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Modi has clean-bowled Imran Khan with Kashmir yorker

Until now, it was Pakistan that always set the pace on Kashmir. Modi has turned the tables by scrapping Article 370 and Pakistan is struggling for a response.

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At the risk of drawing the charge of schadenfreude, let me note some delight at the amount of time, attention and emotion I saw the Pakistani National Assembly spend over intricacies of the Indian Constitution last week.

This meltdown over Indian decisions on Articles 370 and 35A were striking for a bunch of reasons, and cheap partisan thrill isn’t one of them. It was, first of all, the incredible irony of a nation where a ruler is often known by the constitution he junks or writes, showing such concern for India’s.

Second, because there is comic irony to Pakistan holding India to its promises to Kashmiris while it has habitually and compulsively violated all commitments made by it on multilateral and bilateral forums.

The high point for me, of course, was Imran Khan himself accusing India of violating the Simla Agreement. I track Pakistan politics like it was India’s “internal affair” and have no recollection of a ruler there swearing by what they often describe in their political rhetoric as an outdated and irrelevant piece of paper.

Even better, it came within days of the fast-bowling genius — never mind the bottle cap — himself saying just days earlier, from the White House, that India and Pakistan had failed to resolve Kashmir bilaterally for 70 years, so the “most powerful man”, you Mr Trump, should mediate.

Now, the three solemn bilateral agreements between the two countries over 31 years, Simla (1972), Lahore (1999) and Islamabad (2004), add up to just a handful of pages. And, diplomatic verbiage and platitudes apart, all three rest on one central pillar: Settling all issues, including Kashmir, bilaterally. Other Pakistani leaders have also freely broken this commitment. But, since Zulfikar Ali Bhutto signed the Simla Agreement, none of the 10 Pakistani chief executives — elected, re-elected or military — has explicitly junked the Simla Agreement. That pretence is maintained.

The Lahore and Islamabad declarations essentially reaffirm the bilateral commitment of Simla. By stating publicly to the world that both countries cannot resolve Kashmir bilaterally and that Trump should take over, Imran became the first Pakistani leader to formally disown the three earlier agreements. Having torn up the Simla Agreement and thrown its shreds in the reflecting pool, he is now charging India with violating it. It may sound like I am turning the knife, or a cheap shot, but this is the exact definition of nau sau choohe kha kar billi hajj ko chali (the cat goes for a holy pilgrimage after eating 900 rats).

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The substantive point here is, the fundamental strategic and political equation on Kashmir has now fully reversed. Since 1947, it was Pakistan that set the pace. It invariably made the first move. With sending the pillaging and raping raiders in 1947 to the regulars in mufti (Op Gibraltar), and then tanks into Kashmir (Op Grand Slam) in August-September 1965. Pakistan made all the first moves on Kashmir until the Simla Agreement in 1972.

Seventeen years of peace followed, but Pakistan was preparing, and not for permanent peace. It was developing its nuclear deterrent, and then, fortuitously, helping the US-led coalition win the Cold War against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Nukes were ready by 1989, coinciding with the Soviet defeat. One jihad won, to the west, a nuclear-armed Pakistani establishment was now ready to launch another to its east.

And then Kargil, the IC-814 hijack, the attack on the Indian Parliament, 26/11 in Mumbai, Pathankot, Pulwama and so on — Pakistan made every single move first and India was left searching for a response. We will debate the prudence of India’s latest turn at another point. But we must acknowledge that for 70 years, India had been the status quo power, despite its size and muscle, whereas Pakistan worked steadfastly to alter it. This week, India changed that.

Now, Pakistan is struggling for a response. Because its strategic establishment’s head isn’t wired for response, it is already overloaded with proactive mischief. A week after Imran Khan dissed in Washington the Simla, Lahore and Islamabad agreements, Modi has rewritten the Indian playbook by not protesting, but, in a dramatic (devious it would seem if you are Pakistani) way, agreeing with him. If those agreements made Pakistan and the global community believe that Kashmir’s final status was still open to debate and negotiation, that misconception is now buried. So are the agreements, Imran was right.

