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Modi govt could soon reduce India’s 60-plus civil services to just 3 or 4

One plan to rationalise is to divide the civil services into technical, non-technical and security-related, with the aim of achieving better harmony.

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New Delhi: The Narendra Modi government could soon reduce the 60-plus civil services in the country in a bid to “rationalise” them, ThePrint has learnt.

According to the five-year vision document prepared by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), the government will attempt to drastically reduce the number of services to ensure that the state machinery functions more harmoniously.

“Rationalising the services essentially means reducing the number down from the existing 60-plus civil services to about three-four,” an official from DoPT said on condition of anonymity. “The idea was proposed last year by NITI Aayog and the government will now seek to implement it.”

The civil services in India include over 60 specialised services classified into Group A and Group B. Some of the more prestigious Group A services include the IAS, IPS, IFS and the IRS, among others. At present, there are over 25 Group A services alone.

While the government has not yet decided on how to undertake this rationalisation project, a possible solution could be to classify the civil services into three groups, the official quoted above said.

“One way of doing it is dividing the services into Indian Administrative Service, which would include all non-technical services; the Indian Police Service that would include all security-related services and the Indian Technical Services, which would include all technical services,” the official said. “This is just one idea doing the rounds…the services could be rationalised in other ways too.”

ThePrint sent questions to DoPT regarding the proposal but has not received a response so far.

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What the NITI Aayog had pitched

In its ‘Strategy for New India @75’ document released last year, the Niti Aayog had suggested reducing the civil services significantly, and conducting a single exam, with an All India ranking for the services.

“The existing 60-plus separate civil services at the central and state level needs to be reduced through rationalisation and harmonisation of services,” the NITI Aayog document said. “Recruits should be placed in a central talent pool, which would then allocate candidates by matching their competencies and the job description of the post. Concomitantly, the number of exams for civil services should ideally be brought down to one with all India ranking. States may also be encouraged to use this pool for recruitments.”

The DoPT official quoted above said the government has been considering the idea of a single examination. “The government too has been exploring the idea of ‘One Nation, One Exam’ for some time now,” the DoPT official said. “However, the modalities have not been worked out yet.”

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Other reforms

Among the other reforms proposed in the ministry’s five-year plan is the setting up of a National Recruitment Authority, which would conduct a common test for Group B (non-gazetted) and Group C posts.

As reported by ThePrint, the NRA would conduct a one-stop exam for all the non-gazetted Group B and Group C posts, which currently have close to 1.5 lakh vacancies, as per government estimates.

Additionally, the ministry plans to expand the recruitment of lateral entry at the director and deputy secretary level, and conduct a common foundation course for all civil service recruits, according to its five-year vision plan.

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  1. Any progress on this matter as almost one year passes Since theprint has published this article.

    Seems to be dormant article??

    Plz comment

  2. Whatever may be done- subjectivity & “yes,Sir” culture is difficult to go, since the officers remain at the mercy of their Masters. Few dare to say NO to illegal or irregular demands of the Masters , and such category of officers face lot of problems in their career. I remember a CMD of a company asking CVO to either tear one enquiry report or his career will be marred. He had the guts to get his career marred.

  3. I appreciate the step of this government, since long time we are suffering from system which was created by Britishers. But this government is trying to reform the system. I understand that reforming systems does not guarantee better results but still guarantees change.

  4. No one leader ever thought or had any will or for that matter any idea about how to bring about a change in our system to foster discipline and growth without compromising on the freedom.
    Modi Ji has the energy, confidence, faith and courage to bring about a very much needed demanding change which will not be welcomed by hooligans, thieves and the corrupt and antinationals.

  5. It’s something new but hope there should not be any quota. It should be fully pure.
    I think English and maths should be added in main exam.

