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Turmeric milk, kadha, yoga — AYUSH ministry’s protocol for mild, asymptomatic Covid cases

The govt advocated use of ashwagandha, guduchi, pippali, Ayush 64 tablets and yoga to prevent Covid, treat mild symptoms and for post-Covid self-care.

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New Delhi: From sipping hot turmeric milk, kadha to performing yoga, and consuming ashwagandha and guduchi — the Narendra Modi government Tuesday released the official protocol of using ayurveda and yoga for Covid-19 prevention and treatment of patients with mild or no symptoms.

The Ministry of AYUSH has been promoting ayurveda since the beginning of the pandemic claiming that alternative medicines can help improve immunity against the novel coronavirus.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also promoted the advice by the ministry in his address to the nation in April.

While last month, the health ministry issued guidelines for managing post-recovery symptoms of Covid-19, the AYUSH Ministry has now released the National Clinical Management Protocol for Covid-19 patients.  

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan tweeted that the “upgradation of protocols” has been done in sync with the Indian Council of Medical Research and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.


The protocol promotes use of ashwagandha, guduchi, pippali, Ayush 64 tablets in different doses, and yoga to prevent Covid, treat mild symptoms and for post-Covid self-care.

The ministry clarified that in addition to these medicines, general and dietary measures are to be followed, which include a long to-do list such as drinking turmeric milk, sipping kadha or decoction, applying medicated oils in nasal passage and performing steam inhalation with ajwain or eucalyptus oil. 

Taking adequate sleep of 6 to 8 hours along with doing moderate physical exercises is also recommended apart from following physical distancing, respiratory and hand hygiene, and wearing masks. 

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Prevention to mild symptoms

For prevention or prophylactic care among high-risk population and primary contacts of Covid patients, the document advises dosage of ayurvedic herbs ashwagandha, guduchi ghana vati along with Chyawanaprash for 15 days or one month. 

Among asymptomatic patients, the ministry advised guduchi ghana vati, guduchi along with pippali and Ayush 64 tablets for 15 days or as the physician advised to prevent disease progression to symptomatic and severe form, and to also improve recovery rate.

For mild Covid patients with fever, headache, tiredness, cough and other symptoms but no breathlessness, the same combination of guduchi, pippali and Ayush 64 tablets is recommended. 

Ashwagandha is known as the “master” herb in ayurvedic medicine, while guduchi ghan vati is a tablet made from another herb called giloy or heart-leaved moonseed. Herb pippali, also known as long-pepper, is used for treatment of respiratory illness, and Ayush 64 is a patented anti-malarial medicine developed by the ministry of AYUSH. 

Yoga protocol 

The yoga protocol, according to the ministry, is given for prevention and after recovery from Covid.

The objectives of performing yoga, as stated in the protocol, is to improve respiratory and cardiac efficiency, reduce stress and anxiety and to enhance immunity.

It suggested a 45-minute yoga routine to prevent Covid, which includes both standing and sitting postures along with prone and supine lying asana and breathing exercise called pranayama. Supine means lying in a face-up position, while prone means lying face down.

The ministry’s protocol also suggested the time length of performing each asana and exercise. 

For post-Covid care, a 30-minute yoga routine is suggested with the objective of improving pulmonary function and lung capacity apart from reducing stress, anxiety and clearance of airways in the respiratory tract.

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  1. Is our Home Minister and center minister who were not taking these Ayush preventives. Why they admited in AIIMS Delhi , Army Hispital and Medant Hospital.

    Why not comon man should treat there,

    Why we treat by Ayush preventives for mild symtometics.

  2. Please follow Ayush recommendations and our nativity treatment. It’s best and complete curable from this China virus.

  3. Ministers and top grade politicians get treatment in high grade allopathy hospitals and they suggest ayurvedic medicines to common citizens. This country is ruled by high class people and the citizens are treated as scond class.

