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Hemant Soren’s divide-and-rule Adivasi politics at Harvard is against Birsa Munda’s vision

Jharkhand CM Soren may have played into the hands of modern-day missionaries or possibly acted at the behest of the conversion bogey.

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Ever since he assumed office in December 2019, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren has ventured into a dangerous and divisive political game. This was recently seen at the 18th Annual India Conference at Harvard University, where he asserted that “Adivasis were never Hindus, and they will never be…”. But this claim is flawed and can be countered with well-established facts.

Soren has apparently based his gigantic argument on a fragile premise. In the Harvard lecture he said that Adivasis are different from Hindus because their practices are different, and “the community has always been of nature worshipers, and that this is the reason why they are counted as “indigenous people”.

But does Hinduism not worship nature? The Sun god, known as Surya Dev, is worshipped in umpteen forms, apart from the Chatth festival that is dedicated entirely to the god. The Sun temple in Konark, Odisha is one of the most important religious destinations in the eastern part of the country. A replica of this temple, situated in the tribal heartland of Bundu, 40 km from Ranchi, draws Hindus and tribes alike, in droves.

No Hindu ritual is complete without the river. The importance of a holy dip in the Ganges, among other rivers, for purification of the body and soul can’t be underscored enough. Similarly, there are many other Hindu festivals celebrated in three different parts of the country that celebrate nature.

The Bathukamma or ‘the floral festival’ observed in Telangana celebrates the relationship between earth, water and human beings. During Vat Purnima, celebrated in Western India, a married woman marks her love for her husband by tying a ceremonial thread around a banyan tree. The worship of a peepal tree every Saturday is commonplace for many. The significance of the Tulsi leaf, or holy basil, can’t be emphasised enough in Hindu religious practices. With such glaring similarities between Hindu and tribal societies, one is not sure what makes Soren base his claims on feeble, fallible arguments, unless he has been forced to borrow the naiveté of his alliance partner — Congress’ Rahul Gandhi.

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The Birsa Munda factor

In the last one year, I have been working on a book on the life of iconic tribal freedom fighter Birsa Munda, whose legacy Hemant Soren aspires to champion. I have researched extensively on the subject.

It is worth noting that Birsa Munda’s mentor in the early 1890s, after he shunned Christianity and walked out of the Lutheran Mission School in Chaibasa was a Vaishnavite preacher, Anand Panre.

It was the time spent with this preacher, who employed learnings from the Bhagavad Gita and generously quoted anecdotes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata, that led to a spiritual transformation in Birsa, evident and documented from 1894 onwards.

In 1895, while Birsa initiated a religious movement that came to be known as Birsait, his rebellion was focused against the ‘dikus’ or oppressors/encroachers who were Christian missionaries and landowners. In fact, a good chunk of those who joined his religious movement were Munda sardars who had previously converted to Christianity. Birsa, in his teachings, drew from all three — Hinduism, Christianity and Mundari. He continued to quote from the Ramayana and Mahabharata to his followers, while his tirade was directed against the church, which is evident in the trail of destruction witnessed in the armed revolution starting December 1999.

At no point in Birsa Munda’s life is there any definitive antipathy towards Hinduism. In fact, one book on Munda — The Life and Times of Birsa Munda by Gopi Krishna Kunwar, even claims that he had prayed at the Jagannath Temple near Ranchi before his 1899 revolt.

Therefore, if Hemant Soren claims he is taking Birsa Munda’s philosophy forward, he is being mischievously economical with the truth.

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More parallels

A research paper by Kapil Kr Mishra, titled, ‘Shiva legends in the sacred traditions of Indian tribes’, traces the worship of Lord Shiva by indigenous people. The paper goes on to explain how, “Indian tribes worship Shiva in their natural abode – jungles, hills, mountains, agricultural fields. It is the Hindus who brought him into temples. Shiva is always worshiped among the tribals in His presence as lingam.”