Pakistan has to now find a new set of ideas beyond its standard operating procedures (SOPs): Provoke, deny, offer to help, negotiate, let things calm. Repeat… In the past, India sought big power help to press Pakistan to mend its ways. Now, Pakistan is doing so. And realising its limitations and diminished stature.

It is such a basket-case now, it is bartering its economic sovereignty for $6 billion from the IMF. For simplicity of understanding, this is less than the amount Arcelor Mittal is paying to buy the bankrupt Essar Steel. Its politics, society, institutions are all broken. Balochistan, it can handle en passant. But Pashtuns uprising is mainstream, mass-based and peaceful.

The one leverage it has with the world, becoming Afghanistan’s local guardian and helping Trump flee without seeming to do so, comes with a big price. If Pakistan has to deliver on Afghanistan, it cannot be distracted in Kashmir. It cannot fight a two-front battle. Not with the FATF deadline for meeting its commitments against terror just weeks away. This isn’t what Imran was mentally prepared for. It is also beyond his capacity. We should qualify this, however, by adding that he isn’t the one taking any calls here. It is the powers that be in GHQ. Do they want action on both fronts?

Former Pakistani diplomat Husain Haqqani used a line in an article for ThePrint that I wish I had conjured up. He said that for Pakistan, the strategy was always to ‘internationalise’ the Kashmir issue and India fought to keep it bilateral. But the Modi government has now reduced Kashmir to an internal affair in both India and Pakistan.

In India, it is being debated and contested between the Modi majority and the vocal political and intellectual minority which sees the action as undemocratic. In Pakistan, it is now about, how did this happen, how did the “No. 1” spy agency in the world fail to get a whiff, did someone sell out, what the hell to do now? That exasperation echoed in Imran’s outburst in his National Assembly, when he asked, so what do you want me to do? Attack India?

It isn’t my argument that everything is perfect in India, or with the latest moves on Kashmir. Just that it isn’t relevant to where Pakistan finds itself today. The more it pretends to mourn Article 370 (which it called illegitimate in the past), the more it extols the jailed mainstream Kashmiri leaders (who it called stooges), and the more it screams about civil liberties in Indian Kashmir, the more ridiculous it sounds.

Think about it. Protesting over the arrest of some separatist usual suspects and the detention of some political leaders in Kashmir when you have thrown two former prime ministers (Nawaz Sharif and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi), one former President (Asif Zardari) in jail and banished another (Musharraf) into exile. Nawaz’s daughter and the main opposition leader Maryam is now in jail too, as is Rana Sanaullah, former deputy chief minister of Punjab, three other MPs from Nawaz’s party and two Pashtun MPs, among others. None of these (apart from Nawaz), is convicted. Most haven’t even been put on trial. Most have been locked up for months, and in real jails.

This isn’t working for Pakistan. The status quo has shifted. Either Pakistan accepts it, or launches into something reckless. Or, pray for things really going out of control in the Valley once restrictions are lifted, leading to an almighty popular insurrection where Indian forces lose their nerve. That is now Pakistan’s only hope.

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  1. It is plain karma bro Pakis. As you sow, so you reap. 30 years back a selected community was hounded out from their homeland and you celebrated and rejoiced as if you had conquered the world. You are howling when you are getting paid back in the same coin. Oh! Not fair? Foul? Juggle up your memories Pakis. You initiated the East Pakistan tackle which resulted as Bangladesh free kick. Why are you crying when India is playing the game as per the rules you have chosen?

  2. Before giving sermons to India on abrogation of Article 370, Pakistani rulers should reveal how they treat the people of PoK, Gilgit and Baltistan, which too were the territories of the Princely state of J& K. More why they have allowed China to construct infrastructure in this area, if by their own argument, JK is disputed territory?

