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7 politicians with corruption charges CBI and ED won’t raid

The Modi government’s selective pursuit of justice against corruption is a witch-hunt.

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As former Union minister P. Chidambaram faces arrest for alleged corruption in the INX Media case, it is worth remembering that Chidambaram was the home minister when Amit Shah was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation on charges of murder in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case. Today, Amit Shah is the home minister.

Since 2014, the Narendra Modi government has been relentlessly pursuing corruption allegations against opposition leaders. Raids and summons intensify especially when an election is around the corner. But this is not a fight against corruption because if it was one, it wouldn’t spare BJP leaders accused of corruption.

The selective nature of this ‘anti-corruption’ agenda makes it a witch-hunt. This witch-hunt stands in sharp contrast to the Modi government’s refusal to have the controversial Rafale deal investigated, or to the manner in which it dragged its feet over appointing a Lokpal for five years.

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Here are some politicians the CBI and other investigating agencies have been soft on, despite corruption charges against them.

1. B.S. Yediyurappa: He has become Karnataka’s chief minister again despite being the very image of corruption in Karnataka. Accused in land and mining scams, with diaries recovered from his possession showing hefty amounts being paid to top BJP leaders, judges and advocates, Yediyurappa today stands tall, acquitted of most of the charges. The same CBI that was investigating him for years couldn’t furnish enough evidence against him when the Modi government came to power. The Supreme Court might yet order investigations against him in a land scam.

2. Reddy brothers of Bellary: Before the Karnataka elections in 2018, the CBI quickly concluded its investigations into mining scams worth Rs 16,500 crore against the Bellary brothers without pursuing the cases to their logical ends. For such audacious plundering of India’s wealth, the Modi government let the Bellary brothers go scot-free because the BJP needs them to win A forest service officer who was the whistleblower in this case was sacked by the Modi government earlier this month.

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3. Himanta Biswa Sarma: The Amit Shah of the Northeast, as he is called, Himanta Biswa Sarma was once a member of the Congress party and faced corruption charges. The BJP had waged a full campaign, even releasing a booklet, accusing Sarma of being the “key suspect” in the water supply scam in Guwahati. The scam is known as the Louis Berger case because of the involvement of the American construction management company. There’s even a chargesheet by the US Department of Justice under the country’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, alleging that the company paid bribes to an unnamed minister. From claiming that the minister was Sarma to inducting him into the party, the BJP came a long way. The Assam government has predictably gone slow on the investigations, and the BJP hasn’t followed up with its own old demand to hand over the case to the CBI.

4. Shivraj Singh Chouhan: The CBI in 2017 gave then-Madhya Pradesh chief minister a clean chit in the Vyapam scam. Would Shivraj Singh Chouhan have gotten away had he been a member of the Congress? A huge entrance exam scam, it has seen whistleblowers and witnesses die mysteriously one after another, more than 40 by some media estimates.

5. Mukul Roy: As the BJP needed to expand its organisational base in West Bengal, it inducted scam-tainted Trinamool Congress leader Mukul Roy in its fold. Roy joined the party soon after the Enforcement Directorate had summoned him in the Narada ‘sting’ case, an undercover operation by a local news channel that showed several other top TMC leaders accepting bribes. Roy is also an accused in the Saradha chit fund scam. The law, he says, will take its own course. Somehow, the law’s course towards him has slowed in its pace since he joined the BJP.

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6. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’: He is India’s minister for human resource development. As Uttarakhand chief minister, he was at the centre of two big scams: one regarding land and the other regarding hydro-electric projects. The image of his regime, which was hit by various corruption cases, was so bad that the BJP forced him to resign in 2011. Of course, neither the CBI nor the Uttarakhand government is in any hurry to get to the bottom of the corruption charges. Far from being investigated, Ramesh Pokhriyal now holds an important portfolio in Modi’s

7. Narayan Rane: The BJP last year inducted former Maharashtra chief minister Narayan Rane into the party and made him a Rajya Sabha MP. The CBI and the ED are no longer rushing to investigate Rane or raid his properties. Rane has been accused of money laundering and land scams. His is the “first family of controversies” in Maharashtra politics.

