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‘We live as brothers, sisters’ — Muslims form human chain to save temple amid Bengaluru riots

Muslims formed the human chain to show they are 'here for all', but, at the same time, say they cannot tolerate insult to Prophet Mohammed and are seeking justice for it.

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Bengaluru: A viral video showing Muslim youth forming a human chain to guard a temple during the violence that erupted in Bengaluru Tuesday night has emerged on social media.

The video shows young men holding hands and ensuring that rioters didn’t attack the temple located in Pulakeshinagar.


In the video, one can hear people appealing to the protesters and saying — “For God’s sake… Please stay away from here.”

Two areas, D.J. Halli and K.G. Halli, in the Pulakeshinagar limits of Bengaluru saw widespread violence as an angry mob went on a rampage to protest against a Facebook post, allegedly put up by P. Naveen, nephew of Pulakeshinagar MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy of the Congress.

Three people were killed and as many grievously injured after the Bengaluru Police opened fire to control the riots.

“We have formed this chain to show how we are here for all, but again we do not accept those who are trying to force RSS ideologies on people,” said one of the men who formed the human chain.

“We all live as brothers and sisters. We do not have anything against any religion. We are not fighting against any individual or any caste or community. We are only seeking justice as the nephew of MLA Srinivas Murthy has insulted our Nabi (Prophet Mohammed). We can not tolerate that.

“This has happened several times earlier. We respect this temple, we respect Hindus. But we are fighting against those who have extremist views against us,” he added.

A local vendor, Yasir, whose family has been running a grocery store for three generations in the D.J. Halli area, said: “It (the post) hurt our sentiments, but we condemn those who resorted to burning vehicles and attacking others.”

Meanwhile, police said Naveen has been arrested. This apart, 160 people have been arrested for indulging in arson.

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‘Proud of our brothers’

Rizwan Arshad, MLA of Shivajinagar, which is adjacent to Pulakeshinagar, told ThePrint he was proud to see such acts of kindness.

“We are so proud of our brothers, who think of such acts of kindness even during such testing times. They told me that they stand for peace and unity, and they will try and ensure such incidents do not recur,” he added.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor tweeted that the rioters should not be equated with an entire community.

“Those who incited and perpetrated the #bangaloreriots must be found, arrested & given exemplary punishment. But they are not to be equated with an entire community any more than thugs & vigilantes represent all Hindus. This also happened in Bangalore.”

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  1. All acting don’t believe their intentions People who are real savior don’t record videos n send to social media .our army men in battlefield don’t record videos telling they saved us from enemies . everything was staged .

  2. Why are the libtard presstitues hiding the real truth. The whole riots is a well planned conspiracy. The insult at Muhammad was in response to the insult by a half cut bulla’s insult of Krishna on Janmastami day. Why did the police arrest the guy who was just responding, and not arrest the guy who started it all by insulting lord Krishna. If one sees the entire video o the so called muslims protecting the temple, it is clear that it is all a show. The initial part of the video says, quick is someone taking a video of this? That gives away the rest of the plot, that there was absolutely no threat to the temple, and they did it just for getting some cheap publicity. The presstiutes fell for it, without verifying all the facts.

  3. The Print(ing mistake) yet again proves the biased approach.
    Why do we even need a human chain to protect a temple, where is the news about the perpetrators who were trying to harm the temple.

  4. How the hell are they trying to get justice?
    By doing riots!!

    When Karni sena did riots then everyone criticised including this news website.
    But this time when Muslim mob is doing riots then you sickular people are trying to defend them
    You bloody hypocrite 🤬🤬

  5. The violence and murder just a silly face book post is a daring and open attack on Indian democracy .How can they attack Hindus as a whole for act of one individual.Such act by mob must be crushed with heavy hand .Act of Jihadi muslims should be condmened by all.

  6. These Jihadis with brainwashed inhumane philocsophy first mock our goddesses. Then they attack a hindus house then you portray this in such a way. Such a dirty piece of journalism. You must be funded by these terrorists.

  7. These Jihadis with brainwashed inhumane philocsophy first mock our goddesses. Then they attack a hindus house then you portray this in such a way. Such a shitty piece of journalism. You must be funded by these terrorists.

  8. We spread hatred through our negative comments. This online hate never stay in online soon it will spread violence and terrorism in real Life. we can’t accept or spread violence in any form. Our every actions matters , through our hate comments we are hurting true patriotic Muslims.

    We are biased and thinking this as an media setups.
    Even if it is a drama there is no harm in it. At least this images are trying to pass positive message on brother hood and communal harmony. Even if it is fake it encourage good model . But biased comments ????

    Muslims are inseparable part of us. India has to grow with all religious people. Now as a responsible democrats we should think objectively about strong local policy and community Program for healthy relationship rather than emotional comments.

    Let us respect those who really protect the temple.

  9. What bullshit it is what they should really have done is to stop those who were rioting. It’s like a person who first set fire on a neighbour property and then helps in dousing the fire. Slow claps for them. The problem is that there are wrongs in each community but we only find others at fault and don’t try to recitify our faults. blasphemy is not a crime in india.

