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How PM Modi pulled up IAS officers 3 times in 3 weeks for slow pace of work, lacking ‘courage’

PM Modi's 'frustration' with civil servants comes after his critical assessment of their role during his motion of thanks address in Lok Sabha on 10 February.

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s very public dressing down of the Indian civil service during his motion of thanks address in the Lok Sabha on 10 February isn’t the only instance of him rebuking civil servants, ThePrint has learnt.   

Multiple sources in the government have told ThePrint that on at least three other occasions in the past month the prime minister has lashed out at civil servants.  

The latest such instance came on 24 February, when the PM Modi attended a webinar on asset monetisation and disinvestment organised by the Department of Disinvestment. The meeting was held to work on suggestions for monetisation of over 100 public sector assets valued at over Rs 2.5 lakh crore. 

Modi, speaking at the meeting, said that the government does not have to keep running public sector enterprises just because they have been running for decades or because they were the “pet projects of somebody”. 

The prime minister said the private sector brings in investment, best global practices that modernise and expand a sector and also job opportunities. He also reiterated that the government has no business being in business before slamming civil services officials in different departments. 

“The prime minister said government officials are unable to take courageous decisions fearing allegations and the courts,” a source said.He cautioned babus that it is not just the responsibility of DIPAM (Department of Investment and Public Asset Managementto monetise these assets and that the departments, to which the assets belong, should also pitch in.”

On the same day, 24 February, a second source said the prime minister attended a Pragati meeting, in which he reviewed the status of infrastructure projects, where again he is said to have made his frustration with civil servants quite plain. 

According to the second source, Modi was irked by the lack of progress on the 41.5 km-long railway line between Darjeeling and Rango in East Sikkim, a project sanctioned in 2009-10. 

“The prime minister asked the railways ministry to fix responsibility of babus and the department that wasted national taxpayer money,” the source said. “Everybody heard the PM in silence.”

About 10 days earlier, on 16 February, the prime minister is said to have had another outburst aimed at civil servants. 

An official present in a meeting that Modi had with infrastructure ministries and private sector heads, said that he highlighted that projects were being implemented at a slow pace and warned the civil servants that there should not be loss to the nation due to this.

Just a week before that, on 10 February, the prime minister made a very public stinging observation of the civil service on the floor of the Lok Sabha. 

While lauding the private sector for its contribution to the growth and development of the country, Modi questioned the “power centre we have created in the country by handing over everything to babus”.  

“Sab kuch babu hi karenge. IAS ban gaye matlab woh fertiliser ka kaarkhana bhi chalayega, chemical ka kaarkhana bhi chalayega, IAS ho gaya toh woh hawai jahaz bhi chalayega. Yeh kaunsi badi taakat bana kar rakh di hai humne? Babuon ke haath mein desh de karke hum kya karne waale hain? Humare babu bhi toh desh ke hain, toh desh ka naujawan bhi toh desh ka hai,” Modi had said.

(Babus will do everything. By dint of becoming IAS officers, they’ll operate fertiliser plants and also chemical plants, even fly aeroplanes. What is this big power we have created? What are we going to achieve by handing the reins of the nation to babus. Our babus are also citizens, and so are the youth of India.)

For most officers, the PM’s statement was a rare and emphatic public denouncement of the whole IAS community by the highest office of the country.  

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A change in stance

The prime minister’s utterances against the civil services are a far cry from his Gujarat days, when as chief minister he relied on IAS officers to get his work done. 

But several officers and sources that ThePrint spoke to said Modi’s change in stance is primarily due to his belief that civil servants are not taking a proactive approach in the government’s monetisation plans. 

The first source quoted above told ThePrint that the prime minister’s outburst in Parliament was because Modi feels officers hold a pessimistic view about the PSU monetisation efforts. 

“He (Modi) wants deliverables at a fast pace but infrastructure projects take time. There are also many issues with investment and monetisation of assets but he wants quick solutions,” said one of the secretaries present at the 24 February asset monetisation meeting.

