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Ambedkar was wrong, Gandhi wrote against untouchability in Gujarati journals too

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Ambedkar said it at a time when not many authentic compilations of Gandhi’s writings were available.

Babasaheb Ambedkar’s scathing views on Mahatma Gandhi and his approach towards caste are well-known. But he levelled a serious and sweeping charge on Gandhi in an interview he gave to BBC in 1955.

Replying to a question on whether Gandhi fundamentally changed India, Ambedkar said, “He (Gandhi) was all the time double dealing”. He summarily charged Gandhi for “deceiving the people”.

“In the English paper, he posed himself as an opponent of the caste system and of untouchability… But if you read his Gujarati magazine, you see, you will see him (as) most orthodox man. He has been supporting the caste system, the Varnashram Dharma, and all the orthodox dogmas… ” He then added, “The Western world only reads the English paper where Mr Gandhi in order to keep himself, you see, in the esteem of the Western people who believe in democracy was advocating democratic ideals, you see.”

Ambedkar suggested someone should “write Mr Gandhi’s biography by making a comparative study of the statements made by Mr Gandhi in his Harijan and the statements made by Mr Gandhi in his Gujarati paper”.

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Ambedkar said it at a time when not many authentic compilations of Gandhi’s writings were available.

But now we have 100 volumes of Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi (CWMG) along with its Hindi and Gujarati translations. It is hosted by Gandhi Heritage Portal ( The same portal also has all the issues of all the journals published by Gandhi and his associates, including the ones referred to by Ambedkar.

Gandhi’s articles in Gujarati journals Navjivan (1919-1932) and Harijan Bandhu (1933 onwards) are also meticulously translated in English and have been included in the volumes of CWMG. So, Ambedkar’s claim in the interview that “all the biographies that have been written of him… are based upon his Harijan… and Young India but not upon the Gujarati writing of Mr Gandhi” was right in 1955. But it no longer holds true, with the publication of CWMG.

Gandhi asked Ambedkar to send a message for the first issue of Harijan, the English weekly. Ambedkar didn’t send one but wrote a note, which was published with Gandhi’s own comments (‘Dr Ambedkar & Caste’, Harijan, 11 February 1933 p.3). Contrary to Ambedkar’s claim about Gandhi in the interview, the latter had always remained firm in his opinion that “(caste system) has its limitations and its defects, but there is nothing sinful about it, as there is about untouchability”. He continued, “And, if it is a by-product of the caste system, it is only in the same sense that an ugly growth is of a body, or weeds of a crop. It is as wrong to destroy caste because of the out-caste, as it would be to destroy a body because of an ugly growth… .” (‘Dr. Ambedkar & Caste’, Harijan, 11 February 1933 p.3)

One may have many disagreements with Gandhi’s ideas, but he can’t be accused of presenting a different face to “the Western world”.

Let’s check Gandhi’s Gujarati writing. The editorial of the first issue of Harijan Bandhu, the Gujarati weekly started in March 1933, is titled ‘Gujaratione” meaning “To Gujaratis”. (Harijan Bandhu, 12 March 1933, p.4)

Harijan Bandhu | Credit: Gandhi Heirtage Portal, Sabarmati Ashram Preservation and Memorial Trust, Ahmedabad

The article has been translated verbatim and included in corresponding volume of CWMG, like all his Gujarati articles. He clarified at the outset that “I am not at all eager to publish Harijan Bandhu merely for the sake of publishing it. I do not have that much time. Do not get upset by the fact that it will mostly contain translations from English… I shall have to write at least something addressed to Gujaratis only. I shall have to bear some burden therefore. To me, Harijan Bandhu is a special atonement. I have been pouring soul into this movement.” (CWMG Vol. 54, pg.62-64)

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He wrote to Gujaratis in the same piece, “I am not eager to die. I am eager to live and commit untouchability to the flames. And if I have to die in order to see that glorious hour, I am ready to die. The mantra of my life consists in making preparations of it. To live while untouchability lives is like cup of a poison to me.”

In fact, he wrote: “I should spend all my energy to kill the Ravana of untouchability”. (Harijan Bandhu, 12 March 1933 p.4) It was translated in English in CWMG as “employ whatever strength to subjugate the demon of untouchability”. (CWMG Vol.54, p.64)

Reflecting on Ambedkar’s threat of conversion, Gandhi wrote an editorial titled ‘Limitation of Reformers’ in Harijan (21 March 1936, p.44). Categorically criticising the conduct of “vast number of Hindus who call themselves sanatanists”, Gandhi wrote, “The wonder is that any more Harijans than already have, have not left Hinduism (sic).” This article was translated and published as an editorial in Harijan Bandhu titled ‘Sudharak Ni Maryada’ without slightest dilution or change of tone. (Harijan Bandhu, 22 March 1936, p.12)

The Harijan papers were banned in August 1942 due to the Quit India movement. After the ban was lifted and the papers were revived in 1946, Gandhi once again told his Gujarati readers to excuse him if they find in the Gujarati paper “more translations of my English articles than original Gujarati articles”. (CWMG Vol 83, p.113)

Harijan Sevak | Credit: Gandhi Heirtage Portal, Sabarmati Ashram Preservation and Memorial Trust, Ahmedabad

He published a translation of his English editorial (‘Its Implications’, Harijan, 10 February 1946, p.4) in Gujarati with the title ‘AshprushyataNivaran no Arth’ (Harijan Bandhu, 10 February, p.5) without any dilution. He said, “A Brahmin may be a depraved man in spite of his learning. It would be preposterous to call him one… It is character, not occupation, that determines the man. The Bhangi is or should be on a par with the Brahmin in all social relations… I would be happy to see the day when a Bhangi, working as such, is in the Presidential chair (of Congress).” (Harijan, 10 February 1946, p.4) The Gujarati translation used the word ‘durachari’ for ‘depraved’ and ‘julam’ for ‘preposterous’, making the Gujarati expression more direct and more pointed.

