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CBI court’s Babri verdict is not the end of Ayodhya movement. There’s Kashi and Mathura too

Given the assertiveness of a large number of Hindus and the highly emotive nature of the temple demands, there isn't enough scope for a negotiated settlement now.

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Twenty-seven years and seven Lok Sabha elections later, a special Central Bureau of Investigation court has acquitted all 32 people accused of criminal conspiracy to demolish the dilapidated Babri structure in Ayodhya on 6 December 1992. The court said the accused, at least the important ones among them, didn’t conspire to demolish the structure and actually appealed repeatedly to those indulging in the demolition to withdraw. The court has also found no evidence of the involvement of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or the Vishwa Hindu Parishad in the demolition.

After the Supreme Court judgment allowing the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, the case against the demolition had anyway become infructuous. Hundreds and thousands of documents running into several pages were provided to the Supreme Court before, during and after the Congress-led UPA government’s ten-year tenure. Yet, not even a shred of evidence could be produced to conclusively prove the conspiracy and complicity of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders and others accused in the demolition of the Babri structure in 1992.

This verdict should, in all probability, come as the epilogue of one of the longest-running court cases in India that formed and brought down many governments, decided the political destiny of many politicians and culminated in laying the foundation of a grand Ram Temple at the site where it is believed to have existed centuries ago. The Ayodhya movement was initiated by a small team of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) veterans who envisaged a grand temple as a symbol of Hindu unity, awareness and assertion.

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Movement’s not over yet 

The special CBI court verdict, therefore, should be the last page of the book, a la obituary for the structure that an invader built over the demolished temple. Ideally, all court cases related to the Ayodhya movement should be considered closed now. But it is very unlikely that the movement that began for the Ram Temple at Ayodhya will end here.

The original movement, called the “Janmasthan Mukti Sangharsha Samiti”, envisaged the ‘liberation’ of three important temples dedicated to the three Hindu triumvirates — “Ram and Krishna and Siva” — as veteran Socialist leader Ram Manohar Lohia had explained in an essay written in 1956. It is only a matter of time before movements to ‘liberate’ the other two temples in Kashi and Mathura begin. Given the increasing assertiveness of a large section of the Hindu society and the highly emotive nature of the demands, there may not be enough scope for a negotiated settlement.

The Supreme Court has clearly given the green signal for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya and the bhoomi pujan has also been done. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)’s 2003 report, which the Supreme Court relied on for its verdict last November, says that a ‘Hindu structure’ was found at the disputed site.

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The politics that doesn’t work

Those who berate the karsevaks for the 1992 incident should pause for a moment and think about the untold atrocities committed on them in earlier years when there were peaceful protests and limited functions legally permitted by the courts. The political opposition to Ram Mandir was evident in the narratives, especially in Uttar Pradesh and the Hindi belt. Then UP Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav had famously boasted that not even a sparrow can enter the prohibited area. 

The operative part of the court order allowing karseva to be performed in a limited area close to the disputed site was not revealed even as the judgment was reserved days before 6 December. The pent-up anger of a majority of Hindus represented by the karsevaks broke all limits of patience that day. What is important to note is that except the Babri structure, not a single mosque in the town was touched by the irate karsevaks. It is strange that no court or the apologists of the “Babri structure” even mention this.

The Congress party has officially called for a revision of the CBI court verdict. The party probably continues to think that it will be able to replace the Ram Temple with a masjid someday. The Congress is either utterly naïve or supremely unintelligent to think that the temple issue can be spun into a political issue to the benefit of the party’s revival plans. There is a sea change in the attitude of the Muslim community, which like any other community wants its share of peace and progress. Above all, any polarisation on the mandir-versus-masjid issue and taking a stridently anti-Hindu stand may not necessarily benefit the BJP but it will certainly harm the Congress. The party that did practically nothing in 1992 to save the situation or in 2009 after the Liberhan Commission report has no credibility left.

Seshadri Chari is the former editor of ‘Organiser’. Views are personal.

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  1. Gaurakshak Harry saab:

    You bray:

    “.. treating animals like evolving human beings is good moral standard, far better than Nehru secularism , which refuses to address the pain that human inflict on animals. So cow slaughter ban is good start ..”

