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How KBC and Big B killed a good show with wife jokes and inane questions

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From a much-loved show, Kaun Banega Crorepati became an agenda-setting exercise.

The season 10 finale of Kaun Banega Crorepati or KBC aired Monday.  Host Amitabh Bachchan got ‘emotional’ at 22:46 pm (IST) and ‘bid goodbye’ to audience and fans at 23:04 – yes, the finale was even live blogged.

The show has consistently pulled a large number of viewers over the last 18 years (with some gaps). Last year, one single episode – featuring celebrity guest Abhishek Bachchan— was watched by 37.1 million viewers.

It’s difficult to explain the charm of Kaun Banega Crorepati to someone who didn’t grow up with the first few years of the show that started in 2000.

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Those were the days when dial-up internet wasn’t fast enough to find the answers, and when judging contestants from your living room was a daily activity. You would scream out the answer before the contestants could and roll your eyes condescendingly when someone used an unnecessary lifeline.

KBC is especially important because it was a mirror to how India changed, boomed, and grew in the new millennium. If you, like me, grew up on a healthy diet of KBC, you saw how the stories of the contestants changed, and how the show interacted with these stories. We all knew a large chunk was scripted, sure, but watching a person’s life unfold (and often change) on screen was an experience. Over the years, the show tried to evolve with the times – like when it adopted the new rupee sign ₹ in season 4 (2010) – but it always came down to the basics: The image of Amitabh Bachchan walking down the stage, the giant KBC logo halo-ing him, and the iconic theme tune playing. That’s what made the experience.

And that’s the nostalgia we kept buying into. KBC has become a household name in India. The ninth season of the show apparently made close to Rs 400 crore – so we know who really did end up becoming the crorepati there.

Popular as it may be, KBC (and some might disagree here) also has a certain responsibility to its audiences. As the stage and prize money got bigger, this sense of responsibility seems to have quite comfortably evaporated. The amount of titillation, pandering, and obvious agenda-setting wasn’t just a little awkward to see, it was also dishonest and disappointing.

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Whereas the first few seasons were actually interesting and made us somewhat knowledgeable, the show later started asking the most redundant questions to its contestants. Case in point: When Amitabh Bachchan asked, “Which one of these film stars has Alia Bhatt not yet kissed on screen?” While the question does not have any explicit slut-shaming attached to it, the implicit questioning of a woman’s behaviour was just strange and unwarranted.

The same can be said for Bachchan’s interactions with the audience and participants. The fact that he thinks wife jokes are okay to crack on national television doesn’t just make him the human rendition of every WhatsApp uncle ever, it also creates an atmosphere of permission. Think of how many people watch the venerable Mr Bachchan crack these jokes and think they’re absolutely okay. All the efforts we make towards turning around this language of subtle, gendered violence goes to waste when a behemoth like Amitabh Bachchan endorses them.

So many of us cringe every night when we hear him ask the contestants on the show: “Aap shaadi kyun nahi karna chahte hain?” What does that have to do with answering question 10 worth Rs 3,20,000? We can only wonder. The question of marriage is an especially loaded one in India, and putting someone on the spot isn’t just unfair, it’s pretty cruel.

Finally, remember how the show came under fire for allegedly acting like the ruling party’s mouthpiece? Here are a few questions asked in season 9 of KBC:

-In July 2017, Narendra Modi Become the first Prime Minister to visit which country?

-Uzma Ahmed was forced to marry a man at gunpoint. With the help of our MEA minister, from which country did she return to India?

– Which of these government schemes deals with the expansion of LPG connection to households below the poverty line?

And the strange turn an episode took into becoming a Mann Ki Baat advertisement? How can one forget the constant reminders that the digitisation of the show happened to support ‘Digital India’ – “Digital ka zamaana aa gaya hai.”

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The way the public discourse changed over the years is reflected in the way KBC episodes are scripted. As the era evolved into hyperbolic, grotesque masquerades, so did the stories of the contestants. Our screens were filled with stories meant to evoke pity, not pride. The videos of suffering did the show’s ratings a favour, may be, but destroyed what the show meant to a generation of people.

These complaints might be small, and they’ll probably be dwarfed by the glorious odes people will be writing about KCB for the next few days. But it’s important to realise that as your audience matures, grows smarter, and demands better, it’s the show’s responsibility to grow with them.

