Wednesday, 17 October, 2018



It is time to expect tougher conditions for Pakistan’s 13th IMF bailout

Pakistan has regularly failed to meet conditions attached to its previous IMF loans which might have triggered tougher conditions. 
Polio vaccination | Commons

Drug sleuths off to Indonesia to trace source of ‘dead’ polio strain in vaccines

Lakhs of children were said to have been administered oral polio vaccines from a batch tainted with the type 2 polio virus, which was eradicated years ago.  

Indian Overseas Bank & Andhra Bank among 8 identified for merger by Modi govt

Finance Ministry sources say background work for the mergers — which includes finding the right match for these banks — has already started.

Attempt made to colour my tax returns as bogus, says media baron Raghav Bahl

Raghav Bahl says I-T officials seemed disappointed at being told that every piece of information, including details of his London flat, has been duly declared.
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India wants oil producers & traders to fund $1.5 billion emergency oil reserve

Getting investors to build storage facilities will have twin benefits: reduce strain on state finances & shield economy against volatile oil prices.

US pvt equity firm KKR to acquire assets from stressed non-bank finance firms

The US private equity firm may spend as much as $270 million to purchase portfolios from local non-banking finance companies.
Refined sugar granules sit during analysis in the laboratory at the Zainsk sugar plant | Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

Global sugar market has hit a sweet spot but is worried India could turn it bitter

Global sugar price saw its best weekly gain since 2008 but the outlook is still cautious as India is set to boost exports and cause another surplus.

India’s Sensex set for biggest gain in two years on rebound

The stock index had fallen into a so-called correction last week after sliding more than 10 percent from a peak in August.

India’s headline inflation might be low, but it may not stay that way for long

Between a record-low currency, high oil prices, and a looming election, India's inflation rate could take a hit.
trade deficit

India likely to consider increasing import duties to curb deficit & prop up sagging rupee

The prime minister’s office is planning a meeting in New Delhi this week to review measures including curbs to curtail the trade gap.
Sabarimala temple

Sabarimala opens tomorrow: Bracing for street attacks on women or is SC order unworkable?

The Sabarimala shrine in Kerala is set to open its gates Wednesday to women of all age groups for the first time after the Supreme Court ruling last month. Seve...
Ajit Doval

The new Doval Durbar reduces India’s layered security system to a top-down Caliphate

Ajit Doval is now India’s all-powerful security boss. But this concentration of power disrupts our layered security system.