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Back from Singapore, Kerala IAS officer & wife jump home quarantine

Kollam District Collector Abdul Nasar says Sub-Collector Anupam Mishra, who had been asked to be home quarantined, left for Bengaluru without informing anyone.

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New Delhi: IAS officer Anupam Mishra who had escaped home quarantine after he returned from his honeymoon from Singapore was suspended by the Kerala government Friday.

Earlier in the day, Mishra was booked by the police for violating the quarantine orders.

The 2016-batch IAS officer posted as the sub-collector of Kollam district in Kerala is learnt to have fled quarantine after coming back from Singapore last week. 

Mishra had returned to India on 19 March and reportedly left for Bengaluru from Kollam.  

“He got married in February and was travelling to Singapore with his wife after that,” Kollam District Collector Abdul Nasar told ThePrint. “He came back on 19 March, and I told him he has to be home quarantined for some time… But he still left his official residence and left for Bengaluru with his wife on a flight the same day.”  

Mishra’s brother, a doctor, lives in Bengaluru, Nasar added. Media reports, however, said he had reached his hometown Kanpur.  

“Although he was not showing any symptoms, the protocol is such that you have to be quarantined,” Nasar said. “Maybe he misunderstood what home quarantine is…Maybe he thought it is his home where he has to be quarantined, but the point is he left without informing anyone.” 

Mishra could not be contacted for a comment. 

‘Action or no action depends on government’

Asked if action would be taken against Mishra, Nasar said it depends on the government. “We have already given our report to the government, and said he fled without informing even though he had no symptoms… But action or no action depends on the government.”  

However, another officer from Kerala said there is pressure on the government to act against the officer for this “irresponsible” act. 

“Firstly, Kerala has the highest number of cases in the country, and secondly, very recently, the IAS officer who had fatally run over a journalist while drunk driving was reinstated by the government,” the officer said. “So there is a lot of pressure on the government to act against him.”  

As of late Thursday night, there were 126 cases of COVID-19 in Kerala, making it the state with the highest number of cases in the country.

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  • The copy has been updated to reflect the fact that Mishra has been booked by the state police. 


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  1. Mr jar avi mind ur language first, ok he did do a mistake, he is young future of India, what u say about millions of people migrating for same reason, home quarantine, give him also one chance

  2. Nothing is wrong. Every person has right to save his life and to consult with a doctor of his faith and to make quarantine at his home.

    • Pandeyji finds Mishraji is not at fault while poor labourers who have consulted their doctors and wish to be quarantined in their homes are at fault and it is perfectly OK to cane them.
      It is this Mishraji and his like minded educated idiots who might be the spreaders of Covid in UP which is seeing such a rise in numbers.

  3. Thousands of people leaving Delhi during lockdown in the whole country without taking care to CM’s appeal . .
    In spite of a proper punishment all govt. machinery is arranging their comfortable return to thier homes .
    Why an officer should not be allowed to consult his doctor brother for his safe quarantine .he certainly has not done any wrong .

  4. It is a gross misconduct. Keeping in view the risk and unethical behaviour of an IAS officer, he should be given an exemplary punishment like dismissal from service.

  5. It’s home quarantine, not hometown quarantine… If an IAS did not understand this he is not fit for such higher post
    Must be removed immediately to set example to others.

  6. This IAS has very poor decision making ability otherwise after marriage in February he should not have select Singapore for honeymoon. He is unfit for public admin work. Transfer him to a clerical post.

  7. Bloody Hell…
    Corona Virus spread started last December. First case in India was on the 30th January.

    This rich, elite, developed caste selfish moron has got married in the month of February. He has left for his honeymoon to Singapore.

    After coming back he is travelling to Bangalore without being quarantined.

    Selfish Shithead. People like him should be canned.

  8. আস্ত গাধা একটা। এমন গাধারা কি করে আই.এ.এস. এর জন্য বিবেচিত হলো?

