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Going, going, gone: How the political narrative has slipped out of Narendra Modi’s hands

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It is not unusual for governments to become unpopular in their last year or two. What is unusual is that we never thought this would happen to Narendra Modi, the master communicator.

Shocked by the gory details of the brutalisation of women, people are angry about violence against women. The Prime Minister was silent for weeks, breaking his silence only after public outrage, protests continue even after the government has woken up. April 2018 could well have been December 2012. 

The intensity then was much greater, but the pattern is similar. The government is appearing to be out of control; it has lost its grip over the political narrative. Every week there’s a new crisis that makes the government look worse than it did the previous weekend. Things fall apart, the Centre cannot hold. The negative headlines drown out PM Modi’s photo-ops; he often appears absent from the discourse.

It is not unusual for governments to become unpopular in their last year or two. What is unusual is that we never thought this would happen to Narendra Modi, the master communicator, the king of narrative, the man who sets the agenda others follow, the slayer-of-demons who won UP despite the failure of demonetisation, and who knows how many rabbits he could still pull out of his hat?

A year ago, around April 2017, the Modi government looked so powerful people thought it would rule forever. Invincible, everyone had exclaimed, invincible! 

Having won three-fourths of Uttar Pradesh, showing no signs of attrition over its 2014 sweep in the most important political theatre, Modi and Shah inspired fear and awe alike. 

On 31 July, the peripatetic provincial princeling of Patna, Nitish Kumar, felt compelled to give into the force of gravity, falling face-first into the BJP’s waiting arms. Nobody can defeat Modi in 2019, he had declared triumphantly.

Original sin

Exactly a month later, on 31 August, GDP numbers for the first quarter of 2017-18 were published. India’s GDP had fallen to 5.7 per cent, the impact of demonetisation was writ large. It was clear that things weren’t going to look up anytime soon because the goods and services tax (GST), hurriedly rolled out on 1 July, was an implementation mess, slowing down business activity and hurting job creation.

It all started with demonetisation, the original sin. Delhi pundits presumed demonetisation had won BJP the prize of Uttar Pradesh, but the truth is that by February 2017 voters in UP knew demonetisation had failed to save any black money. They voted for the BJP despite the failure of demonetisation — for other reasons.

Demonetisation and GST hurt everything: Jobs, rural economy, private investment, government revenues, consumer confidence and so on. The government cherry-picked economic data to defend itself. Spin-doctoring can make you believe any lies except the bit about the money in your pocket.

The government managed to carry the political narrative over demonetisation and GST, disasters as both of them have been, only till the GDP numbers were out. Since then, the Modi narrative has fallen week after week. 

Less than a year after the stupendous victory in UP, the Modi juggernaut is not looking beyond the pale of the cycle of anti-incumbency that inevitably follows mandates of hope.

Losing the perception battle, week after week

Week after week, the Modi government’s own tall promises made through lofty slogans have come a cropper.

Beti Bachao: It was in January that an eight-year-old Bakerwal girl was killed, allegedly to drive her community out of a village. Protests by Hindutva groups to defend the accused have continued since the suspects were arrested. Yet it became a big national story only in April, when lawyers prevented the chargesheet from being filed in court.

It was in June last year that Kuldeep Singh Sengar, a BJP legislator in UP, allegedly raped a minor girl. It became a big story only when her father was allegedly bludgeoned to death in judicial custody this month. The government’s ‘Beti Bachao’ war cry seemed like a wilful lie, given how his party was found saving alleged rapists in Unnao and Kathua alike.

Digital India: Apprehensions over the collection of private data by the Narendra Modi app have been made since it was launched. But they became a big story only recently.

Re-exam warriors: To woo first-time voters, the PM made a blitzkrieg of his old concern for exam stress. Soon after he published a book called Exam Warriors, students’ exam stress actually increased with the leak of CBSE question papers.  

Co-operative federalism? A year ago, Modi was the X-factor in Tamil Nadu politics. Now, Chennai made sure he saw “Modi go back” in black and white even as he tried to avoid the city’s roads. The Cauvery issue is the least of his troubles in south India. Andhra’s ruling party said goodbye to him, miffed with the betrayal of special-status promises. Meanwhile, all south Indian states started coming together against the 15th Finance Commission, fearing their financial allocations were going to be cut.

‘Na khaoonga na khaanay doonga’: Until recently, even the Modi government’s worst critics had to concede it was a government free of corruption. Whether the allegations are correct or not, the government has lost the perception battle with questions that have been asked of the business dealings of the party chief’s entrepreneur son Jay Shah and minister Piyush Goyal. The opposition has also tried to paint a cloud over the Rafale fighter jet deal.

‘Chowkidar of public money’: It did little damage to the government’s reputation in 2016 when Vijay Mallya, wilful defaulter of bank loans, escaped to London from under the government’s long nose. A lookout notice for him was quietly amended to let him escape; yet this indiscretion of the CBI was easily forgotten. But the midnight escape of fellow Gujaratis Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi irreparably dented Modi’s image as the watchman who would guard public money.

‘Saffron Ambedkar’: The more Narendra Modi has hailed Ambedkar, the more he, his government and party have alienated Dalits. Ambedkar statues are vandalised in Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh faster than you can say Mayawati. Members of the community who had voted for the BJP in UP in 2014 and 2017 were now found supporting the Samajwadi Party. The government’s obeisance to Ambedkar was reduced to blatant appropriation with the image of an Ambedkar statue painted saffron in UP.

Questions over democracy: I&B minister Smriti Irani’s attempts to muzzle the press with the fake news bogey backfired. An unprecedented press conference by four sitting Supreme Court judges fuelled speculation on whether the government was interfering with the independence of the judiciary. The government’s attempt to shove Aadhaar down people’s throats without a consensus furthered its anti-democratic image.   

How BJP loses

The BJP’s big reply to its critics is that it keeps winning election after election. The party’s good performance in the northeast, however, was overshadowed by the news that the BJP had lost Gorakhpur for the first time in three decades. Dalit alienation from the Yogi government in UP forced the Bahujan Samaj Party to ally with the Samajwadi Party, raising doubts over the BJP’s election machine. The BJP’s own supporters didn’t come out. 

The Gujarat election result was a victory that didn’t feel like one. The BJP should have improved its performance after Gujarat’s own Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, but its tally actually dropped below 100 for the first time since the party’s rise to power. It was routed in rural Gujarat thanks to farm distress. The story was repeated in bypolls in Rajasthan’s Ajmer and Alwar. Farm distress and unemployment both became big stories that overshadowed the government’s tall claims. This, more than anything else, cast doubts over the party’s invincibility, and the inevitability of their 2019 victory. 

It’s still a year to go for the 2019 general elections. Is Narendra Modi on a sliding slope, or can he rise and shine again? 

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  1. I am surprised to read the comments. As a well wisher of BJP I suggest WAKE UP TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE ANGRY AND YOU HAVE LITTLE TIME

    • Agree. I too, am surprised by some comments from Modi admirers. I am also for stability and strong economic growth, strong policy of internal security etc. Modi Govt has been doing fine in these areas, as I mentioned in an earlier reply. But the blatantly communal utterances of extreme Hindutwa and anti social activism of some fringe elements (Bajrang Dal, Shri Ram Sene, Gau Rakshaks, Shiv Sainiks etc) are even antagonising the existing supporters in an irreversible way. Pls donot forget people’s wrath of 1977 and then in 1980 and in 1990. Also in AP elections when NTR came to power after Rajiv Gandhi changed 4 CMs in AP in 2 years (1986-87?) and 1985 Assam election when totally novice AGP was brought to power after the prolonged anti foreigners agitations in Assam. And finally the recent Bihar elections of 2016 when uncalled for comments like DNA and repeated mention of Jungle Raj by the top 2 campaigners of BJP (U Know who) went flying. Nitish-I Govt did a good job (2007-12?) and BJP was part of that coalition, the campaigners failed to R cash on that. Yogi Adityanath started well (except the unfortunate beef politics and unnecessary moral policing) but look what is happening now ? There is still time of about 18 months for next Parliament election. But lots of damages done by the supporters have to be undone by Modi Govt besides continuing all the visionary works already started. I am for a strong, stable and united India.