It gives multiple examples, from Deoghar in north Jharkhand to Gumla in South-west Jharkhand, of Hindus and tribals following identical religious practices. It states: “The supreme God of Santhal is called Marang Buru, Thakur Buru, or Mahadeo. His character is basically very similar to that of Shiva. Interestingly, the great and historical Jyotirlinga of Baidyanath, popularly known as Ravaneshwar Mahadeo, is located in the heartland of Santhal at Deoghar. Many Santhals claim that it is the entry point to the Santhal Territory. It is a place where all gods and goddesses reside with Lord Baidyanath.”

The inference drawn by this research paper can be corroborated by my personal experience. While growing up in Jamshedpur, I have witnessed the Adivasi devotion for Lord Shiva. Our domestic worker’s family, who used to stay in our out-house, would travel in a large group to an ancient Shiva temple in Dalma Hills, 30 km outside the city, every Maha Shivratri. I have witnessed the same devotion in Adivasis for Deori Mata, (a form of Maa Durga) whose temple on the Jamshedpur-Ranchi highway became world famous after Indian cricketer M.S. Dhoni’s visits.

Therefore, the view expressed by Hemant Soren is certainly not the view of the tribal majority in Jharkhand. It is a political narrative, much like the demand for a separate state was, and is driven by self-serving vested interests.

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History of missionaries in Jharkhand

It is a well-established fact that Jharkhand, over the last century and half, has been the hub of religious conversions. As such, Christian missionaries have had to bear the brunt of Right-wing groups for their persistence. In 2006, the state’s Raghubar Das-led Bharatiya Janata Party government had not only introduced an anti-conversion law, but had also constituted an Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigation to probe religious conversions in the state.

Once Sarna becomes a separate religious code, for the followers of the Sarna faith who believe in praying to nature, Christian missionaries will escape Hindu scrutiny in poaching this population. The possibility of Hemant Soren acting in connivance with the conversion lobby can’t be ruled out. Like Andhra CM Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, Soren has shown an open antipathy for Hinduism as a religion, and had avoided the mention of the word “Eeshwar” (God) in his oath as CM.

The entry of foreign missionaries in Jharkhand goes back to the 1840s. It was part of a British strategy to make the tribal population culturally subservient, in addition to the societal and financial subjugation they were already subjected to. The first to enter the region was the Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Mission in 1845. Also known as the German or the Lutheran mission, this mission found its first set of Munda converts in the year 1851. By 1868, around 11,000 Mundas had been converted to Christianity. In fact, during Birsa’s rebellion in the late 1890s, much of his ire was directed against the German pastor Johannes Hoffman and his German mission, according to the book Birsa Munda and His Movement by K.S. Singh).

Today, with his phoney assertions, Soren may have played into the hands of modern-day missionaries or possibly acted at the behest of the conversion bogey.

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Not in Birsa Munda’s Name

Nobody denies that the Adivasis follow certain distinct cultural practices. These practices are largely attributable to their habitat and do not specifically transcend into a separate religious identity. Therefore, the Sarna Code, ideally needs to be seen as a cultural code, both within Hindus (for its entire tribal population), as well as within Christians (for those tribals who have already converted).

It must be factored in that India has an 8.6 per cent tribal population spread over several parts of the country, including the northeast. The Bhils and Gonds living in western and central parts of the country themselves may not agree with Soren’s view.

Instead of trying to emerge as a pan-India tribal leader, Soren’s myopic vision has made him adopt the same divide-and-rule policy that the British used to subjugate tribals. Birsa Munda’s call for revolt, the slogan Abua Disham Abua Raj (our land, our rule), was for the tribals. While the first part — Abua Disham — was actualised by former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who created Jharkhand in the year 2000, the second part, has been a big let down, with politicians like Hemant Soren sowing newer seeds of divide in the state.

The writer is an author and a prominent voice of the BJP in the media. Views are personal.

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  1. From the comments of majority of tribals, it is clear that they have been conditioned, made to believe and have been educated in such a way that they are not part of Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism.

    It is tragedy of Indian Civilisation which started falling off during foreign invasion of Islam and then Christianity.

