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From the time of Babri Masjid and Ram Mandir to CAA and NRC – the problem of Muslims in India has been one of finding the right ‘adjective’. The viral poet Hussain Haidry called himself a ‘Hindustani musalmaan’. Former diplomat Syed Shahabuddin ran a journal called Muslim India in the 1980s against political pressure to say ‘Indian Muslim’ instead. Now, Asaduddin Owaisi and thousands of Muslim protesters are tagging themselves to the Constitution while debating NRC, CAA and the Delhi riots. The prefixes and adjectives may change, but the burden of patriotism for Muslims in India has not.

Owaisi said in the Lok Sabha: “Please don’t radicalise us. We don’t want to join ISIS. We are fighting them. We will die saving the Constitution. We hold the Constitution dear to us. Seventeen crore Muslims will lay down their lives. If possible, we will build our graves over here. But we will not allow the carnage to continue.” He was talking in the context of the Delhi riots.

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Muslims of India, by choice

Four years ago, another Muslim, poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar stood up in the Rajya Sabha to give his farewell speech, and saw it fit to attack Owaisi to assert his loyalty to India: “Ek sahib hain jinhe khayal hai ki voh national leader hain, hala ki hakikat yeh hai ki voh Hindustan ki ek state Andhra ke ek sheher Hyderabad main ek mohalle ke leader haiUnhone yeh kaha hai ki voh Bharat Mata Ki Jai nahin kahenge (There is a gentleman here who calls himself a national leader but is actually the leader of a locality in Hyderabad. He has refused to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai).” Akhtar then proceeded to say that declaring ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ was not merely his duty but his right, before thumping the table and shouting it thrice.

Even before this, in 2008, yet another Muslim leader, Omar Abdullah felt compelled to present his own patriotic credentials to the people of India. In a speech during the no-confidence motion on the US-India nuclear deal, he said famously: “I am a Muslim and I am an Indian. I see no distinction between the two…The enemies of Indian Muslims are not the Americans and the enemies of Indian Muslims are not ‘deals’ like this. The enemies of Indian Muslims are the same enemies that all the poor people of India face—poverty, hunger, unemployment, lack of development, and the absence of a voice.”

All the wonderful words that so-called secular Indians faithfully produce whenever they are questioned about where the loyalties of Muslims lie. Even now, 72 years after Independence, Muslims, celebrated or not, rich or poor, on screen or in legislatures, in poetry or in prose, are constantly asked to produce a certificate of their nationalism.

Forget the Citizenship (Amendment) Act or the nationwide National Register of Citizens. Much before they were a gleam in the eyes of the Narendra Modi government, we, the ordinary Indians, the aam aadmis and aurats, were conducting our own version of the Tebbit test, unmindful of the plain fact of history: as Harsh Mander has pointed out, Muslims are Indians by choice while Hindus are Indians only by chance.

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Good and bad Muslim

We have also accepted, over the years, a binary: the ‘good Muslim’ and the ‘bad Muslim’. Through countless movies and innumerable prime time television news shows, we have been given to understand that there are two kinds of Muslims.

One who aids, abets and carries out terror attacks, with the ultimate aim of breaking India. This Muslim is usually a firm believer in Islam, and therefore a ‘bad Muslim’. Then there is the other kind of Muslim, the ‘good Muslim’ who is almost a Hindu, whether in the way s/he practises his/her religion or eats his/her food or celebrates his/her festivals. The ‘good Muslim’ has to constantly distance themselves from the ‘bad Muslim’. No such division is in place for any other religion.

So, Muslims have been voluntarily proclaiming allegiance to India ever since the Partition of India on religious grounds, whether in popular culture like Bollywood films, in poetry or in speeches delivered in Parliament. In current times, says author Natasha Badhwar, we are seeing this performative patriotism on the streets of India in anti-CAA rallies and demonstrations and at the 400+ sit-in protests, most of them led by Muslim women all over India. All of them swear by the Constitution and sing the national anthem with pride.

Movies have sold the ‘good Muslim’ to us with almost missionary zeal. The secular Akbar of Mughal-e-Azam (1960) and the pious figure of Khan Sahab—the pucca musalman of Zanjeer (1973)—worked well for Congress’s nation-building project then. But with the coming of the BJP and the ‘New India’ project, it was replaced with the binary of the good and bad Muslim, notes historian Hilal Ahmed of Centre for the Study of Developing Societies. So, there was the barbaric Alauddin Khilji of Padmaavat (2018) and the brave nationalist Captain Khalid Rahmani of RAW desperate to wipe out his father’s great betrayal in War (2019) to suit the BJP’s Hindutva-driven nationalism.

Muslim leaders and public figures have had to adjust themselves with these conflicting notions of Muslim presence. That is the reason why there are significant differences in patriotic expressions of Muslim leaders, Hilal Ahmed notes.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad declared himself a nationalist by adjusting his Islamic identity within the framework of Jawaharlal Nehru’s unity-in-diversity thesis. Asaduddin Owaisi is an extension of Azad’s position. Instead of Nehru, he invokes the Constitution to express his patriotism. On the contrary, Arif Mohammad Khan embraces the BJP’s Hindutva nationalism to assert his reformist/nationalist Islamic identity, arguing that anything less would be a surrender to a colonial mentality of divide and rule.

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Indian or Muslim?