  2. Can anyone say me that who allotted those guyz loan is this rulling government or past government ??
    Can anyone tell me the figures of corruption in rulling party and rulled party???
    Can someone list me the rapes done in past and present?????
    Can somebody raise your voice against your ghandhi family???
    Can anybody show me where is 2g,4g, sathyam,coalgate, nirhbhaya rape,bombay blast,hyderabad blast,terrorist,state division,bofars,last approx 70% rulled prograsse report card,……
    Can anybody show me today a comman man achieved in his life after the british rule……
    We INDIAN are only a great audience only like to be entertained……..Thats it……
    We Indian are lost our soul bcoz no one like to do nor like if any other to do….
    We Lost Our Ancient Ethics in History

  3. A lot of readers will be biased as they still have the Modi effect as halo one. I totally agree that Modi is a wonderful leader and visionary. But not all his leaders share the same enthu n committment n hence gets tainted. There is a need for ethics in politics which i think is beyond resonable thing to ask for. Having said that, there are certain elements that the govt could have controlled or done better. It indeed missed taking care of it and hence the outcomes. As i always say “one persons loss is another persons gain”. , These errors are making somebody else gain. Hope we see good and strong governance in the coming months n years.

  4. Only a few days ago I made a post in ANI which seems identical and parallel to this long post. I was commenting on some Modi supporters ( I call them blind supporters ) who was sure to paint the whole India under BJP and almost declared Modi winner in 2019. To them, I tried to bring some hard political facts. Election of 2019 is not over and please wait. I mentioned many famous politicians seem to face roadblocks in the 2nd and 3rd term. I gave the cases to the point like Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton in the US who faced impeachments, Margaret Thacher was deposed in the UK parliament and my own country in Canada Stephen Harper cannot lose his majority to a young and inexperienced Trudeau. Alas! Trudeau won with a majority. After reading this article I feel vindicated. I posted many many posts on ANI. No election can be taken for granted. There is often a slip between the mouth and the Cup.

  5. Have faith in modiji the man who has no personal or family interest. we as as a nation must support him in all circumstance. There are instances which create doubts and for every incidence why the PM is answerable. cant we judge. Parties with goons will not easily give up they will create huge obstacles. It is time we remain watchful and be free from doubts. Cant we be better judge ourselves ?

  6. As said earlier, it is just to malign the Modi government by paid print media. Just name one person who can replace Modi,I challenge. Modi is the best PM we have had in recent times.


  8. Write as much as you want, The Print. People are not going to fall prey of your super skewed analysis. Thanks to Anna Hazare’s movement in 2011, the general public of India has become able to see reality for themselves rather then seeing it thru ur eyes. Its the opposition which believes in making noise, but the supporter of Modi who has seen him working in past 4 years is much more capable of making decisions for his/her country then u think or expect them to. And come 2019 all the haters are gonna get a jab in their face and BJP will come with a thumping majority. Note That.

  9. Utter rubbish. What this country needs is a strong leader. That is what Mr. Modi is. Someone who’s fearless and takes decisions. He’s done in 4 years what the congress couldn’t do in decades. Appreciate what he’s done and support him. We are growing faster than China, initiatives like make in India are ensuring manufacturing comes to India. Even Apple is opening a factory here. Open your eyes people and see the progress.

  10. my humble opinion, Mr. Modi suffers from just two problems both of which are – unfortunately – fundamental in nature. He cannot shake off his past. The Indian public forget a lot of things quite fast but everyone doesn’t forget everything. That Mr. Vajpayee’s “follow Raj Dharma” advice fell on deaf ears is not yet forgotten by all. Secondly, Mr. Modi is inseparable from his party and a party is just as good as the majority of its supporters are. The BJP is full of rabid people. Most of them (I am talking about leaders as well as ordinary members) are inclined to think the way Sakshi Maharaj does. Their words and deeds create a perception all around the country that cannot be washed away by Mann ki Baat.

    • Agree. Some people are questioning the credentials of this author (Shyam Vij) or the publication (The Print). Point is one should go by facts, and objective analysis. Every time we discuss performance of this Govt. some people bring RaGa or Mulayam or Laloo into debate. Modi should be compared with only Modi (2014/15 and 2018) or with Vajpayee. There is an x-factor called feeling of being let down or people’s wrath playing on elections. Where is all the euphoria of 2014-15 ? Now it is all despair. All the great, truly visionary and revolutionary works started by Modi (like Swach Bharat- basically toilet for have-nots leading to a Deseases free India; Demonetisation; promotion of Digital / electronic payment system; Direct benefit transfer thro’ Aadhar linkage; efforts for new diplomatic initiatives; RERA to control the Builders’ loot; increase/improve Road, rail and river communication system; Perceptible control of violent extremists in Maoist areas and in the NE; Iintiatives in Agri sector etc etc.) have been bearing fruits. But the unleashing of Hindutwa activities (totally unnecessary Beef ban; anarchy spread by Gau-Rakshaks killing many innocents; and vitriolic communal speeches by Sakshi Maharaja’s, Giriraj Kishore etc); failure to reign in corruption by Akali Govt in Punjab and control drug menace in Punjab, blatant abuse of opponents of political opponents in Bihar before the elections; Jay Shah episode; and finally total inaction in the heinous crimes in Unnao and Kathua have eroded even BJP supporters’ confidence in this Govt. And donot talk about alternatives or hung parliament or strategic voting in 2019. When people get angry, anything can happen. People can get United and vote for the best candidate in each constituency irrespective of party.

  11. Really Really pathetic attempt to paint Modi government in poor picture. Sorry buddy, you are as pathetic as any loser who would believe any of these sad fairy tales

  12. At this juncture, Modi Govt is necessary so as to see the good results of the policies those are adopted in the recent past. Public should also wait for the fruits and should not be hasty in choosing new “Sewak” . To my opinion i feel the next term is essential as compare to the earlier regimes.

  13. It’s up to end now. Ya Modi took great step for nation , but all of them were for political advertisement .
    It’s true that people are unhappy .
    Only due to his fake advertisement they are blind for national grow .

    Who said there is no corruption .
    Na kaunga na kaane dhunga ..
    Par Bhai itna toh bato sare BJP ke netao ke property acchanak se double kaise hue..

    Dekho Bhai straight forward hue…

    When they dare to insulate our political leader who fought for national freedom , is these right..

    People say that Modi is not corrupted …
    Have ever realize Gujarat development it’s up to peak ..

    Aabe toh samjo Yaar ….

    Any new project Gujarat
    Any new scheme Gujarat
    Any relief fund Gujarat

    Gujarat is not capital of India , it’s just a state …
    Toh fhir itna prestige kyu.

    And those who think there is development .
    Please don’t keep faith on fake new of media . Because they all are corrupted ..

    Try to see the figures which are even worst then previous govt.

  14. He is a goner. Even in 2014, he didn’t win with the majority vote. BJP won with 31% voters cast. This means 69% votes were scattered among various non BJP parties. And that is double the voters who didn’t vote for BJP. Also consider the BJP scripted 2G scam drama, Anna Hazare drama, Nirbhaya case and agitations, Rise of Arvind Kejriwal etc. Now India realized that Arvind Kejriwal only has winnable support base in Delhi and maybe in Punjab. 2G scam lie was burnt by Supreme Court, Nirbhaya case and how UPA reacted vs Kathua/Unnao case and how NDA reacted, Notebandhi (cash crunch again now – never happened before notebandhi), JNU and other university rebellion, GST sham, Rafale scam, Jay Shah case, Several banking scams, withdrawal of criminal cases against BJP legislators in UP, Dalit atrocities in Una and other places, Dalit shootings in Maharashtra, Dalit shootings during the recent protests against SC/ST law amendment, minority lynchings in the name of beef, Goraksha Terrorism, interference in judiciary, Justice Loya’s death, losing Nepal, sriLanka and Maldives to Chinese diplomacy, the rise in deaths in army and border patrol, the list goes on. One thing they have proven is that they have no clue what they are doing.
    So now when the dust settles and people think about the future of this country, they are not going to elect BJP again. The 69% have already started finding ways to co exist like SP and BSP did in UP. And when the anti incumbency against the central government is so high in many parts of the country, especially in south, there is no way BJP will form the next government unless a miracle happens or they orchestrate a riot like Godhra or Muzaffarnagar.

  15. Spin doctors of Cambridge analytica at work exactly as predicted a year ago , Congress shit holes are trying to put blame on Modi even for law and order which is not centers subjects , it is very clear that all trouble is being brewed in bjp states , verdict is not delivered yet , The more he is cornered the stronger Modi will emerge .

  16. I just hope not many Indians read English news .I am happy about this.or else these journos will brainwash people with only negative views.what else can we expect from Mr.shivam vij

  17. SHIVAM VIJ got mad, What he is writing, he doesn’t have an idea about it. 2019- Again BJP under Modi. Can’t you see the thunderstorm besides his silence & patience. Fuck off to all your analysis.

  18. The writeup talks on facts alone and comments based on opinion criticises the writeup blindly without countering the facts. Gujarat and bypolls show Modi is on downward slide and will be cemented by Karnataka polls ahead.