    For your kind information, beef, i.e. the meat of cows is eaten by upper caste Hindus in Kerala, Dalits, Muslims, Christians, tribals etc. Indeed, in much of the North East, beef is eaten as it is a cheap source of protein that keeps the poor well-nourished. Want to stop that Mr Harry? You need to understand that diet in India is a function of class, caste, religion and region. Thus, the otherwise strictly vegetarian Bengali Brahmin would still eat fish – something an Iyengar like Seshadri Chari would never do. Or comprehend.

    But there is another massive hypocrisy that Godse worshipping Hindutva fascists like you need to explain. Care to explain why the anti-cow slaughter obsessed BJP continues to promote the leather sector through PM Modi’s flagship Make in India initiative? From the webpage of Make in India at you can read that:

    – The Leather industry in India is among the top 10 foreign exchange earners for India.
    – India’s export of Leather and Leather Products for the period April – August 19 – 20 touched USD 2276.39 Mn.
    – The Leather industry in India is an employment-focused industry, providing jobs to about 4.42 Mn people.

    So Mr Harry, why not shut down this lucrative industry which surely entails killing cows and hand it over to India’s competitor Pakistan ? Why not increase the already abysmal unemployment figures of the Modi mismanaged economy by adding another 4.42 million to it ? In any case, most people who work in leather are Dalits, lower castes and Muslims so that should delight you even more shouldn’t it ? Not treating Muslims and Dalits as equals would surely be better than Nehtru secularism wouldn’t it ?

    One final question Gaurakshak Harry saab: Could you please confirm that in keeping with your anti-cow slaughter and Hindutva ideology, you do not use leather products like shoes, belts, wallets and so on ?

    Additionally, as a Godse worshipping Hindutva

    • Small typo: The last sentence “.. Additionally, as a ..” was not meant to be there. Please ignore it. My apologies for the error.

    • the meat of cows is eaten by upper caste Hindus in Kerala, Dalits, Muslims, Christians, tribals etc.

      SO WHAT? these people also rape and kill others.

      Good example is Mopla uprising, when Moplas raped Kerala Hindu women and killed Kerala men. Keralite Hindus, who eat beef according to you, throw off their lungi and ran away. Do you think this behavior should be role model for humanity?

      Arya is best example of humanity. Most of these people except Dalits & tribal are worst example of humanity. In case of dalit and tribal they are doing it due to their ignorance. The upper caste Hindus you are mentioning are to use Christian term ” Beyond redemption”.

      It is possible to wake up sleeping person, but not possible to person who is awake but pretending to be sleeping. In that case Stick is the only option.

      If one is so obsessed with uplifting people in short duration, only choice is Stalinism, but even then it creates long term problems. So the only solution to uplift the people fiscally in harmony with nature is being harsh to activists, particularly Hindus activists, who are encouraging such behavior, while educating the rest. So mainstream Hindus should totally boycott such Hindus, who encourage others to be cruel to animals, who have done no harm to them.

      • Gaurakshak Harry:

        Most rapes in India occur in the gaurakshak belts of UP and MP, not in Kerala. Indeed, there is better registration and reporting of rape in Kerala making it seem that there are more instances of rape in that state.

        That factoid apart, one what basis do you claim that upper caste Hindus in Kerala, Dalits, Muslims, Christians, tribals etc. are involved in rape and that eating beef is the cause of it? Cow slaughter is legal in Kerala. It is also legal in West Bengal, Arunachal, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim. Do you have any statistics on rape from these states also ? Indeed, your bizarre theory of rape reminds me of another idiot Jitender Chattar, Haryana Khap Panchayat leader who also linked diet, more specifically eating “chowmein” to rape. Chattar said:

        “.. Chowmein leads to hormonal imbalance, evoking an urge to indulge in acts such as rape and sex. You also know the impact of chowmein, which is a spicy food, on our body ..”

        In any case, you have to get one fact into your gaurakshak skull: rape has nothing to do with diet. Most of the rapists of Muslims in the Godhra pogroms in 2002 or of Sikhs in the Delhi pogroms in 1984 were non-beef eating Hindus.

        You go on to bray:

        “.. mainstream Hindus should totally boycott such Hindus, who encourage others to be cruel to animals .. “

        Again, you need to get into your gaurakshak skull that more than 70% of Indians eat meat and that vegetarians are a minority in India – even among Hindus*. And meat – eating is on the rise, gaurakshaks like you and BJP IT Cell propaganda notwithstanding.