“Somehow he has formed an opinion that disinvestment targets have not been achieved in the last few years as bureaucrats have adopted a less aggressive approach. 

“Maybe industry leaders have briefed the PM about bureaucratic attitudes… but the fact is the government targets have not been achieved due to global recession. There are not enough buyers to match our valuation. It may take 10 years to sell all those assets.”

A NITI Aayog official, who is regularly present in several of the meetings chaired by the prime minister said, “Earlier, the Prime Minister was very forthcoming but now, often he doesn’t want to listen about problems. Maybe he knows the problems.” 

The Aayog official added that until Nripendra Mishra was at helm of affairs there was clarity in instruction and implementation. Mishra had been the principal secretary to the prime minister until his exit in September 2019. 

“After his exit, there is a lack of clarity and prompt decision-making,” the Niti Aayog official said. “His (Modi’s) outburst is also aimed at PMO officials who monitor implementation and frame policy guidelines.” 

Another officer told ThePrint that Modi may be weighed down by the current state of the economy. 

“The prime minister’s priority right now is to provide momentum to the economy after the Covid year. For that to happen, spending is required and the PM is convinced that without industry and people who have expertise in asset monetisation, it can’t happen,” the officer said.

“Bureaucrats can’t monetise 100 public properties, which is why in the 2021 budget, there is an announcement for a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for monetisation and disinvestment. A lot of industry people will be roped in to make this government process efficient.”

The officer added that other members of the Union cabinet are also taking a similar view. 

The officer said Infrastructure Minister Nitin Gadkari had, in a webinar on 28 February, aired his frustration with civil servants because in many of the review meetings with the prime minister, projects of his ministry were being flagged. 

“He said that after six years, he had found that in this system, people won’t change,” the officer said. “Gadkari said that he was coming to the conclusion that it is very difficult to change them. He also said that a committee of experts will be appointed to give direction to new technology in highway construction and that he would bring ‘good people from the states’ to give infra a push.”

A retired civil servant who was shunted out of the government told ThePrint that Modi may be guided by his desire to sell PSUs. 

“The PM has always had a very cordial relationship with the bureaucracy. He has promoted so many bureaucrats on loyalty and performance and even rewarded them after retirement,” the former officer said.

“Some of his officers have been working with him for the last two decades. So at what point have they become inefficient? Maybe the reason behind his outbursts is that the PM is creating a perception that the private sector is a wealth creator to avoid future criticism on the sale of so many PSUs.” 

(Edited by Arun Prashanth)

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  1. Respected PM How Babu’s will work ?? When their is no innovative things are going in the nation. Just going for privatization & selling each assets to billionare people.

  2. IAS are a pack of clowns. To continue beyond 2024 Modi should just shut down the IAS IPS completely. Replace it with localized administration that is more accountable, less entitled and answerable to people. Fact that even he struggles to get anything through them, just emphasizes how unperforming these babus are. If Nripendra Misra can do it, why can’t the others? Do they not get the same packages, benefits etc and make tall claims about their competence?!

  3. Place right man at right place in decision making process. IAS is Jack of all trades master of none.Even officers of other Group A services are not made secretaries of their own dept about which they have gained expertise over period of time. Why revenue or expenditure or economic affairs secretaries can’t be made from respective IRS , ICAS or IES services. IAS officers are trained for district administration for implementation of welfare schemes and for coordination work. They have to act more as facilitators.But they become administrators and start imposing their ill conceived decisions out of sheer arrogance. Rather young officers who are innovative and enthusiastic to deliver results are discouraged by these senior officers and even have to face disciplinary actions to kill their initiative. Time has changed and if we have to achieve target of 5 trillion usd economy, professionalism has to be brought in at top level of decision making. Middle level lateral entry will not give much results.Mediocres are coming in civil services just to enjoy power, perks and authority without any accountability. Now you find very graduates from IIM and IIT in civil services. Total administrative system needs to reviewed to face new challenges and grab opportunities.