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Ironically, the accusation made by Ambedkar has had a long afterlife, and it keeps surfacing on the Internet and social media every now and then. But unlike in 1955, the veracity of his charge can easily be checked today by anyone who wants to learn the truth.

Urvish Kothari is a senior columnist and writer in Ahmedabad.

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  1. Babasaheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar was not wrong, Gandhi was against untouchability, never against the caste system…. I suggest you go and read Gandhi’s article called as ‘ Ideal Bhangi’…you will be fascinated to know that he was casteist ; and don’t be an apologist like Gandhi- the caste system was and is evil.

  2. Babasaheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar was not wrong, Gandhi was against untouchability, never against the caste system…. I suggest you go and read Gandhi’s article called as ‘ Ideal Bhangi’…you will be fascinated to know that he was casteist ; and don’t be an apologist like Gandhi- the caste system was and is evil.

  3. Brahminical article. Gandhi was very racist and hated blacks.He spoke of no affirmative action for the Dalits or women. Ambedkar was the lone wolf and the interview is with BBC.

  4. I always find some one or the other criticizing Gandhi for some or the other reason.
    I don’t understand why.
    All this discussion says Gandhi was a hardcore hindu but still he was assassinated with the reason that he was against hindus.
    Not getting…
    I believe both these leaders were great.
    If you want to pitch them against each other then it’s our foolishness and we living in the same illusioned world of internal quarrel and hatred which the British exploited very well.
    Time has come to take the country forward with social harmony and equality of all which only will make India a superpower.
    I only believe in equality.
    Jai hind…!

  5. Allow me to quote a few lines from mahatmas article printed in “harijan” . The lines will speak volumes about him . I will leave it to the readers to decide themselves.

    “Caste has nothing to do with religion. It is a custom whose origin I do not know and do not need to know for the satisfaction of my spiritual hunger. But I do know that it is harmful both to spiritual and national growth. Varna and Ashrama are institutions which have nothing to do with castes. The law of Varna teaches us that we have each one of us to earn our bread by following the ancestral calling. It defines not our rights but our duties. It necessarily has reference to callings that are conducive to the welfare
    of humanity and to no other. It also follows that there is no calling too low and none too high. All are good, lawful and absolutely equal in status. The callings of a Brahmin—spiritual teacher—and a scavenger are equal, and their due performance carries equal merit before God and at one time seems to have carried identical reward before man. Both were entitled to their livelihood and no more. Indeed one traces even now in the villages the faint lines of this healthy operation of the law. Living in Segaon with its population of 600, I do not find a great disparity between the earnings of different tradesmen including Brahmins. I find too that real Brahmins are to be found even in these degenerate days who are living on alms freely given to them and are giving freely of what they have of spiritual treasures.
    It would be wrong and improper to judge the law of Varna by its caricature in the lives of men who profess to belong to a Varna, whilst they openly commit a breach of its only operative rule. Arrogation of a superior status by and of the Varna over another is a denial of the law. And there is nothing in the law of Varna to warrant a belief in untouchability. (The essence of Hinduism is contained in its enunciation of one and only God as Truth and its bold acceptance of Ahimsa as the law of the human family.) I am aware that my interpretation of Hinduism will be disputed by many besides Dr. Ambedkar. That does not affect my position. It is an interpretation by which I have lived for nearly half a century and according to which I have endeavoured to the best of my ability to regulate my life.”

    (Harijan, July 18, 1936)

  6. Mahatma Gandhi did write about untouchability and even called it a sin! This article doesn’t seek to defame Ambedkar ji but just to prove that Ambedkar ji was wrong to say that Gandhi ji said nothing about untouchability! Yes, Bhim ji’s critique of the caste system was absolutely radical, but that doesn’t mean Gandhi ji never spoke about untouchability! He may have said varna system should remain but he condemned untouchability and the purity-pollution dichotomy! And in the 1930s he did say that caste has to go!
    I wish people would stop pitting these two great leaders against each other and realize both fought tooth and nail for Independence and emancipation from caste discrimination and oppression!

    • There is a fundamental difference between the two. Babasaheb Ambedkar wanted a complete annihilation of castes and not just discrimination , whereas mahatma Gandhi was an ardent supporter of varnashram .
      He had a firm belief that varnashram is an integral part of Hinduism. He even suggested in his article in “harijan” that one must follow his ancestral calling. (18th July ,1936).

  7. Ambedkar is being made a hero unnecessarily here he is just a nomatch to gandhi and his principles and we all know about the Constitution which was copied from the British and nothing much new added. Ambedkar always tried to be in limelight but gandhi was a natural leader so because of his jealousy he tried to blame gandhi but nobody would believe ambedkar and everybody in those days know about all this. This all is a conspiracy going on in 8ndia now a days to tarnish the image of gandhi and trying to show ambedkar in now in limelight is one of them. Respect gandhi otherwise even god cannot forgive them who disrespect the father of our nation.

