Friday, March 31, 2023
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The Ram Mandir test: How Modi fares can be his defining legacy

The Ayodhya issue will test Modi’s political capital, because one party will leave the table more aggrieved than the other.

A runaway judiciary is Modi govt’s biggest frustration

There's much room for reform in the government-judiciary relationship. But first, both need to speak the same language. 

Mandal is reborn, minus the Muslim factor

Identity politics is returning to the centre stage and political parties and next-generation leaders are rushing to carve out a slice.

The Gujarat division of CBI

An extraordinary push to to appoint officers with a ‘Gujarat connect’ has turned the country’s premier investigative agency into a messy, divided house.

In the name of interlocution

Kashmir interlocutor Dineshwar Sharma has little political room for manoeuvre, but his appointment is a masterstroke in political management.

#Rahul, #Congress need to follow and like each other

Rahul Gandhi can't be a Modi-like outsider and shake up Congress because he is a part of the problem.

For Modi, Gujarat win will be cherry on icing

Gujarat is the first critical state since 2014 where BJP is seeking re-election, and a convincing win will seal Modi’s supreme leader status.

Happy Diwali, Singapore style!

Singapore’s former premier Lee Kuan Yew had a tough time balancing firecrackers and his First World aspirations in the 1960s, but here’s what he did.

The lone global consensus is on terrorism, and Pakistan is at the centre of it

The world is agreed on a new, polarising stand to take on terrorism. It is good news, and a challenge for India.

On Camera


Vivan Sundaram built his theatre of art around the avant-garde spirit

Sundaram’s larger-than-life influence on the community, history and global trajectory of Indian art is a hallmark of our cultural treasures.
A man walks past a logo of Alibaba Group at its office building in Beijing, China | Reuters file photo

Alibaba Group’s breakup lifts hopes China’s regulatory winter is thawing

Alibaba said it was planning to split into 6 units & explore fundraisings or listings for most of them, in the biggest restructuring of the tech conglomerate in its 24-year history.


File photo of Bhutan’s PM Lotay Tshering | Twitter @PMBhutan

PM Tshering denies Chinese villages built in Bhutan. Expert suggests Bhutan...

Bhutan PM Lotay Tshering refutes reports of Chinese villages being built on Bhutanese territory, says 'it is not for Bhutan alone' to settle Doklam issue.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Four reasons the Sikhs are hurting. And it’s not about the...

'Causes' of anger are dera threat to Sikhism, incarceration of ‘Bandi Singhs’, inaction in sacrilege cases, & ‘if BJP-RSS want Hindu Rashtra, what’s wrong with Sikh Rashtra?’