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Not a ‘cure’ for Covid but Patanjali’s Coronil kit & drugs are a big hit, 85 lakh units sold

According to Patanjali, Coronil has managed to get a good response from consumers despite the controversy over the company’s initial claims that it was a cure for Covid.

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New Delhi: The combined Coronil kit from Baba Ramdev’s ayurveda brand Patanjali and its individual components have together recorded sales of over 85 lakh units in the four months since its launch, company data shows. The sales total an estimated Rs 241 crore. 

Coronil was launched on 23 June as a cure for Covid-19, a disease that doesn’t have a proven cure so far. However, the Patanjali product soon ran into rough weather with the authorities over the absence of proper clinical trial data to back its claim, and the fact that it had sought permission to sell it as a medicine for cough, fever, and boosting immunity.

Soon after its launch, the Ministry of AYUSH ordered Patanjali to stop advertising the product as a Covid-19 cure but allowed its sales for cough, fever and immunity-boosting. 

It is currently being marketed as a ‘Covid-19 immunity booster kit’, and is manufactured by the Haridwar-based Patanjali Research Institute (PRI). 

The Coronil kit comprises three products — two packs of tablets, Coronil and Swasari Vati, and a bottle of oil called Anu Taila. Apart from selling the whole kit for Rs 545, the company offers the components separately as well. 

According to official data sourced from the company, a total of 23.54 lakh Coronil kits were sold between 18 October and 23 June. 

Apart from this, the company sold 62 lakh units of the three components — 18.50 lakh bottles of Anu Taila (20 ml of oil, Rs 25), 20.13 lakh units of Coronil tablets (each bottle has 80 tablets and costs Rs 400) and 23.32 lakh bottles of Swasari Vati (80 tablets, sold for Rs 120). 

Calculations based on prices listed on the Patanjali website suggest the sales of Swasari Vati total Rs 27.98 crore, Anu Taila Rs 4.62 crore, Coronil tablets Rs 80.52 crore, and the Coronil kit, Rs 128.29 crore. This adds up to Rs 241.41 crore.

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‘Product is popular’ 

According to the company, despite the controversy surrounding the product, it has managed to get a good response from consumers.

“The data shows that the product is successful,” Patanjali Ayurveda CEO Acharya Balkrishna told ThePrint. 

“Even our other successful products, such as ghee, toothpaste, aloe vera were not able to produce volume-based sales in the initial months,” he said, adding that the company is manufacturing 50,000 to 70,000 Coronil kits every day. 

Balkrishna added that the company is working on submitting the data on clinical trials of the drug to prove its efficacy against Covid-19, as sought by the government-formed AYUSH task force — which looked into the Coronil controversy when it first erupted — in support of its initial claims.

“We have collected a good amount of data on a big sample size, which we are readying for submission for peer-reviewing. Both in-vivo (in organisms) and in-vitro (in test tubes) trials are in the final stages. We will release the data soon,” he said.  

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‘Controversies are good, at least for Patanjali’ 

Asked about the apparent popularity of Coronil, experts credit Patanjali’s publicity drive, as well as public “trust” in ancient systems of medicine.

According to Anant Bhan, a researcher in global health, bioethics and health policy, the high sales of Coronil are “probably the result of the publicity that Patanjali created around Coronil”. 

“Plus, they are leveraging their existing Patanjali distribution channels,” he said. The sales data, he added, indicates “a lot of interest in immunity-boosting drugs, driven by concern around the pandemic and risk attached, and irrespective of actual data on efficacy of the medication”.

However, Rajiv Vasudevan, founder and CEO of the AyurVAID chain of hospitals for ayurveda, said the sales could be attributed to “trust” in ancient medicines.  

“The trust of Indians in ayurveda is strong enough,” he added. “Also, controversies are good for sales. While not all players could benefit from controversies, but Patanjali can.” 

According to Vasudevan, “if Ayurveda had been given a reasonable opportunity to be used in proper treatment of Covid patients, we would have seen another level of credible evidence emerging”.

