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Asaduddin Owaisi’s rise is just the opportunity Hindutva politics is waiting for

The idea that all Muslims must vote as a single bloc is as deeply abhorrent as the attempt to unite all Hindus in a vote bank.

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The rise of the AIMIM, or All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen worries me. When I said this in a TV debate after Bihar elections, I received the usual barbs, this time from the Muslim side. I was accused of being a closet Sanghi, and of course, an Islamophobe. These reactions convinced me, even more, why the rise of the AIMIM must worry all of us.

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Misplaced worries

My reasons are different from that of the ‘secular brigade’. I do not blame the AIMIM for splitting the ‘secular vote’ and ensuring the defeat of Bihar Mahagathbandhan (MGB). First of all, this charge is not true. The AIMIM did win five seats in the Muslim-dominated pocket in the north-east corner of Bihar, but in the remaining seats that it contested, largely in the same region, it did not split votes in a way as to cause the defeat of the MGB candidates. The Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) estimates that about 76 per cent of the Muslim votes in Bihar went to the MGB. Hence, the Muslims did vote strategically to defeat the National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

More importantly, even if there was vote splitting, what’s wrong with that? You cannot hold a political party responsible for not allowing its rival to win the election. The vote-splitter tag is wielded against all new parties. This is precisely what the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was accused of in the Delhi assembly election in 2013. It’s almost funny that parties that carry the principal responsibility of taking on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) but fail to do so, should expect everyone else to come to their rescue. At any rate, the idea that all Muslims must vote as a single bloc is as deeply abhorrent as the attempt to unite all Hindus in a vote bank. In a healthy democracy, the voters should choose parties based on their opinions and assessment, not on the accident of their birth. If the Muslim vote is split, it only shows they have more than one option. It should be welcomed.

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Dubious past, communal present

My worry is not that the AIMIM is a particularly pernicious political outfit. Much of the special hatred for the Hyderabad-based party today is just because Asaduddin Owaisi makes for good TV. He is articulate, witty and does not pull his punches. So, his party is an easy target for those who distribute certificates of patriotism.

To be sure, the AIMIM has had a dubious past. Formed in 1927 with blessings of the Nizam, then ruler of Hyderabad, the party supported the Muslim League in its demand for Muslim dominion. Worse, it was associated with Razakars, an armed militia that fought against the Army to prevent the merger of Hyderabad into the Indian Union. But once the MIM accepted the reality of India, and turned into AIMIM, and the leadership passed on to the Owaisi family, the party has operated within the four walls of constitutional democracy. Allegations of using strong arm tactics in its backyard of Hyderabad have followed the party, especially the Owaisis. But in this respect, the AIMIM is no different from the Shiv Sena in Mumbai.

The AIMIM is a communal outfit. Its brand of politics is of the Muslims, for the Muslims and by the Muslims. But surely they are not the only party to do so. Think of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) that practices politics of, for and by the Sikhs. Or the Indian Union Muslim League in Kerala or the Milli Council in Uttar Pradesh. Or parties that do not carry it in their name but are, for all practical purposes the political expression of one religious community: the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) in Assam, the various factions of the Kerala Congress. And let us not forget the elephant in the room: the Bharatiya Janata Party. And then, there is a plethora of caste specific parties. All these parties would fall foul of the law against casteist or communal appeal for votes. But such laws exist only on paper. Outlawing these parties is not the solution. They need to be taken on politically. In any case, it would be hypocritical to single out the AIMIM for its communal politics.

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The real problem

The problem is not so much with the AIMIM but with what it represents. It represents the rise of exclusive Muslim politics at the national stage. The Narendra Modi regime has done everything to fuel the worst apprehensions that the Muslims may have had. They feel that they have been reduced to second-class citizens in their own country.  They fear that much worse is to come. This climate of fear and anxiety is a perfect setting for someone like Asaduddin Owaisi to expand his constituency. Unlike traditional Muslim leadership, he knows the language of constitutional democracy. And unlike the conventional secular politics, he is outspoken about Muslim interests. When the Supreme Court gave the rather strange verdict on Ram Mandir, Owaisi articulated the voice of the Muslim community. He knows how to say what he wishes to say without falling foul of the law. He understands the power of television. It is pointless to blame him. A smart political entrepreneur like him will make full use of the available opportunity in the market of votes.