  4. Our PM is 100%right.I can write a whole book on the misdemeanor of our’by blood Indian but mastery over than the Britishers.One such ias to whose orgn a public office I had submitted a concept for a work on improving Governance aspects,one day rudely told me that’never phoned me again or’ is it the symptom of public service, servants?on whose taxes these Babu’s are drawing salary perks! Babu’s not only misbehave but behind several missing points in our govt, hence to bring their tamper down its essential that they need to be taken to tasks, afterall what is special in them that they misbehaved with members of public! I call any of them to prove their high egos but at the same time there are also very honest and good officer who are fast extincting

  5. Babus are nikamma, kamchor, rishvatkhot, they are the curse. They must all be fired, functional and operational babus must be replaces by short tenure based contractors from big companies, and policy making must be outsourced to central universities based thinktanks, babus are gadhas.

  6. Mr Modi as CM of Gujarat ran a Oil PSU which was a colossal scam and as PM passed it on to PSU. That Gujarat psu spent money on projects which do not exists and that was only money siphoning machine to finance his party and govt. Now he wants to ruin the country by selling PSUs dead cheap without procedures to his select gangs. There is a need to defeat this combination and send tgd ruling duo yo gallows on corruption charges . Let him nit get away by saying there is no corruption without having kin or fzmily.

  7. Time has come that BABUS must come out of the old corrupt tradition of encouraging wasting public resources and not taking ant responsibility. Now India has a PM that who has totally dedicated his everything for people of India. There is no dearth of excellent IAS in India, the corrupt BABUS must be punished as criminals.

  8. I have worked for the government and I can vouch that most of the IAS officers are egoist to the core who have their own ideas , even if that idea is far from reality, and they will ram down that idea down the throat of all juniors. In areas like Technology, they have zilch knowledge but they make decisions, sometimes ludicrous.

  9. Most of the government officials do not want to be a decision maker in order to avoid defending the decision at a later date in case of some error in judgement. This is a procedure since British days and Luther’s gang has adopted it. Modi’s motto us to take bold decision and then accept the blame in case of error in judgement. Congress continued the British style and Modi changed it.

    • 127 Muslims Left by Gujrat court yesterday?
      Will anyone takes responsibility of these spending 20 year’s horrific experience.
      Why some one suffer so badly and losing 20 year’s of life fighting FALSE CASES?

  10. Red tappism and corruption is the only rot that is eating Indian economy since and before independence. There is no solution to this virus which is deadliest than Corona.

  11. Modi’s contribution to nation is to make this as a capitalist economy even more billionaires lives in india. What they have done in terms of creating jobs?? They only creates own wealth from nation assets which belongs to all Indians.

  12. It seems the govt is directionless with its hiddenden agenda. It should have a clear target which will help overall development of the nation without any partiality or perceived self pragmatics. A king or a ruler should be noble, kind, feeler of common man’s plight and in the same time wise, capable,, discerning of developments. The rulers should be capable of solving emerging problems rather than becoming problems by themselves or generators of problems for their own political gains. If the govt introspects itself without any bias about the style of functioning and perhaps may be a ray of hope wiil befall on .

    • @Sreerama Reddy: The great Indian people elected the govt. & PM Modi!! They are doing their job rather well to lead this nation & it’s civilization!! The Babus too must comply!! Period!!

  13. If our honourable PM is concerned about PSU’s and babus wasting taxpayer money, why does he spend taxpayer money on a high tech aircraft worth 8.5k crores and a 20k crores Central Vista ? Something I am missing?

    • @Vikash : Come out of the congress mentality!! An aircraft with modern amenities was the need the of the hour for P<'s security!! BTW, won't you ask the Mulla congress party why it was risking the security of the nation by under funding defense for several decades?!! Won't you ask why they bought high end helicopters to serve the Italian master while looting India's poor??!!

  14. Hollow statement unless some surgery is done. Even private sector cannot succeed in areas where the big Babu’s are the boss. Time to let them go in mass

  15. Flashback of reading Hari Shankar Parsai’s Akaal Utsav, Babu’s bante hai loot ke liye, some try to work but on the rollcoaster

  16. Khud kuch kam mat kro , jo kar rhe hai unhe bhi mat krne do , this is the drawback of civil services, ek unpadh insaan aapko order dega hamesha.

