UN and other world authorities .

  49. Not only in India, but the entire non-Muslim world dislikes Muslims. No wonder Islamophobia is very ripe all over the world.

  50. So much cry for the most used and beaten word “SECULARISM”. Some people shedding crocodile tears that no more milking is possible from the word “SECULARISM”. Lot many people and parties have made a fortune just with this one word “SECULAR”. Sometimes accepting reality is the most difficult thing do.

  51. The time tested Muslim practice of demanding secularism when in minority while imposing Sharia when in majority.
    Ms. Sikander should have spoken up on behalf of portraying a Muslim woman married into a Hindu household. That would have burnished her secular credentials. Instead, she makes it very clear that such a concept is not quite welcome and in fact is uncomfortable for Muslims. Muslims can never accept the idea of a Muslim girl married into a Hindu/Sikh/Christian household. And in doing so, Ms. Sikander clearly demonstrates how committed she and others of her ilk are to the lofty values of secularism and equality.
    The fact that Vedas and other Hindu scriptures being aired on AIR back in the 1980s irks her goes on to show how precious Indian civilizational heritage is to her and her community.

  52. The problem is, while HIndu’s, HIndu practices and traditions are criticized and pushed to become progressive and rightly so, like stopping the bursting of crackers during diwali, why isn’t anyone pushing Muslims in India to be progressive? Hindu writers routinely critique Hindu attitudes, but where is that internal critiquing mechanism among Muslims to push them to become truly liberal in tune with modern times?

    Where were the liberal writers ,like the one above, when for 60 years poor muslim women led an unequal life? It is a damn shame and a slap on the face of liberals, secularists and human rights activists that a right wing, patriarchal party like BJP had to come and give Muslim women and Homosexuals a little respite and dignity from the unequal treatment they suffered for decades.

    Also, while this writer says the ad was ” seen with the prism of Muslim men capturing and ensnaring innocent Hindu women,” she must also ask, why didn’t Tanishq put out an ad where a muslim woman enters her Hindu husbands house ? what stopped them? Did they fear violent repercussions ? If not, then make an ad and prove us wrong.

    Tanishq should NOT have pulled the ad down instead they should have made more ads with ‘inter-faith’ and ‘inter-caste’ marriages so as to expose this farce and show us for what we all really are – bigots in liberal clothing.

  53. Zainab Sikander at her venomous Best again.

    One just has to go through her list of articles, to be convinced how much of a convenient secular she is ?

  54. India will remain a Secular nation,because of the Secular character of the Hindu Religion.The Vedic Texts proclaim that there are several approaches to the realisation of God and any route you take will ultimately lead you to the one and only one God.God may have several names and shapes.but the pursuit will lead one to the unique entity.Just as raindrops falling from the skies ultimately end up in the Ocean,prayers to any God will take you to the ultimate Lord.Thus,a Hindu can pray in the Church,Gurudwara,in the direction of Mecca,a synagogue,and still remain a devout Hindu.No other religion affords this privilege.Hence,so long as the majority population remainsHindu,India will continue to be fundamentally Secular.That is why the the Constituent Assembly did not consider it necessary to explicitly mention the word SECULAR in the original text of the Constitution.

  55. The problem with the Tanishq ad was articulated very well by Venugopal Narayanan in swarajyamag. According to the ad, hindu girls married to muslims ought to be grateful to the condescending mothers in law for allowing them to follow a hindu custom on a rare occasion – the liberals can’t even see that this ad buries feminism six feet under. This jihadi sister is at it again, peddling her hatred and bigotry.

  56. There is a history of three and a half decades behind what happened to Tanshiq Ad which purports to be secular. From Shah Bano’s judgment reversal by Rajiv Gandhi Government to 26/11 everything that happened in between has hardened the attitude of Hindus,. My question to this writer is, why didn’t Tanshiq make ad showing how a Muslim daughter in law is cared for in a Hindu family. Why always show Hindu girls marrying Muslim men. The answer is in the second Surah of Koran: Women are described as field of men!

  57. The Tanishq version of secularism is not needed in India any more. Tanishq was listing ‘Muslim’ jewellery. It forgot to list ‘Hindu’ jewellery.

    Tanishq also forgot to create an advert that was truly secular. It instead focussed on promoting what some say was love jihad. Now that would never do.

    Being secular is a two way street. Currently only Hindus are using that street proudly.

    The Sikhs routinely and regularly assert their Sikhi in very violent ways. The media does not even talk about it. Though, once in a while the Tribune, a paper published from Chandigarh, does report on such episodes.

    The Muslims of India by and large remain silent when it comes to condemning wrong doings by Muslims. The left liberals remain silent too.

    As the great poet had said, sab yaad rakha jayega. Of course sab yaad rakha ja raha hai. All those memories of partial secularism are being recalled in a big way.

  58. Fakes demand are sure to fade away rapidly. That is what is happening to India’s perverted Nehruvian Secularism.

    • I wish Tatas hadn’t pulled out the Tanishq ad as awkwardly as they did. What they ought to have done was to have another campaign, run simultaneously, with a Muslim bride in a Hindu family. But, would they have the guts to do that? Can they take Muslim tolerance for granted as they did with the Hindus? That’s the question. They can still do that provided they show enough spunk.


    A submission was made in COURT that SHRI RAM is a myth even then there was no violence against the person who made the submission or the political party he represents.

    For some RIOTERS are ” SECULAR “.

    Whereas HINDUS who believe in education and science and prosperity and are not involved in proselytizing are being called communal.

    Jihadists posing as journalist must be ignored.

  60. Ms Sikandar,
    You mention in your article that one of the common arguments is that what if the religious identities of the woman and her in-laws were swapped? It is a very important argument – no one in India will dare portray a Muslim woman married into a Hindu household; that is a fact and that is the issue. If we are really about secularism then the ad would have been shown the other way around as a representation of the rarest of the rare kind of relationships – however, just see what happened in Paris recently if you don’t toe the line. The ad people who are up in support would have beaten down Tanishq for “being insensitive to the minority community’s feelings”.

    That’s how things have always worked int he country and the so called liberals cannot bear the move towards the centre – that’s all there is to it. India will be well served ignoring views of people like you and progress towards parity in how we treat different people in the country.

    Yes we are a

    • When i saw the article author’s name – ZAINAB SIKANDER . I stopped reading….
      Noone will speak about ground reality where many women are killed , also author should educate people of his own community about how to treat women.. Start with Zakir Naik… who preach people about how to softly/hardly beat your wife… Also preach ur priests about not to sell teenage girls to Sheikhs of middle east…

  61. True let’s not pretend to be!!
    No one will have a problem right, if BJP declares India as a Hindu rashtra🎉🎉

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