  19. Very good explanation by the author regarding the sliding popularity of the BJP regime.
    I would like to add that the management of the ‘stage managed ‘ parliament session where in BJP ‘ran away ‘ from facing the ‘no-confidence’ motion desipte having numbers is a clear indication of the insecurity that the present regime is going through. It made all right thinking Indian citizens to recalibrate their opinion about the BJP led government.

  20. Dear Friend
    You are describing the pain of Congress .We Indian should be always with brave Modi.You Congress people are looter the pure generation of English man and Mughal attackers on India. A common Hindustani Muslim is having a great patriotism but you people are selfish gaddars.

  21. I am also a Bjp voter but totally disillusioned now. There is no money in atm. Probably we will be facing acute hardship despite having money in bank. Brutality on daughter’s cannot be stated. Except endless preaching nothing is done for general mass. Probably modiji is thinking that phenomenal increase in petroleum price will result into phenomenal increase in vote.

  22. Watch National media channels like Loksabha,Rajyasabha & DD news for the activities & happenings of the present govt instead of watching poisnous private channels by wasting your time. Your mind will be free of hatred & your health condition will improve & purify. JAI HIND N BHARATH BHACHAO.

  23. Whatever is said and done “the bottom line is under the present hasty govt initiatives common man has suffered a lot and still undergoing a lot of distress. The society under the present govt has become a lot negative. Earlier at least the minors were safe. People had some plans to enrich there lives, their money was theirs. With the spiralling rates daily, financial planning is becoming impossible. May be this govt should be thrown out. Regarding the corruption by Congress… BJP took advantage and came thumbsup in 2014. But it seems there are no scams.. because this govt said that it will unearth all the scams and punish the corrupt but none is done.the single one it could not find any wrongdoing. BJP has missed the people by its strong advertisements. Either there are no scams or BJP and Modi and party are also involved in all the scams. It should be either one. I am no supporter of any party and I have voted for BJP in 2014….I Am a normal medium class person

  24. Modi Ji ‘s intentions r good hos vision his teams visions good but destiny also a factory present government is good but not people who r creating trouble for government & nation .

  25. This article is sponsered by congrees and it is far from is aspertion on the part of the credible.ground reality is Mr Modi will come back to power with thumping majority.tell ys the alternative to it paapu ,maaya,or some juppu.nobody is match to modiji

  26. I don’t think Modi government is losing it’s charm. All the highlighted issues in this article suggest an anti Modi thought. Mostly what is happening, cases which can benefit other political parties are being highlighted. I may be wrong also but being an educated person I can figure it out that option Modi is the best for now. Our country needs a man like him. Demo and GST has long term benefits and we should always educate everyone everytime like this. Right information should always be passed to masses. I have seen all well educated people appreciating the efforts of Modi government cause they understand the change.

  27. People r not on good path people who r in government r good have good intentions also.India a big country many castes Creed’s & more over selfish power hungry corrupt immature create threat to peace & ptosperty stablity.

  28. “Beti bachao” Bachake – BJP manthriyon ki hath me dhene ka. Bull shit. Balaathakaar Janatha Party.

  29. Since 2019 is fast approaching n the opposition parties become jobless they are trying their utmost with the support of paid medias n so called intellectuals to somehow demoralise modi. They can’t fool the people. Can u ever imagine Raaga for PM post, never ever.

  30. Again we can’t give our country again to those govt. Who ruled for 40 year and nothing was done..
    Tell me in last 10 years what Congress govt did. Do you remember anything??

  31. Only Modi is the one person who don’t have much money after long political carrier, if you see others they thousand acers land, lot of banglow.

    And he only working for Nation if you will not vote him than whatever contract and agreement signed by another countries will stop.. real growth will be able to see after 6 to 7 years only just think about it and take decision.
    One simple example of my village..
    Transformer burned next day it has changed.. and if I look same before 5year it was taking months..
    He is doing small things but in perfect manner

  32. The Congress Party wants power by hook or by Crook. They are the ones instigating trouble. They are following the British way of Divide n Rule. What else can you expect from such a Party.
    They are the most Corrupt of the Lot.
    Now that Modi Government is exposing them they are spreading Hatred. We all know that the Media is a paid Stooge of the Congress Party.
    Case to Point NDTV. So What else can you expect from these reporters.

    The Good Things done by The Modi Govt in such a short term is never shown. The General Public is kept in the Dark. But Thanks to WhatsApp n Facebook we are aware of Modi ‘s Great Work. What did the Congress do in 60 yrs, Nothing. Just made money n kept it in Swiss Banks. Please write the Truth if you hv Guts n are not a Paid Agent.

  33. I think the writer of this article was sitting with A Raja , Kapil signal , shila dixit , digvijay Singh, lalu Prasad and his name… Is……. PAPPUUUU…… !
    Sorry guys but this is what I feel after reading this article which wasted 5 precious minutes of my life .

  34. The write up is Congress party orriented narrative of a government posting happenings for which the root cause is Congress party itself. Day in and day out unheard of actions of the political parties to malign the government are coming to the fore. Negative commentary of isolated happenings is played and replayed by media, in spite of deterrent action by the government. Modi is fiscically honest as hon’ble PM of the country. He knows the country more than any other politician of the present times. He bettered the condition of Gujarat as CM and managed to make Gujarat best and Model state of the country. He is busy trying to upgrade the image of our country on the international scene. Let us all come out openly and warmly to vote for BJPbring him as PM again in 2019

  35. Bring justice for rape victims death penalty for rapists India is waiting for the answer PM sahab it’s really gud to hear beti padho beti bachegi tabii padegi Justice please please please for Unnao kathua Delhi n Up..jaihind

  36. Things are not changed as fas as rape , corruption , leaders dadagiri , making fool to aam janata concern. But one thing really appreciable from no where india became the place were people see place in optemestic way. Inspite of job loss no sign is evolve from oppositin who will become next PM.

  37. Don’t blame on your PM
    Just no any one able for PM without Maananiye Shree Narendra Modi
    So keep it up & support to PM of your India.bcz he is your prime minister n now it have done in General knowledge,which will read by your child n ur future

    Moral for you :-
    In school always learn that “should be do respect to senior citizens”
    I think you did not achieve.

    Just he is your PM so , just don’t blame.keep petience
    Other wise , you will lose to yours n we will lost our India.

  38. Beautiful utilisation of presstitutes by congress. I totally agree, all bad in this country owes solely to modi.
    The day Moron gandhi comes to power ( which isnt gonna happen), India, in a flash of moment , will get rid of poverty, atrocities on dalits, rapes and everything bad just like in the old golden rule period of Congress!!!.

  39. The perception is the beauty in the eye of the beholder. Hold on the run is not over though there so many falls and cannot dispute every thing said is sarcastic and false. The Ganga and Yamuna are so sacred and the memories go so Godly deep yet making them dirty never stopped by whom, say Mody like???Yet the ocen of corrupt waters were again churned to clear the skin of sin. The results mind boggling with emergent picture of vicious snakes running amuc few big took a run to over Oceans with the booty. Hope pahle achche din kaa sat say sub kuch aisaa hi hotaa hai. Like the bad worse before the very little of good

  40. Try as much ass you can you pitiful soul.Work well for your masters.Shoot all the dirty poisoned arrows in your quiver.Still you shall pathetically fail .It is very easy to see through the ploys of your kind .Paid journalist.

  41. Shivam Vij just cannot stomach Modi one bit. Look at the choice of words – so much hatred towards the BJP and modi. He’s declared demonetization to be a failure. Are you an economist? ‘Princeling of Patna Nitish Kumar’? Really? For the person who has brought hope and development to the doorstep of millions of Biharis. And perhaps RaGa would have been the ‘ray of hope’ ‘harbinger of change’. Why don’t you go and join the IT cell of congress party rather than hiding like a guerilla and systemically targeting the BJP Govt

  42. The write-up seems hopeless in the sense that while as, the isolated negative happenings have been highlighted and magnified the positive achievements have not been even mentioned. Lot of poor and downtrodden has been bettered in BJP ruled period in 4 years. Since Modi Ji knows the country thoroughly well as a pracharak,he has the solutions for most of the problems as hon’ble PM of the country.He made Gujarat a Model state in the country. Given to serve the country beyond 2019 he will make India a more prosperous country economically, Militarily and politically. We shall have to vote for a developed, prosperous India by voting for Modi Government again in 2019. Jai Hind.

  43. How dumb is this writer… can a PM scheme such as beti bachao which is a good scheme be shammed coz of a rape…the scheme has been useful in education of girls belonging to poor families… atleast he talks to kids about exam stress but how is he responsible for the leak…GST is a mess but all the parties are responsible for it that is why they were part of GST council…NAMO app info issue nothing has been proved the only thing that has been is that Congress was a client of Cambridge analytica…..dont know how a newspaper can allow this I’ll informed articles and call itself neutral…..u hate Modi ok but come on atleast use researched articles…..u can be educated and still be PAPPU or u can be chai wala and be PM choice is yours

  44. “A year ago, Modi was the X-factor in Tamil Nadu politics.” – lol. Clearly Shivam has no idea about Tamil Nadu politics.