    Just stretch ur imagination that tribal people who have been part of Indian Civilisation are being made to be a different people out of Hindusim.

    Missionary education has inculcated such thinking through merciless conversion.

    These tribals politicians are thugs, there only religion is money. They don’t mind switching their religions for rice bags full of gold.

    As India prospers, become developed, everyone will find their proud place in this land under only one universal Dharms which is Santan Hindu Dhrama.

    Other Ambrahamic faiths are not Dharma but religion. Hinduism is a Dharma a way of life not a religion started by a mortal being.

    Sarvey bhawantu Sukhinah.

  2. इस मेसेज को लिखने वाला राईटर बि जे पी ओर आर एस एस का खास पालतू dog होगा।I am speaking myself mr.i am adivasi i am not a hindu ok.

  3. This article is a living example of how the mainstream society try to subdue the very orginal culture of this land through their shallow narrative.
    Fact is they donot want to understand nor they want to accept the uniqueness of ours.
    This article is nothing but a pinnacle of Arrogance.

  4. Aapki comments padhkar to bilkul vishvash hota h ki aapne dharm granth nahi padha h,agar padha v h to galat mithya trike se likhi hui kitabo ko padha h.aapne varna ko saamjha hi nahi to varna par aisi tippani kaise kar sakte h.varna karm par nirbhar karta h janm par nahi.vishvamitra jab tak kshatriya ki tarah raja bankar rehte h tab tak unhe Kshatriya kaha jata par jab wo kathor tapasya karke self consciousness aur kai vidya Arjit karlete h to unhe brahmin kaha jata hai,q? Q ki varna ka karm se arth h .varna ka sabdik arth hi h choice matlab choice of work par hi koi jana jayega thik vaishe hi jaise chikitsa karne wale doctor aur shilpkarya karne wale architecturer kehlate h.ved main kai aise brahman ka ullekh h jinka janm shudra aur vaishya varna mein hua h par unhe brahmin kaha jata h. Gita, ramayan,ved ko padhkar hi kai videshi hindu bane h.bhagvan ram to kshatriy the par unke ek purvaj asmanjas ko shudra q kaha jata h.kaishe dacoit kehlane wale valmiki rishi ban gaye.aap se kisne keh diya ki hanuman ji ne surya ko kha liya tha ya surya ne kunti ke sath koi rishta banaya tha.valmiki ramayan Narad Ji aur valmiki ke samvad se suru hoti h aur Ramji ki rajyabhishek tak hi samapt ho jati h ,aap jo humanji aur surya dev ke vishay mein bol rahe h wo uttarakhand mein h jise maharshi valmiki ne likha hi nahi uttarakhand ko kon likha kisne likha aur kab likha koi aajtak nahi jaan paya h.kamban, tulsidas aur kai mahan vidvano ne uttarakhand ko kabhi apne ramayan ka hissa nahi banaya akhir q? uttarakhand ki kai batein h jo shudh valmiki ramayan se bilkul alag h lekin tv fantasy wale ise v jodkar ramayan ko badnaam kar dete h aur aap to h hi vishwas karne ke liye.pure agar aap surya ko devta maante h to aap ye v mante honge ki suryadev ke paas devik Shakti h fir surya dev usi devik Shakti ke prayog se shantan de shakte h manav ki tarah kunti ko santan arpit karne ka sawaal kaha se uthta h.khud vedvyas ne to Mahabharata mein kahi nahi likha ki kuch aisa hua tha.ved mein surya grahan hone ka wahi karan h jo aaj hum science mein padhte h,waha kisi rahi aur ketu ka ullekh nahi h par purano mein h.ved parameshwara ki bhasha h jise Gargi,maitri,mata aditi, yagyavalkya jaise rishiyon ne likha h jismein sab kuch satya h par puran to parameshwara ki bhasha ka koi v hissa nahi h kai puran to kalyug mein likhe gaye h jise koi kam gyani log v likh sakte,puran ka koi vastavik lekhak v kisi ko nahi pata h thik se par aapko to manav likhit