Views are personal.

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  1. Being formal than let’s ask govt to show all the spending to all the common people in this country can’t we make it as right to information on were govt is spending our tax paid amount the account should be shown and audit should be done and publish this article in public domain so all the country citizens can see. From the street to the city and village each and every penny should be shown as govt checks ours in the name of Account transparency.

  2. Dirty politics, हम सबको एक बात पे गौर करनी चाहिये, इन सबको ये गंदि राजनीति करने की ताक़त हम सबके चुप रेहने की वजह से मिलती है 🤬आखिर कब तक ऐसा चलेगा? अग़र हम सब चाहते तो एक बेहतर कल बना सकते हैं, सिर्फ़ एक कागज़ के टुकड़ो कॆ लिये दुसरे की जिन्दगी के साथ खेलते है़ ,सर्म आती है ऐसी झुठी ज़िन्दगी जिते हुए| shame of all you….jaanwaro se bhi bekaar h hm sb aise jindagi se accha mar jana hi behatar h .jaha sacchayi jaan k bhi kuch ukhaad nhi pAate unka….

  3. Let them go against individual who is involved in corrupt practices and put him behind bars. They should close the case in this term or else somebody will come and put it in back burner. Similarly, next government should take up the cases of their opponents and put them behind bars. Normally they don’t take any actions because they fear the role may be reversed in next term

  4. The good thing is political rivalry is more open than before. India is not a Banana Republic, there will always be change of guard at the centre and the new team would chase on those who are getting away today. Complacency, corruption, arrogance have always brought big empires to their knees. Nothing is infallible.

  5. In Karnataka a person who lost election last time, and two MLAs who were caught watching Porn in the Assembly, are Ministers now. PM and Amit Shaha MUST look out. Else 1971 story will repeat.

  6. Why Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s name not included? Those who joined the ruling party, their investigation has been slowed down. Not only politicians even celebrities like actors etc., their cases will go on slow pace because of their money power.

  7. Dear The Print, would u like to tell me how to block you. Bcs i dont want to see your congress biased news. Otherwise God give good thoughts.

  8. 0 I can’t praise that one corrupt is being brought to justice. But i can be a cry baby and complaint about all the people that’s not being caught. You can wait till Congress comes to power . That’s like in next 100 years if it ever happens. Lol

  9. Tumhara kyon jaal raha hai be ?I know you can not tolerate it, when something happens right in this country. It’s the ass licking culture in this country and among journalist that made possible corrupts behave as legend.

  10. WTF Print? You know very well that Rafale deal has been exonerated by Supreme Court not once but twice!
    Same thing for Amit Shah. You guys are not bigger wellwishers of judge Loya than his own family.
    Shame on you for spreading falsehood in the name of journalism!

  11. Are unhappy that coruppt politicians is caught. don’t you believe in constitution and free and fair judiciary of India. What a problem why you are crying. Are supporting secular corruption.

  12. The roots of corruption has been so deep in our country ,it is impossible to uproot them until politicians change their mindset . Congress had already done so many corruptions , although BJP has not done corruption but it gives licence to those who had been involved in scams joins BJP from Congress. How can we claim that BJP has clean image if it’s state leaders have been accused of so many scams.

    • I agree with
      Douglas Pereira
      22 August, 2019 at 3:15 pm
      Both the Congress and BJP are corrupt and should be banned permanently, all their ministers should be jailed. Call in the Army and lock all corrupt, fraud, murders masquerading as politicians today.
      India needs a Anti Corruption Revolution and lock these goons up once and for all, preferably at an undisclosed location.
      Agreed execute them in public alongwith their Stooges from Court judges (SC to trial courts) ECIs, CBI, NIA, POLICE & MILITARY Commanders appointed by them, serving their nefarious cause.