  45. Writer of this post is an idiot congressi secular,just trying to spread psudo secular agenda of congress,…bt kuch bhi kar le sucess nhi milegi aaur at the end only truth will win,Modi will win in 2019 ,mind it!

  46. Oh com on shivam vij you were also saying that up is going out of hand ?well if Krantak elections results come out Against bjp than there could be some serious debate on Narrative until than hold your Horses…

  47. What an oneside view of this congress paidmaster. There are so many positives in last 4 yrs ehich was conveniently hide by this paid author. On the economic front modi govt done a commendable job and was acknowledged by all intl.rating agencies. Price also coming down for the past 8 months. Ex thoor dhal rs.200 per kg in congi rule is 80 to 90rs per kg for past 8 months. When the cat close his eyes it felts the world become dark. Like that this cong paid author spitting venom on modi.
    Definitely modi will get another term. People will never vote for an idiot like rahul.

  48. I’m a South Indian .. And here BJP doesn’t win … Coz we know that if bjp wins the Centre it will not do anything for us … So to all north Indians .. plz don’t vote to bjp … If u vote it’s us who suffers

  49. Why is Modi facing so much hatred? Let us know the reasons for this hatred:

    *By linking a new base (Aadhar no.), one million poor disappeared in Maharashtra!*

    *More than 30 million (30,000,000) fake LPG connection holders have ended!*

    *1, 95,000 fake children list who got scholarships from the madarasas disappeared!*

    *Over 1.5 million (1,500,000) fake ration card holders disappeared!*

    *Why and why all this is disappearing!*

    *The whole black market of the thieves is going to open … So all the thieves have filed a petition in the Honorable Supreme Court that the base link is a violation of our fundamental rights! including some CMs. What rights of privacy to thieves!*

    *1) Modi has closed more than 3 lakh fake companies!*

    *2) Ration dealers are angry!*

    *3) Property Dealers get annoyed!*

    *4) The brokers have become annoyed with the online system!*

    *5) 40,000 fake NGOs have been closed, so the owners of these NGOs also got annoyed!*

    *6) Angry of people who have purchased property from No 2!*

    *7) By E-Tendering process, some contractors have also got angry!*

    *8) Angry with Gas Companies!*

    *9) So far, the 12 million people who have come under the income tax scan have become angry!*

    *10) With the introduction of GST system, the business people got annoyed, because those people have come to the automatic payment system!*

    *11) The work of those 2 numbers has stopped fluttering!*

    *13) The system of whitening black has become a bit lumpen.*

    *14) The lazy government officials got angry, as they have to work on time!*

    *15) They became annoyed, who did not work on time and believe in working by taking bribes.*

    *It is unbelievable that the story of change of country is being written, which is being understood. But which is not changing the mindset of the young mans’ mentality is being said to be blindfolded!*

  50. Do I think Modi is perfect ? NO.
    Do I believe Modi doesn’t make any mistake ? NO.
    Do I believe Modi government has fulfilled all that we want ? NO
    Do I feel he will make India like Europe or USA in his lifetime ? NO.
    But I stand by his side like a rock. Why ?

    ➤ Because I do believe he is doing whatever he can in a very honest, dedicated and committed way.

    ➤ Because I do believe he is giving his best to improve the country in all areas.

    ➤ Because I have seen that massive corruption at cabinet ministerial level has disappeared.

    ➤ Because I have seen that India has not witnessed any terror attack on civilians in last 4 years under his rule.

    ➤ Because I have seen him taking unpopular steps just to make sure subsidies and taxes reach to the poor people and not middlemen.

    ➤ Because I have seen him working hard to make sure India becomes a member of MTCR, Waassenar group, Australia group and achieving diplomatic successes which we couldn’t think of in last many decades.

    ➤ Because he has pushed forward many reforms which are not going down well with people today, but will unleash a new India when the results of those reforms – structural, economic, infrastructural will be visible in next 8-10 years.

    ➤ Because I know even if he is not perfect, he is much better than Lalu Yadav. He is much better than Akhilesh Yadav. He is much better than Mayawati. He is much better than Mamata Banerjee. He is much better than Rahul Gandhi.
    ➤ He is a hard working person. He has no family or anyone after him. He has his shortcomings. Which man doesn’t ? Anyone of you who keep abusing him, are you even a fraction of him in dedication, focus, integrity, hard work and getting things done !!
    He is cleaner than all the names I took above. He is not corrupt. He is visionary. He has solutions to many problems (if not all).
    ➤ He may not make India like Europe or US in his lifetime however hard he tries. But atleast he is governing much better than previous regimes. Check macro and micro-economic parameters. Compare infrastructure growth. Compare core areas. Compare GDP growth. Compare wholesale and consumer inflation. Every single parameter is much healthier than before.
    Yes there are problems. Governing a country as heterogenous and vast as India which has been reeling under problems since centuries is never a joke.

    Now ask yourself – who can and who has the capability to solve your problems ?

    Hardik ? Alpesh ? Jignesh ? Tejaswi ? Akhilesh ? Mayawati ? Mamata ? Lalu ? Yechury ? Kanhaiya ?
    They all are baying for Modi’s blood (not in literal sense), they grill him now and then. Have they ever suggested any single solution to the problem ? Have they ever suggested what steps will they take to solve the problems ? What is their vision ? What is their method ?
    Negative politics bordering the line of activism is good. But it is never right for country when the alternative is absent.
    That’s why I am and I will stand with Narendra Modi Ji like a rock.

  51. Haven’t you seen even a single quality of his government?
    I hope, you’ll be keep publishing your news paper at least until 2019 so that you would print the story of his victory.
    I’m giving you the title:
    *10 reasons why Modi won*
    And believe me in that article you will be praising all the policies that are being denounced in this article.

  52. Modi has slipped. Alternatives Rahul, Akhilesh, Mayawati, Mulayam, Mamta? No thanks. These people have a vision that does not extend beyond their toes.

  53. Time to throw out the dictatorial deceitful self centered anti people regime out of existence, if the country is to be saved. The future with the current incumbents in power will be full destruction. Let the people who vote decide.

  54. Is this article written by a congi or a communist journalist? I think it is. While the writer may have all the good reasons to oppose Modi, but he failed to bring out reasons behind NE wins.

    He might be having political / financial compulsions to suit for his masters, but general public at large still believe in Modi and we all will see it in Karnataka.

    Hey The Print, come out of your office and accept the change…..Which Your Pappu can never deliver.

    Ha ha ha…..Now The Print finds it difficult to print and publish my words. Better change the name The Print to The Dictat.

  55. As for now there are only two candidates for pm’s post either mr. modi or rahul gandhi. As for now modi has the capacity And desire to work for the country beside rahul gandhi who cannot even handle himself and his problems ..

  56. Is this article written by a congi or a communist journalist? I think it is. While the writer may have all the good reasons to oppose Modi, but he failed to bring out reasons behind NE wins.

    He might be having political / financial compulsions to suit for his masters, but general public at large still believe in Modi and we all will see it in Karnataka.

    Hey The Print, come out of your office and accept the change…..Which Your Pappu can never deliver.

  57. This article is keeping in mind all the misconceptions created by media.
    Whatever is happening is sponsored by Congress whether it’s Dalit Outrage or Saffron Terror.
    Also mention the achievement of Modi Govt. Theses small time distraction not going to stop Modi.
    The article represents language of Congress.

  58. This article seems to be paid with negative side of the government. There is lot of positive side to this government. But where congress divided Hindustan by creating pakistan only for the Nehru to be prime minister. It seems congress is at it again with this paid news

  59. We should be thankful to the gentleman who showed the another phase of coin which was awaited by Bjp and his that it can be neutralised and sort out .but ironically he criticised on shortcomings .but didn’t pave path how it can be corrected .i remember a story of leonardo da vinci.and his painting everyone recognised the all shortcomings in painting but nobody gave the opnion of correcting it.

  60. There is a lot of anti Modi campaign going on by all Opposition parties as they are affected a lot due to demonitisation and exposing of bank scams ( in which their hands are conspicuos).
    They are trying to create in public an anti-Modi sentiment by airing all false information. If Modi wins in 2019 all other partymen may face lot of problems judicially for their crooked deeds and for having swallowed public money in several ways and means.
    Even Demonitisation has been campaigned as a mistake of Modi Government even by financials experts and ex- RBI governor . But actually demonitisation created ripples in Black money holders. Really lakhs of crores of Black money was burnt by them.
    To have a peaceful and Happy life to our next generations Modi Govt should come for another 10 yrs.