    • today almost a million people came out in the Azad Kashmir condemning what you have done. Shame on you is not enough , we wait for the right ball come your way soon.

  3. You guy in India who think that Modi bowled a Yorker are mistaken, because it was a NO BALL and you will see soon how a NO BALL is treated. Just understand that the match is yet to finish, and so is the dream of Akhund Bharat. you have been slaves for 000s of years just consider why.

  4. I have gone through your article that you or your team emailed me. I have found the following four main points:
    1. You have unequivocally acknowledged that all the three agreements viz., the Simla agreement of 1972, the Lahore declaration of 1999 and the Islamabad agreement of 2004 declared the Kashmir quandary an unresolved issue since Partition in 1947. (How the issue will be resolved is a different story.)
    2. It is the shrewdness/astuteness of the Modi’s government to tilt the status quo into India’s favour. I think that it is quite early to say so. Any military might can undertake any adventure and achieve an immediate victory but to sustain the adventure and persist with the victory is a different thing. That is why the sage have classified immediate (or short term) gains different from lasting (or long term) gains.
    3. You have relied on two assumptions. First, once some time passes (or “once the dust settles over a period of few months”), both the Kashmiris (on either part of the Line of Control) and Pakistan would accept the annexation as a fait accompli. Second, Pakistan cannot fight a three-pronged battle to deliver on Afghanistan on its north-western border, satisfy the FATF on cracking down on militant organisations, and deal with the Kashmir mayhem created by the Modi’s government on its north-eastern border. I think that you are mistaken about your both assumptions. I would say that let some time pass and you would see that Pakistan would deliver on all the three fronts simultaneously.
    4. You have reveled in the genius of Hussain Haqqani who wrote that Pakistan’s effort to internationalise the Kashmir issue failed and that the effort of the Modi’s government to reduce the Kashmir issue to the internal affair of India (and Pakistan) became successful. Contrary to the brilliance of Haqqani, I think that, in an effort to internalize the matter, India has served Pakistan’s purpose of internationalising the issue, though the cost is being paid by innocent unarmed Kashmiris inhabiting the Valley.
    [Dr Qaisar Rashid is a free lance writer and has been contributing a weekly column to various English dailies of Pakistan since 2004]

  5. Time is ripe for India to cut Pakistan into 3 pieces. Social media has unmasked the traitors in India. it’s now easy to disable them and destroy Pakistan forever.

  6. Waqar khan there is a saying
    Gidar ki maut aati hai to vote shehar kids are jata hai Aur kutte kids maut ati hai to where ko lalkarta hai. Katora le ke county country ghumkar bhik mangnewale porkistan ka time up…. Tamatar bheju kya ha ha 😂