    • Your comment itself proves how insensitive and nonsense your thoughts are. Kindly read all about Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. He gave this country everything it needed and was way ahead of time whether it be about the castism or gender equality. Everything he did he had come be in limelight to bring the change as the way he and the other people were treated in those Times nobody would listen to them . On the other hand, tell me one time Gandhi had to go through all of this. He has come up from the very bottom. His first war was mere about getting basic rights. And then the rest. Gandhi had all the privilage and infact he faked everything all the normalcy just to come to the limelight. Babasaheb never asked for it he got it cuz he was a deserving one. You need to first read about him everything he studied everything he gave to not just lower caste people but the whole nation. You should think not just 10 100 or 1000 times but infinite times before saying anything like this about him, and stills shut the fuck up. I feel sorry for people like you. People like you are the reason why India is the only country that does not respect the most amazing humans on earth that every other country, whether it be US or nepal, does wonderfully. People like you who are absolutely unable to understand the ones who are doing them bad by portraying themselves good, and does not understand what’s good for them that this country has aways been looted in each and every way may it be financially or morally. I just feel sad for you people 🙏

    • You are doing now discrimination. Mahatma Gandhi was good but what he done for untouchables? He only given name to us Harijan meaning the people of Haris. Then also we were getting discriminated. You are fully wrong he is not Jealous he said right that what Mahatma Gandhi has done to untouchables? Do you know Babasaheb is No.1 scholar in the world, Barack Obama respected him not only Gandhi, And in Africa Babasaheb is popular it came on news and He is The Greatest Indian in the world!

  8. Gandhi was double dealing and racist also, for the sake of self respect Ghanian students removed Gandhi’s statue from Ghana University. Gandhi was racist and casteist. Everybody knows that Gandhi snatched the Communal Award. High caste people are very diceiving people they can fool anybody with their talks but have hatred in belly and he had hatred in belly , and poona pact is it’s result. You should blame Godse who killed your so called mahatma , but you will not do do because he belongs to high caste and you are a Gupta rascal editorial. Being a baniya you are defending Gandhi. From now I will report your channel from everywhere and I will ask people to do same. Also Gandhi was rascal, fraud, fake, racist, casteist, orthodox Hindu.

  9. Dear Urvish Kothari, You have well tried from your side to change the face of Gandhi towards untouchability, Let me clear from our side there is no doubt about his role in independence. But leave this chapter, even if you spend hours to search Harijan documents of that time and write some more articles like this, that will not change anything. Truth will remain truth.
    There was some basic rules to be congress member, some were like, you have to ware Khadi…But there was no rule that you should abandon untouchability to become congress.
    Gandhi did not oppose to separate electoral status of Muslims-Ginna, But he did oppose to separate electoral status for untouchables.
    and what was the reason, that Hindu will be divided, my foot, Hindus were divided long time back by Manu..
    Gandhi was in favor of division made by Manu, you cannot compensate this by saying, he was in favor of division but not untouchable, Because untouchability was the by product of this division.
    You can call him, great independence hero, but sorry you can never call him great philosopher or soul.

  10. Why the selective texts? Let us have access to ALL Gandhi’s writings in Gujarati translated to English & we’ll decide

    Dr. AMBEDKAR doesn’t need lies to propagate his ideas. Just going through the journalist’s page tells all about his agenda. I’m surprised the print actually took such a biased article

  11. In South Africa initially 22-23 years of his stay,Gandhi was with the whites and when he himself faced the discrimination on the basis of race by the the whites,then he opposed this.This was double dealing,means he was stayed racist for a long time,know things has been come out of the fold,and the people of South Africa are rejecting Gandhi.Like wise in india he had double dealing with untouchables, so indians are rejecting Gandhi and he will be abolished after some time.

  12. Brahmin writer trying to give a spin to Gandhi’s blatant casteism and racism. The article is a sham. Talking against untouchability is NOT equal to being against caste system which has many many manifestations, with untouchability being just ONE of them.

    Apart from talking against untouchability and calling them harijans, Gandhi practised every aspect of casteism. He was a casteist to the core who belived in Ram rajya, cow worship, and ‘spirituality’ in dalits cleaning the shit of others.

  13. The issue to the limited extent of correctness of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s statement on the double standards said to have been maintained by Gandhi on certain issues of English and Gujarati versions. The article deserves to be examined to that extent. But the comments I have seen so far have less to do about it, but more about abusing Gandhi. Gandhi maybe wrong on caste system. But on most occasions, his stands underwent progressively in the course of time. Even otherwise, the text of article and the comments followed have no connection. Ambedkar followers have every right to stand by their opinions, but cannot redicule an article so impatiently. Both Gandhi and Ambedkar have their own areas of understanding and realms of thought. The article could be subjected to critic to the extent of the issue involved. Nobody can be absolutely right on everything.

    • Ur gandhi doesn’t deserve to seat or stand near ambedkar to any side…But u didn’t admit ambedkar is superior than gandhi…Read rangila gandhi..What gandhi & congress have done to untouchables.. or once read dr. Ambedkar 55 books written by him…

  14. Gandhiji wanted to abolish untouchability but wanted the varna system to remain so he did not had the courage to burn Manusmriti and other books written by Brahmans. On the other hand Ambedkarji always wanted anhillation of caste. Gandhiji is wrongly romanticised as being voices of the dalits.

  15. Fake news produced by Mr Kothai, infact Ambedkar invited for first article but for his own expense.
    Gandhi asked Ambedkar to send a message for the first issue of Harijan, the English weekly answer..