  61. This is nothing but a well planned and may be paid publicity against our nation and our best prime minister shri Narendra Modi

  62. So mch of hatred .. All d ngtvs have been joted dwn… India is emerging as wrlds fastest grwing economy..d wrld bank projects india ‘s grwth rate to 7.3%in 2018.. … There s a lot more thngs to ds.. He is wrking day n night for d country.. N not lyk pappu..still searching for ncc.. Come out of ds people….n if not modi dn who..???

  63. Pretty delusional you are. Of course Wire and Print are part of the Bharat Tere Tukde Honge gang. But you will not succeed, believe me. India has realised who you guys are and it will show in 2019.

  64. Modi has failed in some and has done a great job in many …He is the best fit in spite of negative propaganda like the article above …The media generally has its priorities different and that’s different…They think that by planting articles the love on modi will reduce …But alas it won’t ..He is still the best fit

  65. One question…Rahul Gandhi or KCR, mamata, become pm will they stop the crimes and will he performs better than Narendra Modi.?
    There is no other option than Modi

  66. The Hindus believe that he is for Hindus will realise soon that he is another politician just behind power and yet to talk about ram temple where VJP is insisting upon building it soon. For sure Modi won’t respond on this issue as most of the Hindus know well that that is not going to solve all issues

  67. India has 1000s of issues to solve, Modi picked the right issues, talked a lot about them, but end of 4 years has not been able to solve even one.
    end of the day he is all gas!

  68. The Author is a confirmed “Pesudo Secularist, left of center, congress leaning, Pesudo intellectual, award waapse JNU types”. Nothing more can be expected from him.

    Even if Modiji dies for the country, it will not make a difference to these designer journalists.

    The frustration and desperation in the article is evident as there their shops are no longer doing roaring business which these guys use to do in the Congress era!!!!! SAD!!!!

  69. Worst ever article I have read. The writer doesn’t know or ignoring despite knowing the fact that country men can’t afford to hand over power to a person who is not mature and not fit for any position. These writers can sell any thing for his own gain. It is known that international anti india agencies putting huge money for such activities. That’s why we find putting cast issue in gujraat election, now dividing Hindus in Karnataka . People lost faith in congress who only does divisive politics. Yes it’s true that any govt can’t make every one happy. So far majority have faith in this govt and surely they will re – elect modi ji as PM.

  70. Yes, it has been already 4 years now. But we still love Modi. Want to see him for next two terms.

  71. It is the paid media who is spilling the blood in the house of each individual! They have to learn a lot from foreign media. Whoever bribes media news will be in his favour; I have lost faith on media hope same case with everyone as well.

  72. Dalits were the worst sufferers in this present Govt and I appeal to the PM to instill confidence in them at the earliest

  73. From the moment BJP won with thumping majority,the apology of the “opposition” are whining like new born babies.Demonitisation and GST is the best thing that could happen to India in years.Award wapasi to beef ban to intolerance gimmick is shot of by Congress and lapped up by media.They have ensured that Parliament does not function.Bills are not passed.Development does not happen.During Parliament sessions,ruckus is created within after the session through media on fake events.Even henious crimes like murder and rape are politicised.
    Dear opposition,be man enough to stand up and fight,instead of stabbing from behind,luring the simple common man into your manipulative embrace.
    Every time an election is fought in one state fire breaks out in another.
    Fellow Indians wake up !
    The obssession for power is so great,that those who have been in power for so many decades are unable to accept this defeat and are ready to break the country for their greed.Beware !

  74. Like a kid complaining … wht he wants to happen … A good dream there are no taxes as of on anyone to dream..! Cheers…get it translated ” kabhi na hone wala khoobsurat Sapna” jai MAHAKAAL…

  75. Hon.Modiji is the most intelligent man.
    He is the best administrator. Gujarat loved him as a noncorrupt CM.
    Things changed as he became PM.He wanted to become a global statesman like Nehru. He started world tour, leaving the country in the hands of imbecile second cadre and bureaocracy. He started running the country according to the advice of
    Amit Shah,Arun Jaitley and some IAS people who had little commonsense and cared less for the common man.
    Blunders ĺike Demonetisation and
    GST followed which destroyed the trust and respect for BJP and Hon. Modiji. Passive stand in Kathua and
    Unnao cases projected Modiji as
    a callous person. This was the last straw.

  76. One more term for Modi for nation building. On security front foreign policy government did well. Yes some tough decisions like demonitisation have backfired but intention of Modi is good. Complex issues and cheap politics are trying to overpower good work.

  77. The media with their foreign agents and masters r the greatest enemies of the country. The BJP with their stupid spokespersons r unable to counter their false propaganda.

  78. After 2 decades, Modi got a majority govt. People gave him a plumbing job – High level and low level Corruption (public services, police etc..), public schools and health infra, education revamp, Job creation, improving existing road and train infra and the list goes on… This was work to be done for India which has spent trillions of dollars since independence and we are still the Bottom 10 in every parameter. Even in BJP ruled states, not a school or hospital was improved to show visible change and create perception that Modi is doing the plumbing job. Instead, self advertisement spending in crores for schemes not thought through, not leveraging best practices of states due to arrogance and ego, lack of federalism mindset, treating opposition as enemies, Hindu Muslim narrative etc.. He has lost the plot to resurrect India !!!

  79. Good Governance means Happy Population.
    The masses are expecting steps which will make them happy in the short term.
    Inflation, Corruption, Law & Order, Unemployment, Loss of family culture,
    Healthcare , workculture development are some areas which need to be addressed.

  80. Being a PM of India he tried several thing for india . he worked for India try to improve the nation image across the world. Visiting foreign nation is his part of duty. He the face of India in international arena. After long time he given idea of make in India for industrial growth, swatch bharath for clean India, digitization for AI, being head of India he powered Indian defence sector. While Congress alleged our population as pur poor growth Modi find its opportunity.

    If no modi the better India would be only a dream and beg slowly die with poverty.

  81. I never give my mandatory against bjp in loksabha but after modi Raj I never give again to bjp. It’s a worst govt I ever see in my life govt with no governance , only communally fight for vote and break small business brings us loss gst is a flope show , for fall of bjp every , bjp talk too much this time did nothing for us just , hampered our time, life, money ,developments, slow Indian economy, just speculate some of the thing for benefited, for his few capitalist, I never every support that of party again after seen there, ruling style, this time they exploits me , my little business, I some how to manage my family lives from my earning, but after this gst with heavy taxes and fines I fail my living circle to manage penalty after penalty, go back modi go back no for this time 2019.

  82. Where are the jobs which Modi promised?Daily we are reading about rapes UP is going from bad to bad Under Akhlesh atleast UP was looking up Attul Behari Vajpyee did something for India then he lost after his tenure Modi will loose with such over whelming votes that in future no one will ever vote for BJP Congress is the only party to rule such a country like ours I am a Hindu but I belive in Christanity,Islamas all religions preach non violenece

  83. Most of the print and electronic media opposes Modi ji. They are just making citizens fool by false and routine statements, allegations by talking more and more about Muslim and Dalit issues only but not about a single good thing done by the Government. This government was formed after a long time and it needs some time to face all the issues. Our country has many problems and one by one all issues are solving. Its not at all fair comparing the 4 years term with 49 years of Congress rule. We have to support this brave leader and can give another term. If it fails next term, then you think of alternative…..

  84. Modi’s bane is that he hasn’t done anything that differentiates him except demonetisation, which I feel can still get him votes in 2019 for its memory lingers and not neccessarily in a negative way.

  85. Fight is between
    Divide India of Rahul Gandhi led Congress
    Unite India of Modi led BJP

    paid articles by stooges of Congress before elections are least surprising.
    Huge money amassed by Congress by corrupt means to the tune of lakhs of crores rupees is speaking loudly but surely
    will not have traction as Indians have now awakened.

  86. Anger about brutality to women in Kathua and Unnao?
    Law and Order is responsibility of state and District administration and not of Central Government. How can Modi be held responsible for everything.
    What is the alternative to Modi in 2019 ?
    A Big Mess? Creation of Cambridge Analytica ?

  87. Actually the NDA Govt did nothing extraordinary. In fact, this govt destroyed all the institutions systematically. Demobilisation was the biggest farce played on the Indian public. No way the BJP will form the next govt. Let us remember what happened to NDA I and it’s India shining slogan

  88. Excellent Analysis!
    Modi is only interested in winning elections and having fun on foreign tours. He thinks that the voters are fools and he will be voted based on polarization. He will be shown his place by the grieving populace.