KBC ending will be a stark reminder that all good things come with an expiry date, and it’s important to know when that arrives. And if it doesn’t? Well, then the show ends up a lot like its host Amitabh Bachchan. A relic that manages to reinvent itself, and yet refuses to become ‘woke’.

Lock kiya jaaye?

The author is a poet.

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  1. What a waste of space. This is similar to how RW is today saying about Love Jihad in Tanishq ad, whereas other people (Libtards) are calling it just an example of unity. It’s all about perspective, how you want to look at it. Everyone has their own lens, based on their own biases

  2. Whats your problem man they are well aware of their content so is theur consumer n both are happy you can have your unnecessary comentry full of prejudice n hatred towards current regime on many other issues

  3. Oh, c’mon… There are hardly any shows taking mainstream political-sides in India, non-fiction or even fiction — and now, you wanna curtail that Free Expression, too?

    Did you even try any endeavour to convince creators of linear TV programming to “man/woman up” and start taking political-sides? Although, their most-likely responses would be that presence of heaps of laws that makes it awfully dangerous for them to [in World’s Largest Hypocrisy] — I bet you didn’t even go through the trouble!

    As a leftist myself — please take a chill-pill and stop writing such a clap-trap for mere “2 cents” and even, invaluable “90 minutes”.
    Rather, just pray that any equally successful game-show with equal skills but with Left-oriented leanings or miraculously, the show’s actual studio opens up a shop in India (as announced like, at least 1½ years ago) and immediately takes over the show followed by a sincere reconsideration. (Which is most unlikely given Sony Pictures®’ repute for lethargic-management across the globe.)
    Or just keep writing in that how Mr Basu is a “Chuck Lorre” of Indian reality TV, and dissing him — knowing fully well that he’s a “liberal” in his personal-life, even though his works appeal drastically to conservatives.

    But please, leave this vanity! You know very well, it is! Also, that part is about being “scripted”? Ain’t a stereotype? Which is not even surprising given the unchecked “KCB[sic]” in the article such probably also indicates The Print®’s notorious dearth of proof-readers! But the point is, just like those disparaging this publication with buzz-words with or without The Wire® — well, you’re doing no better! Also, please bother to make a distinction you’re talking about the Hindi — original adaptation rather “dozens” of regional ones included, too.

  4. 100 % correct . Selection process is completely flawed as contestants are selected by immature persons having no understanding of life. If one is 50 years old and unmarried has no chance of being selection for fastest finger first . Weak candidates are selected deliberately .

  5. The author must be happy to get 71 comments…bloated ego from the fact that some people read the article and bothered to comment. Keep trying harder; way to go. Hope you can sense the sarcasm Ms Kaur.

  6. I think one more person whom we have hardly heard of joining the Lutyens gang. We have seen all the episodes and nothing ugly and vulgar has been noticed. We are responsible citizens and hardly there is anything derogatory. You must be jealous of Big Bee and diehard anti govt person better reserve your comments for some very very vulgar movie and don’t scenes on TV. Will you pl comment on the realty show for kids where young children are made to perform outrageous dances to filthy music by their pathetic parents.

  7. Mr/miss author please write about shahabuddin’s or lalus attitude towards women and other parts of the society ! While we keep on hearing about star kids bowel movement news and their choice of lingerie and under wear came as a surprise that most of the real stars of the Karamveer section of the KBC ,even though some where Magsaysay awardees, were completely unknown to the general reflects upon what the serious intellectual media in our country wants to write about and who are their hero’s.

  8. Like hell it is!! Just tell me who is the first Prime Minister of the country? Or Who is the Chief Minister of Punjab? Does these question sounds like these are to promote Congress??? You would say no… But the answers to these and the authers point of view would surely mean that because answers to both are the members of Congress party… These Super liberals have just divided the society in you to halves bjp and the congress.. Even a simple General knowledge question about our current PM or MEA makes a decade old show mouthpiece of the ruling party!! This is what you see when you have urban Naxalists taking over the press!!

  9. why does all the articles in the print has to target the governing party???? it’s to ridiculous that the author sees the digital transfer of money to contestant’s account as promotion of the governing party.. with the deep penetration of internet in out lives and the kind of avenues we have yes this is a digital ka zamanna… no doubt in that… the author still wants to live in some primitive age it seems..