    That day
    Dr. Ambedkar was not going to be beaten by the Reception Committee.
    He has answered their rejection of him by publishing the address at his
    own expense. He has priced it at 8 annas, I would suggest a reduction to 2
    annas or at least 4 annas.. A VINDICATION OF CASTE BY MAHATMA
    (A Reprint of his Articles in the”Harijan”) ..(Harijan, July II, 1936)

  16. The Print, you are making a fool of yourself by giving false information about the person who build the Constitution of India. Well it doesn’t matter as the world knows the greatness of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Please write something about real issues happening in India or are you afraid of the person (and his government) who must not be named? I am afraid you are also one of the Godi Media, creating distractions and neglecting the important news. I can understand as you dont have any content(or afraid of writing articles on real issues (i am sure!) ) to increase your subscribers, so you decided to lure them by giving this (very similar to the current government’s motto), divide the country by playing dirty card of caste. But people are not going to fall for it.

  17. This journalist has prejudice mindset. She seems to be in love with Gandhi as Gujarati. She has a limited motive to prove that Gujarati’s superiority over others.

    Better she study the literature of the great son of India Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

    Gandhi could only b remembered because of political patronage. Congress made him false Mahatma just for political gains.

    How a person like him b called as Mahatma who undermines the human values like Equality, Liberty, Fraternity and Justice. (As he was supporter of varna system).
    In coming years, people will soon forget him if political patronage is withdrawn.

  18. This article is foolish… only to glorify Gandhi.

    Dr BR Ambedkar has clearly told on the 1955 BBC Interview that Gandhi does not deserve to be called as Mahatma.

    In the 1st RTC Gandhi didnt attend. In the 2nd RTC Gandhi foolishly claimed that he is the sole representative of depressed classes, who were actually represented by Dr Ambedkar and Diwan Bhagadur Rettai Malai Srinivasan (Paraiyan from Tamil Nadu) among others.

    While Gandhi accepted Separate Electorate for Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Anglo Indians Gandhi opposed it for Deppressed Classes. Gandhi gone to the extent of having secret meetings in London with other minorities especially Muslims and requested them to oppose Dr Ambedkar but they not only refused but also informed Dr Ambedkae about the same.

    British Govt had understood the cheap politics of Gandhi and refused to listen to him and asked all to abide by what decision British Govt would take. Gandhi accepted it there

    British Govt granted Separate Electorate to all including depressed classes.

    Gandhi by default a supporter of Chatur Varnashrama and caste system and glorifier of Brahmins. Even he presumed Dr Ambedkar himself a Brahmin. Gandhi is a supporter of profession of jobs by the respective castes themselves… and advocated for village type industry so that people wont come out of the clutches of castes. What Gandhi propagated againts untouchability is only to rertain the SC ST in the Congress that is within the Hindu fold. If depressed classes, Muslums, Christians, Sikhs, Anglo Indians are separated, Hindus would become almost a minority.

    Gandhi could not tolerate the rights being given to depressed classes. Thats the reason he went into fast… his usual threatening tactics. Due to force from many sides Dr Ambedkar had given up the rights given by British.

    One should read the book by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar“ What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables?”

    Even Dr Ambedkar has told that Mahatmas may come and Mahatmas may go but Untouchables remain untouchables.

    So what Dr Ambedkar said about Gandhi in 1955 BBC Interview was absolutely correct.

  19. If Gandhi is supposed to be called the father of Nation, he never acted like one. He and his congress allies did not thought of liberation of women, annihiliation of caste system, labour welfare laws, rivers of India etc issues. Or was it is the orthodox thinking of a dogmatic Hindoo?
    Who could not think out of the box possibilities to improvise the status of Modern Indian Citizens, or did not had the foresight about the future. Because, he was busy dealing with his ego, and finally when he started agreeing with Dr. B. R Ambedkar and boom he goes assasinated by the “brave” R.S.S Cadre Mr. Nathuram Godse. Which is not a mere coincidence till date Dogmatic Hindoo and the Brahmins do not accept Indian Constitution, do not respect the Supreme Court Judgement (Sabrimala case).

  20. This is a very good initiative at the time of elections to prove Babasaheb Dr.B R Ambedkar wrong. Where were you people earlier? Remember Dr. Ambedakar was giving reservations on the basis of population i.e., 85% to OBCs and SC/STs but Gandhi and company started a psychological game and made them fool by telling their origin of birth. I mean that he told yadavs the child of lord krishna the kurmis as zamindars and OBC chauhans as the child of prithviraj chauhan etc. etc. and he(ambedakar) is telling you people as “shudra”. So a new three levelled caste system was formed as General, OBC, SC/ST. Now OBCs are realising their mistake(some of them).

    • Sahi pol kholi bhai..Gandhi & company ki…Pr is desh k obc mante kha hai…Are ambedkar k itne upkar hai tum pr ki tum kb ada nhi kr sakte ..Nhi to tumhe manuvadi soch rakhnewale gandhi ,congress ,bjp kb ki chno ki tarah bhun kr kha chuki hoti…

  21. 1st I think Gandhi was like :-
    Supporter of caste system and on the other hand talk against untouchability.
    2nd And i don’t understand, what is the writer motive behind this article..

  22. It’s a wrong analysis to say that Gandhi was against untouchability and caste from both theoreticaland empirical perspective. Gandhi was a hard core supporter of Hindu, Varna system, caste and Hindu scriptures. Futher you cannot see these separately. Which Gandhi does. Gandhi might have said I don’t believe on untouchability and caste but just for the sake of politics. Therefore, there is a brahminical hypocrisy in his philosophy.