  17. Why you people post fale news he is a chaiwala, uneducated illerate moron. His ability is in negative so please dnr spread rumors abt this man

  18. Like we have Civil Service for doing Administrative jobs, we must have Political Service exam where every person who wish to serve the nation as a politician (Who make policies for their constituency) needs to be proven through rigours training and make them enter into the parliament.
    As present most of the parliamentarians of various parities enter politics only to make their business interests protected or expanded. It has become a place for networking. If one would investigate, Medical Colleges, Eng colleges, Major Contracts, Tender businesses all are by elected members or their proxy people. That is why the progress of our country suffered.

  19. Politicians in power or in opposition may be educated or may not be, but every IAS,IPS are educated and must evaluate every issue with reasoning to act. A politician in power may declare any thing he/she likes, but beaurocrats must analyse the pros and cons of such projects before implementing. For example, the FASTag is made mandatory for four wheeler vehicles, but not for other vehicles passing through the same toll roads. How? It is not known how the IAS approved such arbitrary rule? On the other hand how the Elected representatives enacted such a law aimed to collect funds from Citizens. Similarly, discounts for Digital payments is attractive and bigger than cash. So, where is the value for the Indian Legal Tender? TRUTHS ARE THE SIMPLEST. JAI HIND.

    • The Babus are government servants & have a duty towards the nation & projects given to them! One can assume they also have a tongue to talk & brains to present their arguments to the govt.!!

  20. 50 years of socialist rule has made politicians corrupt and unproductive like in China under Mao. It also made Govt officers unaccountable and irresponsible to poor people’s cry for help. Congress must own full responsibility for ruthlessly imposing socialism on us crippling our ancient skills. Modi must come down heavily on them and we are with him. Let them perform or perish..Actually these Govt servants are taking our tax money and they are our servants more than politicians.

  21. Politicians in power or in opposition may be educated or may not be, but every IAS,IPS are educated and must evaluate every issue with reasoning to act. Sun and Moon cannot change place. But educated should make use of Sun and Moon in all possible manner. A politician in power may declare any thing he/she likes, but beaurocrats must analyse the pros and cons of such projects before implementing. For example, the FASTag is made mandatory for four wheeler vehicles, but not for other vehicles passing through the same toll roads. How? It is not known how the IAS approved such arbitrary rule? On the other hand how the Elected representatives enacted such a law aimed to collect funds from Citizens. Similarly, discounts for Digital payments is attractive and bigger than cash. So, where is the value for the Indian Legal Tender? TRUTHS ARE THE SIMPLEST. JAI HIND.

  22. While sooner the better and better late then never is propagated through this stunt. The politicians cannot pretend innocence and ignorance. They are the ones who created, harboured, bred and nurtured babudom to carry out corrupt practices to MAKE money for them and rightfully so they are making babus the escape goats and proving themselves doodh ka dhula. If the PM and his ministers really want to jump start economy then they have to START appointing CEO’ and Vice President to run state and civil administration like private company’s management. You don’t have to sell to private businessmens but you can adopt private organisations management model and strategies. Hire the best, pay the best, keep them on the toe. GOVT should adopt PERFORM OR PERISH approach with all the civil servants and newly appointed CEO and VP’ S..

    • Sure you didn’t ignore who ruled this nation for 60+ years & wrote falsified & anti Hindu history books!! You may also not have ignored how a Saudi Mulla was made India’s first education minister with ZERO roots or affinity with this civilization & nation!

  23. Let’s see where the PM goes from here and how he walks the talk till 2024. Talk is easy. But for a true leader and statesman, actions will speak louder than words.