  6. Bravo decision, British have left long back. Moreover recent attitude of British politics towards India is pathetic. We need to dismantled the last British relics. Instead of Babu’s we need to bring good brains. I am not saying that civil service have less brain. What I am saying we need to bring best of brains from our education system and best of performers from private sector. Government jobs in true meaning should be a prize job. Let us make a couture of handful of wise person in every department and where every decision is democratically arrived. Let’s be transparent. Let’s be wise. Let every non military government decision be published online . Though to achieve that we need to pay outstanding brainers outstandingly. Non performers should be shown the door. Let’s write the servant in public servant in bold. I have faith in this government. If this time it’s broken I will never have the faith again.

  7. Under the pretext of ‘New India’ this government is devising ‘new ways to cripple India’. Clearly a blow to the freedom of bearaucracy and employment.

  8. There is very thin line between “radical” thinking and “bizarre” thinking. The very fact that we accept that there are “state level” jobs, and there are upward of twenty odd states, it beats me how 3-4 job categories can fit the requirements and how one centralized recruitment agency will do the job. An irresponsible man when he wants to be admired as an iconoclast talks of such things. Looks like this nitiayog is teeming with such brilliant kinds.

  9. Niti aayog members appointed by modi government so the members will do what the ministers want. The government is not doing it’s actual job ,and cheating people of India

  10. Indian Civil Services, the only clueless exam in the world which is not transparent, no RTI. 10th Maths, 10th English, basic logic and decision making is not scored bur only a qualifier.
    What are a Civil servant’s winning talents,
    Backward, category, physically challenged, poor maths, poor english.
    No wonder, while those Indians who failed civil services exams are leading world’s fortune companies, Selected Civil servants are running india into ground.
    Is it a politicians conspiracy to employ the unemployable and make them dance to their tunes ?

  11. It is high time bureaucrats should unite n show their spine. Let them first discipline n streamline these so called politicians, most of whom r tainted.

  12. Should been done long back..this will ensure a smooth and faster decisions..the previous govts were either napping or were busy in looting.

  13. Any new idea or plan will be resisted, and there is no guarantee of success. That doesn’t mean, there is no place for new ideas or plans. Before planning apply your mind by using the best brains available. When you implement you face the real challenge. People must think that they need new ideas because old system has failed.
    We are spending more money with more persons without results. This has to be changed. OK spending money is alright for efficiency, but there’s no efficiency. For these reasons we need a change.
    We can not avoid influence of politicians on officials. They have to work together. People are choosing bad, corrupt, and ignorant politicians. It is every citizens duty to see that efficient, knowledgeable, honest leaders are elected. And also officials must be upright and courageous to say wrong is wrong and right is right.
    I look forward to a change for the better, which my country and society needs.

  14. Problem system mein nahin hai. Bahut mehanat se UPSC clear karte hain log . Isi system se hamne development kiya warna desh ko achchhe officers kabhi nahin milte aur na desh aage badta. Problem tab aati hai jab politics haawi ho jaati hai. Neta apne rutbe ka istemaal kar galat tarike se kaam karne ko majboor karte hain officers ko. Kuch logon ki wajah se pura system badnam ho jata hai. Plz don’t compare our country with others. Hamaari bhaugolic, prakritik, rajnaitik aur saanskritik sabhi paristhitiyan baaki countries se alag hain. Yahaan Kos Kos par badle paani aur char Kos par badle paani.
    Ek sangthit desh ke liye hame desh ke har hissed ko unki jaruraton ke hisab se manage karna hoga. Ek hi laathi se sabko nahin haank sakte. Kuch karna hi hai to netaon li juban aur haathon par lagam Kasiye jo khud ke faayde ke liye logon ko majboor karte hain.
    Moblynching ko rokiye jo dhire dhire jahar ki tarah pure desh mein fail raha hai aur agar ispar kaabu nahin paya gaya to bhayankar parinam honge. Tax badakar khajana bharne se koi desh amir nahin jo jata, agar middle class kaam dhandhe li paresaani se joojh rahe ho. Jo achchhe se chal raha hai use chalne dein, plz don’t disturb. Jahaan jarurat nahin hai wahan kuch na karein.

