The fake image that went viral
The fake image that went viral
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New Delhi: A doctored image of the Bombay Stock Exchange in Mumbai flashing the message ‘Don’t vote for Modi’ is doing the rounds on social media.

The picture is accompanied by a caption that says: “Mumbai ke share bazaar ne bhi ab likh diya Don’t vote for Modi Zoom karo aur dekho” (Even the Mumbai share market has written, ‘Don’t vote for Modi’. Zoom in and see).

The image has been uploaded on Facebook by a public group and it has been shared at least 14,399 times.

The image also made its way to Twitter and WhatsApp.

The reality check

The photograph was first posted by comedian Kunal Kamra as a joke, with the caption ‘These photographs are as real as Modiji’s promises…’

The original photograph can be found on the Bombay Stock Exchange’s official website. The image shows the BSE flashing the names of various companies and their share market values, instead of ‘Don’t vote for Modi’.

Concerned by the number of shares the photograph was getting, the BSE issued a warning to Kamra:

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