Ask most Muslims, and they will tell you that it’s not merely politicians who have to constantly prove their patriotism. It extends to every aspect of the daily life of every Muslim in India. As lawyer and author Saif Mahmood points out: “We have always liked a particular type of Indian Muslim—one who publicly calls himself a believer in the ‘Ganga Jamuna’ culture and asserts his Indian identity by categorically ousting all references to his religion. The classic ‘Hindustani musalman’ has no space for Muslims who seek to assert their religious identity. An acceptable ‘Hindustani musalman’ on the street must, at regular intervals, diss Pakistan and make public declarations against terrorism to show allegiance to his country. He must also assure his country fellows that he celebrates Diwali, plays Holi, and gets a rakhi tied by a Hindu sister who knows nothing about his religion. While he must do everything to prove that he is making proactive efforts to integrate into the majority’s culture, the majority is free to ask him every single year if the Eid he is celebrating is ‘meethi’ Eid or ‘bakri’ Eid.” Like the police officer played by Rajat Kapoor in Anubhav Sinha’s Mulk, he must be the ‘good Muslim’, the ‘sarkari musalman’ who ensures the ‘bad Muslim’ (the young terrorist) doesn’t get away.

The cycle seems to be never-ending. And perhaps it will take someone to break the wheel. Hussain Haidry wrote a highly regarded poem Hindustani Musalmaan, which went viral in 2017. He says perhaps this time around, instead of him answering what his identity as Indian Muslim is—a question that he knows the answer to, but now categorically refuses to answer or explain after 72 years of democracy in a secular country—his allies from the majority religion should collectively ask the Modi government this very question in the first place.

He adds: “I keep wondering how to ask for equality and justice in my own country. As an Indian or as a Muslim? I ask because in the past few months—from the passing of the CAA to the protests against it, from the ‘communal riots’ to the deaths in the violence—both my identities are menacingly shuffled as per the convenience of the propaganda machines and the government. The CAA coupled with the NRC refuses to recognise me as an Indian and discriminates against me as a Muslim.” Haidry says the propaganda against anti-CAA-NRC-NPR protests refuses to see him as an Indian and sees him as a “jihadi”. He is not seen as an Indian but a “gaddar” who needs to be “goli maro-ed”. And then, if he dies, the minister-in-charge suddenly stops calling him a Muslim altogether—”erases the identity which is the very cause of my death”—and calls me an Indian and nothing else, Haidry says.

This is what the Modi-Amit Shah government and the majority of this country have done to Muslims, stripped them of their dignity and their certainty. All we can do is ask for proof, in certificates and sentiments, so that we can measure their Indian-ness against arbitrary and invisible standards. Which is why, Harsh Mander says to The Print, “I tell Muslims wherever I go, please don’t give anyone the right to ask about your love and loyalty.” Not now, not ever.

The author is a senior journalist. Views are personal.

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    • In India everyone is equal by Constitution of India. There should not be any previliages given to one minority group over another group. So change your thinking in New India and days are gone when Congress gave you rights for vote bank. Muslims should think they are Indian and say Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Jay Hind.

  1. Whilst I totally repudiate the personal attacks on the journalist who wrote this article, I must vehemently object to her obfuscation of facts and realities on the ground in India. The failure for Muslims to integrate is squarely a bye product of the leadership and their own overly zealous community, who prioritize Islamic Values over the values of Citizenship of this Republic. So it’s particularly ironic to see these very zealots using the language of the Constitution of India as their prop! In a way, it’s smart, attracting the global attention in a non threatening (ie no Islamic) manner whilst playing the victim for their own choices of segregation based on values from mainstream India. It’s no secret how extensive the brainwashing of Muslim children is and this journalist must look deeper at the roots of the “identity crisis” these children face when they grow up. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”!

    • What the f**k are ‘values of mainstream India’? Let someone first explain to me what that means and how it is being claimed as a standard value system prevalent across the length and breath of India, and then tomtom their claim of being a majority.
      India is a continent of many minorities and Muslims are just one of those minorities. The earlier we accept this demographic reality the faster will be the healing process of a wonded nation.

  2. When several hindu kashmiris were thrown out from there land and kashmiri musalman raised jihadi slogans where were you my dear?
    When cong govt gunned several muslims to death in Bhagalpur riots where was your Voice
    My dear?
    Secularism does not mean appeasement of muslims which cong govt did for last years.
    When Aimim netas raises slogans of communal like Waris Pathan why do not you speak my dear?

  3. BJP isn’t there in MANY places where Muslims are massacaring thousands of other Muslims. The writer is is probably innocent and has failed to notice

  4. Hindutva and human rights can’t coexist. Time for another partition of India. One for Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Lefties and another for lunatic Hindutva fanatics.
    Hindus are destroying a once tolerant nation. Shame on them!

    • NO, You are wrong. We already had that partition in 1947 and now only partition we need is partition of muslims from partitioned land we call India. Muslims are free to leave and join their own kinds in 55 plus so called “muslim ummah” nations. Muslims can’t live in a country with laws, please go away leave India alone.

    • You deserve to be treated like China is dealing ,or Myanmar has kicked you have the problems with Buddhist,Sikhs, Christian,ahmedias, Shias, Hindus,& even with in yourself like Syria, afganistan,Iran,Iraq,Kenya,Somalia,libiya, Sudan, turkey ,lebnan, Palestine & every one, you are the greatest theat than corona to world peace & order.Eventually you will endup with your own burden.