  9. For Respect the law which was impliment in India for all people whose Government person’s or private person or gharelu person . All are same at front of law.
    So please permanent suspend that person and take out the license of IAS post. Then he will understand the law and respect the our prime minister Shri Modi Ji and respect the Kerala CM Sir or all working staff. Please

  10. Offence is very serious. His superior also seems to be shielding him. Not fit for such responsible post. Imagine how many lives he has risked. Severe punishment & ousting from service

  11. Such a moron . He is a threat to the society . Doesn’t deserve to be an officer in the Indian civil services.

  12. This is pure gold! Let’s see if GoI punishes this covidiot IAS, who could not understand “home quarantine” and just leaves for kanpur without informing the concerned officials.

  13. Really shame….perhaps that stupid IAS officer expressed that the way we are selecting IASs officers is wrong enough

    • This only proves the need for inducting people through lateral entry, people with some brains. The officer is from Kanpur. It’s natural. People from North are expected to be like that- bahubalis

    • Yes gov and civil servent “chor chor mosera bhai” all of us know the nothing happened against drunken IAS in kerala who thrash kerala newspaper reporter.

  14. Kik him out of the system Govt of India, how he can bear the responsibility of sub district or A district .

  15. This IAS officer is the most stupidest most idiot person I’ve ever heard of in India. He should be terminated immediately, he is of no use to the society, instead he acted in a very dangerous way to the whole people in the country. He deserved a tight slap on his fat face

  16. COVID + IDIOT = Covidiot
    Idiot in the times of the COVID 19 pandemic. This guy qualifies for this title among hundreds all over India desperately trying to qualify for the same.

  17. I understand everyone sentiments and IAS officer should be punished, but please don’t try to make an example of him to the society.

    Put him in jail, take action as per law, but stripping him off service and not letting him do work in future doesn’t make sense.

    What if he would be your son or brother u still want him to be treated the way everyone asking to treat. He should get a chance to correct his mistake.

    • Don’t worry. There will be people to look after him. He probably belongs to a well connected family.

    • Did not expect this from you being doctor. Maybe stripping from service is too harsh but the govt needs to take this case seriously and hand over appropriate punishment and expose him to publik. Of course there are 1000s of such cases esp. the people coming from middle east and western countries who feign innocence after committing such a huge crime.

    • Yes, being IAS. he is ridiculous. He should be removed. Didn’t you read the below statement. He is accused in drunk and drive, hit and run.

    • Rubbish!
      That man is an IAS officer, who is supposed to be more responsible than run of the mill citizens. The only punishment is to strip him of his job.
      BTW, we have a lot of irresponsible normal citizens still flouting the lockdown. In my area the youth still meet at street corners do not wear mask and gossip away. They visit mosques and temples in droves.

  18. Follow the Kashmir style. Stamp the hand and head and make it a standard practice in the country for those who jump the law. Put the nation first.

  19. Oh My…
    Now an IAS had misunderstood what Home quarantine means… Who selected him for such a post…
    Outcome is irrelevant… Should be booked for not following directions…

  20. Suchh covidiots should not hold a high position like an ias officer. The govt should sack him and penalize him

  21. How he passed out IAS …such an idiot does not know what is home quarantine… Does not have any common sense to inform higher authority when he leave office….useless fellow…

  22. He is an RSS BJP Godse Parivaar become IAS through RSS BJP Saffron Terrorists government… So, there will not be any action… Because this entire IAS Parivaar are Saffron Antinationalist Parivaar…

  23. Catch him & let him and his wife out by informing the public in Bengaluru. We will let the lathis rain on them. Shame on these nth rated disoriented punks. It is about time the Govt takes a stand about their continued employment with this attitude.

    Wonder, as to why even the posted Govt officials also want to be in Bengaluru?

  24. An IAS officer “misunderstood” home quarantine? Whom are you trying to fool
    Is he really qualified for to be IAS

  25. Mr Naser, Please don’t support such irresponsible officers using the usual dialogue ” He might have thought….. ”

    Nowadays, even a LKG student knows what is Home quarantine.

    I would like to quote the words from the GreatMartin Luther King – “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    An officer should be taught how to be a responsible citizen first.