  10. Perhaps it is the first time only in my life and that I have watched and enjoyed the full season of the Game Show.

    Only frustration I had to face that Even after successful Login & Verification in SonyLiv App on my best quality phone
    and for the unknown flaws at my end Not even for a single moment in any Episode of the show – page to Play Along had displayed.

  11. Author has completely lost it ,it seems he or she is unmarried live in some isolated landane can not tolerate good humor of Indian household …KBC is hit from so many years one of the main reason is it can connect with basic roots of the audience and our leftist author is unable to connect with Indian roots.
    Can we know his views about coffee with Karan where Mr KJ shamelessly asks very uncomfortable questions related to one’s sexual life in front of his daughter or sister and beyond that on National television.

    • A) “Shamelessly” is a totally-subjective word.
      B) The author is clearly displaying her “Feminism”.
      C) And hence, whatever Mr KJo does on his show is totally fine as long as he does it from the consent (read permission) of the participating-celebrity. And that’s both of my position — and hopefully, Ms Author’s position, too.
      D) If Mr KJo’s audiences would’ve chickened-out from the light questions related to human-sexuality, they would’ve made the broadcaster Star® [India] known years ago! Apparently, they don’t loathe such questioning. Just like you are an audience for Mr Bachchan’s quiz-show, there’s an audience for “Godson” Mr KJo’s talk show, too.
      E) You restricted your perspective to male-celebrities only, huh…

    • i think you all belong to the azzadi gang .तेरे टुकड़े होंगे इंशा अल्लाह । KBC is the best TV show ever with Amitabhji at the helm .

  12. Legend like Mr. Amitav Bachchan can do anything for money. Through his wifey jokes he proved that his mentality belongs to which level. Hatsoff to Mrs. Jaya Bachchan for tolerating all these nonsenses for decades.

  13. Mr Author, I strongly believe that you are a new joinee who want make an “impact” by making such stupid & out of the world prints just to gain people mind share …but dear you still have miles to go .. find some sensible content and don’t beat arround the bushes to gain popularity …

  14. I think the author has only picked the negative perception of the things that he wanted that’s the saddest part of media today!

  15. I do agree with most of what is mentioned and don’t agree with some part. The main problem is that the all the shows have become a brainwashing tool of some sorts.

    I hated this season of KBC . My mother made sure that I watch the sob stories and she believes the show is not scripted.

  16. The author all he/she said was rubbish.. but no problem it his/her perception to c the thing …. negatively .. what’s wrong if we ask government related question is’nt the important.. what wrong in it if he crack the joke over marriage… .. you write the articles you got the view… But I surely say why u r not the successful one

  17. An interesting start which promised an insight into the psyche of the anchor and perhaps the audience, but turned out to be an inane ramble.

  18. The author seems to be one of the many who didn’t get selected for the show. Frustration expressed by criticism, good old formula.

  19. And isn’t this write-up a mouthpiece of the opposition? Most of the points you make there are are seemingly made up. What was that about showing off digital India? Isn’t it a fact that all of us use digital means for most of our transactions? I for one, perform more than 80 percent of my tasks with digital mode. So why not flaunt it? Or looks like only the development done by the Congress is the real development and the current establishment has been into nothing..! The author is totally biased and has been the worst just like most posts here on the Print and then another third grade publisher , the Wire.
    Shame on you guys who criticise just for the sake of it. It would be good if you write cock and bull stories for the kids rather. Hopefully, at least they will buy your logic. In any case, today’s kids belong to “digital era” and know better than you.

    • It would’ve been better if you didn’t flaunt your own political-bias in abrasive fashion.

      “Third Grade the Wire???”

      What does this “down-market” language even mean?

  20. It’s Seems every comments one can find this Bhakts of IT cell working in full capacity as election is near to create a fake atmosphere. But they don’t realise the truth is out there . At least there is an employment in these I.T cell for Bhakts rest need to learn cook Pakodas

  21. Your article is as dumb and useless as you. Please leave this country and settle in some place with your sociopathic views or even best form one . Lunatic

  22. One can easily knew that whole season was scripted. Contestent and their prize money was all pre decided. Now if a game show can be scripted den what else can we expect from these channels? Pathetic

  23. This author is a shame…completely lost in his own views KBC was and is an excellent reality check for the people which gives them hope this author is biased and why not the wire and print are khangressi…

  24. Good unbiased article by the Print after a long time. One can ask Govt related questions but the amount of nonsense bollywood pandering and the past videos they show of contestants is really mind numbing. The quality of questions too has significantly deteriorated with time. It will be good if the makers actually go back to basics and concentrate on what the show stood for originally for audiences. Showcase good knowledge and also be rewarded in the process. And yes while they are at it please get a new host also if possible.