  7. Everyone Viewing This Problem from Pakistan side. Everyone knows that Pakistan is Financially bankrupt country. Why a 5 trillion dollar economy india is so worried about Pakistan. All those calling themselves Journalists on so called national media are obsessed with Pakistan and they are suffering from pakistan phobia. Indians suffering due to stagnating economy is not an issue, But Pakistan taking IMF Loan is an issue. JOB Lessness in india is not an issue abut branding masood azhar as terrorist is an issue. Abrogating RTI and sufferings due to faulty GST and UAPA and NRC are not issues but Leaderless congress is an issue. As if those journalists are wining elections after elections are giving advises lectures etc to congress but real problem of tax terrorism and water crisis are not issues. Instant Triple Talaq is an issue to be dealt with urgently but hindu husbands deserting their wives are not issues. Rahul Gandhi private life is an issue but women reservation bill for parliament and state assemblies are not issue. Modi is doing mann ki baath on water conservation as usual it is a one way communication I want to know how many central government buildings are with rain water harvesting.
    Next point is Kashmir is integral part of india ? or not I donot know about you but I believe very firmly it is. By the actions of this great PM who are suffering now? Is it Indians or Pakistanis?. who are pelting stones against whom and who are taking those hits and in retaliation to pelting stones due to the actions our armed forces who are losing their limbs and lives. can you point out one Pakistani who is affected. Who are those Amarnath yathras whose yatras are stopped in the mid and who are those migrant labors whose livelihood is lost. Are all from Pakistan? Who are those people in the Jammu and Kashmir who are totally locked down and who is seeing in their life how stone age would have felt and who is not able to enjoy their yearly festival of EID. Tell me in these sufferings one Pakistani citizen affected.
    By abrogating 370 modi and praising this whom you have deceived. You have deceived those minority people of india it may be religion, Culture, Linguistic etc. As a linguistic minority we saw fatal attacks on Tamil people by those thugs of Shiva Sena. Though north Indians are linguistic majority in india they were attacked by linguistic majority of Maharashtra, Gujarath etc. Though with all the pain because two mistakes will not make any action correct. I have the following questions why you all talk about attacks on Kashmir pundits alone why don’t you all talk about these attacks on those minorities. Yes bombay also saw cross border terrorism, Bomb blasts, riots, lynchings, attacks on minority, under development (you see how seasonal rain wreaking havoc across mumbai city) etc. why it is not converted to union territory. Inspite of delhi being union territory it also has all the problems of other part of Indians face why?
    When Women got equal right to their ancestral properties as that of men in india. But you modi bhakthas are talking about discrimination in Jammu & Kashmir women marrying those men out side their state. I think loosing ancestral property by those women was struck down way back 2002 itself.
    What is the role of international community in India’s internal affair. But for the past seven days every day there are news reports who are with us and who are neutral and who are with Pakistan. Many those foreign countries may wage or help Pakistan to do more indirect low profile wars because they are not going to loose much but they can sell Pakistan a lot of defense and offense equipment. In that case whose are going to suffer most neither you nor me nor modi nor shah nor modi bhaktas But those who are living there and those who are defending that piece of Land on behalf of all of us.
    By the way what had happened to those mujaheedin after USA Exit from Afghanistan those war mongering people can help their counterparts in india through Pakistan. Inspite of being Super power under America’s nose Taliban is ruling 68% of Afghanistan estimate shows.
    By the way Now onwards what happened to unfinished agenda of taking back those portions of Pakistan occupied Kashmir and china occupied Kashmir. A dream of Bharath ratna Vajpayee.

    If you are so interested in only Sports analogy all are self-hits (cricket) or self-goals (foot ball & hockey)

  8. SG,u shouted loud after Balakot Tree Strike but got a punch on your nose..Ruskies in Afghanistan took 9 years,US+46 Countries incl India took 18 years in Afghanistan..the common denominator is Pakistan. Don’t jump as it’s Indian turn in Occupied Kashmir, my guess,it will take three years for Pakistan to get India out. So stop jumping, IK googlie is famous,watch your head.
    Tell Sanghis to shed Nazi ideology as India may implode due to weight of Golwalker ideology.

    • Take Kashmiri muslims in the name of Islam. Give them nice new houses in Kashmiri land illegally occupied by Pakistan. Stop living with thoughts such as: “I am constantly torn between killing myself and killing everyone around me.” (David Leviathan, Will Grayson), you fools.

  9. Driving out Kashmiri Pandits from their own State and making them refugees in their own Country to make the region a particular-Religion-Majority,,cannot be answered by the adversary.

  10. According to a BBC report thousands of people were out in the streets of Srinagar protesting abrogation of 370.

    “Thousands of people took to the streets in Srinagar after Friday prayers, in the largest demonstration since a lockdown was imposed in Indian-administered Kashmir.

    “The BBC witnessed the police opening fire and using tear gas to disperse the crowd. Despite that, the Indian government has said the protest never took place.”

    • And “Rohit Desai”
      Your point is?

      BBC is a Jihad Propaganda channel. Heck Aljazeera is more neutral than BBC.

