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Talk Point: ​Does ​​the Rajatarangini narrative of ​5000 years of Hindu history in Kashmir need chal...

Kashmir: Exposing the Myth Behind the Narrative (SAGE Publications, 2017​), a new book by a former Kashmiri state civil servant​,​ Khalid Bashir Ahmad, challeng...

Will the ISI use Lashkar-e-Taiba’s new political party to start a nuclear war?

The stated aims of the Lashkar-e-Taiba's political party Milli Muslim League, with the presence of nuclear weapons in Pakistan, should alarm Indians and the world. Tufail Ahmad

Coming to terms with the might of institutions, in victory and defeat

The lesson from Gujarat: BJP can’t be seen on wrong side of constitutional bodies. Congress has to win real elections. Pranab Dhal Samanta

Pakistan should be treated like North Korea—a rogue state

There is good reason to believe that Trump is seriously considering labeling Pakistan a terrorist state. Larry Pressler
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Pakistan needs a Gorbachev to resolve its ‘jihad paradox’   

In the first of a three-part opinion series on Pakistan, Paul Kapur writes that solving Pakistan’s jihad problem requires more than just reforming its Army—or threats from the U.S. Pakistan needs to change its national narrative.  Paul Kapur

Siddaramaiah does a modern day Mandal to take on BJP juggernaut

The Karnataka CM has no substantial accomplishments despite being in power for 4 years. But he is banking on a social engineering formula to fend off BJP. Prithvi Datta Chandra Shobhi

Talk Point: Are rhinos ‘overpopulated’ or is their habitat shrinking?

Is the 'overpopulation' of rhinos, lions and leopards a result of successful conservation or due to shrinking habitats and slow relocation drives? We ask  experts.

Sexual harassment allegations against Imran Khan upend politics in Pakistan

How the sexual harassment allegations against Imran Khan are playing out in Pakistan Rahimullah Yusufzai

Vajpayee showed us how to deal with China’s one slice at-a-time policy

This long-term Chinese strategy is best exemplified by the Middle Kingdom’s step-by-step encroachments into the sea between Vietnam and the Philippines. Manvendra Singh

Stuck in the middle: how Nepalis figure into the India-China Doklam standoff

The Foreign Ministry in Kathmandu has maintained a studied silence on the issue, but not a day passes without someone vilifying New Delhi. 
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Rahul Gandhi’s pitch that Modi is the worst doesn’t mean Congress is the best

Which constituency is Rahul Gandhi addressing? How exactly does he define his base? Or, does he even know what his base is?