        Your upper caste arrogance manifests itself again when you explain Dalt & tribal beef eating as :

        “.. In case of dalit and tribal they are doing it due to their ignorance ..”

        You have little to be arrogant about Gaurakshak Harry. Indeed, your rants remind me of a quote from the Russian author Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) :

        “A man is like a fraction whose numerator is what he is and whose denominator is what he thinks of himself. The larger the denominator, the smaller the fraction.”

        1: The Myth of a Vegetarian in India, ref:
        2: The myth of the Indian vegetarian nation, ref:
        3: No, vegetarianism is not growing in India, ref:

        • “one what basis do you claim that upper caste Hindus in Kerala, Dalits, Muslims, Christians, tribals etc. are involved in rape and that eating beef is the cause of it? ”

          Looks like you are trying to put word in mouth. What I said is Keralites are and can not be not role models. The way you are arguing, one can also say that cannibalism is good, because many tribes in world were doing it.

          Keralites have always been backwoodsmen. The area was protected from marauding Turks by Tamils & Kannada people. It was British Gurkha troops that had to protect Kerala Hindus from Moplas, even though Hindus were larger in numbers.

          Your references to trying to prove many Indians are eating meat has as much value, as proving that many Indians commit rape & murder. We are talking about moving to higher level, not falling down to cesspool to placate some groups.

          You have failed to provide any scientific proof that human has soul, while animals don’t and therefore we should have empathy for human, but not animal. So absence of any such argument I can say you are speciesist like Jews, Christians & Muslims.

          • Gaurakshak Harry saab:

            You moo:

            “.. We are talking about moving to higher level, not falling down to cesspool to placate some groups ..”

            On what basis do you claim that one moves to a “higher level” – whatever the hell that is – by not eating meat?

            If you hold that belief, well, good for you – nobody has a right to question what you put on your plate. But clearly, 70% of Indians do not wish to follow you and they too should have the right to decide what to eat. Wthout the government or sanctimonious, overzealous Hindutvadis like you pontificating what people should eat.

            To reiterate: You have no bloody right to decide what others eat – or not eat. What is on my plate is none of your bloody business.

        • As I said before you seem to be of low culture, So I am not going to discuss with you, until you improve your culture and talk in civilized manner., without resorting to your secularist jihad, crusade or whatever the name you want to give to your tirades.

          • Gaurakshak Harry saab:

            Thank you for attesting that I am of “low culture”.

            At least I have some culture … Wish I could have said that of you ….

          • I am being charitable in telling you that you have low culture, in spite of the fact that you are more a langur than man.. So be happy with my compliment.

    • In lot of ways Chinese Buddhism is best of all Buddhist varieties. It follows strict vegetarian diet. They invented Tofu to encourage people to move away from meat eating, while still enjoying the test. So i appreciate them to make vegetarians fell that they are not left out of delicious taste. As evolved creature it is goal of human to make universe better.

      • Gaurakshak Harry: Your braying never ceases ! Now, the latest evidence of a brain suffering from mad cow disease make you rant:

        “.. Chinese Buddhism is best of all Buddhist varieties. It follows strict vegetarian diet ..”

        Of course, your bizarre claim flies in the face of everything we know about the pangolin and snake eating Chinese and the CORONA virus your Chinese friends have let loose on the world. Not to speak of the deadly violence your Chinese “vegetarian” friends have displayed in the border at Ladakh.

        And then we have your next ludicrous claim that vegetarians are somehow more highly evolved than those of us who eat meat, cf. your statement:

        “.. As evolved creature it is goal of human to make universe better ..”

        Well, Gaurakshak Harry saab, I now know that in you, one may have finally discovered Charles Darwin’s “missing link” !!

    • ” you do not use leather products like shoes,”

      Looks like you are not aware that Khadi Bhandar only sells what is called Ahinsak leather products, what it means they only use leather of naturally died animals. I am sure in future there will be more such products, as the idea of veganism grows more popular in west. India’s so called secularists will the ape west. They are only good at aping. Not developing new ideas.

      • Thanks for the response Gaurakshak Harry !