chij par hi vishvash karna h, parmeshwar ki bhasha aur devtulya vidwano par bharosa hota to rahu ketu ko such nahi maante kabhi.mein khud aise dalit, aadivasi se mili hu jo pujari bankar puja pathkarwate h.jab unse pucha ki ye sab kaise hua to jawab mila ki pehle hindu ke bare mein kuch nahi pata tha,jab ved padha, sachchi itihaas padha aapne aapki consciousness ko jana aur varna pratha ko jankar hindu mahasabha mein gaye to unhone hamare gyaan ka parikshan kiya aur bade aadar se hum mandir ke pujari bane.aapko meri baton par bharosa nahi hoga to google par news padhiye ki vhp walon ne karib panch hazar dalito ko sasamman pujari ke rup mein swikar kiya h.jab raam mandir ka bhumipujan ho raha tha to usmein kafi kaam logo ko bulaya gaya tha jisme har varga ke log puja jaha dalit kahe jane wale keshav prasad maurya ko bulaya gaya to president saheb nahi aaye lekin opposition party walon ne is baat ko jaat paat ka mudda bana diya.kya unke paas dimag ke sath aankh v nahi h jo dekh sake ki agar ek dalit nahi aaya h to dusra jarur h fir yaha jati ka mudda kaise hogaya.neta to jati ka score card khel gaye kimaat to hindu dharm ko jhuthi badnami ke sath chukani padi . mayawati ko is baat ki shikayat thi ki puja mein dalit saint ki sankhya brahmin se kaam thi.koi itna kaise gir sakta h ki wo saint jaise logo ki jati nikal sake.saint to saint h uski jati kaise ho sakti h bhala.jab khud dalit sainto ne mayawati ka virodh kiya to unhe sabne bjp ka dash tak keh diya.bewajah ki awaje uthi propaganda chala kisi dusre dalit ne to agyanvash isi aapman mana hi hoga ,kya dikkat h vote bank ban gaya bsp walon ka.maaf kijiyega humare cm sahab aise politicians se alag nahi h q ki aisa keh kar unhone kafi muslim aur chrishtan vote gain kar hi liya mano.rishi Matang ne bhil samuday mein janmi maha tapasvini mata sabri ko aapne sath swarg nahi le gaye q ki wo prithvi par rehkar Ramji ke darshan karna chahti thi ,jab wo Ramji se mili to sasharir hi moksha ko prapt katke swarg chali gayi.acha hua us waqt aisi gandi freedom of speech nahi thi warna satta ke lalchi log Matang ji ko bhil virodhi bana hi dete.nalanda ka vidhvansha Bakhtiyar Khilji ne kiya tha,wo aur v vidyalayon ko barbaad karna chahta tha lekin raja prithu se haar kar bhag gaya aur fir kabhi himmat na juta saka.nalanda kabhi v keval baudho ki vidyalaya nahi thi,yaha har panth ki siksha di jati thi,desh videsh se log aate the padhne.,is mahavidyalay ne hume kai mahan brahmin aur hindu samrat diye h.jistarah mahatma budh ke updesh sunkar kai log bauddh pantha ko aapnaye usi tarah kai logo ne adi guru Shankaracharya ki baton se sehmat hokar wapas hindu panth ko aapnaya.purane jamane mein shashtrarth ek jani mani prakirya thi jismein aatankwadi ki tarah talwar nahi chalaya jata,muft mein pet v nahi bhara jata tha conversion ke liye.religion aur mazhub ko dharm se mat jodiye.dharma ka arth righteousness hota h jo sabke liye barabar h.pehle ek hi pariwar mein koi jain ,koi hindu to koi baudh hota tha q ki ye sab jo hindu,baudh h ye panth h.aap Ishwar ko pane ka koi v marg aapna sakte h ye aapki pasand par nirbhar karta h ki aapko kaun sa panth pasand h.ambedkar sahab ne apni kitab mein likha h ki unhone videshiyo dwara likhi kitabon se hindu aur itihas ko samjha tha aapki halat v kuch aise hi h. Khud scientist aur har desh videsh ke logo ne Aryan invasion ko wrong proof kiya h par kitabon mein jhuth padhakar dimag to aaj v pradushit kiya jata h.aap khud ko hindu nahi maante h to mat maniye ,aap ko khuli azadi h par bina khuch such jane kise ke panth par kuch v mat likhiye. Bye brother good evening.