The MIM is so far the most successful experiment in creating a Muslim exclusive politics outside one pocket. Its success in Bihar is not a flash in the pan. The party has for long been invested in the project of exporting its politics beyond Hyderabad. As in Bihar, Owaisi has been successfully experimenting with the third alliances to gain a foothold. He joined Prakash Ambedkar’s Bahujan Vanchit Aghadi (BVA) alliance in the Maharashtra assembly election in 2019. His party had notable success in the Aurangabad municipality election in Maharashtra. We should expect to see more of the AIMIM in the coming assembly elections in UP and West Bengal.

This would be a radical departure from the politics that Muslims have espoused in post-Partition India. Barring tiny pockets such as Malabar and Hyderabad, the Muslims have not reposed their political trust in Muslim parties and Muslim leaders. Instead, they looked up to leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, V. P. Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav. They voted for ‘secular’ parties that enjoyed the confidence of the majority community as well. The rise of AIMIM shows that the Muslims are sick and tired of the Congress’ brand of ‘secular’ politics, also practiced by the likes of the Samajwadi Party (SP) and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD). They resent being used as a vote bank, as hostages. This kind of ‘secular’ politics did not give the Muslims a meaningful access to basic necessities of life. Nor did it allow them to vent their grievance as Muslims. The dilemma of the Indian Muslim is similar to that of American Blacks: Republicans don’t care as they don’t get Black votes, Democrats don’t care as they are sure of Black votes.  The AIMIM provides them an avenue: if they cannot be equal citizens, they can at least be Muslims. This is no solution, but looks like one.

This rise of Muslim exclusive politics at the national stage could well be the perfect partner that Hindu majoritarian politics has been waiting for. This would mean absence of any political incentives to bridge the Hindu-Muslim divide on either side. By voting the BJP to power again, the Hindu majority has already rejected secular politics. If the minorities, too, find it useless, that is the end of the idea of secular India inscribed into our Constitution. Secular politics must respond to this danger by transforming itself. It does not have much time.

The author is the national president of Swaraj India. Views are personal.

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  1. This guy Yadav is jobless and hence has to spin some story. It’s okay if he is earning his bread. However, what is amazing is that these columnists are not reading the larger picture of evolutionary wheel. Human race has to go beyond such divisions for any meaningful collective evolution and for this the Indian ethos based on Sanatan Dharma must take the lead. Time has come for nature to shift the focus to our ancient civilizational values and for that individuals as pawns will be used. Politicians like this Yadav can wish otherwise but in vain.

  2. “”They feel that they have been reduced to second-class citizens in their own country.””
    Facts don’t care about your feelings, Yogendra yadav.

  3. You People of ANTI CORRUPTION MOVEMENT IS RESPONSIBLE for this situation. You created unnecessary disruption in the Society in the Name of corruption because of want of some power at the centre. Where are you and Where is Your Guru Anna Hazare. Have you Stopped Nirbhayas. You Fools to the core stop this nonsenses we congress know what to do how to do when to do.

  4. A very interesting, and a mostly agreeable commentary. But the author is wrong to presume that people voting BJP twice in national elections represents rejection of secular politics. National security, effective leadership and absence of a credible alternative, and the excellent organisation played a far greater part in the second BJP win. Viewing it from a secular-communal lens is conveniently shortsighted, designed to fit into the author’s biases against the BJP.
    I welcome Owaisi because he is straightforward and frank, talks of real issues and has the potential to hold the ruling party to account on his issues. All within constitutional norms, as claimed by the author.

  5. When muslims and christians voted as a single bloc to congress party, it did not worry our secular, liberal rather he famously declared in election after election that minority vote is always anti-BJP (which is congress).

    Why did it not worry you then, mister? Because such win would give you daily bread and butter??

    MIM’s win is hurting congress party and no wonder our secular pidis start barking. BURNOL moment for secular pidis.

  6. Religion-wise political parties really polarise Indian polity. As said by the author, that is exactly what BJP wants. They will manipulate this polarisation to further polarise Hindus. This will weaken the secular fabric of the Indian nation.