  25. I totally disagree with the writer comment on KBC, this has been one of the best reality show by far. Either the writer is too sensitive or too judgemental Mr bachan has hosted the show with grace and elegance.

  26. The article writer is a sold out Sadist. KBC changed the way we looked at games show on TV. Amitabh Bachhan is an institution in himself and doesn’t need any certificate from a writer like him. The combination of KBC and Amitji is just perfect and scripting also is superb. Questions asked are at the level of SSC and UPSC sometimes and keeping the atmosphere light with some jokes is just fine and very knowledgeable most of the times. Top Show 100% marks.

  27. Very nice replies by anvi and shrey and others for senseless article. We all loved this show throughly and watched together. writer seems to be totally biased.
    Show is far superior/entertaining than other daily soaps/ serials.

  28. You can always expect this LOSER type articles either from The Print or The Wire.
    Author basically has only one motive “I don’t like what everyone like”. Such writers are called pathetic losers.

  29. Have you deliberately dissed the show so that we can tell you how wrong you are and how good the show is? Playing to the gallery is par for course or else how would people who love to see political alignment every where bad mouth the show. Yep it was a pity fest but there were some brilliant contestants too. For me, the episodes with human trafficking fighters and water man of India were enough to redeem it… don’t see any people like you showcasing such personalities or reviewing the documentaries in which such personas are appreciated. Its KBC, thats why you watched it..

  30. This is the only reason that I switched on the idiot box after a long time. In this show the general knowledge is not confined only to the questions but the whole information is given about that particular question.
    And if the author is so concerned about the jokes then kindly take a look on the type of comedy shows aired. Why to be always judgemental, see it in an other way round, nothing is perfect. ☺

  31. This year’s episode felt like the channel was just wasting time through the host by just asking stupid unrelated questions. It was so obvious that it crossed all limits of scripted programme. It was indeed pathetic. Thank God i stopped watching the programm half way through.

  32. Author is clearly biased and intolerant. How can general questions about government be called as being mouthpiece ? In fact this news agency is mouthpiece of opposition. Shame

  33. I agree with the author. There was an episode where the anchor actually gave the plus size contestant tips on how to make her blouses larger by adding cloth where it’s out of view. He actually gestured!!!

  34. How is that audience and the Expert advice never goes wrong? During audience poll the camera focusses on the finger pressing the correct button? The KBC episodes are pre recorded, and so the friends and relatives of the audience know the questions and correct answers before hand and therefore can score 100 % while playing along on mobile? Our sony app didn’t work well in the beginning and perfected only at the end that is just before grand finale. How can hundreds of players like Nikhat fatima the winner of the marrazo car score 100%? Why every year KBC changes the app for play along. Earlier it was JIO and this time SONY? I agree with most of the things written in the post

  35. This is worst article I have read . Some people like him criticise just sake of criticising others . Please don’t post this type of idiotic articles . This person is insane . Bhai nobody can satisfy you in this world . You r most frustrated person

  36. What so ever is your perception about the show, the jokes, the contestant and blah blah blah, I found your poor humour around it.
    A question about the marriage at any point of time is for making the show related to audience and let the contestant be connected with the audience.
    You relate the wife jokes with some gendered violence somewhere but you probably didn’t saw the show when Six FEMALE Indian Navy Officers came and got the respect from the show and also from the “behemoth” Amitabh Bachchan and many other instances of Mr.Bachchan respecting Women. One of the very common act I must tell you Mr. Author -Whenevercontestant come to the hot seat Mr Big B pulls the chair for her. This shows his humility.
    Who so ever make what so ever money from the show, the most were for the common people.
    Once You said show is evolving year by year and again you are contradicting with commenting on Digital India aspect of show by politicising it.