    • When several hindu kashmiris were thrown out from there land and kashmiri musalman raised jihadi slogans where were you my dear?
      When cong govt gunned several muslims to death in Bhagalpur riots where was your Voice
      My dear?
      Secularism does not mean appeasement of muslims which cong govt did for last years.
      When Aimim netas raises slogans of communal like Waris Pathan why do not you speak my dear?

    • There are 85% peace loving, ordinary Muslims the bottom of the gutter kind like you who are most probably only studied in madrassa and don’t want to be part of a great nation,are so jahil that you despice the land you are born in shame on you people like you give all Indian Muslims a bad name

  5. I am Indian my name is Md Ali Hussain
    City Karimganj
    Po Lakshmi Bazar
    Viilges Sarul Bag
    Contact 7086435887

  6. My dear fellow Indian Mussalman brother ( blog writer )

    Every example you gave above has two sides of the coin
    Indian partition was based on religion
    Muslim state -Pakistan
    Hindu state – Hindustan
    You chose to remain here -good and courtesy Bapu GANDHI
    But u chose with ur ulterior motives and interests in mind to remain here.
    It was not that you loved Hindus or Hindustan
    Deeds of your fellow Muslim brothers is well known
    May be they are ten twenty percent
    They have spoiled ur living here – not Hindus
    Bharat mata ki JAI – you say no
    JAI hind – you say no
    Vande maatram – you say no
    Jan gan man you say – no
    You use Tirana in agitations As a protective shield
    Not that you love it
    Tell then – what is the harm if u have to say a few words to tell ur fellow brethren that
    You are truthful and loyal to ur country

  7. Let us imagine Muslims in India are 80% and non-Muslims are 20%. Can the author imagine what type of India would be? Can the readers of ThePrint comment what would be the face of India then and what would happen to 20% non-Muslims? Would the leftists, secularists and librandus be part of 80% or 20%?

  8. Who is this Kaveree??? She really has a screwed up brain and only this useless channel Print disxovers them. Hindustan is for Hindus and for Hindu culture. Muslims have history of trechery, rape, murder and loot. Owaisi is an opportunistic muslim, when his brother is out to kill Hindus, this SOB keeps quiet. When Waris Pathan talks terriorist language he keeps quiet. When Ratanlal and Ankit Sharma and scores of Hindus were killed, this Kaveree did not shed a tear. If her heart is bleeding for Rohingyas and other Muslims, she shall guide them to Pakistan. It was Jinnah who wanted a separate land for Muslims. Why all remaining Muslims did not go…. Simply because they were too poor to go anywhere. And this uneducated and poor lot remained in India. They did not choose India but they were forced to stay back because of their financial conditions. Kaveree you must have chosen to be a pig producing machine ( presuming you are a woman) irrespective of the fact if you can look after them or not. The illiterate, boorish lot which has stuck to Hindustan like a parasite is sucking Hindu blood. Kaveree you donot want shed a tear for Kashmiri Pandits, Hindus of Bangla desh and Pak but you are ready to occupy the road by causing innumerable hardship to people in the name of CA A. HM and PM have repeatedly said this act is not going to take away anybody’s citizenship and still you are squatting on the road to repeal the CAA. Your whole agenda is to have more mislims in India and then claim a separate land. But now it is not possible. Hindus have awakened and there will be a befitting reply. Don’t threaten us about ISIS. Our army will take care of them, in the meanwhile you be busy counting your dead rats

  9. Harsh Mandir is wrong ….Hindus are Naturally Indians…….whereas Muslims are Indians by chance or choice…whatever you say…

    And when there are good Muslims and bad Muslims in the society then what is the point of not accepting this…..after all indian Muslims are dreaming for Gazawa e hind even after getting Pakistan

  10. Why is providing refuge and citizenship to the persecuted minorities, who have fled neighboring Islamic States, an affront to Indian Muslims? Why have they chosen to fight against the rights of the persecuted? India has provided refuge to many peoples through history. Even the descendants of invaders have been absorbed. The motivations of those opposed to the CAA are very murky. They may claim they’re standing up for the Constitution but frankly the majority of Indians find this dubious and view their rhetoric of ‘Constitutionalism’ as useful propaganda for an Information Age to achieve other aims. The Article is misleading but I’m not too concerned, the veil has been lifted and most Indians are wiser to these ruses.

  11. This is a completely biased article .This article is a fine example of the basic hindu thought prevailing in the mind of a liberal and accomodating hindu. In the past history we see hindus were regularly defeated and subjugated for centuries. They were percecuted in their own country due to this thought only. In the past history we see whenever hindus were in power their attitude towards their enemies was coloured by this thought. They always showed large heartedness towards their enimies, even forgiving them and that proved fatal for them. These types of hindus are selfish because they never cared for their upcoming generations. Every culture wants to perpetuate itself by taking care of coming generations so their generations can leave peacefully. But the writer and her likes are no where concerned about this. By writing these types of caculated articles they are revelling themselves in the present. They are shamelessly unaware of the future of hindus and the great hindu civilisation in india. It can be said widh 100 percent certainty that muslims are 100 percent safe in a hindu majority india but reverse is not true .The plight of present day hindus in pakistan is a clear example this. Muslims in india should come in the mainstream of india.They should not be misled by this type of articles and feal discouraged.

