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I worry about 2021 Bengal election. You should too: Yogendra Yadav

The 1972 election in Bengal was a blot on democracy. In 2021, the stakes are even higher.

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I worry about the coming assembly election in West Bengal.

Not because I am particularly invested in who wins or loses this election. By all accounts, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) has run an average government with some popular schemes. Its track record on democratic rights, or corruption is hardly sterling. The demise of the Left and the continuing irrelevance of the Congress is now a template of Bengal politics. In this context, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s meteoric rise in the state is to be expected. Ideological and personal likes and dislikes apart, there is no special reason for alarm. No matter what the outcome, the fate of the people of Bengal is unlikely to change in any major way.

More than the outcome, I worry about the election itself. I worry about the path to these elections. I worry about the day of the elections. I worry about the aftermath of the election. It could leave irreparable damage in many localities. It could leave the state of Bengal in disarray. It could cause long-term damage to some of our already weak national institutions.

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The 1972 Congress blot

I worry because there already is a precedent in West Bengal. The infamous assembly election held in 1972 is widely believed to be one of the blots on India’s otherwise relatively clean record on holding fair elections.

In that election, Indira Gandhi’s Congress — it was called Congress (R) at that time — recorded a landslide victory reducing the Communist Party of India (Marxist) or CPI(M) to just 14 seats in a 280-member assembly. If you go by the pro-Left media and academics, the entire election was ‘rigged’.

A more balanced assessment suggests that the Congress was poised for a narrow victory anyway, riding on the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. It seems that last-minute panic of a possible defeat pushed Siddhartha Shankar Ray, a close confidante of Indira Gandhi at that time, into pressing the panic button and ‘manipulating’ the elections to ensure a landslide.

Whatever the motive, what we know is that in several constituencies, the Congress used strong-arm tactics, voters were allegedly turned away and booth-capturing took place. In many constituencies, the sudden switch in voting behaviour was hard to explain.

In short, the 1972 election was seen to be rigged in many instances.

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BJP needs Bengal

I worry because the BJP is rather desperate to win this Bengal election. It can smell a chance in the state but it knows it is not quite there. The BJP has all the power and resources at its command. And, needless to say, little scruple.

The BJP’s desperation to win Bengal is no secret. Besides an overarching and all-consuming desire to expand its rule all over India, it has a clear need. The losses that the party has suffered and is likely to suffer in the North, where it has reached saturation, can only be made up from the East or the South. States such as Tamil Nadu and Kerala are still far away for the BJP. So it needs major gains from the East. For a party that is known to throw everything into a routine election, it is not hard to imagine what it might do in an election it is desperate to win.

The BJP knows that it has an outside chance in West Bengal. Its tally of just three seats in the previous assembly election does not indicate where it might stand today. Because its spectacular performance in the Lok Sabha election of 2019 showed that it was only three percentage points behind the TMC. If the Lok Sabha election were to be translated into assembly seats, the BJP would have won 126 seats to the TMC’s 152.

The BJP also knows that it is hard for it to replicate this performance. The party always does much worse in the assembly elections in the state than in the Lok Sabha elections. Besides, the party has no leadership face to come anywhere close to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s popularity. It does not have a substantial election issue or a concrete agenda to offer so far. In other words, it is a situation of ‘so close, yet so far’. This is dangerously tempting.

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My fears for Bengal

Let me pause here: I am ultra-cautious, almost a conservative, when it comes to allegations or insinuations of electoral rigging and fraud. I have scoffed at politicians, including Mamata Banerjee in 2006, when they use allegations of ‘rigging’ to cover their electoral reverses. I have maintained, much to the chagrin of my anti-Narendra Modi friends, that there is so far no credible evidence to suggest that the BJP’s victory in 2019 was based on EVM hacking or rigging.

Let me now spell out my worry, as far as I can see it in this stage. My worry is that election 2021 could have much more at stake than 1972. Specifically, I fear that in the coming weeks, the present regime, might use the following to somehow try to win this election.

First, some fear we could witness a virtual governor’s rule. Given the blatantly partisan actions of the current governor, you cannot rule out the Raj Bhawan virtually becoming the BJP headquarters. This would mean a slugfest for control of local bureaucracy during the elections.

Second, the Election Commission, already battered and compromised in public perception, might take further beating. This is one election where the Election Commission’s neutrality would matter most. This is where the Commission might come under pressure from the ruling party the most.