  23. Fake to manipulate people…ambedkar was always right anf his allegations too against gandhi… that he was a double standard man…

  24. Fake to manipulate people,
    ambedkar was always correct and his allegations too against gandhi… that he was a double standard man!!!

  25. Gandhi himself never started against untouchability , he was forced to talk against untouchability, he never understood about the situation of untouchables, Babasaheb make him understand, He told untouchables as Harijans which was unacceptable for Babasaheb, Which Hari never understand untouchables how the untouchables become the children of Hari. Gandhi always support the varna dharma system and babasaheb always talk about annihilation of caste. Gandhi did emotional blackmail to Babasaheb during punapact and snatched the rights of millions of Dalits.
    Read what congress and Gandhi have done to the untouchables .
    Babasaheb was never wrong, Gandhi was not a mahatma and he will never be a mahatma. Now many uppercaste also talk against untouchability but they never fight for the rights of the untouchables.My question is what Gandhi have done for the untouchables?

    • Absolutely correct gandhi haven’t done anything for anyone why would he do it or who he is to decide. He was never correct about anything and has never done a correct thing for anyone not only for untouchables.

  26. Gandhi himself never started against untouchability , he was forced to talk against untouchability, he never understood about the situation of untouchables, Babasaheb make him understand, He told untouchables as Harijans which was unacceptable for Babasaheb, Which Hari never understand untouchables how the untouchables become the children of Hari. Gandhi always support the varna dharma system and babasaheb always talk about annihilation of caste. Gandhi did emotional blackmail to Babasaheb during punapact and snatched the rights of millions of Dalits.
    Read what congress and Gandhi have done to the untouchables .
    Babasaheb was never wrong, Gandhi was not a mahatma and he will never be a mahatma. Now many uppercaste also talk against untouchability but they never fight for the rights of the untouchables.

  27. Oh! It was posted on Fair work on research dear journalist.
    Hats off to such journalism and people!
    The website is, ain’t it, never heard abt it, wonder why!

  28. It’s ridiculous to suggest that Gandhi’s stance is condonable simply because his writings are now translated some 70 years after him. The menace is caste system is not justified whether supported by Gandhi or anyone else. Gandhi was of a privileged caste so he could support the system because he personally only associated with the privileged who financed him. He never personally experienced the discrimination himself. I can’t imagine someone addressing this issue today to show Gandhi in a positive light on this issue. Whether seen in the temporal context of then or now, there can be no justification to the dreaded system. Ambedkar showed that. The author did not like that. Clearly the intention of the author is in question. Please withdraw this stupid article.

  29. उर्विश आप गलत हो ,बाबासाहेब ने गांधीजी को इसलिए विरोध किया क्योंकि गांधीजी ने जातिव्यवस्था,वर्णव्यवस्था का पुरस्कार किया था ,भले ही गांधी जी ने गुजराती में छुआछूत को विरोध किया हो लेकिन जिस जातीव्यवस्था के कारण यह समस्या उत्पन्न हुई,उस जतिव्यवस्था और वर्णव्यवस्था का गांधीजी ने गुजराती अखबारो में समर्थन किया।

    • Fir galat koan hai…Mahatma kaisa hona chahiye …Aisa ..Ya fir dr. Ambedkar k jaisa jo duniya k desho me ji rhe logo ki tarah bharat valo ko jine ki avm rahne k liye kahte…Kaise aise …Live with freedom, equality, fraternity…

  30. There is no doubt Mahatma Gandhi ji and Dr Babasaheb , both are the great leader they struggled a lot, fought for their aims and their aims were also not their own benefits bit the nation and their people , but sorry to say what are we and ? What’s our ability to pointing on these great leaders . It’s absolutely the politics please spare these great spirit even now …when they were alive that time also no body supported them properly even today also we are not following their footsteps … please stop such a controversy.

    • Petkar ji e koi politics nhi hai..Gandhi babasahab k pass baith b nhi sakta tha..Jagdish ji ne jo comments dali hai use ekbar aankhe fad kr padh lijiye tab samzega 12 th pass gandhi aur Dr. B. R. As ambedkar me kya fark hai…Obc k father hai gandhi desh me jo aaj obc ko jo kuchh milta hai usk denewale ambedkar hai …Gandhi nhi…

  31. Gandhi was wrong …es lyii too gandhi goli mari thi …bhagat singh ko fansi v es gandhi kake hoi. Jab garib loko haq milan lage to es ne marn wart rakh lyaa poona pact ..gandhi rss ka dalal tha.
    विश्व में हर रिकार्ड बाबा साहेब के नाम !!!
    इसको इतना SHARE करें ताकी सभीं लोग
    डाॕ. बाबासाहेब के बारे मे जान सकें….