    • Yes sister you are right. As we know that bureaucracy is one of the organ of govt just like each part of our body is important. This Modi government try to dilute the system of the bureaucracy. Do you see any reform in bureaucratic zone. The answer is no.. From the influx of lateral entrant to reduce the number of service all are disgusting. If you want improve the quality of civil service then you should pass civil service act and should have min to min interference of not only political leaders but also reduce the issue like corruption , curb the powers of civil servants,etc….

  15. New India first need a complete overhaul of political setup. Centralizing everything will only create a greater chance of a monopolistic rule.
    Ok reducing civil services is good then reduce no of netaa which will be even better.
    Jobs are becoming extinct and betas are becoming distinct.
    I think it would be better for the aspirants to stop preparing for Civil service and start entering politics.
    If jobs are scarce and competition stiff.
    Let’s make netagiri more competitive, let them face the heat of their own falsified political decision

  16. I think we should appreciate the attempt to do something.. we all know some babus are corrupt and they don’t bow down to the government and run their own way.

    It is important to keep bureaucracy in check and use their competency for the growth of our country.

    But people who commented only feel that are only brilliant . . .

  17. Really disgusting……once again going to take wrong decision… By doing this u are going to spoil the dream of many students….. Those who are trying hard to get success in government job from so many years . Most important fact is that by taking this step government can’t make $ 5 trillion econonomy infact it will create more unemployment , already unemployment have reached highest 6.1% in 4 decades according to NSSO. Unable to understand why government is not taking any positive step regarding employment opportunities for the youth .

  18. Real problem is what Gandhiji called politics without morality and the master of that kind of politics is now ruling the country. Tinkering with bureaucracy or retiring some officers is part of that politics, not a solution to country’s problems.

  19. Top burocracy is being handled by top politicians, What to say bureaucratic freedom? Just to advertise something in their favor,their involvement allows many to suffer . This donot have any healthy impact on the social development (Bikas) .

  20. Sanya Madam, Will the government provide compensatory attempt as is being demanded by those affected by CSAT pattern during 2011-15? Please respond. Thanks

  21. I don’t understand why people of gave a second chance for this government that always has a duty to loot the poor demonetisation,GST and now lateral entry ,reduction in IAS posts. Please stop this…

  22. This is bound to happen when illiterates rule over the educated. DOPT and PMO are a bunch of sycophantic leeches. Country appears to be cursed with insanity at present.

  23. This is the age of specialisation. Of vertical growth. Currently each district collector who is an i.a.s. will have 73 different charges to look after which is next to impossible given the way india needs today. This will only create another babudom which only has brought distress sofar. Also considering the present day mindset of the civil services aspirents,its suicidal for the country to venture into this experiment

  24. Seriously already there’s not enough job now this too. Why this government is against civil service?. Don’t ruin the life of aspirants who left everything behind for this dream job in social service.

  25. another idiotic idea like demonetisation. if you really want to improve bureaucracy remove the influence of politicians on the bureaucracy. Fixed tenure, no ad hoc transfer, and make CBI and police as completely independent constitutional bodies like the Supreme court. But of course feku will do none of this coz hoarding power is the only goal

  26. Sounds too drastic. This is at the heart of governance. True, India’s bureaucracy is not highly regarded abroad. Reports of successive Administrative Reforms Commission, one headed by Veerappa Moily, lie unattended to, as do others dealing with police reform. 2. The real power in a India lies with the political executive. Picture BSY returning in triumph a couple of days from now. What kind of people will he be looking to appoint as Chief Secretary, DGP, CP Bangalore, the head of the municipal corporation. It is these things that set the agenda for governance, not tinkering with or even upending civil service structures that have been designed and refined over decades.

    • The one who is favouring this kind of turbulence must see further excavation of bureaucracy. These elite services are the back bone of the nation and even if they want to dislocate some of its, they must re think.
      What the “thinking tank” is upto !
      They are binding these services just to have one examination, what after then ?
      They will loose their fearless individuality and roasted in the political oven.
      This new hierarchy will lead to more official servant to officer rather than nation’s duty.
      The upper most officer will be suppressed by politics and automatically the lower one.

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