        You still dodge my queries:

        1. Should India shut down its leather industry ? Want to hand over this lucrative industry to India’s competitor Pakistan?

        2. Do you eschew leather products personally?

        I am sure you know to spell the term “hypocrisy” !

        • i will answer you once you have answered my question

          Good example is Mopla uprising, when Moplas raped Kerala Hindu women and killed Kerala men. Keralite Hindus, who eat beef according to you, throw off their lungi and ran away. Do you think this behavior should be role model for humanity?

          When you answer this question, you will get my answer. It will open of your eyes to your selective morality.

        • Kiili Jolsiyar,

          I have refused to go down to your level for making uncalled for comment. because i believe that abusing others or looking down upon them is not conducive of civil discussion or exchange of views.

        • Kiili Jolsiyar

          I understand your mentality. It is same as that of member of national Socialist German Workers party or slave owners. They look upon slaves or camp inmates as resources and couldn’t care less for the feeling of victims., the same way you look upon animals. You attitude comes from you being influenced by Judaic faith.

          One of the interesting book that I read is written by an ex-Auschwitz camp Inmate. He realized that camp represents our world. Every virtue and flaws are magnified in the camp. He then said:” now I realized how bad we were treating animals.”.

          This is the example of how awakening happens in people make them good person. People can learn without going through bad experience or they have to live through it. I hope humanity learns that and live in harmony with nature, without going through experience of concentration camps, gulags , torture chambers etc.

      • Your submission here is utter nonsense. You mean to say that the huge leather industries and businesses that we have in India are running only on the skins and other organs collected from the dead animals. Your narrow mindedness and limited and stubborn thinking has incapacitated you to see reason and correctness of things.

        • No you have not understood right. I am only talking about Khadi Bhandar. It is place where they sell Khadi cloths. This was brainchild of Gandhi.

          • Gaurakhsak Harry saab:

            Most people do not buy their clothes or footwear at Khadi Bhandar. Indeed, the Khadi Bhandar idea – though perhaps relevant in 1918 – has outlived its usefulness. Handmade stuff cannot produce the volumes needed by the masses of India and certainly not at the low price points that machine made mass production enables. Thus Khadi Bhandar products are niche products and cannot be the answer to today’s needs.

            As regards the “Ahinsak” leather products you allude to in your original comment, well, if you base your leather industry solely on that, expect Pakistan to thank you.

            But the fact remains that you want to shut down the lucrative leather industry merely because your upper caste sensibilities want that. Of course, not entirely surprising that well fed men upper caste men like you care two hoots about the millions of poor people who depend on the leather industry.

            Hypocrisy writ large Gaurakshak Harry saab.

        • Excellent comment Mr Murtada !

          Gaurakshak Harry saab lives in his own fantasy world. And although that is highly difficult, this joker knows even less about economics than the demonetiser in chief !

  2. Is Chari simply enjoying the spectacle of multiple mandir-masjid conflicts , with no thought of the socio-economic
    destruction that such meaningless movements will cause ? Or, is Hindu society itself in need of reform and modernization, the first time after Raja Ram Mohun Roy ?


  4. First you prove how come Maszid came into existence when MANDIR was there….
    There are many Proofs in public domain that many Congress and other parties Politicians are in Deep LOVE with PAKISTAN and It’s government….. Can you help in exposing the.
    So don’t try to prove something Stupidity….

  5. A bunch of UP savaranas do not represent all of Hinduism or India. They should be stopped from destroying the entire Republic and using hatred and fear to polarise voters to grab power. They have nothing constructive to offer to this country and should be sent back to the caves they have come from. Chari should introspect a bit as to what kind of idiot masters he is serving and why.

    • A bunch of UP savaranas do not represent all of Hinduism or India.
      Sagar you don’t represent Hinduism either. You are just a Taqiyya.

      • Going by your many bigoted, intolerant posts, one must conclude that you represent Hindutva Mr Harry. Not Hinduism.

        And Mr Sagar makes a wise observation – the intolerance of fascists like Mr Chari and yourself will tear India apart.