Third, the Central government might be tempted into using the powers at its disposal to neutralise the strong-arm tactics of the TMC cadre on the ground, for which the BJP has no match at this moment. There are fears of blatant partisanship on polling day.

Fourth, the BJP has already begun and is likely to pour money on a scale that West Bengal has never known before. For all its other flaws, Bengal elections have not witnessed money on a scale that is used, say, in Punjab or Karnataka. This might change in the coming elections.

And finally, we are going to see one of the most divisive elections in India’s recent history. The BJP has already used every possible means of communally polarising the state — a state that has more than a quarter Muslims. Bengal has had a bloody communal history and has seen clashes after Partition too. A deliberate push to create communal divide and hatred can push Bengal into pre-Partition days. This could be one of the most tragic and enduring legacies of this election.

I sincerely hope that my fears and worries are unfounded. But given what I see so far, I do worry about the coming Bengal elections. So should you.

Yogendra Yadav is the National President of Swaraj India. Views are personal.

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  1. Parajeevis are intruders.It is clear.Bengal is beyond the matter.If parajeevi try to to intimidate because of defeat Mahakali and Bengal people rise to protect themselves.real volcanic situation may prevail due to revenge by intruders
    Wisdom ,decency,self respect,education ,trust are important !

  2. Kudos to Mr Yadav for exposing the possible fears to be seen in the W.Bengal Elections.ECI or EVM have already lost creditability in India,s Modi regime. West Bengal Governor has always been opposing tooth and nail, the policies of the Mamta government at the instance of the center. There is lesser possibility of free and fair election in the state.


  4. Anything YY says, believe in it’s opposite. I can’t imagine how the country remained so United and together in the UPA times, when people like him had influence.

  5. High time we shut down rag pieces like The Print that posts trashy articles by irrelevant out dated doomsayers whose single point agenda has been opposition to BJP. His antics during the farmer riots exposed his credibility so this rant here is no surprise. The Print would be one of the few media outlets that would permit such rubbish to be posted!

  6. Salim yadav … You are one of the most sophisticated crooks surviving on hypocrisy , hatred … Bangal needs a change and now .. bjp is the change .. Bengalis unable to give visarjan to their Mas Durga and courts have to intervene … How worse can it get for the people of the state .. enough said … Begum momta has taken Bengal to the Dogs

  7. We want Paper ballot truthful Election’s. #PAPERballot #banEVMvvpat
    VVPAT Scam – 100% VVPAT slips will tally EVM total.
    we are shown picture of slip of what button we press on the mobile screen like Polaroid glass in VVPAT by the printed circuit board above and Below that (like motherboard of mobile)
    Inside the software program transferred by jix to VVPAT by electronics company will steal other candidate votes n print slips for winner n runner while EVM will display total as per slips printed !!!!

  8. You are sitting in an AC room and making all these predictions.Come out of that room and face the reality.Elections and political movements have always witnessed violence.As a Bengali myself I know the terror which the people from rural bengal face during elections.Complete law and order situation.Even in this elections you will see the number of people losing their lives.A state with no vision but only politics and politics.I am not supporting any party but whichever party comes next violence cannot be stopped here.And as a psephologist I found your article very much partisan.

  9. Yes, election in West Bengal is important for Modi government for its influence all over India in one sense or in other sense to keep Bengal in Indian Union. Since the time of Gandhi, Bengal was exploited by “Non-Violence” and exploited by the destruction of industrial growth, exploited by fighting against S.N.Banerjee and Netaji, exploited by bringing division of Bengal encouraging Shyama P Mukherjee in the name of “Hindu Home Land”. Gandhi politics had created an Islamic East Pakistan without thinking the Muslim concentration in the Eastern region, further Muslim concentration was increased by Nehru-Liquate Ali Pact. Center neither discarded the Muslims votes in Bengal, nor sent back the Muslims of Bengal to East Bengal, like Hindu evictions from Islamic East Pakistan, even after the liberation of Bangladesh, Indira or India never kept any control over Bangladesh, allowed the Muslim control over the whole region, as the Bengal politics was based on Gandhi’s Hindu-Muslim politics, he was successful to make Nehru the PM of India by kicking out Jinnah but never thought of the future of Bengal and Eastern region. It is now BJP to capture Bengal to flourish Bengal with Industry and prosperity, otherwise, it is not only Bengal but the whole Eastern region would once go to merge with Bengal to form a Muslim dominated country when Gandhi could not sleep with peace in heaven even after death.

