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Controversial Indologist Audrey Truschke says that many Hindutvawadis feel genuinely injured today by Aurangzeb’s very existence and what they believe he did in the past. 

Video produced by Sajid Ali

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  • 16.5K
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  1. He must have protected those temples that must have been converted to Mosques. There is no other way. Or may be he did not read Quran. For it is the duty cast on each Muslim to fight for Allah till everyone is Muslim.

  2. I wonder how this lady become a scholar with an utter biased version. Strange people. Supporting a Terrorist cum frantic needs dung head

  3. What people like Truschke don’t seem to grasp is that the actual number of temples he destroyed isn’t the issue. For the record, I’m all for clarifying and properly quantifying the extent of Aurangzeb’s destructive, xenophobic tendencies for posterity.

    But the real issue is that he felt the need to destroy temples, to invade the lands of others, and to oppress them to meet his ideological goals. Arguing that “this is the way things were done in those days,” or “but he also protected some temples” (as if there were no ulterior motive) doesn’t cancel out the fact that he desecrated and destroyed sacred places of worship in a land that was not his own, and which regarded him (correctly) as an invader.

  4. There was a systematic program by left historians and intellectuals who distorted history and written utter lies to disintegrate this nation.They dislike our culture and heritage .They are trying to sell nation for vested interests This story is one classical example of relating utter lies.!

  5. It’s totally false.The truth is majority of Hindu temples were destroyed under Aurangzeb’s rule. I think The said historian dint study well the India’s History. It’s my personal request please don’t comment on Indian history without authentic evidences. Also if the said historian wants to know more regarding Chh.Shivaji Maharaj and Aurangzeb you can take the help of Historian Ghanshyam Dhane.

  6. “They don’t know about him”::::::. Typical white supremacy ideology coming over to ‘educate’ us…..Aurangzeb beheaded 2 Sikh Gurus, he destroyed Hindu temple!!!!! But also protected? Her arguments suck….

  7. Aurangzeb protected temples! Protected against whom? The only person in that period who had the power to destroy temples was the man himself. So if at all he protected any temple he did it against himself.?

  8. Has she the Aurangzeb Era,She should also then aware that Aurangzeb only slept when he used to Kill Hundreds of Kashmiri Pandits and Burn their Sacred “Jhanuv”.Has She know it???

  9. INDIAN HISTORY, since Porus Defeated ALEXANDER in 425 B.C.,
    has been written & discussed by JOKERS!!

    After killing Guru Teg Bahadur, the Saviour of Hindus,
    Aurangzeb wanted to KILL SHIVAJI because He was the Last independent HINDU King,
    Everybody knows, why discuss??

  10. Aurangzeb Aalamgir was one of the greatest king of India whose empire reached from kabul to kanyakumari (cape of comorin).He was a pious ruler who made caps for his livelihood.

  11. Pls clear this.
    What is the difference?
    Prostitute who sale his body for money and journalists who sale his aatma for money .

  12. In contrast to Avari, the historian Abraham Eraly estimates Aurangzeb era destruction to be significantly higher; “in 1670, all temples around Ujjain were destroyed”; and later, “300 temples were destroyed in and around Chitor, Udaipur and Jaipur” among other Hindu temples destroyed elsewhere in campaigns through 1705
    Reference: Abraham Eraly (2000), Emperors of the Peacock Throne: The Saga of the Great Mughals, Penguin Books, ISBN 978-0141001432, pages 398-399
    Abraham Eraly is also a historian. Why should we trust this lady? What are her credentials? Did she do a time travel to 1700s and witness what was Aurangazeb?

  13. You can see the video producer… the name itself speaks for why he wants to glorify Aurangazeb by bringing up nonsensical writers into picture. And the journo interviewing her is a typical leftist “pseudo liberal”.

  14. She is a historian. Talks on facts. Cross check on google, before u criticise her. Not to mention there were hindu rulers who had ransacked few mutts and also slaughtered muslim ministers just because they were not Hindus. We rather not talk about them today.

    • in same logic if you write history..then ..ajmal kasab / hafeez sayeed saved more hindu life and more indian city..only mumbai city was attacked all other city were safe …dawood ibrahim protected more indian city..he only damaged mumbai city in blast..there is a limit for hypocrisy..

  15. What shit is she talking? Aurangzeb was not bad. He did not kill his own brothers. He did not imprison his father. He did not tax Hindus. He did not destroy Hindu temples. He was a just king. We should now learn our histroy from these idiot foreigners!

  16. So why do you wail over the destruction of one Babri Masjid then?
    By your own logic hundreds of mosques have been saved.

  17. Bullcrap…. Moron is the writer.. and the interviewer acting like interviewing.. I pity for her ignorance too.. it would be an insult to word barbarian if I used that adjective to describe aurangzeb..!!
    And even if someone buys her theory that aurangzeb protected more temples than he destroyed then too the basic objection stays and that is, YES he destroyed the Hindu Temples…. So morons go back to your texts….

  18. The interviewer Jyoti Malhotra was just superb…. Respect! Though she must have pushed her a bit more on Audrey’s stupid position on Aurangzeb.

    For instance, Harvey Weinstein didn’t sleep with all actresses, only some. So he should be given the benefit of doubt, as per Audrey!!

  19. Aurangzeb is the only person responsible for today’s communal tension yes he protected Hindu Temple’s by converting then to mosques

  20. Sambhaji was killed by tearing him apart from the front and back with metallic tiger claws and beheading with an axe for refusing to accept Islam. Some accounts state that Sambhaji’s body was cut into pieces and thrown into the river while some believe Sambhaji’s remains were fed to the dogs. Oh dear Aurangzeb

  21. Aurangzeb also donated his own eyes to chattrapati Sambhaji Maharaj when he couldn’t see all the temples Aurangzeb protected

  22. Who is this Bloody writer, spreading false information. These historian are responsible for distorting our Indian history.


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