  6. Dear Mr Sheshadri Chari,

    One notes with a lot of trepidation – nay horror – that you seem to be an Iyengar version of Genghis Khan, Aurangzeb and Mullah Mohammad Omar put together. Whilst the first 2 are well known for their ruthlessness and intolerance, Mullah Mohammad Omar was less known. Whilst Mullah Omar was an illiterate Afghan Taliban commander in the Taliban, he was no less bloodthirsty and no less bigoted than Aurangzeb or Genghis Khan. But what these three bigots had in common was that they all tried to blow up the famous Bamyan Buddhas in Afghanistan. Genghis Khan and Aurangzeb failed whilst Mullah Omar succeeded in 2001.

    The Bamyan Buddhas were 2 giant statues of the Buddha carved out of the cliffs in the 6th century in Bamyan province in Afghanistan. The statues had stood there in Bamyan province for more than 1500 years and withstood the attacks of Genghis Khan, Aurangzeb and many other Muslim emperors. The Taliban, being fundamentalist Muslims regarded the statues as symbols of idolatry hence un-Islamic. They announced that they would be destroyed. Despite pleas from the international community – including India – these giant statues were finally blown up by Mullah Omar’s thugs using artillery fire and dynamite.

    Mr Chari – you are a Hindu version of these 3 intolerant Muslim bigots. A vegetarian and an Iyengar you may be, but you are no less fundamentalist and vicious than Mullah Mohammad Omar. Of course, as a veshti wearing, vibhuti adorned, white collar chap, you might not actually participate in the actual violence and destruction of mosques. Instead, like your fellow travellers Advani, Bal Thackeray, Jagdish Tytler, Adityanath, Narendra Modi etc. you would get the next generation of Hindutva thugs “kar sevaks 2.0” to carry out the destruction.

    I am not particularly superstitious. But I note that those who tried to blow up the Buddhas are vilified and have been swept away by the tides of history. The Taliban regime soon collapsed. Likewise, PM Indira Gandhi’s attack on the Golden Temple led to her own downfall and demise. Let us hope that the actions of bigots like Mr Sheshadri Chari and his friends in the RSS, the BJP and the wider Hindutva crowd do not sow the seeds of the destruction of India by destroying places of worship of Muslims, Christians and Sikhs.


      • Thank you Mr Murtada for the kind words !

        Alas, I belong to a tribe that believes in tolerance, democracy, freedom of speech, separation of powers and proper secularism. Sadly, my tribe is fast becoming extinct in Modistan err Adityanathisthan !

        • Please don’t worry like this, I get very inspired from your posts that reflect the all essential traits required for the survival of humanity. Together and with multitudes like us, we will ensure by our sincere and honest strivings that these traits do not get extinct.

          • Glad to note that at least a few persons agree with my desire to retain the little democracy that is left in India and indeed to reverse this descent into barbarism.

            Thanks for the words of encouragement Mr Murtada. India needs the faith democracy that people like you bring to the table.

    • A very long comment, would you recommend the Bamiyan budhhas be reconstructed or left to be forgotten by the next generation?

      • Mr Sagar: Thanks for the response.

        There have been some tentative efforts to rebuild the Buddhas in Bamyan but none have come to fruition. Meanwhile, replicas of the Buddhas have sprung up in Sarnath in India, Sri Lanka, Poland etc. As of today, a Chinese donated projector is used to cast the image of the Buddha in the recesses of the hill where they once stood.

        Afghanistan is still under the grip of the Taliban and they are coming back with a vengeance. Any reconstruction of the Buddhas there will surely meet the same fate under the Taliban. A less known fact is that the Taliban hired engineers from Pakistan and some Arabs to dynamite the structure, see ref:

        Over the years, the statues must have witnessed quite a bit of violence and carnage in Afghanistan. As the Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf said:

        “.. perhaps the Buddhas could take no more .. Even a statue can be ashamed of witnessing all this violence and harshness happening to these innocent people and, therefore, collapse ..”

    • Genghis Khan did not killed out of religious or racial hatred. He did killing as part of retaliation against Khwarazmian shah’s execution of his ambassdor. it was not like destroying Al-Al-Uzi & Al-Manat temple.

  7. Mr Seshadri should just pick up his crowbar and pickaxe and proceed to the two destination with sufficient manpower. He should stop posturing. After all his party is in power in Centre and State. Judiciary can and has been managed.

  8. You should not go ahead with it. it will create further disharmony in an already tense atmosphere. we should concentrate on communal harmony and development. The mandate for the govt. is not for correcting historical wrongs. for nation’s sake let the past go.