  10. Yogendra Yadav is a Shame for democracy. He doesn’t win a seat but still media amplifies his voice in such a way that is everything. He is shameless a pseodo Communist. Bengal was destroyed by the Communist, Naxal and then by vissionless Mamata. So called secular jokers appease the Muslims, become nonchalant when it comes to terrorism all done by the Islamists and all sort of anti social activities.

  11. Poor WB…first it had to contend with a corrosive and corruption-riven Congress, followed by the murderous, divisive and dictatorial rule of the destructive Commies, and then having the equally-corrupt and divisive TMC foisted on them…doubt it could get any worse under a BJP govt.

  12. There is an institution called Election Commission in India. This institution is responsible for free & fair election through out India.
    I had my own doubt regarding Y2 credibility and unfortunately he proved them right. His motives are now clear. Thanks for your fair assessment.

  13. YOYO’s articulation are beyond ground situation;
    1. His interpretation of Governor impacting voting pattern thru bureaucracy is laughable, in actual terms, bureaucracy is completely politicized and they don’t respond to governor’s wisdom.
    2. YOYO’s claim of BJP may rig elections exhibits his knowledge of WB politics is superficial. Since left rule, WB police acts as party cadres for ruling party. He must go thru reports of 2016 elections, Panchayat elections, 2019 elections to find out who controlled booths.
    3. His claim of outside chance for BJP in WB because of lack of issues – even TMC admits Cut money, syndicate, Rice, theft, appeasement, Amphan tirpal theft, development, huge corruption, law & order has become bigger issues. It’s public of bengal who are fighting TMC and BJP is recipient of gains in absence of any alternative.

    Besides, in her haste to give command to Abhishek, she has sidelined many leaders who have crossed over to BJP. And Abhishek on his part, to control party, started promoting loyal local leadership bypassing MLA’s/MP’s thereby antagonizing these leaders who will either cross over or under cut Abhishek’s candidates.

    YOYO knows all this who better than him to predict TMC’s defeat but agenda based reporting has its own flaws. The huge antipathy against TMC may limit it’s seats below 70.

  14. Yadav tries hard to project an aura of authenticity through his carefully measured speech delivered in a flat unemotional tone without the histrionics or aggressive body language one sees in TV debates. Once we get past this synthetic “style”, his visceral hatred of the BJP and Modi becomes evident. His own successive electoral reverses made him desperate to remain in the public eye by siding with any cause that he can use to berate the BJP. Despite not being a farmer, he has clung to the farmers protest movement to be noticed on TV. Now with the Bengal elections around, he is trying to “warn” us of the “desperate” measures the BJP will take resort in order to win power. He cursorily writes about the corruption and violence perpetuated by Mamata and her goons – but still wishes her victory as he is convinced a BJP win will result in a terrible bloodbath of the kind witnessed in 1947. Pity, none of the anti BJP uses his services to hone their strategy to defeat the BJP.

  15. Yogendra Yadav is a complete fraud. His single point agenda is to attack Modi.If he has the guts, he should go to court with evidence of all his complaints. If not, stop the hatred and venom. Indian elections are an example to the world, and people of our great nation will vote for who they want. Stop this nonsense.

  16. “Third, the Central government might be tempted into using the powers at its disposal to neutralise the strong-arm tactics of the TMC cadre on the ground, for which the BJP has no match at this moment. ”
    I think it will be an excellent thing if central forces can string the strong arm tactics and blatant goondaism of TMC.
    Also the panchayat elections of 2017 are probably the bloodiest election ever in india. 1972 us nothing compared to that.

  17. A complete clown with zero knowledge or lack of honesty in his opinion.
    Communalism in Bengal was a gift from the present dispention in the state.
    Anyone remembers “We have to bear with the kicks of the milch cow.”
    Or Muharram procession is OK, but Mahadashmi visarjan is not,
    Or the pension to all Muazzims ?
    He is still wrankled by his own ignominious defeat to BJP which destroyed his Political career in its infancy.

