Monday, June 5, 2023
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Standard Deviation

India innovates in labour. It doesn’t need the pressure to spend huge on R&D like US, Japan

India has cheap labour while conventionally R&D-intensive countries have cheaper capital. The whole debate on R&D needs to be recast to fit the realities here.

Indian policymaking is good when cautious, botched when rushed. Learn from US banking crisis

India has done great in regulation because it took time to think things through. The US banking crisis should encourage Modi govt to avoid rush jobs like demonetisation.

GDP data shows how well Nirmala Sitharaman handled pandemic economy. Critics judged too soon

The impact of pandemic meant that the revisions made to the data for 2020-21 and 2021-22, in particular, are even more significant than usual.

Modi must shift from manufacturing to services. ‘Make in India’ needs course correction

Services' share in India’s GVA increased from 48% to 57% in 8 years without being the primary focus. Imagine what the sector can do if Modi govt sets its eyes on it.

Govt pitching simplified income tax regime but a basic complexity remains

Why is a doctor employed by a hospital and on salary taxed differently than a doctor who has opened their own practice?

Newsrooms, consultancies all abuzz but missing key question: Is Budget important anymore?

When GST was rolled out in India, proposals pertaining to 45-50 per cent of the government’s tax revenue were taken out of the Budget and placed under the GST Council.

Bank harassment, hidden charges undoing gains of Modi’s PMJDY and financial inclusion

The government has merged several public sector banks to improve profitability. But users have not been informed of the complications these mergers have caused.

Tax India’s corporates and super-rich more. They can and will take it

India's attractiveness as an investment destination is not based on its low tax rates. Give the super-rich basic amenities in return for the higher tax and they'll stay and pay.

UPA-2 faced the same economic issues Modi govt does now. But there’s one difference

The Modi govt has to ensure that the 2024 Lok Sabha election doesn’t entice it to throw fiscal prudence out of the window like UPA-2 did.

It’s time to end Budget secrecy, deal final blow to India’s colonial hangover

Budget secrecy isn't needed for a number of reasons, and doing away with it would actually benefit India's policymakers.

On Camera


Restoration work underway at the site of the Balasore railway accident | representational image | ANI

Railway officers overburdened. Bring in technical experts, not IRMS to solve...

Better maintenance procedures shall remain the backbone of railway operations. Outsourcing safety maintenance will be the wrong solution.
Caption: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) seal is pictured on a gate outside the RBI headquarters in Mumbai | Reuters file photo/Danish Siddiqui

RBI deputy governor M Rajeshwar Rao urges banks to address shortcomings...

RBI governor Shaktikanta Das requested the banks to strengthen governance to reduce financial instability following the collapse of several banks in the US.


Defence minister Rajnath Singh with US counterpart Lloyd Austin in New Delhi on Monday. |ANI

Rajnath-Austin meet sets stage for mega jet engine deal when Modi...

India and US to initiate negotiations on 'security supply and reciprocal defense procurement agreement' to promote long-term supply chain stability.
Illustration by Prajna Ghosh | ThePrint

Manipur saw ‘free’ India’s 1st flag hoisted. Now it’s BJP’s biggest...

There are 3 things you never do in a small northeastern state: undermine local leaders, divide and rule, push homogenisation.