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  1. Patanjali coronil kit very effective my wife had covid in Feb month its work really well, before trying I was skeptic, now I believe it only side effect excessive sleeping and body heat,

  2. In our family my husband had covid positive report as soon as got results my husband started cornil plus fabiful and multies..I and my father in law 86 years old and mother in law 80 years old ld started cornil kit medicine as prevention and now we all are safe..Thank You Patanjali for such a great job

  3. Please Update this post….. As AYUSH ministry has given coronil “certificate of pharmaceutical product”

  4. Pl give our country free coronil tablet it’s good for coronavirus I get no prob I m in us but our country some people hard to buy pl give free it’s good for our country no one died put free Price so use and save country people on this the tough times pl put free coronil

  5. The Print is a nonsense channel. The quality of comments tell the quality of its readers.

    I have been cured of many diseases by taking Ayurvedic medicines. It is foolish to criticize Ayurvedic system.

    Allopathic doctors are also experimenting on patients as there is no cure for covid19.

  6. 6 members of my family including myself were affected by Covid. We took Coronil along with Multi-Vitamin & Vitamin C tablets. All have recovered & doing well now.Please don’t be deceived by Libraandus spreading malicious propaganda against Ayurveda. If it were mere placebo, would it continue to thrive for 3000 years ? How many of us have ever heard of anyone dying from side-effects of any ayurvedic medicine ?

    • The weak point of us is the absence of communication, as u hv given the finding of Coronil’s results whoever used it and was benefited or not must be communicated on social media for the benefit of the masses.

    • Why spend money on Coronil? My friend entire family completely got cured by eating 3 cakes of Gobar mixed with Gau Mutr (First of the day) just in 4 days..

  7. @ThePrint with all this one sided skepticism will not lead you to long viable journalism you keep requesting. Skepticism is not bad for once but balance it out with equal views, otherwise you will stand loose end of day people believe will continue to prevail & one more right intended cause will die just like you.

    Having not COVID Data doesn’t mean that it is cure But at same time it also doesn’t mean it in not one, but continue to be on negative side doesn’t lead @ThePrint anywhere. End of day Patanjali products are Ayurvedic with very less negative effects, incase if there are few Indian people mentality is such that they will throw it away quickly.

  8. I am a vet. and had been treating animals since last five decades . All body parts of HOLY cow are affected by pathogens .How is it than possible for its URINE ,DUNG, can cure life threatening diseases ! GAOU bhakts worship cows only for name sake , lynching innocent people , but let cows dying due to hunger and diseases .I have seen hungry cows eating human fecal matter , dying painful death post road accident no Rakhshak bother for feed or treatment Surprisingly not a single medicine has been incorporated for animal treatment Pradhan Mantri Jan Ausadhi Yojana ! Placebo controlled double blind clinical trial will expose fallacy of corona kit which engulfed hard earned 214 crore rupees poor people . Why Ayush does not collect data how many people fell ill after and went on ventilators post taking this magical concoction .

    • One sud not outrightly condemn anything unless has some evidence, I myself has treated total 3 times for Viral fever with Patanjali’s Jwar Nashak Vati, and Maha Sudarshan Vati every time got cured within 3 days whereas earlier to it when got infected and went under doctor’s treatment, got cured in 5 days and faced a lot of weakness whereas after the Ayurvedic treatment there was no weakness. Based on it I do not find any reason to reject Coronil outrightly.

  9. In this country , whatever is produced by the so called gurus like ramdev or Jaggi etc will sell in high numbers , be it cow urine or Himalayan water.
    Sorry andh bhakts. No one can change you.

    • Very well said Mr Ranjit !!

      As they say:

      When one person is delusional, it’s called insanity. When many people are delusional, they call it religion.

  10. In this country , whatever is produced by the so called gurus like ramdev or Jaggi etc will sell in high numbers , be it cow urine or Himalayan water.