  18. Mr.Yadav needs to publish some intellectual/ thought provocing article every week. Otherwise, he thinks Indians will start believing that things are fine in India!
    This week it’s WB election, generating fear and uncertainty about the election which is just normal election of competing parties. Can any Bengali belive when he or she is told violence and use of official power will be brought by BJP? These are normal by TMC standards.

  19. Andolan jivi working with set agenda and taking instructions from 3rd party to defame MOdi and BJP. And the money he’s getting to do this please share ..personal advisor to personal mouth piece

  20. WE Bengalis are worried all right — about the methods TMC will use. Assualts and bomb throwings are going on. Already 121 murders of Bjp workers have taken place.
    A lot of bodies hanging from trees — if they had been Muslim bodies left dangling by Bajrang dal imagine how hysterical YY would be. ( A secret here: some of those bodies were muslims but since they are BJP workers YY does not consider them ‘proper’ minorities.)

    • The only progress India has had steadily since independence is in the quantum of public wealth stolen by ruling parties. Every succeeding govt has been more corrupt than its predecessor and the most corrupt one is in power now.

    • The problem with people like Yogendra is that they have concluded that BJP is bad. They were shocked beyond belief in 2019 elections. Now, start spinning anything to counter possible BJP advantage. It’s alright if Mamta creates mayhem – just underplay it as a normal, lacklustre government!
      The irony of liberals is that they are far from liberal in listening to any alternate narrative!
      If they weren’t, probably minorities would be much more reassured. After all, if there’s no perceived special privileges to them, things would be quite normal. These so called liberals play so much of minority insecurity card, that problems would be seen where none exists

  21. “Election Commission, already battered and compromised in public perception”– by public you mean people who think the Commission should declare every BJP win invalid.

    • Absolutely!
      First they said EVMs are manipulated. Then even after introducing paper trail, BJP still won. So, now election commission is “battered”. Indeed, great logic!

  22. Maybe.YY is losing perspectives…maybe he need to take lessons from SG…
    It is better for him to remain a election astrologist …
    And Bengal is a crazy place with crazy people and still more crazy political class.
    Why only 1972 elections…almost all elections there are rigged by the elected government of the day except 1977 and 2011.
    Deploy armed central police in each and every booth in wasted Bengal …else the the TMC goons will do chappa votes like CPI(M) has done for 30 odd years.
    Imposing Presidents rule would be still better…

  23. BJP will buy MLAs even if the lost. Look at Podicherry …. Author is right.
    What improvements did BJP bring 7 years. Look at the state of economy. Power is with the hands of people without literacy.
    Dynasty politics atleast better than dictatorship.

  24. As someone who respect Prof. Yadav as a psephologist, I am dismayed at the lopsided presentation of the electoral history of Bengal – how bombs were thrown at neighbourhoods to prevent people from stepping out on voting day, to dismantling the complete education system by pushing party cadres into all levels of the educational system (from primary to university a large number of teachers, if not a majority of them had to be a part of the party), the CPIM and now the TMC under Mamata Banerjee has removed all traces of both democracy and development from Bengal. Yes, indeed the stakes are high again – 1972 heralded in some ways the end of the Congress and with it the industrial, cultural, and educational base of Bengal, and 2021 has the chance to herald the end of a deeply communalist, anti-development, and regressive government run by the TMC.

    • The worst may be yet to come. From Congress to CPM to TMC. Imagine what will happen if BJP were to win with awesome use of money power at its disposal. It would be a case of Bengal jumping from frying pan into fire. BJP has not done wonders in states it’s in power for last 5 years+.

      • People in states that have seen long BJP govts will surely disagree with you. Most BJP ruled states are far better administrated than non-BJP states.

  25. Takeaways from Yogendra’s “worries” on the West Bengal election:
    1. Elections did take place in the past that could hardly be called “free and fair.” There has been a precedence of the strong arm method being adopted by the ruling party: first, by the Congress followed by the CPI (M) and the TMC.
    2. The voters are divided along communal lines even since the pre-partition years (when the BJP or its earlier version, the Jan Sangh, was not in power). Communal riots have also regularly taken place.
    3. The ruling parties in WB have protected and promoted undocumented immigrants from Bangladesh in anticipation of consolidating them as their vote bank.
    4. The office of the Governor has been abused.
    5. The TMC has run “an average government” and “its record on democratic rights or corruption is hardly sterling.”
    If the BJP does any or all of the above, it will not be the first one having done so.
    When Yogendra says, “…the demise of the Left and the continuing irrelevance of the Congress is now a template of Bengal politics.” and then goes on to add,” the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s meteoric rise in the state is to be expected,” he’s definitely explaining the cause and the effect. After all, why did the Left die and why did the Congress become irrelevant?
    In any event, the BJP, if it gets to power in WB, will be a welcome change. In addition to bringing a national party to a province hopelessly polarized along regional and communal lines, the BJP leaders are the only ones seen worried about the significance of this region from the national geo-political or security interests.

