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Brain-heart coordination

Behavioral economics is biased, and it might not quite know it

The discipline, which marries classical economics with psychology, has quickly become a victim of its own astounding success. Call it the 'bias bias'.

Birkin bags and Swiss ski resorts: How super-rich Delhi wives want to be part of global elite

For Indian super-rich families, a summer vacation abroad is a necessary signal of being part of the global elite. But it can't be somewhere 'touristy'.
Indian dogs | Flickr

Pet adoption ads need to be better written than ‘adopt, don’t shop’

I studied and quantified the language patterns of nearly 680,000 adopted and unadopted pet ads. This is what I found.
A video clip showed actor Sidharth Shukla get physically violent towards actor-singer Shehnaz Gill

Bigg Boss has always condoned physical aggression, but it may have gone too far now

The show’s ethics have been called into question by viewers after a recent episode showed a male contestant pinning down a female contestant and threatening her.
Actor Saeed Jaffrey on the sets of Chashme Buddoor with Deepti Naval and Sai Paranjape | Twitter: @FilmHistoryPic

Chashme Buddoor, aka Saeed Jaffrey, and the art of making a small role fill the screen

The 1981 rom com and buddy film starring Saeed Jaffrey shows you don’t have to be centre stage or mainstream to have an impact.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Surabhi, the DD show that changed the idea of Indian culture as one entity

Over more than 300 episodes, Surabhi traversed the length and breadth of the country to showcase India's diverse cultural heritage.
Bhagat Singh Thind | www.bhagatsinghthind.com

Bhagat Singh Thind’s story is a harsh lesson for NRIs in US supporting CAA

In light of the hardships faced by non-white immigrants for citizenship, the support of Indians in US for the CAA is rather ironic. 
A still from the movie Chhapaak

Deepika Padukone’s Chhapaak a sensitive portrayal of an acid attack survivor

From scenes that make you uncomfortable to Malti's heart-wrenching screams, Meghna Gulzar's film is not an easy watch, and that's why you should watch it.

Onion price, inflation, political games — Gulzar’s Murari Lal is back to voice public anger

Gulzar's short poems featuring Murari Lal pack a punch in how sharply they deal with current issues. Read the translations by Rakhshanda Jalil.
Protest in Jama Masjid

India to Africa: Protest has helped define the first two decades of the 21st century

As the 2020s begin, it’s clear we’re living in an unprecedented moment: climate emergency, brewing global financial crisis and militarisation.

On Camera

File photo of Sheik Hasina Wajed | David Greedy/Bloomberg News

As Modi govt doubles down on CAA, long-time friend Bangladesh moves closer to China

Opposition’s misinformation campaign has generated enough negative publicity. Modi govt will be in bigger trouble if Bangladesh’s rumour mills become active.

Has CDS Gen Bipin Rawat overstepped his brief by speaking on ‘de-radicalisation camps’?

Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat said that India has de-radicalisation camps for the young. He also said that 10-12 years old from Kashmir were being radicalised.


Asif Ghafoor

‘Twitter General’ Asif Ghafoor is no longer Pakistan military’s spokesperson

Asif Ghafoor has been sent to Infantry Division. Major Gen. Babar Iftikhar will be new director general of Inter-Services Public Relations, Pakistan military’s publicity wing.

Under Modi-Shah, BJP is back to being the Bharatiya ‘Baniya’ Party

BJP under Modi-Shah is returning to its protectionist, anti-MNC, technophobic old notions, underlining that strong governments can also be more risk-averse.