  24. Kudos to the PM
    Hopefully we can see some progress in implementation of projects within timelines.

  25. If you can’t sell air india , your governance can not be more than Average. If you didnt retire 10% bureau crat , your government had poor targets to achieve. If you start IT R scrutiny of 15% of bureaucracy every year , all your problems will solve automatically. You will getting results. The government has always been by the bureaucracy for the bureaucracy

  26. Due to congress india lack to reach its destination where the Kesari sarkar wishes to and now the babus which are responsible for non achievement . Babus have check the legal and constitutional validity of each and every action s it takes its not like following kings order to please them. If think they are corrupt or redundant replace them with your daily ordinances.
    And may be in coming days the constitution or judicial may be a hurdle to achieve their dream of a capitalist india.
    As they don’t want checks on their actions just it should be their way by any way.

  27. Due to congress india lack to reach its destination where the Kesari sarkar wishes to and now the babus which are responsible for non achievement .
    And may be in coming days the constitution or judicial may be a hurdle to achieve their dream of a capitalist india.
    As they don’t want checks on their actions just it should be their way by any way. Aren’t looks like a dictator

  28. The Author of this article and Modiji must understand the behaviour of the IAS officers. Will any Minister (Politician) agree to a contrary comment or advice from an IAS officer, from what the Minister wants ? Every one must do his work (as told in the Bhagavad Gita). The Politicians should only take policy decisions and not dictate to the Civil Servants how to do the job. They should only question the Civil servants if some thing is done in the wrong way or not done at all. First it is for the Ministers to behave properly.

    • @Kumar Raja: Correct! While the American president can take oath on the Bible and yet remain secular & liberal! In India, our PM still can’t take oath on the Gita & our our temples remain in government prisons!! Further, the elected govt. is accused of majoritarianism by the brown British slaves & other anti Hindu & Anti India forces in the nation & beyond!

  29. Yes sir, you are right. All these IAS,IPS, ITS,IFS all pledged to serve country honestly ,boldly
    . Similarly all MPs ,MLAs took oath in the name of god to serve honestly
    But very sad state of affairs continuing in all departments particularly state run department. It is the failure of top boss. While executing honestly, I say honestly he must not fear. He must controll his subordinates ,they must not be corrupt frequently check their integrity. If inefficient force them VR or dismiss them.Similarly you are honesty you can guide MLA or MPs to proper way of development. Finally both Elected and recruited are required to be honest if country wants to get development

  30. I can see this public sector disinvestment is shaping up to be another Modi disaster, like demonetisation, GST implementation, Covid planning. The economy has gone down due to mismanagement and lack of competence. Meanwhile farmers’ agitation, and defending China and Kashmir, sap finances.

    This time, Modi himself realises the disinvestment will also be a mess, so he is spinning the blame game ahead !

  31. Thankfully to PM , but as per our constitution any political or politician don’t have rights to touch our civil services (IAS) Officers.

  32. Amazing. Print printing a post of ANONYMOUS who has no courage to post under his own name and using such foul language. Shame on print. Yes we are a democracy n freedom of speech vital. But not this crass language.

  33. I am sure no one would have read or heard my comment made a 1000 times,

    “Please create a ministry of co-ordination:
    Let that ministry have NO direct responsibility of handling anything.

    Though PMO can do this job, may be it is already overloaded and hence missing such coordination responsibilities.

    No idea whether this will reach anyone!

  34. The so called elite group of nation armed with tremendous power and skill need to deliver in tune with the socio-economic an techno expectations in order to reverse the economic trend of nation and lead from the front for a positive growth and development*

  35. The chindi chor politicians themselves are to be blamed for the everything. They are the actual root. Even an illiterate and dimwitted MLA, MP don’t want to be advised by an intelligent and upright officer. After getting elected they feels that they are God and every babu or aam admi is no better than his personal servant.

  36. The Babus will not change. They were hypocrites for years and for there has to be change. Change in recruitment policy, regular monitoring of their performance. If they don’t perform, they should be shown the door without any benefits. Young, honest, enthusiastic people should be selected.

    Shake the old Babus, if they don’t get up, rub their balls and put them in the streets. Let them understand the value of time, the pain of the public.

    It may be harsh, but some time harsh decision is required.