  9. Seshadri, stop posturing, , pick up your crowbar and pickaxe and carry on to these two destinations with the manpower you can undoubtedly muster. You have your Govt in both State and Centre. Judiciary is in your pocket. What is stopping you ?

  10. Of course it will not stop here, eventually BJP will pick up another one now. “Large number of assertiveness in hindu” look at the sentence this is it self a provocation, Hindu or correctly SANATAN DHARAM philosophy was based on truth, love and compassion that is why no invaded power abled to defeat this and despite many centuries of GULAMI we were still stood firm. But soon we will no different and become a religion of hate and distructive.

  11. Unnao and Kathua is not the end of BJP’s political patronage for rapists.. there’s Hathras and Balrampur too!!

  12. Totally authoritarian and communal.
    How long this course correction will last? By that time as a NATION we all will be destroyed, if not dead.

    • Yes. Dhyan karne per pata chala ki:

      They are good. Just like the prophet & his henchmen were good. Destruction of Al-Lat, Al-Uzi & Al-Manat shrine was act of Allah.

      I like Christ’s saying that Those who live by sword shall die by sword. So in case of Muslims those who live by vandalism, one of the latest being Bamiyan Buddha, will die by Vandalism. Muslims should realize their mistake and leave Islam.

      • Mr Harry: Inspired presumably by the ghar wapasi ideology of your Godse worshipping Hindutva friends, you bray:

        “.. Muslims should realize their mistake and leave Islam..”

        I suggest though the following for you:

        “You should realise your mistake, stop being a fascist and leave the Hindutva ideology”

          • Mr Harry:

            Thank you for your response and for confirming that you will remain a fascist bigot and a Nazi for the rest of your pathetic life. Unfortunately for you, Islam is bound to be around when you kick the bucket.

            And whilst you and your lumpen, Godse worshipping ilk go about destroying the very idea of a democratic, tolerant India where people of all faiths, persuasions and ethnicities can live together in peace, you are blissfully oblivious to the economic and social carnage taking place around you.

            Let us hope that the history of India is not re-written by the aggressive Chinese. A resurgent COVID pandemic, an economic meltdown and the social breakdown of India are all vulnerabilities that any external aggressor would take advantage of. But clearly all this bad news is ir-relevant for you Mr Harry and your gomutra swilling, itchy-testicled gaurakshak mentors as long as you get to hound and harass innocent Muslims.

            The fact that even educated men like you allow yourselves to be fooled by semi-literate Hindutva politicians reminds me of a quote from the Italian philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527):

            “One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived”

          • Unfortunately for you, Islam is bound to be around when you kick the bucket.

            LOL. Good joke. Thanks Kili Jolysiar.

          • Kili Jolsiyar

            It is interesting that an educated man like yourself believe that world is 6000 to 7000 years old and human has soul but animals don’t. when science has proved that human is just highest form of animal and so logically neither human or animals have soul or alternatively both of them have soul.

            Therefore treating animals like evolving human beings is good moral standard, far better than Nehru secularism , which refuses to address the pain that human inflict on animals. So cow slaughter ban is good start, in the same way as western prohibition of dog or cat meat , even though it may violate rights of people from east Asia living in west.

    • Exactly. It’s time that BJP stop flogging the dead horse of temple politics.

      Modi’s legacy as India’s greatest reformer is at stake.

      • Mr Sheshanth: Whilst I agree with the thrust of your post, I do not agree with your view that Modi is “India’s greatest reformer”.

        PM Modi is more a performer at tamashas for NRIs in foreign countries than a reformer. The economy of the country was in shambles before the COVID pandemic; the country has lost territory to the Chinese; corruption is still rampant; smart Gujaratis are moving capital to foreign countries; foolish moves like demonetisation and GST broke the back of the informal economy; the unity of the country is being weakend by appeals to religious identity and strife based on religious identity, press freedoms are gone and the judiciary is no more independent – to name a few of Modi’s “reforms”.

        Truly sad that educated people like you do not see past the headlines, hype and hoopla to read the dismal writing on the wall.

        • Your comment is not surprising and nobody expects otherwise. It is as futile as expecting Hitler to praise Jews.