  26. Mr Naser, Please don’t support such irresponsible officers using the usual dialogue ” He might have thought….. ”
    Nowadays, even a LKG student knows what is Home quarantine.
    I would like to quote the words from the GreatMartin Luther King – “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
    An officer should be taught how to be a responsible citizen first.

  27. he is a irresponsible IAS officer. He should not be seleceted for that post. He is ineligible. Take strict action against him. Requesting to Govt. of India.

  28. Such stupid educated people are contaminating the environment as well as the value of law too

  29. I like thr part where they said may be he misunderstood home quarantine.
    No u dint, we the ppl misunderstood that ias don’t really mean u r smart or have common sense or responsible behavior.
    We understood how u give power to these ppl.
    Common man would be beaten to death on streets by the cops but with great power in India comes great stupids

  30. So he did not quarantine. So what did the government do?Have they ordered CBI/UP GOVT to arrest him and put him in jail?What are they waiting for?Here cops are bashing up ordinary guys if they see them on the street. Shameful. Sack him ASAP.

  31. It is a shameful act by an IAS officer.Illitrates moving on roads are beaten by police for violating the Govt. Orders .What action should be taken against the IAS officer for violating the Govt.Orders?

  32. How can a person in an important post be such irresponsible during such a medical emergency situation? When people like sub-collector doesn’t understand the criticality of the situation and protocols how can we expect general public to understand.

  33. Great IAS Officer . Misused his power and crossed all borders where normal people difficult to go out for there daily needs

  34. Leave it , no punishment rule applicable for this cadre. Punishment is for common people. Even if he is punished, he will be reinstate later without the knowledge of media.
    If a strong action is activated than whole world and whole Indian will shy of repeating it of irrespective service.
    Hope this virus is not infected to the people of Kanpur and the co passenger of the flight.

  35. Big man. Law is not applicable to IAS officers. The collector should have filed case for violating house quarantine and man missing.
    The violator IAS has put many at risk of contamination and betrayed his irresponsibility and insensitivity not expected of the position held by him. Doesn’t suit to the position held by him.

  36. First the persons who have fled without obeying order in respect of corona should be put in jail without hesitation and without looking for orders from the government
    Irrespective of their cadre Otherwise others will take them as model and others will follow suit.

  37. Should be arrested, punished and dismissed. Penalty for all investigation costs including cost of tracking all other CO passengers in flight recovered from him. Immediate suspension

  38. Are you bloody idiot. You see everything on political angle. It is not your mistake it is the mistake of the land where you born.

  39. Such irresponsible persons should not be allowed in the high cadre administration. He should be removed from the service.

  40. Oh..! What a shame…Another foolish IAS cadre officer flouting the govt.dictum on” social distancing “after the irresponsible lady officer from Kolkata. Such officers spoil the reputation of the entire cadre on the whole. How can they be in vital post of administration when they are devoid of simple commonsense themselves. Deserve to be stripped off their qualification.

  41. This man should be punished. He should be removed from service and by notedown his adhar and pan he should not be given licence to start business also.. Only thing is he has to serve in military as soldier not more that that rank. After doing full service in it then only he should be considered for any benefits.

  42. Is he so dumb that he does not understands what home quarantine means.. and how the hell people like Mr. Abdul Nasar can give such stupid statements in defence.

  43. He is a educated person. He had done this knowingly. Requested to our government, directly terminate this officer and make a rule that he can not do any job on his entire life in any organization, both government and private. Sometimes taking hard to harder discussion may pull other careless and corrupted people on right track.

  44. The language used by his superior is very lenient and out right to protect him.

    He is an IAS officer and he misunderstood that home quarantine means to go 1500 kms to his home town.

    He deserves a noble prize for finding the new meaning of community spread of virus.

    And his superior given gallantry award for showing camaraderie and protecting him.

  45. Mr. Amit,
    Don’t you know the meaning for I.A.S…. I Am Supreme . There are Two Rules & Regulations one applicable to All India Service officers & the other for civil Servants. Immediate superior officer can take any action in case of other Civil Servants. For All India Service Officers only C.M. has to decide

  46. this writer is biased in writing that this poorly planned lock down wont save us but will ruin economy. If you think that you are going to get finished , what is point in saving economy. Biased writing and idiotic writer.

