Saturday, 26 November, 2022
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3 fears emerged when Kabul fell. A year later, none of them have come true

Like the US and Soviet Union before it, China is discovering the grand plans of Great Powers don’t survive contact with the realities in Afghanistan.

Surveillance state isn’t a secure one. Indian govts need to get this

For all practical purposes, India’s intelligence services acted as instruments of the prime minister—with no legal framework for their operations, nor accountability.

Taliban won’t give up al-Qaeda, not after US killing al-Zawahiri. Kabul’s a safe haven

Pragmatists in Taliban have been willing to sacrifice global jihadism for international recognition and state-building aid. But it's not that simple.

Imran Inc: How Pakistani Generals manufactured ‘Mr Clean’ using disgraced billionaire’s funds

Fighting extradition to the US, Pakistani businessman Arif Naqvi is at the centre of a storm over his role in financing the rise of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

ISIS is growing again in Syria. Blame the grim deadlock between great powers

In 2019, US President held up a map showing the destruction of ISIS caliphate in Iraq & Syria: The tiny spot that remained, he vowed, would be ‘gone by tonight.’

Jihadists in Bangladesh are still going strong. Economic gains aren’t ‘wins’

Mobs burning down Hindu-owned homes and businesses in Narail’s Sahapara is a sign. It shows what happens to polities which fail to confront communalism.

Northern Ireland’s journey from hate to peace, Boris’ farewell speech have lessons for India

Northern Ireland's Peace Lines have kept Catholics and Protestants apart for decades. Now they're being brought down one by one, showing hate doesn't have to be cast in concrete.

Not madrasas, not Pakistan terror camps, India’s blasphemy killers are products of toxic hate

Anti-blasphemy campaign in India isn’t being led by clerics. And accused in Udaipur and Amravati killings didn't have any religious education or ties to right-wing organisations.

Japan’s new nationalism is alarming. Not just for China, North Korea, but allies like India

Asia's strategic landscape will force fateful choices on Japan. Embracing muscular nationalism is a response to the challenges of dangerous new times.

China’s failing white elephant projects in Sri Lanka have lessons for India

Five years after it acquired Hambantota, China is learning cash has bought neither profit nor power in Sri Lanka.

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War to climate change—tech diplomacy can tackle global challenges. India must lead from front

The geopolitical landscape is more hostile than ever, which means technology has a vital role to play in ensuring cross-border data flows.
Representational image | Wiki Commons

How India-Australia FTA is set to boost trade that’s already at a record high

While the bulk of the trade between India and Australia is so far in the energy sector, the FTA is expected to broaden this to include other goods and services.


File photo of French Defence Minister Sebastien Lecornu | Twitter/@SebLecornu

French Defence Minister Sebastien Lecornu set for India visit, to board INS Vikrant on 27 Nov

Lecornu's visit comes at a time when France is offering more Rafale jets to IAF at a reduced cost and higher indigenous content besides the naval version of the aircraft.

G-20(24): How ‘Vishwaguru’ can get new strategic space & Modi another stage in pre-election year

Modi has been balancing India’s interests, playing US & Russia and keeping China off his back. You can trust him to exploit this year-long opening to India’s benefit. And to his own.