  11. Hindus are unique in the world, they believe the cow is exceptionally miraculous, so they will buy such products.

    However, people outside should think twice, and in fact not buy, Indian medicinal and food products, because Hindus will sprinkle cow dung and urine.

      • Explain how it is hate speech.

        ‘Hindus are unique in the world, they believe the cow is exceptionally miraculous, so they will buy such products.’

        Is the statement not true ? Where is the hate in that observation ?

        ‘However, people outside should think twice, and in fact not buy, Indian medicinal and food products, because Hindus will sprinkle cow dung and urine.’

        If the first is correct, the second follows : non-Hindus do not want cow’s urine sprinkled on the products they buy. Why is that hate ?

        You want to ban speech because you do not have the ability to disprove. You never ask to ban the Hindu Nazis, because you are a covert one.

        • I don’t know who are you . but comparing our faith with Ayurveda is totally wrong . you have to learn something about charak sanhita & sushrut & read about Ayurveda . you will know about Ayurveda . Ayurveda is much older than allopath . THEIR IS lots of disease which can be treat in Ayurveda but can not be in allopath . Ayurveda is 2000 year old but what about allopath . why india have so much Ayurveda college . If Ayurveda , homeopathy & unani doesn’t have any result then why our govt run so much of Ayush college please change your thinking . If you have knowledge then speak don’t compare two different things .

  12. Bhai The Print why you have so much problem with only modiji, patanjali, BJP. Do some relevant research on congress as well. Specially vadraji, priyankaji🤪

    • Ms Madhuri: In case you have forgotten, Modi is in power and hence accountable for the nefarious, illegal activities of his friends and financiers like Baba Ramdev.

      Baba Ramdev sells many products that he calls drugs but in reality are placebos at best, poisons at worst. Nonetheless, gullible Indians such as yourself buy Ramdev’s shit and urine and make him rich – filthy rich indeed! With all that wealth, he finances the BJP and Modi and the latter in turn look the other way with regard to regulations concerning pharmaceutical products. Baba Ramdev knows fully well that since he bankrolls Modi and supports BJP, he can get away with anything.

      But what is truly pathetic and deplorable is indeed the fact that educated people such as yourself deliberately ignore this abuse of democracy and rampant corruption because your saffron friends are the ones doing it this time around. Indeed, your ilk encourages corruption and autocratic rule by the BJP and its corporate backers like Baba Ramdev and actually justifies it by pointing to previous instances of corruption by other politicians. Unbelievable !

      In the meantime, Baba Ramdev has the following smelly Gomutra product for people like you:

      You may buy this Gomutra based tonic at :

      Good luck !

  13. Yes, off course it’s very good medicine for covid
    Thank you very much Sri baba ramdev for this easy available medicine. There is no other good medicine till now for covid
    God bless you!

  14. Coronil kit is the cheapest immunity booster.So everybody purchased it whether required or not. During the past 3 months of severe “Corona”peak, every body might have purchased.But there are no comments by users.That raises doubts about the utility of the medicine in Corona treatment.

    • It is at best a placebo, at worst something dangerous that has been sold without proper permission or analysis. In any case, gullible Indians make this tax-dodging BJP financier and charlatan rich.

      As the Italian political philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli said:

      “One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived”

      • Thanks mr. atleast it’s placebo but not like your western medicine which always act like poison. It cures one organ and sickens ten more organs.

        • Mr Santosh: Thanks for the reply.

          You are right Sir – Western medicine always acts like a poison. I guess the smallpox vaccine that was given to you when you were a baby has prevented smallpox in you but has damaged your intellect !

        • I guess there must be some truth to what you say about Western medicine which as you claim

          “cures one organ and sickens ten more organs”.

          Clearly, the smallpox vaccination that was given to you when you were a baby has adversely affected your brains. Unfortunately, the Viagra you were prescribed for the damage to the organ between your legs won’t cure the issues of the brain !!

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