Sunday, May 28, 2023


What the govt panel doesn’t see when suggesting diesel vehicle ban by 2027

EVs are not as clean as they seem and remove the problem of pollution away from the city centre to somewhere far away.

Why small turbocharged engines are gaining popularity in India—Fronx to Citroen C3 to i20

Turbocharged petrol cars are great fun. The rush of power through the middle and top end of the rev-range makes them enthusiast friendly.

FAME-II controversy can scare off investors. India’s EV sector had just started to grow

Financing of electric vehicles is becoming easier but financial institutions and investors of electric vehicle companies will be wary of government's ongoing investigations.

C3 Aircross, Hyundai Exter, Honda’s upcoming big car shows the SUV fever isn’t dying in India

Hell froze when Ferrari, the Italian supercar manufacturer and the most hallowed of car brands, said they’d make an SUV.

MG Comet is for the practical buyer. The EV has an operating cost of 75 paise per km

The Comet is not aimed at buyers looking to move up from two wheels to four. It is very unlikely to be the primary vehicle in a household.

Escaping the Chinese connection in EV space impossible. This Indian company can change that

Even though the demand has been sorted, the sheer cost economics of operating an EV trumps everything else. Log9 story hold promise.

Volkswagen to Hyundai, carmakers are going all out with ‘premium’. And Indians want more

Consumers no longer want to miss out on new features, even if they do not make sense—like sunroofs—in India.

Royal Enfield Renaissance is an old story. Here is what’s driving the brand’s future

If you thought Royal Enfield’s success is because of a large market of men trying to ride out their mid-life crisis, then let me tell you that isn’t the case.

Has your feature-laden car made you a lazy driver? Those ventilated seats, reverse cameras

We have become accustomed to the advanced technology of automobiles. Reversing camera is now in even entry-level vehicles like Maruti Alto, Renault Kwid.

Maruti Fronx is the perfect crossover—looks like an SUV but drives as a hatchback should

The Fronx is not as roomy as the Brezza, and its interiors are pretty much the same as Baleno. But its nice cornering ability lets you easily cruise down twisty roads.

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Brahmin ignorance, liberal guilt, Karl Marx – Manjeet Sarkar spares none...

Stand-up comedian Manjeet Sarkar's power-packed performance builds on his Dalit identity with a singular goal—to make his audience shift uncomfortably in their seats.
Chief Economic Advisor V. Anantha Nageswaran addresses a session of CII | Twitter | @FollowCII

Govt working to ensure TCS rate hike does not result in...

Attempts are being made to link TCS with the tax deducted from taxpayers’ salaries. The CEA also backs the govt’s rationale for raising TCS rate to 20%


Delegates attend the 3rd G20 Tourism Working Group Meeting at Sher-i-Kashmir International Convention Centre in Srinagar Tuesday | ANI

Why Gulmarg visit is off G20 itinerary in Kashmir

Administration says visit cancelled due to 'logistics issue' as over 60 delegates had to be catered to, but security apprehensions may have triggered the change of plans, it is learnt.
Illustration : Soham Sen

Article 370 to G20, India is in a Kashmir sweet spot....

It is in the nature of the news cycle that the only aspect of the G20 event (Third Working Group on Tourism) in Srinagar...