    Hon. Prime Minister, we, the people of this land is with you. We got an honest and dedicated P. M after so many decades. You understand us and we are with you for Nation Building.



  37. Civil Servants are the backbone of our country, embarrassing them will backfire ….there are enormous civil servants who are non corrupt …

  38. His own logic can be applied on PM post as well. PM elected can’t have expertise on satellites, civil work, military tactics, administration, rioting, bigotry, pharma and spiritualism.

    You are right, he is fooling the common man to fuel crony capitalism. The evidence is in reverse – why doesn’t he recognise whistle blowers like Ashok Khemka and make tenures longer.

  39. PM Modi is very right but lambasting the IAS babus will not solve the country’s problems. The central Govt can change rules of appointment in several Govt departments and PSUs. Finance ministry should be headed by only financial experts, Railways, roadways and shipping ministries should be headed by experts in the fields. The IAS officers should assist the experts in general administrative work . Finally the administrative reforms are the need of the hour.

  40. The sevoke rangpo project was delayed not due to any Babus fault but due to not receiving Environmental clarity. The project involves clearing up quite a few hectares of forest land inside the Mahanada Wildlife Sanctuaries. Even after the project when materialised will involve increase in frequency in goods trains operations inside the very sensitive Baikunthpur Forest b/w Sevoke Gulma which is a notified Elephant corridor.

  41. I don’t disagree that there are bureaucrats who are lackadaisical, but they are smart people and the corrupt lazy ones have to be removed from the system. But when a shameless illiterate like Modi talks about accountability where was his accountability during Hathras, when GDP is negative, when china captures indian depsang territory, when Petrol and LPG prices go up, when farmers protest 100 days, when India is declared a partly free country, when defence budget is cut, when our take home salaries are reduced, when unemployment is at it’s highest in 45 years, when unemployed scream modi_job_do? No ACCOUNTABILITY from MODI!!! It is Nehru’s, Khalistani’s, Urban Naxal’s, Tukde Tukde Gang’s, Anti National’s, Andolanjeevi’s, Rahul Gandhi’s Fault. And Now IAS Babu’s fault. A_ _hole parivartan

  42. I think this behaviour of slow moving happens in old large corporate companies too. Modern companies overcome this by strengthening the governance thru maximum transparency. Imagine publically transparent highway project status dashboard – with financials details to the level of pursue orders and invoices, project risks, involved suppliers and always updated schedule. This level of transparency will bring all stakeholders in a common view and challenge the status quo. Just an example.

  43. Can govt tell how much they are investing yearly in bhel,isro,lic,vizag steel? Approx since 10yrs,it’s zero, inturn this psu’s giv govt lot of dividend to govt,tax’s and each employee get gd salary not like Pvt industry labour.this employee in turn make purchases n contribute to economy.govt focus shd be on improving administration of psu’s.also this PSU including its vast land approx value will be lakhs cr.will govt sell at this price? No it wld sell at a very cheap price to Pvt..

  44. Comment to congratulate you on Monday ko Jayenge aur wapas nahi aata h to wo bhi nhii h jii kii ye ek Kahaani show hogi back to you after I am a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a

  45. Yes,if the works needed to be done by the civil servants, they are required to do it sincerely and seriously for accelerating the process of development. And they are required to be pulled up,if they do the work in a laissez faire manner especially when they are the driving force.

  46. Compulsorily retire 75% of the Secretaries and the Additional Secretaries with immediate effect. I assure you that the whole Civil Service will immediately start to function efficiently and with innovation. These paper pushing pencil heads need a solid lick up their backside

    • I too agree. Thr most corrupt cadre in UPSC is IAS. They think no law sppliesvyo them and they are the law. Remove all special privileges given to them. Have only three cadres, Foreign service, admin and technical. Now remove all 55+ and bring in young people. Make central deputation a pre-condition to each and every promotion. No deputation to government PSUs. Then they will sell all PSUs.

