West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee | Ravi Choudhary
West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee | Ravi Choudhary
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New Delhi: A retired Indian Police Service (IPS) officer from the West Bengal cadre who committed suicide earlier this week has accused Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of abetment in his suicide note, which was accessed by ThePrint.

Gaurav Dutt, a 1986-batch IPS officer, was suspended and sent on compulsory leave in 2010 following allegations of sexually abusing a male constable. The son of a Padma Shri-awardee IPS officer of the 1939 batch, Gopal Dutt, he retired last month.

Dutt was reportedly found in a pool of blood, with a slit wrist, at his house Tuesday. He was taken to hospital, but succumbed to excessive blood loss.

In his note, he said the “present CM WB” was responsible “for my action inform (sic) of abetment”.

“All that is noted above has been written in perfect mental condition,” he added.

While West Bengal director general of police (DGP) Virendra and Gyanwant Singh, the police commissioner of Bidhannagar, Salt Lake, where Dutt lived, did not respond to ThePrint’s calls for comment, the officer’s wife Sreyanshi Dutt confirmed that the letter was indeed written by her husband.

“My husband’s death is a protest against the government for all the torture and humiliation he had to go through,” she told ThePrint. “He was disturbed for the last 10 years, but I had no idea that he was so deeply depressed and wounded that he would take his life,” Sreyanshi said.

“I’m alone and devastated now. Everything is over… The government has taken my husband’s life.”

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‘CM victimised me for 10 years’

In his letter, Dutt has accused the Mamata Banerjee dispensation of serial harassment. Extracts from the letter quoted in this report have been reproduced verbatim.

“CM refuses to close my 2 pending proceeding [sic] cases. One case file is lost deliberately by WB govt. In 2nd case no corruption charge could be substantiated,” wrote Dutt. “Even DG [director general] requested CM but she refused to close cases.

“Present CM WB has victimised me for 10 years and went all out to demoralise me due to her single-minded vendetta against me for reasons best known to her,” the letter said.

According to the letter, Dutt’s pension was blocked by the state government.

“So, now, after taking extreme step, govt will be bound to release my saving thus our family can survive with dignity. That amount that they have blocked just to teach an officer a lesson even after retirement,” he added.

‘Petty’ and ‘vindictive’

Dutt alleged that nobody spoke up in the state fearing “instant revenge from ruling party”, a reference to Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress party.

“All are prisoners here as no one is allowed to go on deputation also. It’s a Kafka situation in Bengal,” he added.

“This toxic evil hellish environment created by CMWB [chief minister of West Bengal] – seems never to end.”

Accusing Banerjee of having her own “favourite officers”, Dutt said that he and another IPS officer had been punished by her for not taking “course to crass sycophancy”.

“This pettiness, vindictiveness and revengeful attitude for no apparent reasons are not qualities a leader should have to be on the national stage,” he added.

Dutt also took a shot at what he described as the lack of solidarity among IPS officers.

“The IPS fraternity is such that if the Govt detests you at personal level, then all officers toe govt line and will treat you like a pariah street dog,” he wrote.

“Thus there is hardly any self esteem left in one’s own house hold. It is difficult to face one’s family and explain to them why one IPS officer is being singled out or targeted for no rhyme or reason by a gargantuan sinister, evil, predatory Govt,” the letter reads.

‘If one can’t live with honour, better to die with honour’

In his letter, Dutt expressed hope that his suicide would “highlight genuine problems of honest officers in Bengal and other parts of India who have no one beside them”.

The government, he added, would probably now “think twice before tormenting, torturing and destroying honest officers like me who stand desolate, abandoned, homeless and humiliated beyond repair”.

“…If one cant live with honour, it is better to die with honour,” he said.

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  1. Mamata should be arrested immediately as she is the main culprit in this suicide case by the senior IPS officer. She has no defence as the officer was not alloted any posting for the last 10 years and she has blocked his pension which is illegal.

  2. She is very cruel lady in west Bengal. She usually kills hindoo peoples . She must be arrested as soon as possible and treated as a common people. She has also antination Thoughts.