  26. People used to listen YY seriously. Now he made himself a laughing stock and a trouble maker. He is everywhere where problem occurs.

    • Yogendra Yadav has no credibility on political matters. He is hardcore anti BJP. He is struggling for survival after thrown out of AAP. He has miserably failed on farmers agitation by agitating against pro farmers laws. He is an opportunist

  27. I am worried that you are worried about another thing. Leave us alone please please. I am saying this as a secular person incase you think otherwise

  28. Really, no need to comment on the articles like this. However, only point worth reflecting upon is muddled thinking on the part of Yogendra Yadav, who in my view is a good analyst and thinker. He simply jumps from 1972 to 2021. He forgets how the leftists captured power and retained it for three decades. Did they win by using fair means? If Mr. Yadav uses his analytical integrity, the answer has to be squarely a big NO. The same applies to TMC for its two electoral victories. Mr. Yadav is silent on these aspects, but quick to put a needle of suspicion on the BJP. There is no need to defend BJP for all their misdeeds. But election is yet to happen, verdict is far away and yet the target is BJP.! This puts a question mark on Mr Yadav. He can be either a non-partisan political analyst and thinker and examine all political issues in non-subjective, unbiased and objective manner or he can be a politician. He cannot be both. His anti-Modism can be justified if he is in active politics but will remain totally unjustified if he is portraying himself as an independent political analyst. Else, he will be repeatedly committing such analytical blunders. To quote an example, he said in a BBC interview that the Government declares MSP for 23 agricultural products but government purchases are made only for 2 to 3 products (wheat and rice to be precise). Thus covers only 6% of farmers and 94% are left uncovered. If it so, how it is that precisely those farmers who are well covered by MSP purchases are vigorously protesting and the remaining 94% are silent? Is Mr Yadav worried that farmers’ agitation is hardly an issue in the ensuing West Bengal elections?

  29. It is “parjeevis” like this author that the country needs to be worried about. The various variants that this parasite had taken form are CAA variant, Farm law variant and now Bengal election variant. General variants of these species of parjeevis enter the system in the name of saving democracy, saving constitution, saving secularism, saving India.

  30. I was so out-raged at the article for being so biased against BJP. The Print is earning a very good name for neutral journalism. Do not allow these kind of lunatics to write in your paper and this reduce your neutral platform to something of a Joke. He has not even given one instance where BJP did anything like this in the past. In today’s connected world, even a small glitch in an EVM is captured by mobile cameras and is shown in all the social media, I am not sure how anyone can do any cheating on this. If he atleast talks about more polarisation that might be done by BJP it could have been much more netural and real. He has lost all his respect and it is best if he could retire from public life. Else he will be ridiculed more and more.

  31. We need to have a balanced view. I am aghast when Mr Yadav says that Election Commission’s credibility is compromised. What is his take on Mamata’s appeasement of Muslims, why cant he speak honestly, if they appease, so will BJP. I think a lot of our so called ‘intelligent’ people are getting into what can be best described as, borrowing a line from a JNU professor, at best ignorant and at worst full of self contempt about India, aka BJP in this case.

  32. YY is suddenly worried about the potential but unprecedented vote-rigging by the BJP, bbut not by the suspect TMC and Mamata!
    Wonderful how unbiassed indeed is YY!
    He was never concerned and sleepless about all the massive corruption and insecure elections during the regimes of the random Yadavs in Bihar and UP, but imagines the worst now from the BJP!
    Hats off to the “liberal” intelligentia and commetariat of India!

  33. So Shri Yadav has now stopped worrying about the rich farmers of Punjab, Haryana and Western UP! Thank God for small mercies.

  34. Yogendra yadav gets funding from countries looking to destabilize India-he is complicit in the events of 26 January 2021.
    Prison awaits him.