  11. Classic Shekhar Gupta. In very simple terms what’s happened is that Modi has shown his rebellious streak against Khan-Trump potential collusion (and rightly so). He has simply given a loud and clear message to both (wink-wink nudge-nudge types) that India will not be pushed to acquiesce just because some big power has a stake in the region, that too of its own making. A nation-state is as much about land as it is about people, and personally I believe and hope that Modi holds no ill-will towards Kashmiri muslims. However, any resistance, if NOT peaceful, must be contained. Americans, Pakistanis and Chinese do understand the meaning of collateral damage as they are adept at playing dirty games.

  12. Excellent analysis.
    I for one think what Modi and company did was a masterstroke. They made use of a provision within the Article 370 to render the special provisions redundant.
    The transition is going to be painful both for the kashmiris and the nation. If Pakistan does not commit harakari and goes to war with India or does something stupid (like the repeat of Phulwama), we can be sure this will normalize with time. Kashmiris will learn to live with their new status which empowers them more as it does away with the power brokers and middle men.
    India should also not worry about the international criticism in the media,especially the Western media. I have seen NY Times write crap and publish a dubious picture of Kashmir under curfew. Such things should not deter the govt from doing what is right for the Kashmiris and the nation.

  13. Video version is better than the text version as Shekhar Gupta deploys an expression like ‘schadenfreude’ and then provides meaning in Hindi. Wish analysts go for the occasional Urdu or Punjabi phrase than these confounded German/French/Latin stuff.

  14. The future is wild and tomorrow Pakistan’s initiative and effort of making Kashmir a trilateral issue would come back to haunt it for a long time to come.

  15. I fail to understand as to why India had been defensive on Kashmir on international forums? We were the victims, still we behaved as we were culprits. Pakistan occupied our territory by force, yet we acted as we were aggressors. It is time to move out of the inferiority complex created by the slave mentality of Congress, and be offensive in all international forums asking Pakistan to vacate PoK and Gilgit and other areas.

  16. Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist, Barnala (Punjab)

    This week ‘s ” National Interest” column entitled ” Modi has clean-bowled Imran Khan by Kashmir yorker ” by Mr.Shekhar Gupta tends to be
    lop-sided seeing just one “subjective side of the coin”

    Mr. Gupta in the heat of the moment is jumping conclusions to overlook all- round and overall ramifications of this development. It is not at
    all prudent and worthwhile to draw so many early and reckless inferences of this NaMo action from Pakistan and its Prime Minister Imran Khan’s reactions and responses.

    We feel overjoyed that all is not well in Pakistan. Should not we too go in for deep introspection asking is everything fine in India ?

    Complacency, rash and whimsical mindset of those at the helm of affairs of the nation did bring nation on the brink of sorry and gloomy state
    of affairs in the nation.

    If NaMo could outsmart Imran clean bowling him with this Kashmir yorker why he continued waiting for so long ?

    Why Surgical Strikes, February 14 Pulwama Suicide Bomb Attack, Balakot Aerial Strikes, Pathankot Airport Attack and Wastage of Time and
    Energy in knocking at the doors of foreign powers to get Masood Azhar declared a global terrorist ?

    Gupta Ji, with this Kashmir yorker move, should we assume that all problems and complexities pertaining to Kashmir,Pakistan, China, United States of America and many more are now over once for all ?

    In my humble opinion. NaMo has made a move very smart in his own view, but now onwards let us see which way the wind blows ?

    Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist
    Pom Anm Nest,Barnala (Punjab)

    • The long pending decision has been taken in the interest of India.
      The whole Nation supports this decision of PM Modi.
      Few like you are habituated to find faults always.
      Kashmiris been well off so far?At least there is a positive move now to set things right.The Nation supports Mr.Modi’s guts and trusts this Government .