    On what mind you wrote the article, I don’t know Sir but the show is
    1- Connects to millions everyday
    2- is the No. 1 reality show
    3- provide the platform to gain something in life and that’s too on national tv.

    Don’t be too critical Sir and enjoy the nuances.

    Thank You.

  37. Don’t know what the author of this article is doing. People are creating content (this article) just for the sake of creating one. Doesn’t matter if there is material in it or not. Just say it. We are happy with whatever money it will make cos it’s just a blabbering one has to do and post and get money in return.

  38. What a rubbish hair splitting write up. Its a great show and will remain with Mr Bachchan being the anchor. Why do we need to become so touchy feely and sensitive. Who does not know how respectfully the host addresses women.

  39. Anything and everything needs to be politicised these days. If a kid was taking a dump somewhere, I’m pretty sure that the author would’ve politicised that too. TV is for entertainment, we as kids back in the days knew that. But authors, media and people who are hungry for publicity take it otherwise. They use it as a medium for controversy, in anything and everything they come across. They don’t spare army, then why AB.

  40. The level of seriously general knowledge based questions did seem to deteriorate. The wife jokes were also cracked in abundance which isn’t a welcome change. But it’s good that many renowned social workers as Rajendra Singh,Dr. Apte and others were brought on the show which might help in spreading awareness among public as it threw light on the neglected areas of life in our country as water conservation and poverty alleviation.

  41. Then you should also target UPSC and other civil services exam because they ask similar questions which you consider as being mouthpiece for ruling part…Only one thing I liked is the question related an actress’ smooch scene..That is ridiculous…Really?..Other than that you have written bullshit..I still consider it is the best reality our country has and I hope runs for decades or centuries to come…And you people should make better use of your pen/power…You all should write about Bigg Boss and other cringy things shown on TV

  42. This article is complete bullshit.
    People who write this article are senseless,they don’t have any idea about what should be written.

    So they find a good personality,and make a good work look bad from a senseless point of view.

  43. Dear Author- Dont be such a snowflake. We know that there were many cringy moments, but which reality show doesnt? What you find boring, 10x people find entertaining. Also ‘Ruling Party’s Mouthpiece’? Wow!! Maybe you didnt watch the episodes in which politicians from all other partys were featured, especially in the voice segments. Maybe that didnt suit your narrative.

  44. A great article highlighting the gender inequalities in the current Indian society that continue to exist and get endorsed by a patriarch. I also agree that KBC has reduced the quality of questions and is subtly trying to support the ruling party. All this is but obvious. And this is here to stay!

  45. Author is a sadist person who can find out sadness even in disneyland. You better stick to being a poet. Dont try to transcend into writing .This is one of the worst articles I came across. Its Full of Made up content without any logic.
    I am a married female and I wasnt offended once by the wifey jokes made by AB. There is no deep philosophy behind those jokes. They were meant to be laughed at , not to ponder upon. And about politically motivated questions. Dude this is a knowledge based game show. They will ask questions from current affairs . It has nothing to do with politics. A question asked on kbc related to modi is neither going to change public opinion nor politics of india. And to update your knowledge , all competitive exams in india which are gk based ask such questions. You would have known it if u had written few exams apart from poems and shitty articles. I usually dont comment but after reading your bullshit write up, couldn’t controlled myself .

  46. Superb show year do not be biased light banters take it easy man do not dampen us with such weird remarks enjoy the show you should not miss amitabh and his pulsating dedication

  47. Totally agree with the writer. I too was KBC fan but couldn’t tolerate it till just a few episodes. Sad stories of the contestants felt scripted and episodes dramatic.

  48. Author seems a stupid person who deliberately wants to write something. Plz don’t waste your time reading this blog.its neither informative or creative in any way.

  49. Hey I donot agree with u….. By that logic every question asked in govt exams revolve around some govt scheme or initiative.
    Don’t be too leftist adopt a central view 🙂

    • False-Equivalence, I don’t agree with the article but unlike the exams, the show is neither owned, nor conducted, nor even controlled by private-sector.