  7. Owaisi is a sleeping cell of hindutva politics of RSS and BJP. He is being projected purposely by vested media that he is the democratic ,militant muslim leader fearlessly opposindg hiduntva politics. But heis stooge or pawn ,managed by bjp stooge medias. He is a cunning splitter of of votes opposing RSS agenda i.e pied piper for gullible muslims ;He is a RSS jackal in the garbof vociferous critic of RSS policies, just to deceive gullible muslims, who are foolishly grudging the decline of archaic mugal power .

  8. MIM’s past is anti-India, anti-Hindu with terrorist overtones. “Anaa-al-Malik” was and still is the hidden motto of this outright islamist group. The phrase means, “I am (every Muslim) the ruler” of India. According to this political philosophy, Hindus maybe owners, but Muslims are the natural Rulers. They openly declare that they stand for muslim supremacism in India. An example of this is their attitude towards the official language of Telangana. Owaisis have been living in Hyderabad for generations, even today they can’t speak one sentence of Telugu, the language of the region, for they consider Telugu to be the language of slaves . They never ever use Telugu even on the sign boardsof their offices. It is a matter time before he becomes a Jinnah-like threat to the nation.

  9. MIM’s past is anti-India, anti-Hindu with terrorist overtones. “Anaa-al-Malik” was and still is the hidden motto of this outright islamist group. The phrase means, “I am (every Muslim) the ruler” of India. According to this political philosophy, Hindus maybe owners, but Muslims are the natural Rulers. They openly declare that they stand for muslim supremacism in India.

  10. Most Muslims in western countries vote as a block – they do what their Imams tell them to do.
    Imams get their instructions from a central Muslim body. I think similar happens in most Muslim countries also
    – though I could be wrong here.

  11. In today’s India , every “Bharatbashi” is communal, if I am not wrong(exception is there always).So, you can’t differentiate between Hindu expansionism and Muslim expansionism !1 AIMIM has grown strong due to BJP’s Hindu fanaticism and religious expansionism only…credit goes to Modi & co. So, it is inevitable and in coming days these religious based…caste based parties will raise their ugly head more and more. The main problem is, why politics is being marinated with religion and caste??? That is the problem now. .Let people of India observe the ugly game of Hindu and Muslim .Till then, we have nothing to do but sit quiet.Because we all are communal now a days…very badly !!

    • If AIMIM has grown strong due to BJP fanaticism ,then what is reason for the growth of BJP ? This AIMIM which existed before independence and similar communal parties which called themselves as ‘secular’ are the main cause for the existence and success of BJP.

    • Agreed..santosh
      Ugly politics will rise their head..see AIMIM..will
      Come into mainstream.. Politics , rule and get all they want.
      But no matter it will be a next situation of transformation..but doubt it that they might follow
      Secular way and impose non sharia laws.

      What happens if your own house has two owners

      If were to see in the angle of secular eye.

      Dont we believe. Other countries are in our situations too.

  12. This man YY has gone nuts.
    “By voting the BJP to power again, the Hindu majority has already rejected secular politics ” this line smacks high octane sick arrogance.
    Till such time the concept of “secularism” as is presently understood and practised in the Indian Polity remains , there is none to defeat BJP.
    ” Secularism” is a western import. Why didn’t the high priests of secularism shed a single tear for the 58 innocent Hindus burnt alive in Godhra railway station in 200 ? Simply because weeping for a Hindu victim as in Kashmir of 1990s goes against the grain of SECULARISM ( my foot ) which Mr L K Advani rightly called pseudo-secularism.

  13. Reading comments was worth more then reading the article. These so called leaders have no idea or intention to make India a great country. Playing the same tune since ages.

    • India does not have to be a ‘great’ country. It only has to be a just, equitable, well governed country. This cannot happen with the BJP at the helm because the exclusionary politics and mindset of the party does not permit it. If the muslims begin to vote as a block it it because they have their backs to the wall under the BJP regime. Owaisi may be outspoken but much of what he says is true though we don’t like to admit it.

  14. India was never secular, …
    It was either rampant muslim appeasy… Or today’s BJP’s brand of nationalism…

    But , yes one of the way forward is , that Congress will have to shed it’s Gandhi family fixation and search for a truly popular and competent leader.

  15. Aren’t Muslims voting as a bloc since time immemorial? What’s new in it, though now can see through the vacuousness of the Lutyens cabal. Sorry you cannot milk this cow anymore, the days of pseudo secularism are gone – either be truly secular like France or come out of closet.

