Friday, May 26, 2023
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Be horrified by reaction to Atiq Ahmed killing. But stop calling Indians bloodthirsty fools

The public has lost faith in the ability of the legal system. It is convinced that because powerful criminals will never face justice, it is easier and quicker to bump them off.

No, Covid vaccines didn’t cause those heart attacks. Don’t let hysteria win

The pandemic was such a traumatic period, full of death and desolation that most of us have blacked it out. We forget about the panic and misinformation.

Deleting history from NCERT textbooks is lying to children. It’s also betraying parents

The intention behind rewriting textbooks is to make children grow up with the view that Muslims are the enemy. And that they have no place in India.

BJP has done a huge favour to Rahul Gandhi — gifted him his lost credibility

The attempt to get Rahul thrown out of the Lok Sabha over his remarks in the UK and the disqualification suggest that BJP is worried about him.

Prashant Kishor is right. Modi’s nationalist pitch makes him undefeatable, not Hindutva

Easy for intellectuals to laugh at Modi's nationalist claims. But it is silly to dismiss them. Because the truth is that this strategy is working.

Indian journalists should be grateful BBC lost the ‘impartiality’ battle

BBC's impartiality trait that it showed during Modi documentary went in hiding when football presenter Gary Lineker tweeted against British govt's immigration policy.

BJP is obsessed with Nehru, freedom struggle. This keeps Rahul Gandhi in the news forever

People who vote for the BJP support it because they admire Narendra Modi. Nobody votes for the BJP because of anything that occurred in the freedom struggle.

BJP is turning Indians indifferent and sceptical toward corruption

When Indians see opposition leaders being raided and arrested such as Manish Sisodia was recently, they know this is just political warfare, not a blow for integrity in public life.

Alia Bhatt is another Indian victim who lost the privacy war. Spammers, paparazzi have won

Whether it's Alia Bhatt being secretly photographed at her home or common citizens being scammed, we have all lost the battle against being treated as commodities.

3 reasons why the Modi govt ordered an I-T raid on BBC — none of them makes sense

The move against BBC mirrors Indira Gandhi’s tactics during the Emergency. She learnt from her mistakes, will the BJP?

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Suzuki Jimny | Kushan Mitra

New Suzuki Jimny is twice as powerful as Maruti Gypsy. It...

The fifth-generation Suzuki Jimny has all the modern conveniences of driving, including multiple airbags. It is the best bet for hill climbs.
A Rs 2,000 note is seen in this illustration | Reuters/Thomas White

India’s ‘mini-demonetisation’ may have political motivations, says Jefferies’ Chris Wood

In his weekly 'GREED & Fear', Wood said the note withdrawal is 'officially being rationalised on the anti-corruption angle'.


Delegates attend the 3rd G20 Tourism Working Group Meeting at Sher-i-Kashmir International Convention Centre in Srinagar Tuesday | ANI

Why Gulmarg visit is off G20 itinerary in Kashmir

Administration says visit cancelled due to 'logistics issue' as over 60 delegates had to be catered to, but security apprehensions may have triggered the change of plans, it is learnt.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

A broken Manipur is out of sight, out of mind. Here’s...

For most of us, the Manipur crisis is out of sight, out of mind. The story in a state so small and so far out is a ‘Big Yawn’ for many. I try to persuade you to wake up.