  17. The article is naive. Kashmiris have always been reluctant Indians and the solution was more autonomy not less. Alienating them won’t help in the long run and the run is very long. Second the Simla Agreement is wrongly interpreted as binding all negotiations to bilaterally. It also says that the charter of UN will be the basis of relations between the two countries. Using Simla agreement to avoid negotiating a solution is also counterproductive. Become more strong economically does not guarantee a stable future as some Indians think.

    • We are tired of this Jihad propaganda. India is a federal structure, states have many rights . JK had way too many special privileges. The valley Muslims had abused these privileges and destroyed their own lives and the lives of Hindus/Sikhs In Jammu and Buddhists of Ladakh.

      Blame your hardline policies, violent stone throwing, displaying machine guns, wearing bandanas calling for Jihad, etc

      I’m not a strong BJP supporter. But agree with them on this one. People are sick and tired of Jihad.

      I’m also opposed to cow vigilantism, temple agitations, etc. EQUAL RIGHTS, EQUAL Protection as per Dr Ambedkar’s Constitution.

    • Hi Faisal – in agreement with your premise that “Kashmiris have always been reluctant Indians” if we Indians were to suggest in that case let Pakistan take Kashmiris and resettle them in PoK, Gilgit and Baltistan. After all Pakistan has enough of Kashmir. Why do you want some extra land? For the sake of muslim brotherhood and in the name of pious and compassionate Islam, why can’t large-hearted Pakistan accommodate Kashmiris? Sir, you can’t and you won’t because Pakistan wants more land, and the ideological groups in Pakistan want to spread extreme Islamic ideology.

    • Wherever Muslims are a minority, there will be a separatist movement. This problem does not occur with other communities.

  18. Even in cricket, while India still plays the gentleman’s game, Pakistani umpiring went rogue a long time ago. We now know that Indian players were asked to play in Pakistan even when umpiring was so totally biased. India, controlled by our self loathing left wing elites, has taught Pakistan that there are very few consequences for bad behavior. We returned the captured territories in 1965, while Pakistan celebrates the 1965 war they lost as a victory. In spite of Pakistani open interference in Punjab, Gujral talked about “going the extra mile”, “maximum flexibility”. There are virtually no celebrations of the 1971 victory and no remembrances of the millions killed by Pakistani army. While we were busy rewriting a false “secular” history , none of our academics critiqued Pakistani history books (compare that to how China and Korea respond to history writing in Japan). Even now, not one article in major media outlets of the world mentions how Pakistan used to call Article 370 a sham or how they unilaterally changed the status of Gilgit and Baltistan or gave away land to China. If you read Arundhati Roy, you will find exactly the same gaps. There are hundreds of such examples. We should not minimize the complicity of our intellectuals in helping to teach Pakistan that there no very few consequences for bad behavior.

  19. An excellent analysis!
    Though this was very well BJP election manifesto promise or avowed objective of RSS, the proximate cause of supersonic legislative action on Kashmir was surely Trump’s expressed eagerness of mediation apparently on the request of Imran. The world knows it better neither Trump not Imran is a serious diplomate. Imran’s request for mediation was a seer immaturity – he definitely was not briefed by his experts properly about the implications of the request. Trump too is known to be temperamental and unpredictable. After Trump’s statement and again it’s repeat though with the rider ‘if Indian PM wishes’ was enough to instigate the urgency for New Delhi.
    Trump’s urgency of getting out of Afghanistan,where he is badly trapped in and Imran’s making it a bait might have triggered enormous worries in the minds of New Delhi’s Political corridors. And this was just the perfect timing of the decision which otherwise might have taken more time. Trump and Imran just provided the perfect opportunity and timing for the project.
    Now not Imran but even Trump is stunned and have loss of proper words to look decent and relevant on the issue. With no vocal reactions world over the decision is by and large seen with apathy and neutrality by international community.
    Pakistan has virtually lost not only international but national agenda too – the agenda and slogan for public speeches and even electioneering also. In fact, in the name of Kashmir, Pakistan had been building diplomatic assets convertible to internal strength and economic helps. With this decision Pakistan has lost all the narrative for them abroad as well as at home.
    But Pakistan may play victim now, crying before international community about Indian endeavours. In fact next few years of Pakistan diplomacy may be guided by this ethos only.
    The kind of popular support the Govt has got on the issue will also be watched with rapt attention by the countries. The decision almost appears to have total broad support. The opposition of even Congress appears to be limping and fracturous with it’s various quarters supporting the move.
    Thus Pakistan appears to have been disarmed for the time being with no way to move forward. But it will definitely continue to support the separatists and their misadventures in the valley in more aggressive ways.
    The international community too will watch the developments too closely and Modi govt is required to be cautious in its approach in moving ahead both at domestic as well as international levels. However, the move remains a master stroke at all levels!