    • What are you talking – Appeasement, Even if they appease 20% of India’s population they will not win but BJP when appeases 80% Hindu population they
      surely win as seen in two elections.

      • Why did they appease the 20% by letting them have their Muslim Personal Law even after the Communal Partition when they should have implemented the Uniform Civil Code ??

  16. The blame must be paid squarely at the Congress party. Look at what it has been reduced to, both ideologically and politically. At one instance they speak about secular politics, overtly appeasing communities against each other through doles and reservations, at another their prince charming does temple runs in the middle of elections. That aside, lack of economic and intellectual development naturally leads people in the hands of hate mongers. Local and state governments that have presided over educational and economic downtown are also to blame. Most advanced countries offer free, fair, compulsory and quality education to all children of school age. Investing in human capital from an early age on. What is the status in our country? Total neglect of basic education and reservations in highly competitive higher education.

  17. Talking about muslim rights and issues is secular but talking about hindu rights makes BJP communal. This is the mindset rejected by the hindu majority. They have opposed appeasement politics. Suggesting that the hindu majority have voted for BJP and are not secular is highly offensive statement to make. India is secular because the majority believes in secularism and voting for BJP doesnt change it. It is the best option among the available alternatives. If congress cant think beyond welfare of one family, how well are they going to run the country? Congress should shut shop and let other parties like AAP emerge on national scene. If anything, congress has become vote katua in state politics.

    • Hindu rights are mostly Islamophobic. The reason BJP is winning is because of the tactics used by them to unite Hindus. Most strongest of the tactics is Muslim Hatred, like the one you are using right now. That requires a befitting response from Muslims as well, which this article is talking about and whoch you don’t like because it doesn’t support your ideology. The root cause of this hatred also is the idea planted in your conscience by BJP, that India is only for Hindus.

      • The root cause of this hatred also is the idea planted in your conscience by BJP, that India is only for Hindus.

        No. The root cause is history of India. What is needed is acknowledgement by minorities to damage they have done by destroying Hindu temples & institute of learning. This is history this is not something that BJP manufactured.

        It is time minorities acknowledge the destruction and havoc that their co-religionist brought upon Hindus and show some token of repentance and stop behaving like holocaust deniers.

      • That is ao hilarious. As if it was Hindus butchering themselves and Buddhists and Sikhs for 700 years. When Muslims hot back what they gavee they suddenly started crowing victimhood. The point is when millions converted into Islam in India, not all of them were low castes suffering indignities at the hands of upper caste Hindus, many were upper or savarna castes themselves who converted for rank opportunism, and them then a cast majority were plain cowards who converted to save thwir back even when they had the physical, social and intellectual capital to withstand the onslaught of the Islamic barbarian hordes. Opportunism and cowardice werent rewarded, obviously and 5hey thought they deserved the mantle of power without the rank bigotry, butchery and rapacity that came associated with the Islamic invasions.

        So yeah, even after 700 or 300 years those who had the guts to not convert and keep company of the rascals of Islam have no business to keep rewarding these rascals and their descendants. Thry got 5hier pound of flesh on 1947, they best reap what they’ve sowed in the failed state of Pakistan. Upwards of 70% of Muslims voted for the he Muslim League agwnda in the elections in of the 1940s.

        Muslims should be second class in India as long as their allegiance is to Islam, Meccah or ideals being practiced in polities like Pakistan. The non Muslims of India have no desire to appease them or grant or give them special treatment. Lose those extra territorial allegiance and then we can think about it. Otheerwise then belong to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or whatever hellhole meets their standards of heaven on earth.

        Enough of showing tolerance to doctrinally and morally intolerant people and their beliefs.

        The likes of Yogendra Yadav, self flagellating Hindus, Marxist utopianist and fake seculars and outright Jaichands can go suck it up to their Arab, Western or Commie masters.

    • The hindu majority has not voted for the BJP. It got 37% of votes in the election and Hindus are 82% of the population. So less than half.