  89. Anger about brutality to women in Kathua and Unnao.
    Who is primarily responsible for Law and Order? State Government and District administration. How can Modi be responsible for such ills?
    Stop holding Modi responsible for everything.
    What is the alternative to Modi after 2019 ? A BIG MESS?

  90. Anger about brutality to women in Nathu and Unnao.
    Who is primarily responsible for Law and Order? State Government and District administration. How can Modi be responsible for such ills?
    Stop holding Midi responsible for everything.
    What is the alternative to Midi after 2019 ? A BIG MESS?

  91. JOKES of the WEEKS
    on the other day Smrithi told, “media bill myne fake news rokhe ke liye kiya “. Modi j ne kaha “are pagal, fake news ke wajah se tho my PM ban, aur thu use bhi band karwarahi ho?”

    Arun Jaitley ne kaha, ” are demonetisation tho kardiya aur ATM ka naaph lena bhoolgaya?” Modi ji ne kaha, ” Kya jaroorat hi NAMO wala coat bhi tho bina naaph liye banaya tha?”

    Sambit patra se poocha gaya , ” are bhai 15 lakh kahan hi?” Sambit ji ne kaha, ” aaya nhi hi kya, mera account me tho har mahina 27lakh aaraha hi (ONGC) “

  92. मोदी ने भारतीयों का जीना हराम कर दिया है।

  93. And yes this is the news media against Modi. No need to seperately discuss that. Corrupted congress is supported by such media corners.

  94. We are the public of India whose presence nearby is a threat for any woman mostly western women when they travel in India. It’s our way and culture. What will PM do in it? Abaa during congress rule said even if we give police in every home we can’t stop rapes. This is our culture since last 1000 years. PPL don’t care about what will happen to their kids if they produce three or four. Western PPL think a lot of it. We are animals and don’t deserve PM like this and soon we will be in civil war.

  95. I think most journalist wants Modi to take control of every happening in the Country.If he answers some they call him super power not giving chance to others.
    We have seen how journos become baised in the last 4 years.Just for this I wish to give him another chance.

  96. BJP government is nothing but extension of UPA II in all aspect starting from black money issue, corruption, etc., The fact is atleast UPA government really tried to bring up the middle class people. Unfortunately modi government is utterly waste in managing economic of country. No TRANSPARENCY, MODI started lying which I felt even common man think to speak but I felt very sad when a leader is doing so. If BJP comes to power again, it will be purely because of voting machine fraud. People of this country hate modi government three times as bad as UP.

  97. Very poor mindset before writing this article. Thumbs down.. Modiji intervention is not required in each an every incident. Plz don’t spread such negativity against this him.

  98. The print you are another paid news chanel spreading negativity. I CAN RIGHT NOW GIVE IN WRITING THAT NARENDRA MODI WILL WIN 2019 ELECTION WITH MAJORITY. So stop spreading fake news.

  99. Politics of division, caste & religion based mobilisation by those parties who have out of power , have deep roots in media &corporate sector, moreover no body want a strong leadership at centre, immature indian once again in trap , overall not good for nation, all negative will end in negative

  100. Politics of division, caste & religion based mobilisation by those parties who have out of power , have deep roots in media &corporate sector, moreover no body want a strong leadership at centre, immature indian once again in trap , overall not good for nation, all negative will end in negative

  101. Where were u during massacre of Shikhs in Delhi/rest of india, during expulsion of lacs of Kashmiri Pandits/rape of sisters,mothers and their daughters? Do u think this GST bill has been passed by Nda only? Don’t u know there’s GST counsel of all parties members who takes this decision of slabs of GST? Do you think before the regime of nda everything was running smoothly? Do you know how many scams during regime of Cong/ UPA? Tell the people of this country a single scam during the regime of NDA? There are so many to write here. Pl change ur mind set and think of our nation.

  102. Our Memory is so short and now we paint NAMO responsible for all Rapes and other evils and all known Devils are saints

  103. I feel this article is based and not as per ground reality. Modi still more popular yes certainly opposition is scared and trying their best to misgude the yellow media .

  104. Why negative for modi. Even in time of Congress Govto.. Political differences was there. Nothing new.
    It is totally Congress paid people who can’t tolerate modi good governance. Policy.

  105. The Print, congregation of Modi Haters, along with sold other media houses who have blessings of Italian Mafia doing their best to repay their masters, by writing this kinda article.

  106. One of the faku PM I have ever seen, He did nothing big for the country but make a noise. In this 4year india lost hand on Sri Lanka ,Nepal,Maldives, Bangladesh etc. They don’t support us.
    We lost job, become unemployment, we lost industry’s export, We are paying High for train ticket and getting late by 4/8 hrs worse condition of toilet in train.
    We lost more than 450 armies in cross firing.
    Why in these 4years there is only blood game in Kashmir. Before 4years Kashmir was a tourist place.
    Now it bacame a terrorist place why?

    Illustrated government.

    Be a voter …..not supporter…Jai Hind

  107. It’s no wonder that the brigade is trying the same principles which not only succeeded in sidelining the real heroes of our independence and tried to push them into oblivion for absolute power to rule this country. Who knows not that in independant India two star surnames were so glorified that all others were gradually forgotten. Although, out of the two surnames ‘Gandhi’ was so very cleverly owned that the real ‘Gandhi’ became secondary. Do we really know the actual Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar ? A monumental personality in all respects, who gave us the Indian Constitution, an unparalleled document in world history which included the solutions of all the minute problems yet India remain underdeveloped for decades’. It needed schemes like ‘digging earth’ in the name of employment and thus The architect of modern India was forced to go behind the shadows of the ‘Nehru-Gandhi’ dynasty.

    Anyway, the citizens of this country is no more like it was in immediate pre and post independence era, but we can not say the same for a chunk of elite and educated citizens who are seduced by the brigade to illicit power and possessions that the country, freedom, nationality, religion and humanity are simply meaningless words and tools for their agenda.

    It is no wonder that Mr Modi too can not escape the wrath of this brigade but only hope is it does not disturb him because he is facing it immediately after he was given the chief ministership of Gujarat.

  108. This writer is bent upon propping up a man called PAPPU to the post of PM. This PAPPU does not know what is NCC. He does know host of other things. More over his personalities does not suit PM’s Chair. His only qualification is that he belongs to Nehru- Fake Gandhi family. This is his only interest. Regarding Modi-ji, I CAN SAY, HE IS TRYING TO RESET THE UNDOING OF 60 YEARS OF MISDEEDS BY CONGRESS. it is not possible to set right the course of the country in such short time. There are many malice’s and India is a democratic country and not like chine where one man decides the fortune of the people of the country. If you don’t like or a congress cheer leader, please beer with him for another six years and then say thing you like.

  109. This writer is bent upon propping up a man called PAPPU to the post of PM. This PAPPU does not know what is NCC. He does know host of other things. More over his personalities does not suit PM’s Chair. His only qualification is that he belongs to Nehru- Fake Gandhi family. This is only interest. Regarding Modi-ji, I CAN SAY, HE IS TRYING TO RESET THE UNDOING OF 60 YEARS OF MISDEEDS MY CONGRESS. it is not possible to set right the course of the country in such short time. There arre many malice’s and India is a democratic country and not like chine where one man decides the fortune the country. If you don’t like or a congress cheer leader, please beer with him for another six years and say thing you like.

  110. Shivam vij your ideology and agenda are anti BJP and anti MODI per se. So you cannot be taken seriously. Try writing off whoever you want to you cannot breathe life into CONGRESS.

  111. Unless our prime minister holds a firm grip in the law and order situation, our country’s women are constantly going to remember these gruesome incidences during Modi’s tenure.

  112. Please don’t try to superimpose your illution on others. Congress is a destructive party,having ooth of comunalism. They believe in divide & rule.

  113. This article is nothing but rubbish overlooking all work being done and reacting to paid media frenzy as if there was Ram Rajya 4 years. Modi may not be concerned about election 2019 as he is busy doing his work but people will lose a dedicated PM like never before. So decide who will be loaer

  114. The same thing was said by pressitutes n bootlickers of gandi family after JNU incident..See how many elections bjp won after that… some burnol..u need it.

  115. These are the comments of a Congress sympathizer.People are more intelligent.They know he is the best leader available in the country.So such stories have no takers

    • Who are the alternatives.Mamta,CPM,Mulayam,Laloo Yadav,Mayavati,Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh,etc.Do we citizens deserve these characters as our leaders.

  116. Good lord, look at the cow-bred savages of the North unleashing themselves on this article. If they keep electing sheer morons into parliament — the poor, richer, more peaceful and civilized us may well need to seek a solution for our issues. Perhaps SEPERATION.