    • From which Pakistani hindu u asked this?
      They are not safe who told u
      In India u see mob lynching who did this?
      Who force Muslim to say hindu chants?
      First survey all then tell here
      Who burnt Muslim when a hindu girl and Muslim boy loved each other?
      Who the hell were they?

  12. More sickular nonsense from this old warhorse of journalism. As long as the Muslims think that their Ummah is more important than the country they live in, they will be looked at with suspicion in every country where they are not in majority. Why were there slogans of “Azadi cheen lenge” in Shaheen Bag. Azaadi from Indfa? Doesn’t it tell that at least some Muslims want one more Pakistan?

  13. An idiotic, foolish explanation of how Muslims are feeling now and how they have to prove themselves Everytime without even understanding the history and pattern they have been following in the globe religion politics.
    This author whoever he is needs to be given dose of reality…

    Every libtard lectures the Hindus that the Muslims are Indians by choice and Hindus by chance. But why is it that the Muslims were given multiple choices and Hindus got none? They first opted and voted for Pakistan and then stayed back in India, why ? If they loved India and the Hindus ,why they made Pakistan? Millions of people massacred, why? The Muslims declared that they cannot live with the Hindus as they were a separate nation, so why they are living with the Hindus?

  14. This wonderful written article has reflected the situation and perception of Muslim in India periferally. One truth is that constitution give respect to all citizen including Muslims in India but with rider of Directive principles where Muslim can easily be targeted whenever it is needed. Problems starts here. Question is why Muslim is left so vulnerable? Muslim in India got so much economically to servive, even without reservation like SC & ST, that they love mother land. What they basically need is respect from certain section of Hindu society as well. Things will be alright then. By and large Muslims in India is happy with their financial status because Islam only want them to be honest and devoted to Allah with His five times prayer and have no more worldly desire. So obviously no complaint from them for their financial status here, they are happy where and how they are. But when they are targeted in the name of religion and any actual interference in their belief, they got panic and start seeing Islam is not safe among Hindu India. Piece of directive principles or anything like that on paper doesn’t bother Muslims in India they are happy with their religion and no complaint. But when you try to interfere in their faith even in the name of reform it shake them from inside. This fear in Muslim further alarm Hindus in India particularly to certain section of it. Solution is let Muslim live in India the way they are happy with their religion. Basically they are so attached to their religious beliefs that Islam act as opium for them. But when you disturb their slumber be ready to face angry resentment. Muslim in India is different from muslims in Islamic countries in this respect. They have no political or financial demand exception is kasmiri muslims. Accordingly you need to amend directive principles and refrain from any such legislation. Majority Muslims in India is coming from background of SC, ST and OBC Hindus yet they live happily without financial reservation because they are so attached to their religious beliefs where worldly desire has no meaning. Yet certain section of people complaint about appeasementand abuse muslims. It is politicians who do so or do not like to be done so. Muslims in India in fact does not want this. You ask Indian Muslims to choose between freedom of religion and financial support. They will happily choose religious freedom till they have three squire of meal. So matters ends here. But my RSS brothers want their religious freedom also be interfered invoking directive principles, then we want to disturb the fabric of our nation which is otherwise easily avoidable. Number of questions will arise then: whether partition was correct, whether land and assets of India were porpotionally divided between Hindus and Muslim at the time of so-called partition so that they live as a separate nations if they can’t co-exist together at all and, if so, why muslims were allowed to remain in India, whether Muslims were tricked or cheated by political class of both sides including RSS from outside for their vested personal interest and so on. Because another questions arise is that why only partition of Punjab, Sindh or Bengal? Is it India/Bharat/Hindustan only constitute these three cultural states? Certainly not, then why other cultural native of India were forced or desired by political class to go to Pakistan leaving their century old culture behind and live with Punjabi, Sindhi and Bengali as second class citizens? Don’t it is injustice to one’s culture because culture takes generation to be forgotten. You can change your belief easily but can’t so your culture and language. Religion creates loose boundary but culture has distinct boundary. Europe is a classic example, despite one religion they are divided culturally on basis of language. Later on Islam replaces Christianity there in one or more country but not culture. See culture of one Muslim country is different from other Muslim country. So at the end I say by famous quote “Let the sleeping giant sleep”. Please don’t disturb we peaceful citizen of India for the sake of humanity.
    Adv. Shakil Akhtar
    Ch. No. 82, A. K. Sen Block, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.
    Mobile: 9717214471; 9711857141.

  15. Dear all, we must understand the ideology, policy and undercurrents. It was Jinnah, who in 1946 has said,
    “Mang kay lengey Pakistan aur cheen kay lengey Hindustan”. That is being now put to implementation. For this whole fiasco and mess, it is Gandhiji and Nehru who are to be blamed. Additionally, Muslims all over world are responsible for unrest, it their religious literature responsible for this. No doubt, this sect of society has remained undeveloped and poor I most parts of this world but they are themselves responsible for it. Muslims if want to prosper, they need to introspect and correct their religious teachings and practices.