  3. He must be suffering mentally….. He should be councilled or sent to assilum which could have bring him out of mental disorder…. Then he must not have committed suicide….. The person is victim of our present CM for last 10 years,as mentioned in the Article….. But Mamata Banerjee is our CM for 7-8 years….. So sorry for his death due to mental instability……

  4. FYI Mamata Banerjee is CM of Bengal for last 7-8 years….. Not 10 years….. This person must be a mental patient…. Must not be councilled in time by family members….

  5. There is a clear ATTEMPT TO SUPPRESS THIS INCIDENT AND THE 13 PAGE LETTER in Kolkata it seems as told by people there . Fortunately it has reached many places and institutions. There should be immediate prosecution and this incident must be heard all over India how IPS officers are a puppet in the hands of state in West Bengal in the current regime of Mamata Banerjee

  6. The people of West Bengal are the ones to blame. Electing her year after year …
    Bring her to power again in 2019
    Continue to be ruled just like The British ruled over India for over decades….

    Shame to the Bengalis

  7. Gurav Dutt’s case is a plain tragedy actuated by personal apathy and prejudice. The state has been deprived of a trained officer’s service and his end will scare future generations of All-India Service Officers to land in the inferno called West Bengal, ran on whims of one man miracle. Nobody thinks here or allowed the think, till inspiration flow from some subterranean source!
    An IAS officer, spent almost his entire career on suspension because he was reported adversely by a lowly police man from a than for his speech on some issue on Babri Masjid demolition based on his dissertation for Ph. D. with permission obtained to complete due formalities.
    He was exonerated of charges but the tinpot dictator was so utterly arrogant, he did not revoked the suspension till 3-4 month prior to his superannuation.
    He was put in some garbage dump as some vague post and allowed to retire—self-esteem, spirit of being alive destroyed totally by then.

    IAS officer on probation are being attached in central secretariat which the west Bengal has taken as brainwashing purpose of those young boys and girls bound for the state alone. A stange argument, none else voicing.
    Two SC IAS officers of 1971 and 1972 respectively were not given District Magistrate posting because the tinpot dictator did not like them for vague reasons not known.
    Those who will in future be allocated to W Bengal, will come totally demoralized and despirited.
    The people of the state will suffer. But there is no hope of improvement till the phycophancy dominates.

  8. Thanks for sharing this news which is almost blocked by all other media for unknown reasons – or may be it skipped my eyes.
    Is there going to be an investigation against Mamata ji about this case since suicide note should and can be taken as starting point for a First Information Report (FIR)? Will police leadership in West Bengal do the minimum ?

  9. You got live in Kolkata to understand how Mamata Banerjee controls everything. It is not about the control alone, but she does it viciously! Recently she stopped screening of a film called Bhobisyoter Bhoot by talented director Anik Dutta, because the director criticized her in a film festival for having her poster all over the place. I have seen rival supporters being beaten up in Salt Lake in Kolkata city. Imagine what happens in other parts of the state. We voted her to bring change from the left government. Instead she is repeating the same violence with more intensity. Sadly some local print media is also supporting her. If she is leading the opposition I am afraid the country will get into the worse kind of trouble than we are now. She has all the elements of a dictator.

  10. Mamta is a very sacred name but Mamta does not enjoy a sacred character. Mamta’s shrewedness, cunningneds and dictatorial character makes her a Kulakshani Kumata. She is systematically killing her opponents and responsible for many Sharda and Rose valley like scams. She has been openly opposing Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja on WB and not allowing opposition parties to enter WB and hold political events. She is a strong supporter of Muslims and reads kalma. India is ashamed of such mean and character less politicians.

  11. When any common people’s name is found in a suicide note, he/she is arrested immediately. Now why the said police officials, so called “netas”of this country and West Bengal CM is not arrested?? Mamata Banerjee must be arrested immediately and though I know that it is not going to happen but of she claims her to be a public figure then she should give her registration.

  12. Prashant Bhushan the PIL expert should take cognisance of the suicide note and file a pil with a request for early hearing. The apex court would oblige. CM Mamata ji can be prosecuted by a court designated agency other than CBI.

    • Governor must take action in consultation with union home ministry. If the plight of an IPS OFFICER is so tragic, then where the commoners shall urge.It is a shame and their days r numbered.


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