  18. ‘By voting the BJP to power again, the Hindu majority has already rejected secular politics’, this is what exactly you said Mr. Upholder of Secularism in India, Yadav. Whom you are trying to fool? You mean to say by voting for Congress or other parties like RJD,SP and others the Indians especially the Hindus will be able to establish their secular credential. Your whole article is contradictory in nature. Not sure of exactly what you want to vent you wrote a contradiction riddled article. We understand whom to vote for how to vote. Please don’t level me as communal as I am voting for BJP. I would rather be happy to be branded as communal than being your leprosy infected secularism. Raja Mohanty

  19. There should be separate elections for Muslime. To chose the Sheriya council. After all India had separate elections for Indians and Muslims in the past. That’s the way forward.

  20. Hindutva politics started when Rajiv Gandhi’s government started Muslim appeasement by overturning Shah Bano case through legislation. It also started, when VP Singh government did nothing to protect Kashmiri Hindus from being butchered under the eyes of Farooq Abdulla. Hindutva politics also got impetus when Secularists like Yogendra Yadav and his ilk continuously attacked the Hindus through media for all the imagined and perceived ills of the society during the 1990s and first decade of this millennium. Hindutva politics has not waited for Assaduddin Owaisi’s emergence.

  21. Disgusting to read Yogendra Yadav’s pathetic analysis. How could he compare AIMIM with Shiv Sena and Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) ? Did Shiv Sena and Shiromani Akali Dal ever ask for carving out a separate nation for themselves like the Muslims did? Muslim consolidation under Owaisi is a threat to this nation, is an indisputable fact. Till yesterday they voted to the secular parties, as it was inevitable for them. Now, no more. It is better to fight the menace than justifying it.

  22. This is a good thing . Indian Muslims are sorely in need of a leader and Owaisi has filled that void. Like you say he is erudite and therefore would be ableto articulate the needs of the Indian muslim. They are amongst the poorest and least educated and I am sure that he would seek to improve their lot ,And god knows they do need more representation within assemblies.
    The indian muslim has by and large been peaceful and militanr islam has no place in any civilised society so maybe he can achieve something the other parties havent been able to do for them.
    The other thing is how many people use the word ‘secular’ without even knowing what it means. Time they figured out the right usage for the word.

  23. Shakib al Hasan a Bangladeshi cricketer had to apologise for attending a HINDU function.

    THE DIDI she reads and quotes from religious text of people who vote her lock stock and barrel .

    THE PRINCE under whose rule the NGO’s were rampantly converting HINDUS to Christianity

    Surely you don’t miss the difference between AIMIM ,


    We have seen what happens to HINDUS in the subcontinent when they are in minority, examples of pakistan and bangladesh and Kashmir cannot be FORGOTTEN.

  24. YY, like most writers, gets it wrong. There has been no secular party in India because the average Indian is not secular and has never been so. The political outfits which pass off for secular parties are in reality centrist parties. They like to take moderate positions and make compromises so that the boat is kept sailing. This has been the Indian way. At any police station, family disputes, divorces etc where there is no clear cut fault of any one party; compromise is what everyone would advocate. The space for centrist politics in India has now shrunk to the point of non-viability. The BJP-RSS has convinced its voters that this “compromise” means “minorityism” at the expense of the majority and is not needed. Muslim parties on the other hand are working to convince their voters that Muslims need not compromise as well and maximalist positions should be explored. This happens in the life of nations and generally portends ill for peace and progress. If no one is willing to compromise, then parties will keep pushing the envelope till it falls off the table! This is what should worry those who still harbour hope for India and its fragile democracy because democracy cannot be sustained without compromise.

  25. Parties courting muslim votes are defined as “secular”, what a joke these guys are playing on hindus.

    Practicing real secualirsm instead of appeasement is the antidote to this.

  26. Yogendra Yadav, why are you afraid of saying that Congress party was only for Muslims. Didn’t MMS, the prime minister for two terms , say that?

    And sickularism practised since Independence is a polite word for brazen anti-Hinduism.

    Why should the burden of sickularism fall only on Hindus?

