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Vinod Rai

2G not the only gem, Vinod Rai’s CAG had also come up with one on Air India

CAG report emphasised that Air India was the 'national carrier', and argued for giving it 'more than a level playing field', despite all the ills plaguing it.
File photo of Narendra Modi, Nirmala Sitharaman, Kalraj Mishra and Ravi Shankar Prasad at the launch of 'Make in India', 2014 | Arvind Yadav/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

For the defence sector, Make in India ended before it began

Despite announcements almost every month, not one big project has taken off. With just about a year left, Modi govt unlikely to have much to showcase in 2019.
L-R: A. Raja, Naraendra Modi, Subramaniam Swamy

Those who manufactured deep prejudice in public mind about 2G scam were rewarded by BJP

If a court holds demonetization policy to be procedurally irregular, would Narendra Modi be declared corrupt?
Donald Trump giving a speech

If Pakistan won’t go after terrorists, America itself will take on that job

In S. Asia, US strategies boil down to: ‘Pakistan, we want you to do more’; ‘India, we want to grow with you’; and ‘Afghanistan, we want to stay with you’.
Donald Trump and Narendra Modi standing in front of podiums, with the flags of The USA and India behind them.

The visible holes in Trump’s security strategy on India will guide actual policy steps

The biggest departure from previous NSS documents is the placement of the Indo-Pacific discussion—at the very top of the regions considered, above Europe and the Middle East.
People buying a Christmas gifts at hill road in Bandra.

India’s mean-spirited war on Christmas

Christmas is the wrong target. It cannot pay for the sins of the church because Christmas has long flown the coop of Christianity. It’s a now consumer festival.
Congress leader Kapil Sibal addresses the media on 2G outside the Parliament

The 2G judgement will impact Tamil Nadu politics

It is a political judgment, coming out of political convenience, because perhaps the current government needs the support of certain people.
CBI officials

2G verdict: The CBI has often failed to deliver evidence in complex financial crimes

The first-come, first-served policy reeked of arbitrariness, but whether it was against the public interest cannot be subject to not criminal adjudication.
DMK MP Kanimozhi accepts greetings of the supporters

After 2G verdict, DMK is no longer an untouchable for BJP

The verdict is now bound to enthuse the DMK cadre and strengthen Stalin, especially amid the crippling confusion in the AIADMK.
Former Telecom minister A Raja gestures after he was acquitted by a special court in the 2G scam case, in New Delhi.

There was a telecom scandal. A big one. But someone forgot to tell the judges.

Because it was designed to collapse like most big scams. To be a true political opportunity, a scam has to be so exaggerated, even judges are left disbelieving.

On Camera

Rahul Gandhi at the press conference | Praveen Jain/ThePrint

Communists who once sided with BJP now irked over no alliance with Congress in West Bengal

With a chequered history, where the Left Front had ‘aligned’ with the BJP, it is impossible for the CPM cadre to adjust themselves with the Congress.

Rahul Gandhi’s Rs 72,000 income pledge: Are populist freebies the only way to win elections?

Congress president Rahul Gandhi Monday pledged to give Rs 12,000 per month to every family in India if the Congress is voted to power in the 2019 elections.


A Chinook helicopter

India inducts Chinook helicopters, adds muscle to military along China border

Each Chinook helicopter can lift 45 soldiers, artillery guns or even light armoured vehicles to high altitudes. It can also fly through narrow mountain valleys.
National Interest

Why Rahul Gandhi’s Congress is in danger of morphing into a clueless NGO

Congress has questions but no answers, ‘leaders’ but no winners. Weeks before polls, it’s behaving like a virtuous, anti-establishment NGO just doing its thing.