    I keep saying, the north cannot expect to flee and breed in our civilized lands after shitting on theirs. They need to fix their attitudes, or the only part of India worthy of anything worthy of value — will be warranted to leave.

    These chimps have raped two minors in their filthy shacks. Then they migrate here in the hundreds! Argh!

  117. The article seems to exaggerate small happenings on a wider pan India context and rushes to the conclusion that Modi is failing. The lineage of
    the editor of this webmag, betrays how anti-modi the articles can be in it. What these biased writers want Modi to be seen in 2019, which anyway is wishful thinking at best,is not the way the majority in the country are seeing. The country needs leaders like Modi who stick sincerely to the positive agendas of development of this country without bothering about paid journalistic agendas as portrayed here. Carry on PM ,we are with you.

  118. PM’s narrative is still respected and valid. It has been the Congress led opposition to destroy the peace and progress in the name of Democracy and other blatant lies with it’s usual shoot and scoot statements, aided by the unnecessary hype in some so called educated intelligentsia channels and by some in print media, has created disturbances, law and order problems, but this will not succeed as people have long been fooled by all these parties bereft of any ideology but only the greed of power by hook of crook. All bad incidents are not taken up equally by the electronic and print press and it is selective hype to create further fuel to the fire in their partisan interests. This us also noticed by one and all. Journalism standards has gone down the drain. Similarly Congress, the GOP. It seems that Congress wants to destroy the Country before it destroys itself!! Lesser the said for other opposition, the better it is. It is all unfortunate for India and it is dangerous for these parties to try to divide India by caste, communal, Dalit, non Dalit etc instead of asking everyone to think as Indian only first. Rest comes next. The States whether ruled by opposition or ruling party must understand they are there because of India and not other way around, particularly leaders like Stalin and Siddha.

  119. Every thing which shoots up fast has to come down but BJP relies on note bank politics and so the opposition can make the elections more expensive for the ruling party after that he will purchase mayawati shiv sena dmk etc and continue he will be the putin of India

  120. You media are the worst of human kind….will make or break a by person depending on cash…. people say congress free india is what they desire but I would say hypocrite media freed India is vat we should aim for…y can’t u see one good thing in our pm when whole of the world can appreciate him.Down down baseless media

  121. You media are the worst of human kind….will make or break a by person depending on cash…. people say congress free india is what they desire but I would say hypocrite media freed India is vat we should aim for…idiots can’t see one good thing in our pm when whole of the world can appreciate him.Down down baseless media

  122. The Nation was kept alive for little more than three years under Modiji’s manufactured consent. Unfortunately Modiji also failed to translate these so many manufacturing consent into visible and experiential one. Rather all the alternative voices were crashed by Modiji’s so called spokespersons who in fact uttered the most illogical and idiotic conversations since India independent and continue to think that they are the wises persons who are above one billion Indians. The result of all these is arrogant and intolerant India. BJP has become party good only in advertising and acting…party that parks at any opposition… Therefore the present rapid deepening of affairs is expected.

  123. The Nation was kept alive for little more than three years under Modiji’s manufactured consent. Unfortunately Modiji also failed to translate these so many manufacturing consent into visible and experiential one. Rather all the alternative voices were crashed by Modiji’s so called spokespersons who in fact uttered the most illogical and idiotic conversations since India independent and continue to think that they are the wises persons who are above one billion Indians. The result of all these is arrogant and intolerant India. BJP has become party good only in advertising and acting…party that parks at any opposition… Therefore the present rapid deepening of affairs is expected..

  124. Modi not only cheated Andhra people but also cheated Lord Balaji by deceiving the promises made at Tirupati at the abode of Lord Balaji.
    At least the BJP party fulfill the words spoken by Modi at Balaji, then they can win otherwise the curse of Balaji will go on for next seven generations.
    The cheating of Balaji is very sin. So the downfall started from Jan18.

  125. A Congress Narrative attempt – but succeeds in evoking stronger support feelings for the best prime minister India has got till date…

  126. It’s your OPINION Mr Shivam Vij (Paid Presstitude). Elections in 2019 hasn’t happened. So keep your biased views and paid propaganda with you.

  127. I know print of Shekhar Guptaji of whom iam a big fan from his India Today,Indian Express days.An excellent article. Eye opener for PM and BJP. But still can any of the sicular leaders inspire confidence in us.So I pray god Modiji comes back to power in 2019.It’s unfortunate that media is seeing only negativety abt PM.

  128. Modi has cheated Andhra people. He promised Special category status and also fullfill all promises at Tirupati. The Tirupati place is very sacred and when a person tells something at Tirupati, he should do it. Otherwise Lord BALAJI will not forgive.
    The down fall of Modi started when he failed to fulfill the words he had made at abode of Great Balaji.
    Modi will see his complete rout in coming months.
    At least.
    BJP will complete the promises made by Modi at Tirupati immediately, then this down fall stops. Otherwise BJP will carry the curse of Lord Balaji for next seven generations.

  129. Nobody even cares about ThePrint! Frankly this is the first time I’m hearing the name “ThePrint” as this article accidentally popped up in my Google feed.

    I don’t know who paid these crooks, but can say this is Paid-Press at its best, trying to give RaGa kind of Foolish, Stupidest Logics !!!

    Where the hell & What the hell did the author study??
    Corporation school SSLC Pass with some literature shit stuff that talks about poems and Grammer!! Heheh!!

    Some crook writes that Modi Government has become unpopular!! Hahah then what’s the status of RaGa’s opposition gang?!!!

    And this fool talks about DeMo, Can he explain a better way to bring Hard cash to Tax??

    This fool talks about GST.. it was PC’s brainwork which NDA implemented (though i would say it’s poor implementation)

    And wrt Crimes, Was UPA tenure crime free?
    All the crimes of today were present equally good in those times.. And this fool wants PM to break silence IMMEDIATELY!! Didn’t Modi open his mouth?? I don’t understand what Immediate means for this poor fella!!

    How the hell is Modi responsible for Nirav & Mallyas escape???
    Did he book a ticket!??
    Did he sendoff them??
    This kind of Stupidest person is writing an article in an unknown shit media!! LoL

    Those TN anti modi ppl were from another scrupulous alliance consisting of DMK,CPI,VCK and some other local parties who’ve shared their loot with Congress!!
    So nobody cares for these fools who were kicked in every election when Jayalalitha was alive!! These crooks are your master’s Allies!!

    And coming to GDP nos, i have a doubt as to whether at all this fool is financially literate?
    The Mooodys and World Bank Nos reflect a growth despite DeMo!!! And this paid fools till speak of Tampering economy!!!

    I certainly wanna speak on this after 2019 election results..
    And I almost forgot,…. Don’t forget to make a mention about EVM Tampering when your Masters(who has bought you!) lose in 2019!!!

    Good Luck

    • What you mean by bringing hard cash to tax. Did those who exchanged their old currency for the new by standing in the serpentine queuse pay any tax. BTW how much tax has been collected by the Govt. From the holders of such notes. Do you have any figures in this regard.

  130. CHAUKIDAR has now been totally failed in performing his duties. He must be removed .In his period all money of citizens of INDIA has been throne out of INDIA BY HIS BROTHERS MODI,MALYA ,CHAUKSI……..a nd so many like these people which the public not knows He in his period only made fake assurances only to get VOTE of public ISNE TO EK VIKAS SHEEL DESH KA SATYANAAS KAR DIYA,BHAI KO BHAI SE LADWA DIYA SIRF BOLTA HAI APNI FAKE BHASHA ASLI MUDDON PAR CHUP RAHTA HAI

  131. Don’t understand why there is soo much eagerness in a section of the media to write-off Modi. The article is cleverly crafted to give an impression that the people of this entire nation is now against Modi! Really??? Don’t read or watch the news for 4 days ..Instead go around talking to common people. You’ll see a different India.
    Its interesting to see how this narrative against Modi is getting vicious with every passing day. There seems to be a very consolidated effort to portray India as a failed nation outside India!! Everything from the death of a scavenger to a horrendous rape, anything between an ATM hiest to dried up rivers are being blamed on Modi!!!
    BJP, as any other organization may have its share of crackpots and overzealous leaders. Isn’t that to be expected in a democratic setup? Why is there so much focus on the utterings of such people ? Is there no good work at all happening??
    Truth is that the very system of Governance has been shakenup and people who are used to corruption and wheeling dealings are now forced to fall in line ..Pay taxes. Media is now being asked to pay for its own foreign travels to cover the international events. Lavish Cocktail parties to large media houses are stopped.
    People soo used to grovel under their Masters are not able to understand how a man cannot work for his or his family’s benefit.

    Give the man a chance to work his term. People have given him the mandate. If we are questioning this mandate, then we are questioning the fundamental democratic electoral system of this country.