  4. As usual ignorance is bliss when it comes to our Government and the masses. I wonder why the AYUSH ministry is not promoting this for moderate and severe cases as well. Such effective treatment should be used for everyone. 😑

  5. To health ministry of central government of lndia ,l Babu M R MSc BEd Botany Principal SS International School Sankar Vihar Pipra Bihar posted an e mail letter to prime minister of lndia last march regarding an effective herbal medicine for Corona,but l didn’t get any response ,sir l was affected with Corona right after the last holy festival, entered in the severe stage l had made a herbal medicine out of the following herbs,it completely cured the syndrome,the same medicine is given to 4 of my colleagues who were affected with Corona,they also got cured, haldi, ginger,black pepper, Achyranthes aspera, Adathoda vasika kasthuri methi mint,sage plant,,curry,leaves,pomegranatecloves, Eucalyptus globulus, dry these plants in sun 🌞,take one spoon powder add50 ml of honey,50ml of alcohol,and 50 ml of hot water ,take 3 times daily for 2 weeks,or one spoon powder add honey make coffee with palm jaggery,it can cure the mild,severe,and critical symptoms of corona, such as fever, bronchitis pneumonia inflammation encephalitis meningitis rupturing of blood vessels low pressure renal failure, destruction of left ventricle, seizure formation in braindestruction of submucosal membrane of the wall of the rectum,cough,chest pain since these herbs contain, chemicals like curcumin eugenol eucalyptol catachine cinecol vasaka etc which cure the above mentioned symptoms,along with inhale vapour by adding haldi tulsi,and Eucalyptus oil boiled in hot water,last march onwards l was circulating it in my FB ,l send e mail letter to pm cell,cm Nitish Kumar,cm pinarayi Vijaya , health minister shilaja,even l called to pm and cm office and informed this matter,no reply no feed back as a saying goes a prophet is not honoured in his own country, kindly take it into account and administer it to the public ,l give 100% assurance for its effectiveness,so that we can save the lives of innocent people

  6. This wonder treatment was not offered to AYUSH minister. Instead,he was given trt by specialists from Manipal hospital,Goa medical college,AIIMS and Armed forces medical college.How will the public have confidence in this trt.Shameful and sorry state of affairs?Not equality in trt and on the top of it peddling improved trt as genuine.

  7. Really sad to see such a crap from a government. Where is the proof, where is the study? Our nation has fallen in a deep sh…

    • There is study by Ayush Mantralaya and by the way these are not medicines to cure Covid, these are immunity booster to boost recovery. Consult your nearest doctor.

    • Ayurvedic preparations have helped the country survive from times immemorial without the horrible side effects of allopathy, unless it’s a surgery. Like suggested Gomutra also is good. Btw Ayurveda is not crap. Its good effects are scientifically proved. Stop calling yourself Indian & putting down India.

      • Life expectancy in India before modern medicine was horrible.
        Don’t get your history from Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

        Ayurveda is crap. Nothing is scientifically proven. Ayurveda medicines are all steroids these days, not herbs.
        40% or something of ayurveda medicines have been scientifically proven to be mixed with steroids.
        Go mutra is animal excrement, not medicine. Why are people like you this stupid?

        All these politicians will run and get top tier treatments. Urine and adulterated steroids for fools like you.

        • Your first para shows your problem with the latter. You are nothing but an empty vessel which cannot see anything positive.

          • And your post shows you are an empty brain.
            Life expectancy was about 20 years, 100 years ago. Now it is over 3 times more.
            But every fool thinks people lived longer in his great grand parents generation.
            Don’t look for positives, look for facts.

    • What’s wrong with gomutra? Can you provide some explanation instead of running down because of your condescending attitude?

  8. While during quarantine (primary contact with my son attacked covid 19, asymptomatic recovered )
    We used ayush advise used black seed alsi grape seed mix , fruit like passion fruit, kivi full of antioxidants
    Safely negative when tested rt pcr competed 14 days

    • Where did Ayurveda mention Kiwi fruit or antioxidants?
      This is what pseudoscience is.. justify nonsense with science words.

  9. The increase of cases will explain the intense precautionary measures during the Ganesh festival… Expect a worse state of affairs for the oncoming festival too… Blame it….

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