  16. If Indian Muslims love India and Hindus and secularism then why 96% of Undivided Indian Muslims voted for creation of Islamic Pakistan and erased Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan side but why they stayed in India , because nobody want to loose their land and home and business until some body puts a knife on their throat , Hindus and Sikhs wants to love In Pakistan but they were killed and chased away but in India , Gandhi and Nehru prevented their mascare and gave them special provisions, but when Muslims saw an opportunity in Kashmir in 1990 they wiped out Kashmiri Hindus , this will goes on as Muslim population attains just over 50% , till then Muslims will play victim card and safeguard themselves with the help of congress and other secularists .

  17. There are just too many Muslims who take the Quran literally… and too many others who couldn’t care less about the violence done in the name of Islam.

  18. Every libtard lectures the Hindus that the Muslims are Indians by choice and Hindus by chance. But why is it that the Muslims were given multiple choices and Hindus got none? They first opted and voted for Pakistan and then stayed back in India, why ? If they loved India and the Hindus ,why they made Pakistan? Millions of people massacred, why? The Muslims declared that they cannot live with the Hindus as they were a separate nation, so why they are living with the Hindus?

    • Brother Muslims don’t made Pakistan. In fact we also don’t want to make Pakistan. In actual Britishers made that.

  19. This is a well-crafted article by a master writer. The problem is that it continues to propagate the canard of Hindu prejudice and Muslim innocence and victimhood. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that Muslims are more safe, protected and cared for than almost all countries of the world, including the countires where Islam is the State Religion. In fact, Muslims have special protections in India where so many people feel vulnerable and unprotected. The Muslim leadership simply will not accept that EQUAL RIGHT and EQUAL PROTECTION BEFORE THE LAW are ultimately the best guarantee of Muslim well-being in India. The insistence on special privileges only corrodes the affection that most Indians, including nearly all Hindus, have for their individual relationships with their Muslim friends and neighbors. The nature of India as an Indic Civilization with a dominant Hindu culture is the best possible protection for Muslims in India. But this truth will be vehemently denied and opposed by Muslim leaders. So, the ugly dance of communalism will continue, egged on by vested interests of Muslim Leaders.

    The author enthusiastically quotes a Muslim saying ” the CAA coupled with the NRC refuses to recognise me as an Indian and discriminates against me as a Muslim.” This is an example of utter prejudice, communalism, short-sightedness and yes, anti-nationalism. Please, please see that.

  20. Gracefully acceptance has only come from the Hindus unfortunately. Otherwise, their population wouldn’t have grown since independence. Compare it with brethren who also gained independence same time. Though many of the Muslims are forward thinking in spite of what they have been taught in their religion, majority of them are radicalized right from their childhood through the teachings of their religion. They see other communities through the prism of what their holy book says and you can’t change that. Look at any country that is ruled by Muslims. Except for a couple of countries all others follow Shariat law as a way of life. Have a survey with all our fellow Muslim citizens whether they prefer Shariat law or our constitution, You will know what the outcome of the survey will be.

  21. A very important factor which is making it almost impossible for Hindu-Muslim unity to become an accomplished fact is that the Muslim cannot confine their patriotism to any one country. I had frankly asked the Muslims whether in the event of any Mohammedan power invading India, would they [Muslims] stand side by side with their Hindu neighbours to defend their common land or join the invaders. I was not satisfied with the reply I have obtained from them… Even such a man as Mr. Mohammed Ali has declared that under no circumstances is it permissible for any Mohammedan, whatever be his country, to stand against any Mohammedan…… Tagore

  22. Indian leaders chose the path of inclusiveness to combat communal clashes. Without this wise approach, the vengeance of the Hindu who was vanquished for centuries in his own motherland could have caused immense bloodshed. Imagine a Muslim population whose places of worship are attacked and destroyed for centuries, whose holies are repeatedly insulted for generations and then they rise to freedom and power! What massacres of revenge will you expect? DAWN

  23. All Modi bhakts wailing…tracing patterns all the way back to Aurangzeb. LOL. Wont change the truth. Kudos to Kaveri Bamzai

  24. आप कमेंट मांग रहे हैं ,अब अच्छा है या बुरा पर सच है उसे छापने में भी नखरे ,इस मानसिकता से बाहर आकर पारदर्शिता की पत्रकारिता करने की हिम्मत रखीये । जनता जनार्दन सब समझती है।

  25. सबसे पहले तो आप जैसे मीडिया घरानों के कार्यों पर वितृष्णा होती है ,जो अपनी टीआरपी के लिये कभी किसी के सामने गिरे पड़े नजर आते हैं या सामाजिक समरसता के स्थान पर नफरत के बीज बोते हैं। आम भारतीय (किसी भी धर्म ,जाति इत्यादि) को रोटी कपड़ा मकान से चोथी चीज की जरुरत नहीं है ।उसे उलझाने और भड़काने मे मजहबंऔर सियासत के ठेकेदारों के साथ साथ मीडिया भी अपनी जबावदेही से नहीं बच सकती ।