    1. भारत के सबसे जादा पढे लिखे व्यक्ति *
    2. सबसे ज्यादा किताब लिखने वाले *
    3. सबसे तेज स्पीड से ज्यादा टाईप करने वाले*
    4. सबसे ज्यादा शब्द टाईप करने वाले*
    5. सबसे ज्यादा आंदोलन करें*
    6. महिला अधिकार के लिए, ‘हिंदू कोड बिल’,
    * पास ना होने पर संसद में,
    * मंत्रीपद का इस्तीफा देने वाले *
    7. दलित, पिछडो के हक़ को दिलाने वाले*
    8. हिन्दू धर्म के ग्रन्थ मनुस्मर्ति को,
    * चोराहे पर जलाने वाले *
    9. जातिवाद को समाप्त करने के लिए,
    * ब्राह्मण स्त्री से विवाह करने वाले *
    10. गरीब मज़लूमो के हको के लिए अपने,
    * 4 बच्चे कुर्बान करने वाले *
    11. 2 लाख किताबो को पढ़कर,
    * याद रखने वाले *
    12. भारत के सविधान निर्माता *
    13. पूना पैक्ट लिखा *
    14. मूक नायक पत्रिका निकाली *
    15. बहिष्कृत समाचार पत्र निकाला *
    16. सबसे तेज दोनों हाथों से लिखने वाले *
    17. ग़ांधी जी को जीवन दान देने वाले *
    18. सबसे काबिल बैरिस्टर *
    19. मुम्बई के सेठ के बेटे को फर्जी,
    * मुक़दमे से बरी कराने वाले *
    20. योग करने वाले *
    21. सबसे ईमानदार एवं प्रामाणिक*
    22. 18 से 20 घंटे पढ़ने वाले *
    23. सरदार पटेल को obc का मतलब,
    * समझने वाले *
    24. स्कूल के बहार बैठकर और अपमान
    * सहकर उच्च शिक्षा पाने वाले *
    25. हम सबकी भलाई के लिए अपनी
    * पत्नी रमाबाई को खोने वाले ……… *
    दिल से आदरणिय जयभीम *
    डाॕ. बाबासाहेब अम्बेडकर जी का*
    एक संक्षिप्त परिचय *
    ? डॉ. बाबासाहब आंबेडकर जी,
    * 9 भाषाएँ जानते थे *
    1. मराठी (मातृभाषा) *
    2. हिन्दी *
    3. संस्कृत *
    4. गुजराती *
    5. अंग्रेज़ी *
    6. पारसी *
    7. जर्मन *
    8. फ्रेंच *
    9. पाली *

    .उन्होंने पाली व्याकरण और शब्दकोष
    (डिक्शनरी) भी लिखी थी,
    जो महाराष्ट्र सरकार ने,
    “Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar*
    Writing and Speeches,
    Vol.16 “में प्रकाशित की हैं*

    .डाॕ. बाबासाहब आंबेडकर जी ने,
    संसद में पेश किए हुए विधेयक *
    1. महार वेतन बिल *
    2. हिन्दू कोड बिल *
    3. जनप्रतिनिधि बिल *
    4. खेती बिल *
    5. मंत्रीओं का वेतन बिल *
    6. मजदूरों के लिए वेतन (सैलरी) बिल *
    7. रोजगार विनिमय सेवा *
    8. पेंशन बिल *
    9. भविष्य निर्वाह निधी (पी.एफ्.) *

    .डाॕ. बाबासाहब के सत्याग्रह (आंदोलन)
    1. महाड आंदोलन 20/3/1927
    2. मोहाली (धुले) आंदोलन 12/2/1939
    3. अंबादेवी मंदिर आंदोलन 26/7/1927
    4. पुणे कौन्सिल आंदोलन 4/6/1946
    5. पर्वती आंदोलन 22/9/1929
    6. नागपूर आंदोलन 3/9/1946
    7. कालाराम मंदिर आंदोलन 2/3/1930
    8. लखनौ आंदोलन 2/3/1947
    9. मुखेड का आंदोलन 23/9/1931

    .डाॕ. बाबासाहब आंबेडकर द्वारा ,
    * स्थापित सामाजिक संघटन *
    1. बहिष्कृत हितकारिणी सभा :
    * 20 जुलै 1924 *
    2. समता सैनिक दल – 3 मार्च 1927 *

    .राजनीतिक संघटन :
    1. स्वतंत्र मजदूर पार्टी – 16 अगस्त 1936*
    2. शेड्युल्ड कास्ट फेडरेशन- 19 जुलै 1942*

    .धार्मिक संघटन :
    1. भारतीय बौद्ध महासभा : 4 मई 1955*

    .शैक्षणिक संघटन :
    1. डिप्रेस क्लास एज्युकेशन सोसायटी :
    * 14 जून 1928 *
    2. पीपल्स एज्युकेशन सोसायटी :
    * 8 जुलै 1945 *
    3. सिद्धार्थ काॅलेज, मुंबई- 20 जून 1946
    4. मिलींद काॅलेज, औरंगाबाद- 1 जून 1950

    .अखबार, पत्रिकाएँ
    1. मूकनायक- 31 जनवरी 1920 *
    2. बहिष्कृत भारत- 3 अप्रैल 1927 *
    3. समता- 29 जून 1928 *
    4 जनता- 24 नवंबर 1930 *
    5. प्रबुद्ध भारत- 4 फरवरी 1956 *
    .डाॕ. बाबासाहब आंबेडकर जी ने,
    अपने जिवन में विभिन्न विषयों पर ,
    527 से ज्यादा भाषण दिए *
    .डाॕ. बाबासाहब आंबेडकर जी को,
    प्राप्त सम्मान :
    1. भारतरत्न *
    2.The Greatest Man in the World*
    * : Columbia University :
    3.The Universe Maker
    * : Oxford University :
    4.The Greatest Indian :
    * : CNN IBN & History Tv :