  50. The people has evolved,the show had evolved, is the ladies who started talking insane,they even didn’t bother for a tight hug…is this all not insane..?
    People has evolved, the show had evolved….anyway the show must go on..we egerly wait for the show every year..the overall impression is good,Sony is doing good job..keep it up Sony..we love the show….if there is any insanity Sony will take care…KBC infact is a kind of social work…love you SONY…

  51. The author is taking another step towards fake feminism under the garb of harassment and subtle discrimination. Showing resistance to any point which is uneasy or unpleasant and then make it an issue of social unequality is just showing how badly shaped the thoughts of author are. Pity and waste of time to read this article

  52. Kitna rondu aadmi hai. Even I hate how dramatic the show has become. But there’s nothing wrong with husband- wife jokes. I hope we don’t bring in the PC culture into India although it is happening slowly with intellectuals like you bullying a common man. Also it is not a crime to know about my Prime Minister and the government schemes. Most importantly stop crying.

  53. I feel the author is nit picking and talking a lot of nonsense , a bit of subtle humor or chat should not be interpretted as such. It just lightens the atmosphere of the show in my opinion. As far as being the mouthpiece of the ruling party is concerned that is like the pot calling the kettle black as print media has done this for literally decades. Morever an iconic personality like Mr. Bachhan need not be anybody’s mouth piece.

    • “literally decades…:” I thought The Print® was founded no earlier than mere 5 months! Add to that, “this is India” so online-journalism by.. I lost it at that one! ???????? (Way more than the “subtle humour” part.)

  54. Writing for time pass. Does she actually get paid by The Print for writing about such trivial stuff? While her article may be read by no more than dozen, the show is watched by millions for entertainment and for giving centre stage to those who are working for great social causes but never get written about in The Print. So can anyone tell her to take it easy.

  55. As long as Big B remains within written script he looks interesting and stunning but the moment he start using his own humour he looks very ordinary and irritating.

  56. Very well written.They are choosing contestants from the lower background and showing there plight,it’s like emotional blackmail.There aren’t any intellectuals on the show. Bacchan will be cracking some rubbish jokes which have no relevance at all.When the show was first started everyone use to wait to watch but nowadays it’s not the case.I hope the show does not return again.

  57. In accordance with India’s policy, we should leave them alone. Even an innocent attempt on our part to make contact can inflict heavy damage on the tribe.

  58. Who designates snowflakes like you to write all this crap. Anything for attention, trying to imitate American SJWs. Trash wamen.

  59. Some people are happy when asked questions about congress and talk about congress. But if you ask or write anything about other political parties thats not digested. Author has Modifobia, need urgent diagnosis.

  60. More than those jokes it was the relentless flattery handed out to the anchor by the participants. All scripted by Amitabh himself but duly feigning surprise. False modesty and sheer hypocrisy. Disgusting.

  61. A waste of time. The Karamveer Special does not allow them to win more than 25 lacs. Why these are the people doing good work n who really need the money.

    How come the *Hooter* goes off the moment they win 25 lacs.

    The show is totally fixed.

    Not a single person on Hot Seat was from a Southern State. Surprising isn’t?
    Why dies not Karnataka, TamilNadu, Kerala n Andhra Pradesh come under India ??

    • So to the point. Although not from South, I also sensed this inept bias towards the most efficient and hard working part of our vast nation.

    • They’ll say they’ve South Indian adaptations for that!

      Although, are you merely talking about the Finale or..??? Because I’ve noticed contestants from South Indian origins sometimes.

    • I would totally agree with you but..: Unlike ‘KBC® Hindi’, civil-services exams are not prepared, owned, or even controlled by the private sector.

      Again, not that I agree with author. Just pointing-out the False Equivalence.

  62. The author is being too sensitive and touchy ..on one hand the author is saying audiences have evolved but ,on the other hand he contradicts himself by saying that they can’t take wife jokes ….jokes can be on anyone …people who who abuse on web series or say curse words on internet they are appreciated for their humour….for god sake ….let freedom of speech prevail…..being over sensitive is also not good for our society…

    • Experts were mostly from Aaj Tak who knew all the answers. A crime or sports reporter would easily answer a mythological question. Looks promotion of a particular media channel.

      • Obviously, they don’t hide it — TV Today® (“आज तक®”) is the media-partner so..

        Learn about something before speaking-up.

        Also, that may not be the case going forward [due to a recent off-screen developments concerning the broadcaster].

      • And to add to that, “Dr DR” — आज तक® is merely a news channel. Not a whole “media channel”.

        Since ‘media’ can mean many things, from audio to video to book — about everything which can either see or hear or both together.

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