          • Mr Harry: Assuming that you have the intellectual wherewithal to rebut my comment using facts, may I suggest that you go ahead and write something more substantive ? That might entail having to stop thinking like a typical Godse worshipping, gomutra swilling UP gaurakshak i.e. you may have to remove your hands from your itchy groins and type out a reply rebutting the economics, the politics and the social issues that I fault here.

            Good luck gaurakshakji !

          • Kili Jolsiyar
            “Assuming that you have the intellectual wherewithal to rebut my comment using facts ”

            That is problem with you guys. Your mind is closed and keys thrown out. Like your belief that Mohammed was last prophet, so Islam is final no change is acceptable.

            I am smart enough not to waste my time in futile attempt to keep rebuting your comment.. You probably have unlimited time, I don’t.

            I admire our Jaishankar for refusing to waste his time with Pramila Jayapal, the Keralite woman in US. Keralite are good at talking nonsense like Krishna Menon wasted so much time at UN championing China and got shock of his life when China attacked.

          • Mr Harry:

            Thanks for the response.

            Alas, you are barking up the wrong tree. I am a Hindu – albeit a lapsed one. I am a Hindu but I am certainly not a fascist, Godse worshipping, Hindutva supporter like you and your gaurakshak friends. But then, your ilk will probably not understand the distinction between Hinduism, an ancient religion and Hindutva the political ideology that professes to represent Hinduism. Just as terrorist bin Laden and his Al Qaeda did not represent true Islam, Golwalkar, Savarkar, Adityanath and Narendra Modi who espouse Hindutva do not represent Hinduism. Therein lies the major distinction between your viewpoint and mine.

            I dislike the fundamentalist, intolerant aspects of every religion, Islam included. Yes, there are innumerable challenges posed by the religious diversity of India. One has witnessed Sikh separatism in the 80s and 90s; Islamic ethnic cleansing in Kashmir; predatory, anti-Hindu missionary activity by Christian evangelicals; pogroms where Hindus have attacked Sikhs (1984) and Muslims (latest in 2002). And mind you, fault lines in India do not occur solely on the basis of religion but also on the basis of caste, language, ethnicity etc.

            But the major problem in India today is the violent, fascist ideology called Hindutva that threatens to widen the many dormant fissures and fault lines in this vast country called India. Unlike Hindutvadis like you, I firmly believe in separation of religion from the state, democracy, rule of law, free speech and human rights. Admittedly, all these have been under steady erosion since the ascent of PM Ms Gandhi and accelerated erosion under pogromwala Narendra Modi.

            Hindutvadis like you forget a fundamental fact about India – India is not a country that consists of parts or regions that have voluntarily come together and forged the nation we call India. On the contrary, India consists of parts and regions that are held together – often by military force. That is not the case in say Switzerland where French, German, Italian and Romansch regions have willingly come together to form the country. The various regions of Switzerland are not held together by force. Likewise, despite separatist movements in French speaking Québec in Canada, referendums in Québec have indicated a desire to stay in a united Canada. Want a referendum in Kashmir or Punjab Mr Harry ?

            The fact that India is not a “natural” nation means that nation building is a never ending activity in India. And you cannot build a stable, strong and united nation when you base it on majoritarianism, in this case religious majoritarianism with overtones of fascism to boot.

            That Mr Harry is my limited point !

          • Kili jolsiyar,

            If you are Hindu then you are ignorant of your own country’s history and what happened in this last thousand years. . In that case I will have to use Mozart’s expression to a lady who asked him about Music. He said ” Lady if you don’t know music i can not explain it to you”.

            so if you are Hindu I wouldn’t waste my breath to educate you.

            You can help a fallen guy to rise up but if a guy is determined to fall best thing is move out of his way and let him fell. One has to live through experience. So to get the experience you have to move to Pakistan or Kashmir valley and then tell your experience. but, I have no desire to share that experience.

        • You summed up very well, Kili Jolsiyar, the “accomplishments” of the Modi regime since 2014 which the Indian citizens had never seen before since the Independence. Whatever little is left to accomplish will be done in the remaining period and then the PM can shave off his beard coolly signifying the mission, “Destruction of India”, accomplished. It’s really a matter of great worry that the so-called educated persons too do not have a level of common sense that of an unlettered person. The unquantifiable damage done to the country especially during the past over six years had been mainly due to such educated persons.

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