  13. I would like to call Print as Misprint. They are totally writing like Congress newspaper. Pathetic journalism.
    What you are trying to say is when in power they can loot and no body should question them later.
    Print is asking you let them out why not me. Looks like Print has unique journalistic ethics.
    When in Congress he was looting you didn’t complain but when joined BJP you are weeping like a child.
    Good luck Print for your reporting.

  14. Trying very hard to justify and support P Chidambaram. U guys are quite faithful to your owners….

  15. OMG!! Was Congress/Gandi Family/ & The Leftist MEDIA Or Politicians Were EVER Selective?? NEVER!!

    Pehlu Khan denied justice under Gehlot govt IS Front Page News!! Harish Jatav killed by a Muslim mob in Alwar & denied justice While his father commits suicide Is NO NEWS!!

    Leftist Hypocrisy & Bastardized Versions Of Secularism, Justice Etc. Stands EXPOSED!! How Long Will You Continue??!!

    • Please name a few corrupt people from ThePrint as well whom CBI and ED has not raided. Are you going to file a case against one of your own ? It is for the opposition and media to file a case and put pressure so that all corrupts get what they deserve. This is pathetic reporting.

  16. All this can happened only in India.why do we blame them it’s we the dumheaded people of India who voted them to power if we keep aside our differences of cast, Creed,greed and use our head to vote for the right person our country will be the best but the policy of devide and rule still excist and we fall in the trap

  17. People from the top have to be handled for corruption, then come down tolesser leaders. After leaders at the top are convicted, it will be the turn of the lower level ministers, babus, etc. Everyone’s turn will come. If you are eager to pursue your own case, file a PIL. You will not be sorry.

  18. India is a corrupt country all the politicians aare corrupted, this same woes i have nen listening when I was a child, its been year, still the words are ture to very core. But I completely disagree that all the Indians are corrupted, it has an alalogy like the this saying “Dal Mai kuch kala hai, nai bhai pura dal hi kala hai”.

  19. Both the Congress and BJP are corrupt and should be banned permanently, all their ministers should be jailed. Call in the Army and lock all corrupt, fraud, murders masquerading as politicians today.
    India needs a Anti Corruption Revolution and lock these goons up once and for all, preferably at an undisclosed location.

    • Lol!! What An Anarchist!! Are You NOT Corrupt?? Search Within!!

      ..And Do We Leave Out Pedophile Pastors Who Abused Children Through The World But Remained Protected Under The Umbrella Of The Church & Vatican??

  20. Print has given seven names from BJP, I am sure “Print” must have at least 70 names from Congress & other opposition parties ; to be neutral, they must publish those seventy names.

  21. Absurd article. There are so many corrupt politicians still outside . They may be in any party. When time comes they will be in trouble. Since they are outside now, we can’t justify Chidambaram case . Culprits should face the dance at anytime

  22. WOW!! 17.3 K shares. It is interesting to see how Shivam Vij’s propaganda factory works. That said, I agree with The comments written by Arvind BaagDe and JA Simon.

  23. Views are personal but giving in public domain ….these are the tactics of media in the shadow of freedom of speech ….idiots ….go to past 2014 CBI and ed victims did same things to modi Amit Shah Jahan Mohan Reddy …but at that time media never criticised congress for these tactics …but supported govt and came up with the headlines congress govt is cracking on culprits ……but now same scene is repeating but the same media is blaming government and coming with the titles called as Modi govt is taking revenge and doing everything political and neutralising institutions ….is this is fare on the side of media …only media have to answer this hypocracy

  24. This article is totally mileading. The opposition Congress and Media like you are selective. Take the cases of Lynching. Even local disputes are termed as Lynching and incidents are being high lighted selectively by bringing communal colour. In 2010 CBI also arrested Amit Shah and like Chidamabaram he never evaded arrest and faced it legally. Why Chidambaram absconded for more than 24 hours. It seems more than Chidambaram the big heads in the party are worried. It seems those big heads are also involved in this fraud.Why don,t u highlight that? Why don,t u suggest to Congress leaders to fight legally and come clean.

    • People from the top have to be handled for corruption, then come down tolesser leaders. After leaders at the top are convicted, it will be the turn of the lower level ministers, babus, etc. Everyone’s turn will come. If you are eager to pursue your own case, file a PIL. You will not be sorry.