  35. This guy should be in jail for inciting the Jan 26 riots. He is a China funded mouthpiece for hire.
    He is a “rent a cause”, Aandolanjeevi ZholaWallah.

  36. West Bengal today is at a historical moment where its nationalist voters will decide whether W. Bengal remains part of Indian nation state or slides into anarchy that will ultimately transform this state where pro- Jihadists rule and HINDUS OF W.BENGAL SEE ANOTHER IGNOMINY OF BEING REFUGEES AGAIN , not too in a distant future but very soon. For a very long period of time pro- Jihadist , pro- terrorists, and ultra leftists have been ruling in this state and they have reduced this state to a pathetic poor state by indulging into corruption, mis-governance all in the name of secularism, socialism , regionalism and denigrating Indian Industrialists , (Tatas, Ambanis , Adanis, Birlas – in Mamta and Pappu style. ) . West Bengal at one time was known world over for its intellectual capital and was nursery of nationalism and patriotism has been converted into a Anti-Indian , anti-Hindu political entity by Congis of Pappu brand, goons of Mamata Begum, , and pro-Chinese communists . Voters of W.Bengal must note carefully that BJP is trying hard to keep this state within Indian Union and be governed by the rule of law, not by hoards of violent miscreants on streets. Sobbing Tone of the leftists writer YY in this article clearly show that corrupt M. Congi and pro-Jihadi regime is on its last legs. Voters of W.Bengal must ensure that his tears don t stop . Save W.Bengal. Save India.

  37. BTW, your Swaraj party should contest In West Bengal. Mr. Rakesh Tikait should be the CM face and then you will definitely will stop BJP Juggernaut. Then I will stop worrying.

  38. Mr Yogendra Yadav,, the Leftist who drives BMW but still wears Pyjamas, his childhood name is Salim, Yadav himself told in an election speech in Haryana (Mewat)in 2019, where he lost his deposit, it was a Muslim community meeting, where Yadav said his childhood name is Salim, his mother is a Muslim and he loved Islam from childhood, but he changed his name to Yogendra during college days due to peer pressure!! he himself explained, please watch his speeches on youtube, so his natural love for Muslims is understandable, he should migrate to Pakistan and teach them how to respect and treat minority Hindus in Pakistan, will any Leftist do that job!!!!

  39. Mr Yogi is writing total crap!! To start with Election commission independence. If BJP is desperate for Bengal, they were desperate for Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Punjab where they were ruling party!!
    How did congress win there?
    Governor acting for BJP- again he can’t swing voters in favour of BJP, yes he may come in case of tie to play favourites not otherwise
    As regards Hindu Muslim riots!! Every state it’s the same bogey raised including Kerala!!
    People are intelligent and no Muslim going to brawl over any party as they know that their life will go on as it is inUP or elsewhere!!
    So grow up and write more logical points

  40. The fight between DANGA DIDI AND AKBARUDDIN for “SECULAR VOTERS ” is upsetting salim bhai.

    After getting involved in DELHI AND BANGALORE RIOTS and later a failed attempt on 26jan to create chaos and bloodshed. Salim bhai is onto his next project bringing RIOTERS and PROSELYTIZERS to power.

    He having successfully infiltrated the ultra left wing radicals he can now plan to use them as well.

  41. I was happy to see Prashant Bhusan, Yogendra Yadav like people in AAP when it was founded. When they were ousted from AAP. I was disappointed with Kejriwal. When PB, YY started Swaraj, I supported them even contributed a small amount. But lately due to the actions by Prashant & Yogendra on CAA & Farm bills, I feel I mis-judged them too. Anyways All the Best to Yogendra Yadav.

  42. Why worry about 2021 Bengal election ? If an elected government with clear cut majority as defined in the constitution is sought to be held to ransom by using the tractor as weapons, and successfully injuring over 500 policemen under garb of democratic right to protest, the methods and violence practiced for retaining the power need not be worrisome.
    The arguments such as Farmers know the best can only be as valid as the patient knows better than the doctor. This is precisely how we have destroyed the concept of merit, and promoted super hooligans’ capable of gathering an unruly mob that can be instigated to violence with while instigators remaining the background an art of using non-state actors to well perfected by our neighbor.