  27. Why some of the so-called liberal or leftists can not draw appropriate lessons from the history .Since the days of Muhammad Bin Kasim s attacke on India or attack by Gauries , Ghanavies or internal sabotage by JNU-walas , the aim of Attackers is to destroy Hindu religion, and Hindu culture. But Hindus have not surrendered meekly through -out the period of confrontation . . They have been successful in preserving a major portion of India as Home-land for Hindus. . This war/ battle is still going on to preserve Hindu religion and culture . In 21 st century it will be fought by tools of 21 st century s. It is a civilizational war . Hindu or Muslim consolidation is natural corollary . Since 1947, The Hindus have been deceived in the name of distorted practices of secularism by Congress party , Ruling dynasty of Congress party and its retainers — writers and journalists. , .Most of the Hindus have come to conclusion that In actual practice minority appeasement policy had been followed in the name of so-called secularism. This state of affairs can not go on for ever . When ever there will be existentialist threat .to Hinduism , Hindus , too , will unite against the forces bent upon harming the Hindu religion and culture. This writer should not take minor / micro view of the events happening at a larger horizon. What ever is happening in India or any part of India has is not isolated episode . It is happening on a larger canvass.

  28. Yes. The problem is that the BJP unlike under Vajpayee has turned unapologetically hindu welfare and hindu nationalist party. Now there is a huge groundswell for counter consolidation. This has set the politics back by a full century when at that time ML rose to the national scene with disastrous consequence. This is precisely the reason, congress’s decline should be arrested in the larger interest of the nation. Sooner the realization, better for the communal harmony. Congress has proven track record of relegating the religion to the background and making the economy central focus.
    India of today actually owes congress’s single minded focus on economic development for it’s current standing in the amity of nations. Just think, do we have so much of refugee crisis that we have start an enrollment process !!!

    • Congress has proven track record of relegating the religion to the background and making the economy central focus. LOL

      Economic growth under most of Nehru family years was anemic, derisively called in west Hindu growth rate, though Hindu was absent in it. It were Taqiyyas all the way.

      • Over the last 25 years, average growth rates under INC rule have been far more than under BJP rule. This is fact

        • What are you smoking ? Congress rule was uninterrupted until 1.977 that is 30 years of less than 4% per year. It changed only after disowned Congress leader Narsimha Rao opened economy.

        • “So development taking place from stone ages in India after Modi took over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

          India was already developed relative to world in 700AD.

          it was Turkish rule followed by British made India poor. That was followed by Taqiyya Nehru family rule with it socialism, secularism and non-alignment, resulting in anemic GDP growth, derisively called Hindu growth rate in west although Hindu was absent from it. It should be called Taqiyya rate.

          In 1947 per capita income of India China & South Korea were about same. Today per capita income of China & South Korea are multiple times per capita income. This is your Congress development. May be to you guys from Kerala may have different definition of development. to you guys exporting people rather than goods is development.

    • Sir

      BJP has risen because of the middle class was disillusined with the Gandhi family s dynastic nature.

      The day congress party’s Gandhi fixation will be over, that day Congress can think of taking on the BJP

    • NOT “unapologetically Hindu welfare and Hindu nationalist party” but Hindu appeasement party. Don’t be naive.

      Are BSP, RJD, SP etc are welfare parties of their respective communities or vote banks. Only a fool will think like that. They are the de facto exploiters of their respective communities or vote banks. Like BJP, now AIMIM will exploit the fears of its own community. This is the ultimate political truth. Politics has always been about fear and hatred, not welfare.

      And don’t mistake the success of Moditva with Hindutva. It is true the BJP is pushing Hindutva unapologetically, but actually only Moditva is being successful, not Hindutva. The success of Moditva is mistakenly regarded as success of Hindutva, because BJP hindutva ka nanga nach kr raha hai or jeet raha hai to jaroor log is nanga nach ko pasand kr rahe honge. No, people still believe, although falsely, that Modi stands for Develepoment, and he is the best chance for India. There have been Hindutva flares in the past (1991, 2001 etc) in reaction to prevailing political circumstances, and BJP, and even Modi, were heavily benefitted from them. No doubt, those flares got them their identities. But the same India rejected BJP in 2004 (right after 2001). BJP minus Modi and this whole Hindutva drama will fall flat. But yes, once the communal poles (BJP vs AIMIM) get completely separated then Hindutva will surely overtake Moditva and BJP minus Modi will be completely fine.

      My point is that Hindus actually have indeed supported BJP in the past during those Hindutva flares exclusively on Hindutva issue, but that is not the reason of Modi’s success in 2014 and even in 2019, but that Modi has been able to carve a distinct, powerful image as a development seeking politician. Of course through his excellent oratory, manhood and extravagant marketing skills. He has not left anything worthy of being sold, he sold everything: from his poor background, his abstinence, his rusticity to his poor mother. These humblebraggings symbolize his pathetic modesty. Unlike others, he has been a successful hypocrite.