  47. Good that PM himself has realized the babus lackadaisical approach in not facilitating the economic progress of the country and meeting the aspirations of the people. No doubt they are intelligent and capable but how far and how many would commit and involve themselves in meeting the expectations of the Government and satisfying the people is a major question ? It is unfortunate that many do not deliver to their full potential and the economy and people suffer perennially.

  48. Bureaucracy has been the bane of our country. They are undeservedly pampered and time has come to fix accountability even in non financial spac e. Cosy job, perks, prestige for just doing enough to hang on without taking any initiative and always partner in crime with politicians while looting. Few who r upright are humiliated and shifted to inconsequential posts. Only Modiji can tame them .Thanks to upright PM

  49. IAS and IPS are the mechanisms that we have created for manufacturing curruption and maintaining it.

  50. Politicians are accountable to public and taxpayers, not bureaucrats.

    This is just drama played in front of public. Especially from Mr Gadkari whom many people even non-BJP supporters admire for his efficiency and missionary zeal should not resort to this. No private company CEO will dare say in public that the CEO performance is bad because of the managers he or she has hired!

    Flog the whip quickly if you need to and start working on the ground and don’t give media bites of your frustrations. We taxpayers don’t want to hear all these excuses. You were voted to administer and grow India not just to do election campaigns to grab power and enjoy the facilities of the exchequer. With your brute majority and great power comes greater responsibility.

    • The biggest advantage with a private contractor is of the work is not done you can fire that person and get a new one.

      Administrators have thick grown and impervious and arrogant to take repercussion seriously.

    • This is not an official announcement from the government (apart from the Lok Sabha speech by the Prime Minister). This is from inputs from across government based on anonymous sources.

  51. Yes The PM is right.The red tapism of bureaucracy is problem before independence.The country needs more specialists as very often due to political interfernce one gets suddenly transferred and they do not get enough time to be skilled.
    However, the PM is a hypocrite of great lengths. Reasons:
    1.He is so adamant on privatisation.But wise people know the ruling party is promoting crony capitalism which is extremely dangerous.
    2.If he berates the civil servants why the fuck the party does not pass a resolution for fixing the definite terms for 7 years+ that much time will be enough for expertise in one field.
    3.Why he and his party does not honour honest like Ashok Khemka, Pradeep Kasni, late Gautam Goswami and why athe fuck RBi is headed by an IAS if it should be from economists like Raghuram Rajan, Urjit Patel, why did they resign when they were right about the colossal failure of demonetization

    Because he is also like those motherfucker politicians who are so incompetent and berate civil servants who pass the toughest exam which I bet they will not be able to answer a single question. Period.

    • Passing examination is not the same as applying that intelligence to discharge their duties with commitment to nation. All may not be bad, but there is no doubt – many like their congress bosses who are entrenched to please their bosses to help loot.

  52. The major contribution to making our day to day life hell is by the Babus. The so called steel frame, has failed in protecting from the vims of the politicians. Cream of the Cream entrusted with faith and placed with security of job to protect the constitution in many cases turned out be worst that the politicians.
    They destroyed the administrative structure to the last man systematically ensuring no accountability, even the best out of them instead of stemming the rot, were not just mute spectators but providing cover fire to the rotten ones.
    Unfortunately the constitution, while providing for replacing the rulers does not adequately address the this rot which is more damaging than the 5 years of a set of self serving rulers.

  53. Finally a Prime Minister true to the office and dedicated to the nation, focusing on development and opportunities rather then dwelling into the pit of filling stomachs of people who eat and gamble all day long ( ₹2 /kg rice) schemes. Finally a PM nation can rely upon.

  54. The PM is ready to sell india if somebody wants it. Blaming somebody else for their mistakes is the art bjp very good at.

    • Sell India? Whut? When? Who’s buying? Will we be slaves? 🤣 Private firms run 90% things in US, UK. Are those countries slaves too? 🤣 Where do people like you come from?

  55. Thankfully now after seven years PM realized where he need to focus and accelerate economic progress.

    • Ah yes, Modi is the Great Hope, after 7 years, you can wait for the better tomorrow that never comes.

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