  25. There is no justice in this country. There is no rule of law, there is no respect for rights. There is only witch hunting in the guise of fighting corruption. We are a country taken over by goons, who are interested in fixing political opponents with the aid of pliant institutions and toothless media.

    Meanwhile the country will be led down the gardenpath by demagogues, who stoke the worst kind of passions and make empty promises, for winning elections. God alone can save this country.

  26. Very likely, but instead of just moaning in the media it would be for more effective to activate the great lawyers from the opposition to to follow the path taken by Mr. Subramaniam Swami. Obviously nobody will pay them for such an effort, or offer political patronage they are used to.

  27. Your media organization is purely biased and corrupt and the reason is that you didn’t include the name of –

    1. Sonia Gandhi
    2. Rahul Gandhi
    who are currently on bail. Does MODI government takes bribe from these two leaders for not taking actions against them? This article is an example that you ppl gets funded by congress and left parties. The question is that why you ppl are reporting selectively. These are not the norms of journalism. Shame🔔 “The Print” is the sold out news organization.

  28. At present BJP Government is facing lot problems, economic front, unemployment, closure of factories, RBI scam, GST failure, etc. In order to divert the attention of public and decolorize the heavyweight opposition figures Modi is using Government Agencies, in undeclared Emergency period.

  29. If this is not selective and blatant vendetta then what is.. Surprisingly no raids are happening to NDA parties for past 5 years. now someone pls don’t say that they are not corrupt. the rule is “if you are raided, join me, i will stop all raids”.. Take the case of sujana chowdhury (TDP turncoat to BJP). He was highly corrupt and was raided along with few other party colleagues from TDP. The clever man he is, joined BJP within a month. And all raids stopped.

  30. The best things to do is dissolve the govt and bring the President Rule in the country and hand over the governance to the military, give them a free hand. Let them investigate the corruption charges on everyone and bring the culprit to the books, so that we can wipe out practice of corruptions. And bring uniformity in the law and order.

    • All military chiefs are RSS goons and BJP loyalists so the situation will get worst as RSS will steer them from behind

  31. The opposition is putting muted protest for investigation of these corrupt people of the ruling party. It seems that the corrupt opposition leaders strike a deal with ruling party for not raising voices against the corrupt ruling party leader as this causes nore investigation by ED/CBI.

  32. ओ प्रिंट वालो, मुझे लगता है तुम्हें अपने पाप सता रहे हैं। आपके पास बीजेपी वालों के ख़िलाफ़ इतना कुछ लिखने को है तो सबूत भी होंगे?

    दम है तो स्वामी की तरह रीड़ की हड्डी की ताकत दिखाओ और देश हित में, भ्रष्टाचार के विरोध में कोर्ट जाओ। तुम्हारी भी देश के प्रति कुछ जिम्मेवारी बनती है या केवल बीजेपी और आर.एस.एस को गाली देने के सिवा कुछ काम भी है?

    लानत है ऐसी पत्रकारिता पर।

  33. It is a matter of shame that even media is highly biased , divided pro and anti political has blindfolded it’s eyes selectively so can not see the the merits sensitiveness of the case . if Mr p c was innocent then why he was apprehensive of being arrested. he is senior advocate who has handled plenty of such types of cases.if he is innocent charges will not stick .

  34. The best thing now for Mr. Chidambaram is to join BJP, he will be baptised and made clean all corruption charges will disappear and he can get a portfolio also.

    • In his case it won’t happen because he actually screwed Amit Shah in Sharabuddin fake encounter case. The whole saga has revange as genisis. Otherwise cold blooded convicted Murderers who killed own child are the key witness in the case with their dubious credibility.

  35. The Print, The Wire I don’t know where u get yr funds frm, but your gigantic hate against Modi is visible. I just read 2 of yr article, both are anti-bjp, anyone will clearly point out yr biased view & Vendetta, Stop breaking down this great country.