  5. The article typically indicates an outsider writing about a certain culture he doesn’t know and understand, primarily into his own narrative and propaganda. Mr Tuhin Sinha, forget the CM of Jharkhand, we proud tribals will challenge you to a debate, of the similarities and the differences. May you learn something from it and not further fall into a pit of your own naivety.

  6. Almost all multi god religions like shinto, greek, roman, egyptian, etc are nature worshippers. How can the author make claims like these?

  7. I am not on either sides, but frankly this is the dumbest article I have come across. There is nothing in here, unless you want to call this piece of shit not shit.

  8. I think the author has not known the reference. If you are a true journalist, come here before Hemant Soren’s rule and prepare a ground report. Why do people of other states take the opportunity here. If you get all the answers then you can write. And remember, Adivasis are not Hindus. I believe in secularism but as long as the BJP is in power, the problem will continue to arise every day.

  9. What the author forgets is that the nature worshippers of the indigenous people of this subcontinent have a direct communion with Nature. I think it is about time indigenous nature worship should be seriously examined by tribal academics and sociologists whether it is a separate faith or is it a part of Vedic Hinduism. Let them decide and recommend to the government.

  10. सच तो यह है सिन्हा साहब (लेखक) कि आदिवासियों के जागरूक होने से ब्राह्मण और ईसाई missionaries दोनों परेशान हैं । वास्तव में ब्राह्मण सबसे ज्यादा परेशान हैं । क्योंकि शिक्षा , विज्ञान के प्रसार / प्रचार होने से लोगों की सोच में बदलाव आया है । लोगों में वैज्ञानिक सोच और तर्कशक्ति विकसित हो रही है । धर्मग्रंथों के माध्यम से फैलाई गयी झूठी , मनगढ़ंत , पाखंडपूर्ण , अवैज्ञानिक , अतार्किक बातों का तिलिस्म अब बिखर रहा है । अब तो हिंदुओं को भी , खासकर दलितों और शूद्रों को ये समझ में आ गया है । ब्राह्मणों और ईसाईयों के लिए आदिवासी उनके धार्मिक व्यवसाय में ग्राहक हैं । इसीलिए जब आदिवासी सरना धर्म की बात करता है तो सबसे ज्यादा दर्द ब्राह्मणों को ही होता है कि कैसे ये आदिवासी उनके द्वारा फैलाये पाखंड और अंधविस्वास के जाल से निकल जा रहे हैं । पहले बड़ी चालाकी से लोग आदिवासियों के सिस्टम में घुसे । अब आदिवासी समझ रहे हैं तो राशिफल , शादी , श्राद्ध में ब्राह्मण की सेवा लेना बंद कर रहे हैं ।
    हेमंत सोरेन साहब ने गलत नहीं बोला है , सिन्हा साहब । बल्कि वे पहले आदिवासी नेता हैं जो खुलके सच कह रहे हैं कि आदिवासी हिन्दू नहीं हैं । हिन्दू तो बौद्ध सिस्टम को नष्ट करके आगे आया है । इतिहास पढ़ लीजिये । नालंदा कैसे नष्ट हुआ ? आपने कोणार्क मंदिर का जिक्र किया , उसको तो black pagoda भी कहते हैं ।
    सिन्हा साहब , आदिवासी हिन्दू नहीं हैं । हम आपके सिस्टम्स नहीं मानते हैं । और यदि आप आदिवासियों को हिन्दू कहते हैं तो ये भी बताइये कि आदिवासी आपके वर्ण व्यवस्था में किस वर्ण में आते हैं । ब्राह्मण के जैसा बना सकते हैं , तो आदिवासियों को ब्राह्मण का दर्जा दे दीजिये । देवनागरी लिपि में लिखी संस्कृत के श्लोक तो अब आदिवासी भी पढ़ ही लेंगे ।
    आपका सूर्यदेव वो सौर मण्डल का सूर्य नहीं हो सकता है । क्योंकि उसको तो महाभारत की कुंती को पुत्र देके गया । उस सूर्य को तो राहू केतू भी खा सकता है , उस सूर्य को हनुमान भी पकड़ सकता है । नदी को आप पूजा नहीं करते हैं , बल्कि आपके लिए नदी और जलाशय तो पूजा के बाद बचे अवशेष , मूर्ति विसर्जित करने के लिए है , गंदा करने के लिए है ।
    आदिवासियों के सिस्टम और belief अलग हैं , हिंदुओं के अलग । थोड़ी overlapping इसीलिए है क्योंकि अब लोग एक दूसरे के संपर्क में आने लगे हैं । आप अपनी जगह खुश रहिए , आदिवासियों को अपनी जगह रहने दीजिये ।

