Friday, 27 May, 2022
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How Modi, Shah have shred Vajpayee & Jana Sangh’s principled opposition to ILP in Northeast

Vajpayee & Jana Sangh fought Nehru for quarantining fellow Indians in Northeast under Inner Line Permit. Their successors have strengthened & expanded it.

His decency set him apart — why we can’t forget IK Gujral, India’s truly accidental PM

Remembering Inder Kumar Gujral, the soft-spoken but tough PM who had among the shortest & rockiest of all tenures, on his 100th birth anniversary.

Streetfighter ban gaya gentleman: How Arvind Kejriwal has become a changed politician

Arvind Kejriwal’s retreat from the fight with Narendra Modi is total. His focus is local issues & Delhi elections and this isn’t defeatism but excellent politics.

Modi has finished Pakistan’s ‘unfinished business’ of Partition

Article 370 is gone, now it’s time to fight the good fight — for rights of Kashmiris as fellow Indians and restoration of commerce & political activity in J&K.

Dear PM Modi, you’re spending too much time on Twitter and have got the media wrong

A vast majority of the media dotingly supports PM Modi. And while in power, he should be prepared to face some heat at least.

The mess in India’s higher judiciary is, sadly, of its own making

The judiciary has become cocooned while being the supreme force for transparency elsewhere. The complainant against CJI Gogoi has laid bare this hypocrisy.

Modi shouldn’t trivialise nuclear weapons. His Diwali taunt at Pakistan is loose talk

Understated responsibility and strategic maturity has served India brilliantly. Now it shouldn’t lapse into the Pakistan style of nuclear loose talk.

Wing Commander Abhinandan being shot down is the real Rafale scandal

PAF had outranged and outgunned India’s best, and it’s only because of IAF’s training, awareness and some luck that Pakistan’s 27 February mission failed.

India has called Pakistan’s nuclear bluff again, but Modi cannot become complacent

Pakistan and the world will have to keep the redefined red lines in mind. But India can’t be complacent, because Pakistan’s compulsive bad habits return.

Hold the outrage over Modi hugging MBS, check these facts first

Narendra Modi has been wise not to let Pakistan and Pulwama ruin ties with Saudi Arabia. And he's only pursuing a Manmohan Singh initiative energetically.

On Camera


Author Geetanjali Shree and translator Daisy Rockwell at Booker Prize event, London | TheBookerPrizes/Twitter

Geetanjali Shree won 1st Booker for Hindi novel. Regional authors must ask for right price now

A news article in ‘Independent’ stated that ‘Tomb Of Sand’ was the first novel in ‘Indian’ to win the award—it shows what India is still up against.

More Russian oil than ever before is heading for India and China

As other nations restrict imports because of the war in Ukraine, India and China have snapped up millions of barrels from Russia to take advantage of hefty discounts on the flows.


NSA Ajit Doval with NSAs from the other countries at the meeting at Dushanbe, Tajikistan | Photo: Courtesy the NSA's office

NSA Ajit Doval pushes for ‘terror free’ Afghanistan, says India stands with Afghan people

Doval's comments came at 4th Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan attended by national security advisors from Tajikistan, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan & China.

Mandir or Masjid? New surveys not needed, just acceptance of truth & move towards reconciliation

That temples were destroyed and mosques built is undisputed history. The past can’t be changed, but we can’t deny the wrongs of the past either before we consider reconciliation.