  43. What difference will a BJP win or loss make? It is not as if Indians are living a comfortable life free of worries since 2014. The Indian democratic miracle is over. Now we are as any other 3rd world country – everything is named for the ruler. All the so called “3rd front” leaders are either happy to defeat the Congress (look at Kejriwal taking out a victory procession after coming a distant 2nd in the Gujarat corporation elections) or are happy to support the BJP to pass awful laws. (KCR and Jaganmohan Reddy in Andhra or AIADMK in TN) Something similar will happen to Mamata. Unless the opposition coalesce, they are individually doomed.

  44. What an irony! The report is so one sided and biased that it stamped the cocooned thought process of the author. The author is a mental poisoner of “Hate BJP” syndrome. It will be better for him to come out of that mental block and analyze the situation in the context of BJP’s performance in other states. In any civilized society/nations any goons must be treated with heavy hands to restore normalcy in society. Appeasement of Terrorists (either from Muslims or Sikhs or Hindus ( Naxalites and leftists included) must be stopped as it was encouraged by Nehru clans and supported by the slaves of that family.

  45. Yogendra yadav you dont worry about the strong arm tactics that mamata banerjee and her party can use and the spate of violence and booth capturing she can unleash. Rather you are trying to build a narrative which you can use to justify a bjp win in the coming days. The whole article is to create fear and an attempt to spread bullshit. Nothing better can be expected of you anyways.

  46. Honestly, Can we have a suggestion for an alternate system of Government for India (from the author too, if possible) ? I too am a bit at a loss with so many political parties wanting to come to power in the states and the centre.

    Can political activists earnestly take up a case for restricting the number of political parties in the country? May be oin the lines of merger of public sector banks, “We the people” can sponsor merger of smaller parties so that we can have just two major parties to content with. Just repeatedly condemning elected Governments, with or without substance, or any other approach by any number of activists for any amount of time will only put impediments in the way to progress.

  47. I am afraid what these ultra liberal leftists are going to take India to. Fortunately we have BJP is in power. As soon as BJP losses and these people come to power, we can kiss good bye to India as we know.

  48. Election jivi avatar after being psepholoy jivi, data jivi, aap jivi, swaraj jivi, economy jivi, policy jivi…latest kisan jivi…morphing into fear mongering jivi.

    Just amazes me how this individual has singlehandedly transformed the jivi landscape..

    How dare BBC interview betrayed exposed jivi.

    Anyway thanks for the chuckles… jivi sharde shatam

  49. Look BJP is getting stronger but it is not there yet. But YY ji is nevertheless trying to pre-empt the moral loss his rich farmer’s movt will incur should the bjp actually win. YY ji has mentioned so much about INC’s attempts at rigging and possible use of central manchinery by BJP but no where does he mention the very real possibility and fear that TMC goons / state admin will resort to violence, attempt to capture booths and whatnot. YY ji has basically attempted to rob the legitimacy of a possible BJP win. Quite smart for someone who fails so spectacularly at real electoral politics. YY ji needs to ask himself what he seeks to do in life. Is it lying/ robbing the legitimacy of India’s electoral democracy/ stand by rioters and looters in the name of farmers, or actually take politics seriously and positively and contest elections and make a diff? Look at AAP, it has a chance of replacing INC and has a model to counter BJP. YY ji needs to act less like a left loony pointless activist and more like a seasoned politician.

  50. I regret that the article does not lay emphasis on the strong arm tactics used by TMC in previuos elections including the previous panchayat elections. The article fails to mention that the goons of previous communist regime have switched enmass to TMC and are rigging elections. The aricle finds no mention about attack on BJP leaders or the killing of BJP cadres.

    • When a manipulative power broker is out of the corridors of power, this write up is a proof of how it tries to manipulate. Even they know that it is not about ideology, but hunger for power via backdoor, as they themselves don’t have any mass base of voters. Unfortunate that India has no dearth of such personalities. This is true for all power brokers, currently we have in abundance who are sucking up to BJP as well. Their are no holy cow’s in politics. Stop the pretence.

    • This Salim Yadav, the biggest hatemonger, the most divisive character is imagining things. He is blind to the number of Hindus killed in Bengal, the open, brazen physical attacks on BJP central and state personalities, all with active patronage of the ruling Dangadidi. Cant Salim Yadav see that ? Is he blind or too naive ? His article clearly shows writing on the wall that BJP is going to win Bengal assembly elections. This bloody hate monger who wants to divide the people of this country on religious lines should be condemned in the strongest terms. Third class character.

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