    अल्पसंख्यकों , बहुसंख्यकों, समुदाय विशेष इत्यादि के नाम पर पहले आग लगाओ ,घी डालो ,फिर मातमपुर्सी करो ।इस लेख के लेखक से दो सवाल :
    १ जहां भी इस तरह के दंगे होते हैं जरा ढूंढ कर बता उसमें कितने नेता या धर्म गुरु मरे ,? २,आम आदमी मरता है ,उसी का सब कुछ लुटता है क्यों? ३ कितने मीडिया घरानों के मालिक या उनके कर्मचारियों को मारा गया इन दंगों में??
    लेख लिखने और उसे छापने के लिए सस्ती लोकप्रियता पाने का ढोंग बन्द कर समाज को बांटने की कोशिश से हट आपस में पुल बनाने वाले लेख लिखने और छापने का काम करें तो देशवासियों का भला होगा ।
    अगर लेखक एक उंगली इधर करता है तो तीन उंगलियां उस पर भी उठेंगी।बात चलती है तो दूर तक जाती है।मीडिल ईस्ट और उत्तरी अफ्रीका में कोन किसको मार रहा है ?और क्यों? वो इस लेखक को नजर नहीं आता है क्या? ,क्या मुसलमान कांग्रेस का बंधुआ मजदूर हैं ? पाकिस्तान को किसलिए बनाया ?और क्यों? सदियों से साथ रहे तो आगे भी रह सकते थे ,साथ रहते तो दुनिया की बहुत बड़ी ताकत होते ? दुर्भाग्य से इस सडी मानसिकता से ग्रस्त लोग खुद अपने ,सामाज और देश के दुश्मन है।

  26. An average muslim may be a good person or as good or bad as an average hindu.
    What I can not appreciate and will resist muslims like Owaisi brothers, Waris pathan, /sharjeel Imam and his likes, irrespective of what you write, kaveri.

  27. Directly came to comments.

    Bin qasim plundered thousands.
    Ghouri plundered thousands
    Ghazni plundered thousands
    Taimur plundered lakhs
    Babar plundered lakhs
    Aurangzeb plundered lakhs
    Mooplah riots thousands plundered
    Direct action thousands plundered

    These are heros of Indian muslim.

    They ask their ancestors are buried in kabars and they need paperwork.

    Unfortunately below these kabars is our Indian heritage not one but 30000 of them.

    La illa illah means submit to allah as the only god which is threat to secularism.

    These are all facts not some myth or hypothesis which auth Would like us to believe.

    • Sir,
      I entirely agree over above names.
      Did in Ramayan, humans were not killed?
      Did in Mahabhara,humans were not killed?
      Did Ashoka not kill humans in Kalinga?
      Did Chandragupta not kill humans in fight against Nanda rulers?
      Did Kushans and Huns invassions not kill humans?
      Was not Budha made to feel tortured by peiestly class? His religion is more practised out of India than in Inddia because of Brahmans.
      What I mean is rulers will invade. How will you stop that being a common man?
      Can you stop that?
      Why we make life hell for commoners?

  28. CAA is a humanitarian Act which aims at providing citizenship to the persecuted people belonging to religious minorities coming from neighbouring theocratic countries Viz. Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan before December 31,2014.
    Those who oppose CAA states that it is based on religious criteria. It is a historical fact that India was partitioned on religious basis. The Constitutional provision of minority rights is purely based on religion.In a true secular state all citizens are equal before law. Why minorities are given special rights unlike majorities? Even majority-minoriy division is a discriminatory approach to governance.I couldn’t enjoy government benefits,but my friend is getting for religious reasons
    Historically Hindus were subjugated people.They were enslaved by the invaded rulers.Their temples were destroyed.The amassed wealth from Temples and destroyed.The Hindu scriptures were destroyed.
    CAA is the resultant of the Partition which was designed by the political class of Muslim League. Now after seven decades wounds afflicted government tries to mends the wounds.
    CAA gives citizenship,not discards it.
    When thousands of Kasmiri pandits were sent away from their mother lands why you were not raising any word against that.
    Your contention is baseless and totally biased

  29. Muslims need not to take any lession from any one in the field of Petroitism and loyalty. History bears the witness of their selfless devotion and sacrifice for the country. The glaring example can be seen at India gate at Delhi. Muslims have brought laurels in every field of life despite their depleted strength in respective fields viz. Economy, Science, Business, Military etc. The only drawback of Muslims was lack of education due various reasons. Friends tet us come together and work for betterment of our mother land rather then finding faults of each other.
    Jai Hind

    • Sir! The writings on the tomb proves more. That too some 66k freedom fighters who lay their lives for the mother land. First time I heard this from a veteran freedom fighter Sri Asaduddin Owaisi. Though history never stated that! मैं आज भी वो पेड़ ढूंढ रहा हूँ जहाँ पे सिर्फ मुस्लिम शहीदों को अंग्रेजों ने लटकाया था।
      Sri Ashfaq Ulla Khan was a freedom fighter. I read! I know! But the rest 65,999 I am still not getting.
      Is it anyway related with the massacre of Moola, Kerala after Gandhiji’s joining of Khilafat movement. If I am not wrong that too was a freedom struggle? It stoicly points to ‘हम ले के रहेंगे आज़ादी!’ Zinna wali is not in bonhomie with the independent India Sir!

      I would suggest kindly check your facts just on Google.