  36. It is shamefull and lowest standard of politics being practiced by Modi and shah…a man like yedyurappa becomes CM after once being dismissed from the pist on charges of corruption, Nittin Gadkari had once to leave the post of Bjp chief on the same charges and above all Amit shah himself wanted in many cases ,particularly in his sons company case,nothing being done about it..
    Had there been really anything substantive against congress top bross the Modi govt woul have put them behind the bars in its 1st tenure as nothing found gainst them ,now the govt of the day tries everyway to book them in any is really undemocratic and a threat for indian democracy to survive.

  37. Can I get a reference to a similar top 7 corrupt MPs or MLAs the Congress protected and the author was fired up during Manmohan Singh Ji era? (Written about by the same author) It would help to justify the current article too and be objective in our discussion.

  38. We all know the INX promoters and their bloody coup on their own daughters murder.The crooked businessman, finds way to have his ways,by bribing,enticing ,intoxicating..In Tamizh it is rhyming words are Petty(box of money) butty(bottle of liquor)kutt(sexual favour)…
    In PCs case after her heist,IM chose to drag PC for he did not protect her from going to Jail. So she turned against him.But if it is true that she bribed his son at his behest,for her ways, it must be to speed up and garner crores of Foreign investment. What did she do with this? funding of unlawful activities?

    PCs eminence,by birth,education ,wealth before entering politics needs no explanation. His contribution as a hard working FM cannot be forgotten. Many pensioners, students would from their heart of heart pray for his unstinted judgment.

    If the authorities want to really punish the guilt,they should fast track legal cases pending in all courts,where even some highest judiciaries are bribed or manouvered by the crooked,greedy,lust,business cronies
    All those involved in giving,facilitating,duping,cheating,evading should get punished,not aftet decades..As Punishment delayed is judgement denief.

  39. अमीत शाह को cbi गिरफ़्तार करे तो कानून अपना काम कर रहा है। और chitambrum गिरफ़्तार हो तो राजनीतक बदले की कार्यवाई हो रही है।

  40. This is pure vendetta and nothing more. If the point was to bring out corruption the CBI would have filed a charge sheet first with their findings, they didn’t do that. They have questioned him multiple times before.
    Not that he is above law, but then it has to take due course just like for everyone. Going at this supersonic speed to arrest someone who is not a fugitive is nothing short of vendetta politics and has little to do with fight against corruption.
    People with with tainted image are being rewarded with ministerial portfolios. Again not to say that other parties are clean but the people voted for this government based on their promise to check corruption and the government is not walking the talk rather indulging in vendetta politics to weaken the opposition.

  41. If the congrress did not know to play their cards it’s no fault of b.j.p
    Both are two sides of the same coin.Twins of corruption.Politicians does not fall from skies.,they are reflection of the society .Indians are corrupt to the core.

    • You have hit the nail on the head, my views is absolutely in sync, we are a corrupt, our culture perpetuates corruption. this is in our blood. As long as ignorance and prejudices exist, this country will nor change. every institutution is corrupt, only total revolution will, I hope it would be bloodless.

      • i agree with you guys. Except there will be no revolution, this country is doomed. Majority of the people abuse our freedom fighters. corruption is rampant. Population along with unemployment and illiteracy is increasing. How will a revolution happen in a spineless country ?
        It saddens me to say this but this is the reality. We won’t improve. Our future is bleak

  42. the author hit the nail on the head. what about hundreds of raids held in Tamilnadu on aiadmk ministers and even the chief secretary office was not spared when panneerselvam was the chief minister. number of ministers have been raided and crores found. gutka scam is a big one, and what happened to the cases on Jagan Mohan Reddy. on the contrary his attached assets have been released , 768 crores. Modi ‘s fight against corruption is farcical. All corrupt leaders if they join bjp will become clean. Now Raj Thakeray is being hounded. all those who are summoned by cbi or ED are given two options. JOin bjp or face the music. And judiciary right from the bottom to the top has been totally compromised. Supreme court which called cbi a caged parrto is itself a prostrating caged parrot which repeats govt line and has lost all its dignity, As far as media is concerned complete sell off. Waiting for the day when they will come for all of us. Scary.