  20. Who knows if Mr Modi has yorkered anyone or bowled a no ball, and will be asked to bowl again! Or has he pushed Kashmir into a quagmire. International statements have just started coming in. Russia wants Shimla agreement and Lahore Declaration to be followed ; China wants Shimla agreement and UN to be followed ; I think USA hasn’t commented yet. At least I haven’t seen it in the papers, nor have I seen anything from “my good friend Abe” or Nitanyahu or France Germany or the UK. To the best of my knowledge no one has yet commented that it is INDIA’S INTERNAL MATTER. Only Modi and Shah have been TomToming that, and of course some writers on THE PRINT, like Shekhar Gupta. (Actually I haven’t read the article, sorry if Shekhar has said something different).

    In the past I have been commenting out of my cocoon that I see international peacekeeping forces roaming the streets of Kashmir. But now our own CRPF is roaming those streets! How very reassuring!

      • Haha, no Sir, I don’t read it even afterwards! I again apologise to Shekhar. Another problem is, he writes such long articles! In my youth I had patience to read Russian novelists who wrote fat books. Now I get impressed just by looking at the size of a written work.

  21. Pakistan appears to have been taken out of the equation completely. At this rate, the two countries may as well break diplomatic relations and entrust consular functions to the Swiss Embassy. 2. The internal dimensions of the problem remain unchanged. The whole process of Abrogation appears to have been set in motion after President Trump’s factually incorrect statement, further expedited by the imminence of an American deal with the Taliban. Unclear whether all the long term consequences have been thought through. The creation of a Union Territory in place of the state will hurt the sentiments of the Kashmiris, magnify the Centre’s responsibilities, including for more development assistance. 3. Local BJP leaders are pointing to the dangers of unchecked migration from other parts of the country, outsiders buying land. Kashmir’s problems have not changed or mitigated by this decision. A long standing ideological conviction has been acted upon. Beyond that, uncertainty.

  22. Dear Print, There appears to be a software glitch. Halfway into posting a comment, the submission vanishes. Then, like Sisyphus, I have to start all over again.

    • May you have lot more software glitches so the The Print will be spared of your pro Pakistan and anti national blabber.

  23. Well argued as are most of his articles. My only slight disagreement. Most of past Pakistan leaders invoked mediation by Us and Un. Imran is no exception here. To say that only when he has raised this demand it’s tearing up of Shimla agreement whereas earlier that was not so is an inconsistent argument. Final comment (not disagreement). Article points out that the only option with Pakistan is to hope things go out of hand. I believe despite Pakistan’s current problems (which are many) they will invariably ramp up mischief(not just hope). They are in a hole now. How they got there does not change what they do. In a hole a person is desperate and he will act desperately. As they see it meekly withdrawing on Kashmir isn’t an option. With India having now a doctrine of military response that is assymetric and escalating we are entering very very risky times.

  24. Iqbal , dear like your system has been peddling false and fake agenda you seem to know or pretend to type only half story. Same is the case today with Pakistani establishment, it is just seeing the things it wants to not what it is. No surprise our narrative is falling in deaf ear but also sounds kiddish, uneducated, false, half baked and laughworthy.