      Log sach me sochte hain ki Modi chamatkaari hai. Or kmsekm or 10 saal log isi veham me rahenge ki ek din acche din aanyenge.

      To Bhakts,

      370, ram mandir, demonetisation, CAA ye sab sirf or sirf political gimmicks “jumla” hain. “Acche din” ka isse koi lena dena nahi.
      Swach bharat, gst, make in india, skill india, falana dhimkana india etc. ye sab complete flop show saabit hue hain.

      Bjp hindutva ka propaganda isiliye krta hai kyunki hindutva kaafi entertaining hai or trp accha batorta hai. Isse log politically bore nahi hote, time pass accha hota hai or log sochte hain ki ye sarkaar hamesha active rehti hai. Real ground issues jo ki kaafi boring hote hai waise hi uske sideline k liye bhi Hindutva kaafi mana hua hathiyaar hai. Vote to log Modi ki macho figure (especially wrt the Pappu) pr dalte hain na ki hindutva pr. Kyunki hindutva pr dalte to Delhi, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, MP etc. m BJP hi chuna jaata. Ha ye alag baat hai ki log West Bengal m to hindutva pr hi vote daalenge.

      • Munna, Learn to write in English when commenting in English newspapers. A few words in Hindi OK. We have no desire to learn Hindi or Urdu.

  29. Writing “By voting the BJP to power again, the Hindu majority has already rejected secular politics” clearly indicates that Shri Yogendra Yadav is off his rocker. What all supporters of BJP have rejected is politics of minority appeasement, which was passed off as secular politics. And this has come not a moment too soon.

  30. so far all the secular parties were taking advantage of the muslims. their only offer to the muslims was that BJP will eat you all and we can save you from that. now if they consolidate behind Owaisi, there is some hope for them. if their votes are consolidated, hopefully they can bargain for a better living.
    Owaisi should be given a chance.hoepfully he will not let them down.

  31. I guess, the Partition of India – in the name of Islam and its followers is a fact and coming in the open nowadays.
    How long do you expect the polytheists and idolators to be a silent spectator of their complete annihilation?
    AIMIM and Turks like Owaisis just remind and reiterate these stuff.
    Please check with parts of India – now different countries – Bangladesh and Pakistan – what is happening to kafirs, infidels, polytheists and idolators.
    You have to understand that secularism, respecting other cultures and tradition is not possible in Islam, is completely unislamic. Even Mustafa Kamal’s Turkey is going to Islamist way.

  32. Yogendra Yadav is right.The rise of AIMMM provides fertile ground for the further growth of BJP .This will cause immense harm to the cause of minority Muslims.Unlike the dynasty ridden Congress a genuine Secular alternative alone will salvage the plural nature of Indian Polity.It is futile to hope for the BJP to broaden its horizons and carry the minorities in its ambit.The Sangh Parivar is slowly changing its views on Hindu Exclusivity.If only it could broaden Hindutva into Bharatheeyatha or Indianness and pursue a non sectarian policy, the future may change for the better.Perhaps this is a Pipe-dream.

    • .If only it could broaden Hindutva into Bharatheeyatha or Indianness and pursue a non sectarian policy, the future may change for the better.

      The key is in the hands of Muslims. If Muslims refuse to vote for BJP, why should BJP put Muslim candidates only to lose? Even BJP ally JDU Muslim candidate could not win.

      Muslims got their country in 1947. Either they should Aryanise or leave. Hindus should not bend backward to appease them. They are not doing Hindus any favor. Hindus were reduced from 30% to less than 3% in Pakistan.

  33. I never read & comment on third class politician’s articles. But here I will make an exception. The problem with Secular ‘wolves’ like Yogendra Yadav Ji is that Owaisi is threatning to take away their bread and butter muslim vote bank. Hence this poison being flung on him. Owaisi is just giving voice to the muslims and the truth is coming out. I am sure, that if the Indian muslims are so ‘secular’, they will reject Owaisi. If they dont, then everything is out in the open. isnt it?

  34. Dubious past, communal present…….. this is the clear danger posed by AIMIM to national security & secularism.

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