  132. People will repent by defeating modi. India will not be same again and will go again in the hands of anti nationals

  133. I had given my vote to BJP, biggest mistake of my life, never again, let the elections come, then we’ll show, made the environment of India fearful & uncertain. Hum log ka kismat kharab hai Jo ASA neta log mil Gaya : (

  134. Year hamari bat suno, Aisa ek insan chuno, jisne PAP na kiya ho, jo papi na ho . Aur agar nahi milta hai to Khud ke ander jhanko, aur agar tum bhi nahi ho to lambi lambi mat hanko.Be positive. Modi ji 130 Cr Ka desh chalarahen hain. Hamara tumhara individual ghar nahi. Jaisa society Ka moral level hoga viasi Sarkar hogi. In democracy govt. is the representative of majority of people. It use to be mirror of the majority of citizen, Agar desh me RAMRAJ ke badle KAMRAJ Aa Raha hai to sahi me dukh ki bat hai. Per. pahle vi. Yahi hota tha.soch me badlaw lane Ka samay hai.Her beti ko apni beti manna hoga.
    Correct yourself other will be corrected. Ham shabhi ke ander jo Political , Social, Economical and physical DARIDA baitha hai usko marne Ka waqkt aa gaya hai.Desh hith me ab to late na Karen.

  135. Politics has almost become a safe home to criminals. So many criminals are in active politics today. So many of the legislators are Illiterate and unscrupulous. Hats off to the political parties for creating such a situation…!!! Why can”t criminals be barred from political activity?. Why can”t some qualification and some psychological test be prescribed for them? Government should take the call.’

  136. Good analysis..wake up call for modiji govt..he used to mock ex pm shri.Manmohan Singh for less talking now what is happening..during upa2 regime he used to create dramatic counters for every news now he is tasting his own medicine.. however i expect him to recover from the slump and lead us as he promised..afterall he is the best to do it..

  137. Main mantra for lasting long is good governance and “San is Sarah dab Ka Vikas ” in true sense.

  138. There are people in India that means 125 cr. brain . Anything happened to single dalit or Muslim you blame modiji as if he has donned it. In congress raj murder, rapes, dalit atrocity cases were nil. Write about brutal murders of Hindus in Kerala, west Bengal also. I think there you wear black spectacles manufactured by left

  139. I wonder why people don’t see the transparent reallity.The Modi govt did nothing to prove upon the UPA govt’s failures. Rather it added fresh traumas like demonetisation and GST that took India back 20years, and had thrown the economy into chaotisation.The agendising politics aren’t suitable to the Democratic polity.Though there’s no substitute for Modi, an intelligent and benevolent leader might emerge from the hotch-potch of the opposition conglomerate., #AAP

  140. Just because Modi has stopped perks and foreign tours of these prestiturtes, they want Congress to come back by hook or crook.

  141. Waah, perfectly biased; one sided narrative. Start polishing pappu’s shoes. Whatever happens, blame Modi. How committed are you guys to malign a person?

    • Why dont you tell us whats the other side or best counter every point the writer has put down.

      Or have you learnt from the great PM that we just need to talk and not back it up with actions

  142. I am sorry but I disagree completely with your armchair assessment. All you are looking at media headlines, unfortunately media has completely divested itself from reality. There’s large scale polarisation attempt on social media by both parties.
    This Rahul Gandhi was ensconced for 3 days before he came out and met agitators of Nirbhaya Aandolan, and what he gave was empty promise, they were ruling then. Now he is candle lighting! What hypocrisy.
    People don’t forget, they will not forget 60 years of neglect, 60 years of broken dreams, the loot done in name of poor, the unlivable condition created by the Nehru Dynasty.
    You are so wrong, and knowingly so because you are with corrupted babudom and their masters.

    • Let’s call it Indira’s dynasty. Pandit Nehru did okay; India’s stable middle class is testimony to his legacy (IITs, IIMs, space and atomic research institutions). His version of socialism and foreign policy did NOT damage India. It is also on record that Nehru left NO extraordinary wealth to his daughter. The sense of entitlement started with Indira, and her blinding love for her son. What Sonia is doing is all learnt in her mother-in-law’s 24×7 classroom.

      It is high time that we give meritocracy a chance, and dynasty a BIG BOOT. However, also time to hold the elected ones accountable NOT just at the end of their term, but during their period of governance as well.

    • Jayesh,
      You say we the people of our country will not forget the 60 years of neglect?????
      Which world are you living in, not in India I guess!!!
      The congress was bolted out of power for not living up to the expectations of the people, period!!!
      The same people will vote the bjp out of power in 2019…
      For the simple reason of not doing anything during their rule!!!
      The only thing they have done, and still like parrots and idiots, continue to do is to blame the Congress!!!!
      we are just not interested in what the Congress did not do!!!!!!!!!! Please understand!!!!!
      We are only interested in what you have done!!!!!!
      Any dumb nut in our beloved country knows that you and your blooming party have not done anything, nothing and are just gas filled balloons floating in the air, waiting to burst!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. Image destruction is the general norm of political system. This post poses nothing new. I wish it would have been balanced if some achievements of Modi government would have had been highlighted. Modi has done remarkable work which will benefit India in a longer run. This fact is known to Congress and they just want the narrative to be changed before it is too late for them. I am sure if BJP wins 2019 elections then maximum political parties will be finished forever. BSP has already committed political suicide by joining hands with SP and imagine the scenario when opposition unities by sidelining their core political agendas.

  144. Information Overload & too much exposure to the public got his make-up (yes I mean make-up) to start dripping !

  145. A paid biased report. There is big conspiracy against Narendra Modi and the writer seems to be part of it. People are not blind and smart enough to explore the truth despite of these conspiracies. Common people are quite happy as they see the real development happening at ground reality.

    • I find the article very factual and unbiased. Probably you have a problem seeing reality. As for conspiracies, you want people to keep suffering and not speak up? Modi-Shah are biggest conspirators of covering their failures

  146. The languid, now no longer limpid, Yamuna flows past the ruins of many kingdoms and empires in Delhi, reminding us that no one runs forever. The sensible thing for any newly elected government in Delhi to do is to get some really worthwhile work done in the first one or two years. When the Congress won a little over 200 seats in 2009, up from 145 in 2004, the lazy assumption was that the party would have its own majority in 2014, Rahul Gandhi would become PM and that things would really start moving then.

  147. High time modi the pm got back scamster modi hiding with ambani out laws in Hongkong to win perception battle

  148. The chowkidar of the public money and a supporter of free market has failed to direct his inept finance minister to instruct banks – the so called pillars of financial democracy – to abolish ATM usage charges, minimum balance and so many other nonsensical ways in which money is (almost) extorted from ordinary citizens, while the inscruplous officials colluding with fraudsters may hay.

  149. Provides some food for thought for the Modi Govt. In the last 7-8 months, they have failed to address the perception battle… mainly by not acknowledging the issues soon enough.

    • Sanjay,
      With the total and absolute havoc created by modi and his government, even papu will be a better choice…….

  150. Modi can rise again if, and only if, he reflects on Vajpayee’s words on ‘following raj dharma’ and actually practices it. As of now it seems he is just busy listening to the recorded episodes of his ‘Mann ki Baat’, completely oblivious of Janta’s mann ki baat.

  151. the article has so much of bitterness behind the words . why …… I do not understand ! why so much poison and hatred for Modi . There are no positives in our country ….. ? We were taught that demon like Ravana also did lot of good work .
    Is it that Modi does all bad things happening in our country ? Is Modi more important or the nation ?
    I would prefer to hear some positive news also which inspires me and motivates me to work for my country.
    But I find none …..! Why …..?

    Thanks for sharing wonderful analysis !

    • Very true. Only a brainwashed journalist can find all darkness around him. I pity the people around him – how his one-dimensional personality must be affecting them.

    • Admiration destroys both admirer and admired.
      Journalism is meant only to criticize and make citizens aware of pit falls.

    • Yeah. There is nothing true about it because at the very beginning it says the writer is paid by congress. On the other hand you appear a very responsible citizen of India who hasn’t even heard about how they pay Rs 3 for each small comment on any site.

    • Fully agree… Shallow article with selective negative approach… who knows part of paid journalism…

  152. The Prime Minister had gained some admiration for his delayed soulful announcement: “Shoot me. Don’t shoot my dalit brother. This must stop.” But soon the dalit and tribal communities realized that he was just speaking for public consumption. The States, e. g. Rajasthan, Haryana, UP. Goa, Maharashtra, MP—one and all have stepped up their savagery against dalits and showed no signs of slackening of atrocities against them. The vulnerable sections believe that he is in the pockcets of upper social layers and he is their chowkidar.
    BJP may not get another chance to rule India.

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