    .डाॕ. बाबासाहब आंबेडकर जी इनकी,
    निजी किताबें (उनके पास थी)
    1. अंग्रेजी साहित्य- 1300 किताबें
    2. राजनिती- 3,000 किताबें
    3. युद्धशास्त्र- 300 किताबें
    4. अर्थशास्त्र- 1100 किताबें
    5. इतिहास- 2,600 किताबें
    6. धर्म- 2000 किताबें
    7. कानून- 5,000 किताबें
    8. संस्कृत- 200 किताबें
    9. मराठी- 800 किताबें
    10. हिन्दी- 500 किताबें
    11. तत्वज्ञान (फिलाॅसाफी)- 600 किताबें
    12. रिपोर्ट- 1,000
    13. संदर्भ साहित्य (रेफरेंस बुक्स)-
    * 400 किताबें
    14. पत्र और भाषण- 600
    15. जिवनीयाँ (बायोग्राफी)- 1200
    16 एनसाक्लोपिडिया ऑफ ब्रिटेनिका-
    * 1 से 29 खंड *
    17. एनसाक्लोपिडिया ऑफ सोशल सायंस-
    * 1 से 15 खंड *
    18. कैथाॅलिक एनसाक्लोपिडिया-
    * 1 से 12 खंड
    19. एनसाक्लोपिडिया ऑफ एज्युकेशन *
    20 हिस्टोरियन्स् हिस्ट्री ऑफ दि वर्ल्ड-
    * 1 से 25 खंड
    21. दिल्ली में रखी गई किताबें-
    * बुद्ध धम्म, पालि साहित्य,
    * मराठी साहित्य- 2000 किताबें
    22. बाकी विषयों की 2305 किताबें

    .*डाॕ. बाबासाहब जब अमेरिका से भारत,
    .*लौट आए तब एक बोट दुर्घटना में उनकी,
    .*सैंकडो किताबें समंदर मे डूबी।

    .डाॕ. बाबासाहब आंबेडकर जी
    1. महान समाजशास्त्री
    2. महान अर्थशास्त्री
    3 संविधान शिल्पी
    4. आधुनिक भारत के मसिहा
    5. इतिहास के ज्ञाता और रचियाता
    6. मानवंशशास्त्र के ज्ञाता
    7. तत्वज्ञानी (फिलाॅसाॅफर)
    8. दलितों के और महिला अधिकारों के मसिहा
    9. कानून के ज्ञाता (कानून के विशेषज्ञ)
    10. मानवाधिकार के संरक्षक
    11. महान लेखक
    12 पत्रकार
    13. संशोधक
    14. पाली साहित्य के महान अभ्यासक
    * :अध्ययनकर्ता :
    15. बौध्द साहित्य के अध्ययनकर्ता
    16. भारत के पहले कानून मंत्री
    17. मजदूरों के मसिहा
    18. महान राजनितीज्ञ
    19. विज्ञानवादी सोच के समर्थक
    20. संस्कृत और हिन्दू साहित्य के
    * गहन अध्ययनकर्ता थे *

    .डाॕ. बाबासाहब आंबेडकर जी का
    बायोडाटा और कुछ खास विशेषताएँ :
    1. पाणी के लिए आंदोलन करनेवाले
    * विश्व के पहल महापुरुष *

    2. लंदन विश्वविद्यालय के पुरे लाईब्ररी के
    * किताबों की छानबीन कर उसकी
    * जानकारी रखनेवाले एकमात्र महामानव *

    3. लंदन विश्वविद्यालय के 200 छात्रों में,
    * नंबर 1 का छात्र होने का सम्मान प्राप्त
    * होनेवाले पहले भारतीय *

    4 विश्व के छह विद्वानों में से एक *

    5. विश्व में सबसे अधिक पुतले
    * डाॕ. बाबासाहब आंबेडकर जी के हैं*

    6. लंदन विश्वविद्यालय मे डी.एस्.सी.
    * यह उपाधी पानेवाले पहले और
    * आखिरी भारतीय *

    7. लंदन विश्वविद्यालय का 8 साल का
    * पाठ्यक्रम 3 सालों मे पूरा
    * करनेवाले महामानव *
    * डाॕ. बाबासाहब आंबेडकर जी के वजह से
    * ही भारत में “रिजर्व बैंक” की स्थापना हुईं*

    * डाॕ. बाबासाहब आंबेडकर जी ने अपने
    * डाॅक्टर ऑफ सायंस के लिए ‘ दि प्राॅब्लेम
    * ऑफ रूपी’ यह शोध प्रबंध भी लिखा था।?