  47. Who gave him the designated post ??? Remove him & tell the Govt not to let him loose but to tie him & his wife up in quarantine. He knows to honeymoon , but cannot follow a protocol which millions are following.

  48. It’s unbecoming of an officer who holds a responsible post in government and he is suppose to guide people and enforce laws. If the person who is responsible to adhere to laws can flout , then who else will follow..They should be taken to task . If needed should be stripped of the post as he has failed to follow the government emergency laws in force.

  49. Just few days back, The Print has one of the writers praising actions initiated by Kerala and the number of cases lower than Maharashtra. Kerala is a tiny state compared Maharashtra in area and population. Considered highly literate and every media was jumping the gun to give credit to Kerala govt and compared to other governments. Now the reported cases in Kerala is very high and this is the one state where alcoholics, highest in country, are also created problem. One alchoholic committed suitcide having withdrawal symptoms.

  50. How he did this mischiefed. What about the common men.itmaybe knowingly or overconfident he should follow the rules and regulations of the state govt. The govt may take necessary action against the officer

  51. This is sheer arrogance on the part of this IAS officer, who because of his privileged position blatant violated the law and is apparently confident that he could get away with it. To say that he might have misunderstood what home quarantine means, is too absurd an excuse to be taken at face value. He should be booked under the most stringent of laws applicable for his actions in this case and both civil and criminal laws should be applied. The state government which is otherwise doing a tremendous job in the fight against the pandemic in these trying times should not let this covidiot get away scot free due to its laxity or preoccupation and sully its well earned image as a state worth emulating in the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic. This it owes to the disciplined and sensible people of the state. I strongly feel that the CM who is in the forefront of this struggle should use all his powers to see that the case is handled properly so that it results in a conviction of this covidiot. This will set a proper example for other covidiots, who are not in short supply, in these times.

  52. In the light of this misdoing , and that too by an IAS officer, can the govt justify the ruthless canning of people on streets..?. There cannot be dual standards. So he deserves to be canned in a similar mode, and should be accordingly published on social media. We are blaming common man for overlooking and flouting lockdown. But the truth is, the upper elite in India have been the potential carrier of virus , from foreign lands and having later infected the complete country.. Kanika Kapoor to be exclusively reckoned here , and the tantrums she is now creating in the hospital in Lucknow, as if she is all innocent… It’s an appeal to the Govt, please assert yourself with no discrimination whosoever is flouting the lockdown.

  53. IAS not understood quarantine, unbelievable.. strict action should be taken as an example. Police is beating people who are out for wheat and milk. In fact one youth died in WB. Why this IAS would be spared.

    Also the muslims who are gathered in mosque for prayers they also should be fired by administration. If we won’t follow this lockdown, we only indians will suffer

  54. He is laying we are in danger with such of the stupid peoples who are in such a big position and still didn’t understand what is the meaning of that government have to take a serious step for these kind of people so it will be the lesson for others

  55. Even a ias should not obey the rules how he continues in administrative services .it is the time of national emergency.but he should not inform where he was.dismiss him from the services.

  56. Sharing a picture of the personnel, with their name and location can put him/his family in grave danger. We are aware with the growing group of vigilantes right? As a responsible media house, please do *NOT* fuel, support or showcase a witchunt. Thanks.

  57. He should be relieved from his post immediately. This is an unacceptable behaviour from a government official.

  58. First action should be taken against yogi Adityanath who went to Ayodhya despite lockdown and with him gathered a crowd, but that won’t happen as he belongs to ruling party. We people living in ghaziabad are not being able to shop for everyday needs.

  59. The man should be dismissed. When the whole Government machinery and people in Government are working tirelessly and selflessly to save the country.this idiot is setting a wrong example. We are sure he will he dealt with severely.

  60. Kerala IAS officer, who left kerala to Bangalore or Kanpur MUST IMMEDIATELY B ARRESTED N DISMISSED BY PRESIDENT.

  61. Of course a very very strict action needs to be taken against all the people who jump isolation / quarantine irrespective of their designation. Such people may kill other innocent ones coz of their shocking & irresponsible behaviour.