  11. Hindu is cast based society
    Within tribal society there is no cast.
    All over the world there is tribal ,it’s means all are hindu?
    Tribal do all work, pahan(pujari), war, hunting, farming etc.
    If tribal are hindu than tribal comes in which cast?
    Tribal are one, nature worshiper.

  12. The article stems from the insecure high castes who want to say they are the majority – for which, they claim tribals, Dalits, Buddhists and Sikhs as Hindus.

    Shashi Tharoor actually said it correctly that no one in India is a majority. It is a collection of minorities. He noted that in connection with the BJP’s habit of saying Hindus are the majority and entitled to more rights while the Muslim is a minority, so he must accept he will have less rights. In actual reality, the ‘Hindu nationalists’ are upper castes, and they are minorities also. Except they are the most privileged minorities. They are paranoid about losing their privileges, and they want the tribals, Dalits and Sikhs to be with them to make up the numbers for them – but under no condition do they accept them as equals.

    This is the duality and contradiction of Hindutva : ‘uniting the Hindus’ to make a majority against Muslims, but really with no actual belief in equality or human rights even amongst the people they claim as Hindus.

  13. Christians and Christian Ity and hindu is hindu ism .its all a differance of ITY AND ISM. The work load to feed ones family ….and to get a conscience of hope to LIVE ..

  14. It’s all that if we are considered to be Hindus we will still lose our identity, like Buddhism was most followed religion and where is it so would be with Sarnaism. If we are Hindus where would Sarnaism exist. We don’t litter on Ganges. If you ever visit our villages in Jharkhand, you will definitely notice the difference between the Brahmans and us. You will see how naive and religious the adivasis of Jharkhand are. No one can impose hinduism on adivasis of Jharkhand.

  15. It’s a moot point whether Adivasis were inspired by Hinduism or vice versa! After all the former were the 1st inhabitants of India, as can be understood from the word itself.

    As for cultural practices, while Hinduism worships nature in the temple, Adivasis do it outside too. And that’s a very, very significant difference. Just look at thre condition of the Ganga, the Himalayas, and the forests that Hum-do so eagerly give away to Hamare-do!! Who fights against mining – Hindus or tribals?!

    In fact this so called unity among Hindus and tribals is just a scam to give away pristine tribal land to mining barons! Tribals are very different – they are much more evolved and wiser than all of us! Just look at the way women are treated in the two societies and you can understand it.

    As for divide and rule, the original version was perfected in the caste system (also another significant difference between Hindus and adivasis), and it’s exactly what Modi-Shah are following today. It’s in the CAA-NRC, as well as in their response to farm protests, and the riots they engineer. Just as they blocked the alternate route around Shaheen Bhag, they’ve blocked the routes around the farm protests, trying to create conflict between protesters and locals.

    So, this article is full of falsehoods and propaganda BS, very much like the author’s IT Cell!!

