Friday, 25 May, 2018


PM Modi addresses people after inaugrating Kishanganga Power Station at a function in Srinagar today | PTI

Every stone picked by misguided youths destabilises Kashmir: PM

This was the PM's first address after the government announced ceasefire for the month of Ramzan in the state.
Latest news on Karnataka elections 2018 |

Karnataka victory seen helping moves by opposition to unite against BJP at national level

The Karnataka fiasco left the BJP leaders red-faced as the party’s attempts to poach Congress MLAs became a matter of public discourse. 
Supreme Court

Speaker or vote? Supreme Court didn’t give Karnataka Congress & JD(S) much of a choice

Court says looking into pro-tem Speaker’s appointment would postpone trust vote, doesn’t pass order on manner of voting
Gaya Lal

As turncoats grab headlines, a look back at the original ‘Aaya Ram, Gaya Ram’

It was in early 1967 that Haryana, then less than a year old, witnessed its first assembly election. That poll season, Gaya Lal, an independent MLA, jumped ship twice within a few hours and thrice in 15 days to be a part of the new government.

Yeddyurappa loses fight, quits as CM

A record of developments — from the latest to the day the results were declared in Karnataka. BJP emerged as the single largest party but fell short of a simple majority by 8 seats.
Karnataka MLA

Karnataka trust vote: These 10 MLAs could make or break the fortunes of BJP

77 Congress MLAs were reportedly heading back to Bengaluru from Hyderabad, where they had been taken to evade poaching attempts.
K.G. Bopaiah

Controversial BJP leader Bopaiah appointed pro-tem speaker of Karnataka assembly

Congress, JD(S) allege governor picked Yeddyurappa’s man, Bopaiah was pro tem speaker when BJP govt faced trust vote in 2008.
Newly-elected Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa seeks the blessings of Shivakumara Swami

Yeddyurappa has to prove numbers tomorrow as Supreme Court wants to ‘balance the equity’

A three-judge bench of the apex court also directs that only a pro-tem speaker be elected to hold the floor test according to the rules of the house.
Narendra Mod i

Congress can learn from PM Modi that politics is hardly a kitty party

Modi’s sheer determination to win Karnataka may have actually seeded the Congress with some of the fight he has so clearly displayed these last few years.
Rs 25.84 crore donations for Shiv Sena

Among regional parties, Shiv Sena is the king of donations

According to Election Commission data, the Sena received Rs 25.84 crore in donations in 2016-17, while the Aam Aadmi Party received Rs 24.99 crore.
Narendra Modi

Superbrand Narendra Modi: Cast in Titanium, not merely coated with Teflon

He’s our most polarising leader, deeply hated by many but equally loved by more, especially the young. To extrapolate BJP’s struggles in Gujarat and Karnataka to 2019 is fatally complacent.