  10. Kisko topi pehenatay? YOu making a foool of people? Some muslim fanatic, wrote a derogatory post against hhindu goddesses on facebook. I have seen it. In reply to which this P. Naveen wrote a rejoinder. Tit for tat. Why create such a huge hullabaloo???

  11. This is why, in America, we have freedom of speech that allows you to criticize somebody’s religion.

  12. Day in day out our Hindu gods have been demeaned by so called left liberals and islamists. Do we go loot their homes and burn them. No, we patiently wait for karma to hit. Honestly, above video, it felt more like a photo op drama. Why would one Facebook post be taken so seriously and the Hindu temple that has nothing to do with it in the first place be attacked at all…. Thousands of temples have been desecrated with idols cut by islamists…!!!!!

  13. Shame on you the print . Shame on you to carry the anti-india propoganda all of us watched that video and how beautifully they scripted that .

    How much thees anti-Indian goons are funding you filthy newchannel

  14. The Muslims in the video were heard to encourage taking videos. It was staged so please check into it . Please stop appeasement

  15. All drama
    This drama is created just to make a video and share to how great the people are of the religion of Peace 😂😂

  16. A Muslim mob has already destroyed more than 4 Hindu Temples and now this human chain is a filthy propoganda to save the face of Islamists in this Hindu Nation.
    Stop showing fake news

  17. Only 2 questions…

    1. From which community were the rioteers from?
    2. Why did the rioteers wanted to destroy a temple in the first place?

  18. ohh please stop youe sickular propaganda, who were they exactly protecting the temple from ???, that too when it is very far away from violence hit areas, this is nothing but a PR stunt to whitwwash their crimes & to gain sympathy from u libtards

  19. Any place of worship should be respected and protected. Hindus and muslims have lived together as brothers. Muslims in Bengaluru came forward to guard the Temple shows the real bond of brotherhood that exists between them though many attempts have been made to create mistrust and rift among them by the communal forces.

  20. So, this classic article starts with “Muslims can’t take insults to prophet ” so isn’t there a law system. This starting line has justified the riot that they did. Kitna neeche giroge Print Kitna neeche?! Kuch toh zameer hoga na?

  21. who need to be praised if temple destructors and saviors are Muslims, what do you mean to say from this article, Hindus unable to save their temples form radical Islamic so Islamics protected temples for Hindus…….

  22. These guys had issue with some relative of Congress MLA. Why bring in RSS!!!??? Recover amount of damages from those who caused damages only. State exchequer should not be used to fund repairs. Salute to those, who stood protecting the Temple. They should be recognised & awarded. Lastly, please stop calling them Protestors. They are Vandals, terrorizing the population.

  23. As long as Muslims cannot tolerate insult to Prophet Mohammed, they are unfit to live in a democratic country. Pakistan was created for these Muslims and they must leave India and live in Pakistan. Indian democracy allows criticism of all religions and Islam can’t be an exception.

  24. Brothers yes but on the slightest provocation we will protest not peacefully but violently, causing harm to the same brothers who are innocent and in no way connected to the so called insult. In India gods, prophets, religious beliefs are so fragile that they get insulted at the slightest provocation. And those who claim to be believers need to protect their gods, prophets, beliefs through violence. Simply because they do not believe that those to who they pray are strong enough to take care of themselves.

  25. A simple whitewashing techniques to distract public attention. Death threats, Islamic slogans shouted, riots injured more than 60 police personal, more than 250 vehicles were set on fire and countless loss on properties. If the people were so offended by the Facebook post they could have just filed a complaint in a police station rather than burning down the police station. So Swamy stop being an apologist for this mob.

  26. What a secular sight to see. Kudos.

    Hundreds of people first gather at residence burn the place down, then burn the nearby properties down both private and public.

    Lock the gates of police station with police inside. Beat up police too.

    After hours of violence disaster management senses prevail, few of them line up outside the temple forming chain.

    The message is delivered.

    We will riot, arson, burn people, properties down, kill police too, no rule of law applies to us.

    This time temple is saved by us but next time it will be on target.

    Our author gets the video and extols the secular credentials after hours of rioting and violence but doesn’t understand the hidden message.

  27. You are the persons doing riot and you are making human chain to saVe the temple… why cant you circle the ppl who are riot on roads destroying public property…

  28. Running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. First burn vehicles, burn plice station, kill some, injure some hundred., Thereafter offer protection to Dhimmis. I am glad that Jezia has not yet been collected. This is gangsterism, not seeking justice.

  29. This is what happens with rumours in INDIA. NOBODY IS SAFE WHEN” SECULAR VOTES” ARE OUT TO RIOT. Ofcourse THE PRINT will later inform us that the RIOTING ” secular votes ” are actually RIOTING because they are the victims.

  30. One more drama by Muslims , first use violence and intimidation, burn , kill and loot , then show some drama , small doubt will they repeat these dramas if their population becomes majority in India , definitely No , see in Pakistan and other Islamic nations , who ever commented on Islam is killed in courts and whole Islamic country supports them .

  31. Muslims must be treated with Gujarat model dose. They must be made to pay for all damage caused. Infact time to follow Delhi model.

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