  16. ‘Therefore, the view expressed by Hemant Soren is certainly not the view of the tribal majority in Jharkhand.’

    Is the author a tribal to assert this ? He is not. Looking at his name and allegiance to the BJP, he is a Brahmin.

    The Brahmins, and not the British and Christians divided India.

    The author has no business to assert who is Hindu and who is not, and who is Indian and who is not.

    You cannot forcibly claim tribals (or Sikhs or others) are Hindus. Let them say they are Hindus. If they say otherwise, so be it.

  17. Researcher need to be deeply on this thesis .
    Hindu and SARNA both are different religions but similarities on some points. Way of worship also disparate. Like other religions also worship nature in different ways. Tribal never be Hindu, always SARNA.

  18. Yes we adivasis are not hindus. We worship trees,animals and flowers.We don’t use any specific picture or idol to worship but hindus worship idols of many gods. If anybody speaks against hindu culture you people give them the title of antinationalist and congress supporters. This clearly shows the level of media in present times which surely has fallen down.

  19. Wow ! The Burst of Animosity from this address is so well established that it has failed to accumulate a basic coherent sense of understanding and research of facts and figures.
    Well you have existed then, you are existed now and you will exist only to empower the “One Truth.”

  20. मैं नही जानता कि ऊपर लिखे लेख का लेखक कौन है पर वह आदिवासी के विरोध में लिखा है इससे साफ साफ, पता चल गया कि ये कोई बीजेपी का दलाल है ।ये लोग आदिवासियो के बारे में जानते तो कुछ भी नही है।पता नही कहां से अपने बेबुनियाद, बकवास ,फालतू बाते कहने आ जाते है ।भारत में जब से जनगणना की शुरूआत हुई है तब से आदिवासियों को अलग कालम में जगह मिली है । लेकिन जब से भारत आजाद हुआ तब से वह कालम षडयंत्र पूर्वक हटा दिया गया और आदिवासी को अलग अलग धर्मों में जाने के लिए मजबूर किया गया।आज भी आदिवासी अपनी संस्कृति और भाषा में जीता है।आजादी के बाद से कुछ हरामख़ोर नेताओं और दलालो के द्वारा आदिवासियों को जबरन हिन्दू धर्म में शामिल करने कि कोशिश किया जा रहा है।लेकिन अब आदिवासी पहले की तरह भोले भाले ,अपढ़ नही रहे ,जैसे जैसे आदिवासियों में जागरूकता बढ़ रही वैसै वैसे हेमंत सोरेन जैसे कद्दावर,समझदार आदिवासी नेता सामने आ रहे है जो आदिवासियों को अपनी मूल पहचान वापस दिलाने की लडा़ई लड़ रहे है। और हम सब उसके साथ है। आदिवासी धर्म में काल्पनिक देवी देवताओं का कोई स्थान नही है।न ही कोई पाखंडवाद को मानता है। आदिवासी संस्कृति/धर्म का जबरन हिन्दूकरन किया गया है। जैसे आदिवासी सिर्फ सूर्य को असल सूर्य के रूप में ही पूजता है न कि सूर्य का मानवीकरन करके उसे मनुष्य( सूर्य देवता) रूप में पूजता है।इसी प्रकार नदियों को गंगा मईया ,नर्मदा मईया न कहकर ,नदियों का मानवीकरन न करके उन्हे पाखंडवाद/आडंबरवाद के वस्त्र न पहनाकर उन्हे ज्यों का त्यों पूजते है और यही आदिवासियों की असल संस्कृति एवं धर्म है। लेकिन आजादी के बाद से ही कुछ कपटी,षडयंत्रकारियों,द्वारा चाहे वो बेइमान लोग कांग्रेस के हो या भाजपा के हो इन लोगों ने अपनी राजनीतिक कपट के तहत आदिवासियों के साथ बहुत धोखाधड़ी किया है।और लगातार आदिवासियों के संस्कृति/धर्म के साथ खिलवाड़ करते आ रहे है लेकिन अब आदिवासी जाग रहा है और वो अपना अधिकार पा कर रहेगा।

  21. Yes, hindus and tribals worship nature. But using that it can’t be said that both groups are same. Both christians and muslims worship single abrahmic god that doesnt make both communities one. Adiviasis are free to call them hindus and also free not to call. Because in the end truth is that vedic religion came from central asia but adivasis were here much before that. Todays hinduism is now mostly indigenous but roots of hinduism belong to central aisa and that can never be denied by bullying.