    • all the TDP rajya sabha MPs who were raided for PMLA, and serious offences with very serious charges were taken into bjp and the action and subsequent moves have been kept in cold storage. Villains two months back have become deshbhakts. Especially RAmesh who is one o the most corrupt men in the country as of now. Naveen would have been in jail by now for his deft handling of his relationship with Modi and bjp. But it is onlya question of time before he also will be hauled up. See what rss and bjp did in Sikkim. complete betrayal. rss and bjp have no morals or scruples but naked power is what is their aim and they will go to any extent for that. RSS and its wings are most unscrupulous , dubious hypocritical and unethical entities this country has even seen,

    • We are selfish, we react when only if your freedom suffers, when our own daughters gets raped,when our sons o father gets lynched. Sometimes I feel ignorance would be bliss.

  43. I really dont care what these two political parties do to eachother during their reign. All I know is at present BJP under Modi is the best party to lead this country to a brighter future. Tomorrow if a leader such as Modi emerges in Congress I wont give a second thought to give my vote to Congress. And it is high time Media should stand on neutral ground and stop reporting biased news like this piece of crap.

  44. I think those are listed will perhaps not be spared in the future. Once objective in shielding is done with slowly and slowly all these will be taken in to net. Hope for the best. No one should be spared at all.
    All hidden wealth to be brought back to kitty.
    Though it seems vendetta is at work.

  45. In Politics…….there will not be any truthful activities…..all are running for survival…..Almost all the corrupt elements are active in our major political parties n officials holding key positions in govt. administration……viz. Beurocrats etc. (Now some lesser number of corrupt leaders are also we can see in Communist parties….now they are also coming under the Scan). Normal Indians are in a confused state. In my opinion political parties should be very serious while selecting Candidates for State Assembly n Parliiment electiions….Opportunities should be given to young, energetic n sincere candidates. Old generation leaders can give guidance to the younger ones. A person’s character is very very important. Actually in a practical sense we can’t change the entire corrupt system within a short period. It needs time n energy of younger leaders of all political parties……..I don’t know our political leaders will consider these type of changes in their future course of action……I hope so for the bright future of our country……..

  46. By this article the author is trying to prove that judiciary is nothing. All what matters is the investigative agencies which dance on the tune of Govt that too BJP govt only. Congress is holy cow and it never manipulate the agencies for the political vendetta. parrot in cage comment given by SC for the CBI during UPA regime was an advanced comment given for the BJP govt, whenever it will comes to power. I suggest investigation should also be done for media like of print,the wire ,scrol etc.these media houses are getting fund to destabilize the country.

    • the author has not defended any corrupt practice by any party or leader to be fair to him . but has only highlighted the total hyposcrisy of the present dispensation in fighting corruption. you must be thankful to him for not mentioning the amendments brought to foreign contributions to political parties clause retrospectively which the congress also supported. and the recent amendment to RTI which is a regressive move which will scuttle any attempt at getting to the bottom of any issue, corruption. This govt especially Modi will prove to be the most corrupt mouni baba who wilfully broke his own commitment of na kaoonga na khane doonga.

  47. Same strategy used by Chinese and Russian govts to keep any Opposition in check. Make them so weak they can’t stand in the next elections.

  48. It is more because he was breaking the country based on religion. He was trying to use religion as a dangerous tool and ao the need to shut him up. Else yes, there are many corrupt living in this country. More than ministers the bereaucrats need to be tightened.

  49. Me.Chidambaram has been arrested after the court order rejecting his further period of honeymoon. After getting No Arrest shelter from the court 22 times, accused can’t say he is being harassed. And there is no first him and then me in a court case. People can’t say why court has passed order against me and not others .