  30. उठता हे धुआँ तो कही नीचे आग होती हे , उड़ती हे पगड़ी तो , पीछे ज़रूर गंदी बात होती हे । means if there is smoke , than there has to be fire , if some one is disgraced, there must be some cause. Please introspect within your community . Answer is not hidden . If some worthies threaten ‘Give us 15 minutes or we are 15 crores ” it does not generate goodwill. Where it will be responded , no one knows. it is said by some one ‘if a butterfly swings its wings in Siberia, it may cause ,toofan in California. ” The muslims will have to give up the mentality that ” as they ruled India for centuries , they will do so again, just waiting for demographic bubble in their favour in three four decades from now. if that was possible the possible line up would have to be Congress , led by Dynasty , The Britishers ., then Mughals . But history moves forward not backwards. this is 21st century , every one needs thinking of 21st century . Mantra to survive and keep peace by all communities is ” LIVE AND LET LIVE . LOOK FORWARD, NOT BACKWARDS.

  31. All above matterswitten by so so are waste. See all and realise in MUSLIMS periods real akhand bharat was there . All muslims rulers are really loved india more than BJP, RSS, VHP ALL COMMUNAL MINDED HINDUS. When MUSLIMS WAS RULERS THERE WAS NO RIOTS, LOVE AMONGST HINDUS AND MUSLIMS. WHEN MUSLIMS RULED INDIA CALLED SONE KI CHIDYA.

  32. You know universal laws are applicable to every human being. It dosen’t differentiate, is unbiased. We would love to think we are above everything, we can manipulate however we want,we can paint rosy pictures and theirs always the victim card. But the laws know no drama.

  33. Muslims have indulged in treachery before independence. Muslims can not be loyal to their motherland because for them Muslim Brotherhood is above everything. It is reason they are opposing CAA, NRC and NPR because they want Muslims to be included in CAA. when Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh were reduced from 21 to 2 percent , it was none of their business but now when persecuted minority is being given citizenship of India, there hearts are bleeding for pakistani and bangladeshi muslim Infiltrators. 98 percent Indian Muslims voted to Muslim league favouring creation of Pakistan and when Pakistan was created , only few of them went to Pakistan. WHY ? It was the biggest betrayal to Hindus carried out with the help of then congresses politicians. Congress did it because they wanted Muslim votes forever.

  34. Dear commenters, sorry to say that you absolutely have no knowledge about Islam and Muslim. The one who called us stupid so the wisest person on earth I believe, must try to understand the indian freedom struggle. It’s Islam that guided to the freedom struggle in the minds of indian Muslims. The massacre of Muslims was done after the 1857 revolt, considering them as the root cause of unrest and it was true out of 92000 death sentences given to the revolutionaries, 52000 alone were Muslims. So what nonsense you are telling now is the result of our sacrifice. Please mind. The article is a dare to reveal the truth

    • Dear ‘SHAM’,
      The participation of Muslims in the revolt of 1857 was to restore mughal rule. And yes, we the commentators are quite aware that Islam is what has always ‘guided’ muslims from 1857 to Mallapuram to demand for Pakistan. The non sense you are pasting here is only because our then leaders let your ancestors live here even after giving away east and west Pakistan.
      The behavior of your ilk from then is why that decision is now considered a grave mistake.

    • An individual is not secular, he/she follows his/her religion, it’s the nation which has to be secular i.e. following your religion you let others follow theirs. That simple it is.

      • Abe Idiot, following religion has nothing to do with being secular. One can be secular as well as religious. State secularism in Indian context means equality of all religions and what is state without its people. Can a state have values and principles which its people do not abide by? Indian state is secular because majority of Indians- primarily Hindus are secular(real wala, not sickular and pseudo-secular Jihadis), and they respect all religions, that’s why all are flourishing. Muslims are very clever in this regard, they will ask for secularism from State in minority and will make State Islamic once in majority. Muslims are incompatible with secularism because for them they have the only truth, only true religion, rest all is false and need to be destroyed. Unless they start believing in secularism by respecting all religions and not thinking about eliminating all other faiths, they cannot be trusted.

  35. The author needs to ask Kashmiri Pandits from which she I understand comes from, the havoc the religion of peace played with them. Almost all their houses have been burnt. Most of the temples have been destroyed and the dieties shamefully disfigured. All most whole of the comminity is displaced but no one has written for them. Reason they do not fit in their scheme of things. No NGO who receive funds from abroad canvas for them. All this happened under the nose of so called seculars and not a single question has been asked to the perperators of this henious crimes. At least you can show some courage and do justice to your ancestors. Rest regarding Muslims, they have created a trust defecit for themselves and most of the non muslims sans seculars and people who derive their livelihood from duplicity have reservations on Wahabi Islam. Till yesterday who were not ready to hold the tri color and were giving precedence to their own holy book over indian constitution book are today giving a different picture. This is called Takhiya in Islam and does not hold water any more.

  36. Hindus respect Muslims who is patriotic and works for the development of the Nation. In their minds neither Abdul Kalam nor Azim Premzi comes as Muslims. They treat them and respect them whole heartedly. Shirdi Saibaba is being treated as God not as a Muslim. Indians basically peace loving people and by birth they respect all the religions. The process of conversion and harassment by other religious people bringing them awareness and protectionism started. Now they reached the stage of benchmark. They don’t tolerate any harassment to their way of living, to their women and to their culture. Henceforth India will see retaliation in future and Muslims will have to learn how to live and coexist peacefully.