  22. Ha Ha Ha………… The writer, a bhakt, as useual distorts everything. Like saying Ambedkar was never against Hinduism. RSS is capable of spreading any canard as bhakts are there to lap up.

  23. The writer Tuhin Sinha is hurt by what CM Jharkhand said and so, for defence, resorted to ignorant arguments. Adivasi have their own unique and proud culture. To say, Hindu is an “ism” is a lie. Can a person barred from entering in Hindu temple be a Hindu? Giving examples like”Tulsi” is again an exhibition of ignorance. Tulsi was wife of “Asur” Jalinder whom no god, not even Vishnu was not able to defeat and so he violated chastity of Tulsi to defeat her husband. Such a lowly perfidious act by Vishnu against Adivasi King. Stop selling nonsense atleast now. To divide people is DNA of Hindu caste system not Adivasis.

  24. The article that is written against Honourable chief minister Hemant Soren by The Print is all nonsense,, This article proves that the journalist TUHIN A. SINHA is another BJP IT Cell,,, if adivasis were Hindus then Domicile massacre or Pathalgadi would not take place.. poor innocent adivasis were killed by the Biharis and other upper caste sect of Hindus.

  25. Mohan bhagwat aur uski A B team ko khasa pareshaani hai.
    Adiwasi hi du nahi hai …
    Tabhi to 7 feb 2020 ko dainik bhaskar mohan bhagwat ka statement bhopal edition me likhte hain……
    “आदिवासियों को हिन्दू धर्म लिखाने की मुहिम के उतरेगा संघ”
    कृपया यह बेहुदा तर्क देना बन्द करें कि हिन्दू भी पेड़ पहाड़ नदी पूजते है तो वह आदिवासी है या वे आदिवासी हिन्दू हैं।।।
    पैंट पहन लिया तो अंग्रेज हो गए यह वही तर्क गढ़ रहे हैं।
    बिरसा के आंदोलन को मिशनरी के खिलाफ चलाया गया आंदोलन एक ऐसा बड़ा झूठ है जिसे बार बार यह भाजपाइयों और संघियों के द्वारा दोहराया जा रहा।।।
    ताकि जो वँहा के जमीन दार हैं, अंग्रेज प्रशासन है उसके खिलाफ लड़े गए युद्ध को दरकिनार कर दिया जाए।।।
    अल्पसंख्यक के प्रति जो हिंसा वह देश भर में करते आये हैं उसके मोहरे आदिवासी जनता बन पाए।।।
    यह संघ मानव बम बनाने को आतुर है। सम्भल जाये।।
    आदिवासी के कितने चीजों को हिंदुओं ने अडॉप्ट किया यह खोज करें
    या संस्कृतिकरण ने कितना आदिवासियों का हिन्दुकरण किया यह खोजें न।।।
    आज राजनीति में हमारे राज्य अगुवा ने यह बात देश के बाहर कह दिया तो तिलमिलाहट जारी है।।
    बेहद घटिया आर्टिकल।

  26. Defination of word Hindu is itself a half hearted lazy approach trying to define the religion of a vast country like ours. Hinduism and Brahmanism have come to become the same religion leaving no room for other indigenous religion identity. There has been always an attempt by the scholars and researchers to appropriate religious practice of tribals with some Brahmin God or Goddess .But an enquiring mind will always ask questions if it is so ? What Hemant Soren said is correct that all Adivasis are not hindus . Adivasis are happy living outside the Varna system and treating everyone as their equals.

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