  62. How can an educated person do this? He should be left behind bars for few days and taken out of public service.

    • This is the tragedy in India that the so called literates behave like illeterates, only Lord can save this country. Such rogues must be severely punished, else it won’t prove deterrent for babu fraternity.

  63. Of course a very very strict action needs to be taken against all the people who jump isolation / quarantine irrespective of their designation. Such people may kill other innocent ones coz of their shocking & irresponsible behaviour.

  64. He should be punished and should be removed from the govt duty that’s they only way. He is educated and office bearer and it’s his responsibility to where to protocol.

  65. As your plan which was known by all of Hindu community in India, we were not let to success your plan in any condition. We were back our Modi ji in any terms and condition. Jay hind.

  66. Authorities should suspend him. Literate and expected to be responsible people are setting great examples.

  67. IAS officer not following the state order. He should be removed from his IAS rank. He can not serve the people of the state with such a conduct.

  68. Such an irresponsible behaviour from IAS is really shameful. I doubt of quality in UPSC selection process…he must be discharged from his service for endangering life of innocent people. Common people are getting sticks on their butts for going out to buy even essential things and this officer is so busy in doing what he wants just because he is IAS. Pity.

  69. You guys, always put ideas regarding hindu and Muslim discrimination. Shame on you. Lots of muslims gatherings at various mosques in india are offering prayers violating government orders. Call spade a spade things. Don’t be biased.

  70. It’s disgusting that responsible Buerocrates violate the fundamental rules of Medical Emergency.

    Unless Government takes stern action on this violation, nobody would have faith in Government.

  71. IAS officers are held in high esteem and they carry very high responsibility as a part of their duty.This man by his irresponsible behavier has brought disrepute to the IAS cader.

    • Now-a-days, it is not so. Almost a majority people behave irresponsibly. They don’t care parents. One who doesn’t care parents is a maverick. How are they running the system ? You may get this doubt. The answer is the system will run because majority are functioning in that way. They will adjust all abnormalities. Funny thing indeed.

  72. If a normal person walks on road, he is punished. But if an IAS officer fled, then government has to decide. Btw, did I read that he misunderstood what home quarantine means? I guess they are briefed about it in the flight and also in airport.

    • So true, only common man will be beaten blue and black. They are even justifying his act by telling he misunderstood, for Gods sake he is an IAS officer not illiterate.

  73. The Print is a Congress Mouth Piece and write always Negative for BJZp Govt . Even in this difficult time it is again doing so .
    It is a shame on print media.

  74. Police beating poor people in streets, as if they r animals,, but this fellow,, educated illiterate flouts all rules with impunity. Now the impotent administration says, govt will decide
    Who gave right to administration to beat poor? Where as this fellow , they can not even decide. He should be charged with national safety act, manslaughter charges. It is so strait forward a case.

    • Might have tapped out by Corona and ran away by leaving his district people in a confused situation!!!

  75. ‘Action or no action depends on government’.? Is there two separate rules for Govt. servants and common man.? Rules are rules for everyone. If he can break the rules, why can’t I.?

    • Ok you break. Police will beat you. Because they don’t have the right to beat you ,you beat the police in return. Then they will beat you to death. Over.

      • There was always in reality separate rules for rulers and the ruled. Problem with Corona virus is you need to prevent transmission from globe trotting ruling classes and their children to their own brethren and family and also to the ruled classes.

  76. Police beating poor people in streets, as if they r animals,, but this fellow,, educated illiterate flouts all rules with impunity. Now the impotent administration says, govt will decide
    Who gave right to administration to beat poor? Where as this fellow , they can not even decide. He should be charged with national safety act, manslaughter charges. It is so strait forward a case.

  77. IAS officer not understood the meaning of home quarantine is absolutely absurd. He should be given exemplary punishment & made sample to such willful defaulters.

    • May be communication gap.

      Should have been told house quarantine instead of home quarantine.

      The North Indian might never have considered house in Kerala his home!!

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