  37. Hindus respect Muslims who is patriotic and works for the development of the Nation. In their minds neither Abdul Kalam nor Azim Premzi comes as Muslims. They treat them and respect them whole heartedly. Shirdi Saibaba is being treated as God not as a Muslim. Indians basically peace loving people and by birth they respect all the religions. The process of conversion and harassment by other religious people bringing them awareness and protectionism started. Now they reached the stage of benchmark. They don’t tolerate any harassment to their way of living, to their women and to their culture. Henceforth India will see retaliation in future and Muslims will have to learn how to live and coexist peacefully.

  38. Had they been loyal .there would not have been card like Palestine , pattani , marawi , mouri , Kashmir , checniya or ugyrs Islamic state separatist movement. It’s the the christain or Hindu , who blast school hospital ,. Neither they stab , nor they ram truck pidestrain. Just 1000 yrs back my temple was destroyed , women sold as sex slave. You came as invader , u ruled us and enslaved us. Few 2% Muslim cannot change the narrative of jihad. Had Islam being religion of peace , then why 50 Islamic country don’t have democracy , why people are jailed for dancing and showing hair without hijab. Why there is no secularism in any Islamic country ? Talk about the fact . Isis is true Islam and this is what they had been doing in every country which is Islamic since 4th centuries . Where is Jews and christain of Syria , Iran , Iraq , Jordon , lebnan and Yemen ? What happened to Hindu , budisst and Sikh of Pakistan and afganistan .. u will have to prove your citizenship as you don’t believe in motherland but Islamic ummah .. for you Islam comes first and not country. Exactly for the same region mulsim are burning every country where they are above 8% population. And demanding sharia and islmic rule ? Why ? Why u came to a democratic country at first place ?

  39. It’s a thesis more apologetic less assertive skirting the truth and skipping the fact. Let’s not be dogmatic on any issue be it Babri Masjid, Triple Talaq, CAA, NPR, NRC. To discuss these and find a resolution we need to assert and agree on a date from which history will be reviewed. Unfortunately the author and their cohorts miss the point and choose to conveniently debate. For example, Faiz became an issue following passing of the resolution of CAA. To me, it was misused and have written extensively. To me the plain worry started in 2014 when Narendra Modi became PM and re-elected despite negative environment created in 2019. This is not easily digested by many. They have raised issues which if I recall correctly even in the 70s as I graduated. CAA was enacted in 50s and applied to those persons displaced. Mark the word displaced. They were principally Hindus and I do not know of Muslims returning home although some in Western UP did return from Pakistan. Well known among them was Sahir Ludhianvi. Does CAA apply to such people? Clearly no. It’s for persecuted minorities who are in India post 1971 and have no home to return to. I’m one of them who was lucky enough to emigrate a born Hindu. Babri Masjid – when did it come up? What was in the same site say before Babar arrived. No answer. Triple Talaq – what’s the issue? If a woman comes to court, we have a uniform civil code now. We don’t have a issue if a woman affected accepts it and does not seek any legal redressal. NPR – every country has it. It records all – immigrants, residents, citizens. So that only citizens get right to vote the NRC is required. So where does the defeated Muslim in all this rational approach. It’s fear – that the era of lassies faire is over and value of vote banks will diminish. It will rationalise India as a state without anyone receiving priorities – where economic wealth will be the basis for Government benefits. So time to stop preaching rubbish and rise as educated and moral human beings.

  40. Muslims killed and raped millions of Hindus in 700 years of horrible rule. Now the karma is coming back to haunt you. You cannot escape it. What goes around, comes around.

  41. Followers of Islam are not innocent and peace loving but the most stupid people in the world. They are not born stupid. Following Islams dictates make them not to use their own mind but follow the Islams dictates blindly. In India, just show your hatred towards RSS and there after whatever you’ll say most Indian Muslims would believe it without applying their own mind. Recent example Muslims accepting lies about CAA, NPR and NCR told by those who show hatred about RSS for playing their politics. Indian Muslims hatred of RSS goes over my head. When I think about Muslims all rational thinking and arguments become garbage. World over Muslims are not only quarreling and fighting with others but Muslims are killing Muslims for silly reasons.

  42. Great piece. But waiting for the sanghis crying in the comments. But what about 1990?/Ankit Sharma?/Pakistani Hindus. You’re a brave woman Kaveri. Keep showing us the mirrot

  43. The Muslims are fighting back, which I feel as an Indian, not as a Hindu, is a wonderful thing. With the national flag and anthem, not necessarily Vande Mataram, whose words even I do not know. The riots in Delhi also provided a peek into what might lie ahead, although the majority of the casualties are always sustained by the minority. The threat of radicalisation always hangs in the air. Whatever may be the ideology one may have grown up with, both as a constitutional and as a practical matter, India’s nearly 200 million Muslims are a fact of life that should be gracefully accepted.

    • Gracefully acceptance has only come from the Hindus unfortunately. Otherwise, their population wouldn’t have grown since independence. Compare it with brethren who also gained independence same time. Though many of the Muslims are forward thinking in spite of what they have been taught in their religion, majority of them are radicalized right from their childhood through the teachings of their religion. They see other communities through the prism of what their holy book says and you can’t change that. Look at any country that is ruled by Muslims. Except for a couple of countries all others follow Shariat law as a way of life. Have a survey with all our fellow Muslim citizens whether they prefer Shariat law or our constitution, You will know what the outcome of the survey will be.

  44. Rich in imagination, poor in substance. These kind of romantic narratives are resorted to now, as all logical debates against CAA have failed.


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