  50. Corrupt is corrupt…. Going after some at express supersonic speed and others at a pace even the Snail will feel ashamed…..when going after corruption let us not b selective…..take it to the factual conclusion….And leave it to the judiciary to conclude…..These govt instruments when request to take up a case days their load us tipoo much but will leave all the cases they have kept in their lap and jump on their own to catch a fresh case…. where did they get their time and energy…God knows…… Corrupt person is not a patriotic citizen…..he must be punished who ever the bloody hell he / she is WHICHEVER PARTY AFFILIATION…… cause he is cheating the citizens of this fabulous country sitting in a public place…
    Jai hind

  51. Congratulations to Shivam Vij. He could have perhaps added PMO for going out of the way to help an unfit-for-the-job industrialist called Anil Ambani. Other two names could be Sukhbir Singh Badal, and Vilas Paswan.

  52. Ha ha this twerp blocked me on Twitter. He is one of India’s worst journalists. Nothing but a Congress stoolie. His rantings are a pathetic attempt to wash Chidu’s stained lungi at the behest of his dalal editor Couptaji, who washes Sonia’s lingerie for a living.

  53. It is the duty of the government that they should be seen working on eradication of corruption. The corruption is genetic in humankind. It flows in the vein. India is no exception. Corruption is sanatan. इसके न आदि था न अन्त ..

  54. If anyone is found to be corrupt, he should be brought to the justice. Congress ruled the country lastly for 10 years and every Indian knows very well that there was immense corruption in Govt. No deal was finalized without kickback.
    If any of the leaders in NDA is corrupt, congress should immediately sue him in court of law. Your analysis is totally biased.

  55. May be Shivam should learn from Dr. Swamy instead of wasting time writing for thePrint. Shivam and his cohorts (congress supreme court lawyers) should file a case against all these people and send them to jail. Let us see how smart you and your friends are.

  56. Dear Author, it is important to catch the biggest crocodile first as soon as you get the opportunity. Small crocodiles and fishes can be caught later much easily. Make example of kingpins, small fishes will die automatically

  57. This article is totally biased, one-sided and may be paid by Congress. Selectively picked up names leaving corrupted congressmen and it’s allied party members.

  58. Interesting list. Perhaps your point is that there are corrupt people in all parties and that’s a point well taken. However, if your point is that because some are corrupt we shouldn’t go after others then I would disagree. We won’t go from being corrupt to corrupt free in one single shining moment. It will be a long process as corruption is gradually reduced and all parties, institutions and organizations will be affected – some to a greater degree than others. (Don’t forget we have a judiciary that ensures that the guilty are never punished because it takes decades to convict anyone. That’s one key reason why it has been so hard to eradicate).

  59. The author has made out a strong case by citing factual evidence to show that CBI &ED are making selective arrests under the pressure of Modi government.#Terroraccused are #enjoyingPower being on bail while #Lawabidingcitizens are thrown in to #Jail like #criminals.He is not a person to #flyaway from the #country like #VijayMallya or #NeeravModi.#Chidambaram is a known #Lawyer and no offence is proved against him.Ofcourse he is not above the Law.But the way things are going on it is a #clearcase of #politicalwitchhunt and #intimidation.#CBIarestedChidambaram.

  60. Two wrongs don’t make a right.. If it’s happening so be it.. Don’t hyperventilate unless you are fearing that you may be next

  61. It is one way to demoralise Opposition scheduled on 22 against 370 35A abrogation at Jantar Mantar. PC need to have maintained caution.

  62. Sonia Gandhi
    Rahul Gandhi
    Rajiv Gandhi
    DMK family
    Yadav family Bihar up
    Digvijay Singh
    Gowda family

      • There is no hope for a hard working common man in india.One would have thought modi would have been a honorable man who would have given the FM jib to Dr.Swamy with a free hand to ruthlessly hunt down all the economic offenders and bring back all the black money stashed away abroad and india,bringing property to major part of hardworking indians.
        But still sonia,robert,rahul,priyanka are happily out talking democracy.His FMarun jaitley who is neither an economy nor a politician was a man of eternal compromise like atal bihari vajpayee and the net result is india has not progressed in the real way.Keyneacian economist is driving our economy crazy with only “printed money” increasing by the day without any substantive measure to change fundamentals of our economy which only Dr.Swamy can usher about.

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