  25. So basically you are saying that we become like Pakistan to beat them and once we have become them (which we have) Pakistan does not know what to do! Wah!

    • Natarajan@ I dont know what’s your real name is. Anyway if you are Not a Wasim or Zaheer and you really some sort of Naratajan then you must know the story God Narasimha from Puran (a Hindu Scripture). FYI, So according to our religious belief, we have a four handed God (Supreme God) God Vishnu, “The Protector” The Maintainer”. So once He I mean God Vishnu, Venkateshwara had to turn to a Monster, a Demon (Raakshas) himself in the form of “Ugra Narasingha” Narasimha you know ” to kill or destroy a Raakshas”. The Supreme God had to turn Monster, a Demon to Kill a Demon Hirannakaipu. Hence it’s a learning that some the good need to or rather had to turn Bad to destroy the bad or evil. An Evil country like Pakistan with evil people in power should get some treatment that they deserve. You better stop writting shit & keep your Shitty mouth Shut!

      • I think you should read the Bhagavata Purana since you don’t know it at all. Narasimha was not a monster. He was the combination of a lion and a human- it’s all there in the name NaraSimha.
        India doesn’t have to adopt Pakistani ways to beat it. Calling nearly 200 million people as evil is no different from calling 1300 million people as intolerant.

  26. The articles above is bundle of lie and unilateral does not belongs to any reality ,1948 india attacked on Kashmir in responce pak resist it and captured a major part , Nahru went to UN and request to stop advacement of pak militry and sign a resoulation that pleabacite in Kashmir will be done under UN observation and legally Kashmir is Disbuted region not the Indian terotery.last 70 years india sign 3 deferent agreement for mutually settle the issue but india never sit for diologue and hide behind a false slogon on terrorism , Now mody removed the special status of Kashmir it mean he turnoff all mutual agreement and Now UN resoulation comeup , thanks for mody foolishness, Now world and SC responsiblity to act as per resoulation and plebsite in Kashmir.

  27. As I always said, Shekhar is at his best when he writes in ‘national interest’ where his mind is free of Modi hatred! Indeed, Modi Shah have upset everyone, in India and in Pakistan who saw things differently from Modi Shah but what caused most upset was his masterly stroke of not only removing Art 370, J&K Constitution, J&K flag but also obliterating the state of J&K as it existed and worse, by turning them into 2 UTs! That Kejariwal supported the conversion of a state into a UT, where he is fighting for his UT to become a state, is an irony of this event. Even Barkha Dutt now accepts what Modi Shah did but her heart bleeds profusely for Abdullahs and Muftis under the pretext of calling them the only nationalist mainstream leaders form the valley. Once the dust settles over a period of few months, Pakistan will have to accept the fait accompli and it will move to annex POK formally as a response to Modi Shah action. China would also force it to do so to regularize its road construction under BRI and occupation of portion of Ladakh which Pakistan ceded to it in 60s. India will protest and then the Kashmir issue will be internationalized by India and Pakistan will be under pressure all the time.

    • Very good comment, Mr. Surendra Barsode. I agree, Shekhar G “is at his best when he writes in ‘national interest’ where his mind is free of Modi hatred! ” Your remarks about Kejriwal and Burkha Dutt are intelligent observations.

  28. You idiot racist media supporting freedom of people using un democratic means. It shows where is India moving from Gandhi to Hitler. You will only suffer.

    • Indians are not racist, unlike what your “Wazir-e-Azam” tells you. LOL
      Indians just like to show Pakistanis the mirror of truth and self reflection.

  29. I suspect Modi has been closely watching Jasprit Bunrah😀. Modi bowled a very deceptive Yorker. Instead of showing sportsmanship, Imran is refusing to leave the pitch and the Umpires have to warn him to get out.

    Imran has been limping in the run up and has been bowling lot of no balls. Not to mention the pitch is not favorable to him. The team owners Khahkis may drop Imran Khan and look for a new spin bowler. Kuldeep and Chahal can coach 😂.

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