    * -: 1891-1956 :-
    * B.A., M.A., M.Sc., D.Sc., Ph.D.,
    * L.L.D.,*
    * D.Litt., Barrister-at-La w.*
    * B.A.(Bombay University)
    * Bachelor of Arts,
    * MA.(Columbia university)
    * Master Of Arts,
    * M.Sc.( London School of
    * Economics)
    * Master Of Science,
    * Ph.D. (Columbia University)
    * Doctor of philosophy ,
    * D.Sc.( London School of
    * Economics)
    * Doctor of Science ,
    * L.L.D.(Columbia University)
    * Doctor of Laws ,
    * D.Litt.( Osmania University)
    * Doctor of Literature,
    * Barrister-at-La w (Gray’s Inn,
    * London)
    * law qualification for a lawyer in
    * royal court of England.
    * Elementary Education, 1902
    * Satara,
    * Maharashtra *
    * Matriculation, 1907,
    * Elphinstone High
    * School, Bombay Persian etc.,
    * Inter 1909, Elphinston e
    * College, Bombay
    * Persian and English
    * B.A, 1912 Jan, Elphinstone
    * College, Bombay,
    * University of Bombay,
    * Economics & Political
    * Science
    * M.A 2-6-1915 Faculty of Political
    * Science,
    * Columbia University, New York,
    * Main- Economics
    * Ancillaries-Soc iology, History
    * Philosophy,
    * Anthropology, Politics
    * Ph.D 1917 Faculty of Political
    * Science,
    * Columbia University, New York,
    * ‘The National Divident of India –
    * A Historical and
    * Analytical Study’
    * M.Sc 1921 June London School
    * of Economics, London
    * ‘Provincial Decentralizatio n of
    * Imperial Finance in British India’
    * Barrister-at- Law 30-9-1920
    * Gray’s Inn, London Law
    * D.Sc 1923 Nov. London School
    * of Economics, London
    * ‘The Problem of the Rupee –
    * Its origin and its solution’ was
    * accepted for the degree of
    * D.Sc. (Economics).
    * L.L.D (Honoris Causa) 5-6-1952
    * Columbia University, New York For
    * HIS achievements,
    * Leadership and authoring the
    * constitution of India
    * D.Litt (Honoris Causa)
    * 12-1-1953 Osmania
    * University, Hyderabad For HIS
    * achievements,
    * Leadership and writing the
    * constitution of India !
    * संकलन : बी. वव्ही. एम राजस्थान *

    * डाॕ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर*…………..*

    • This article is by ‘The Print’. ‘The print’ have uploaded a video on YouTube stating that ‘Dr. Ambedkar had visited R. S. S branch, and he had some good thoughts about it. . .etc’
      Tell me, do you people belive it. That video on YouTube is still available. It has more dislikes than likes😁. . . I think ‘The print’
      is by Sanatanists. No wonder, that’s why this article is here.

    • jabardassst jagdish

      but now a days some r thinking themselves of big and more intelligent than THOSE REVOLUTIONARY MEN WHO TURNED THE 5000 YRS HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY .
      But one thing is for sure however they wud try but now the people have woken up and shall fight for their rights.

      BABASAHEB CANNOT BE COMPARED TO gandhi EVER gandhi has to be honest and equal for that .

  32. Gandhi was wrong …es lyii too gandhi goli mari thi …bhagat singh ko fansi v es gandhi kake hoi. Jab garib loko haq milan lage to es ne marn wart rakh lyaa poona pact ..gandhi rss ka dalal tha.

  33. Although the agenda of congress included abolition of Untouchability and Gandhi said it many times. But he is the soul supporter of Chatur-Varn System. And if you don’t know how castes in India evolved please do read the Dr. Ambedkar’s “Caste in India”, you will come to know what Dr. Ambedkar was talking about.

    I think many people don’t want to understand what Dr. Ambedkar and his ideas. They just want to somehow prove that Dr. Ambedkar was wrong in his ideas. So, best of luck to all of them.

  34. He fought for the blacks in south africa…but he never fought against untouchbility in india…he has restricted himself only to papers and speeches and never implemented them.
    He has always supported castism.
    Ambedkar is the only one who stood and fought for the untouchbility…because he himself faced it.
    Ambedkar ji is a real hero and a real indian.

    • Get your facts rechecked it was because of Gandhi and only because of Gandhi that untouchablity got removed just after independent.Even in country like USA black got right after many years but India due to work done by Gandhi they got what they deserve.I am not saying Babasaheb was not great.But at least don’t accuse Gandhi of hypocracy.Gandhi ate with dalit.Gandhi cleaned toilet to set an example

      • Aapne dekha kya gandhi ji ko toilet saf krte huve…evedance hoga to dijiye pr on nkli hi hoga..Bhai..q k a sb dhkoske hai…

      • Those things which he did were not the cause to empower the downtrodden but it was the constitution and Dr B R Ambedkar’s sweat and blood that empowered them.

    • Gandhi did NOT fight for Blacks. Look deeply why the black students of South Africa wants Gandhi’s statue removed & you’ll understand

  35. No doubt that with due respect Mr. Gandhi was wrong. Salute to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar For his intellectual statement.

  36. Gandhi was against untouchability. But he never criticized caste system or varna system. Not even in his English writings. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was a trained sociologist and economist and also a lawyer. He never uttered a sentence without reference and facts. Dr. Ambedkar’s allegation against Gandhi was based on empirical facts.

  37. Im born as brahmin, never believed in cast system. Way back in 1975 when I went to a friends house for lunch (supposedly a lower caste) his father asked did u take father’s permission to come and wat hear. His father, my friend are still there, sharing life. Who did what, how did it happen, why the current people be sharing, thinking, or doing anything about it. It’s backward thinking.


    Please go forward. Marry each other as I did. Love all. Have a good life

    • How you go forward when you ask for house for rent and deny on basis of cast, wort they ask cast and pay low money if you belong to Harijan,Dalit, Bh***.
      Pathetic situation in Gujarat(Saurashtra) where you wont find home/ plot in good area because of castism. If you want to confirm then ask people for rented home and say you are belog to lower cast ( Harijan) they say NO even you do a good job.

  38. No one other than being untouchable can understand the depth of discrimination can be understood. Outside the system is presumption.

  39. I hate Gandhi because he is a bramin. He Always supported to varnasharma in the sense Santana dharma’s. He is double standard man… of the Bad man in the world…..

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