Wednesday, 15 August, 2018


pan masala

Karnataka’s BJP unit wants GST on pan masala slashed to 5%

They also urged the Centre to hike the minimum import price of arecanut used in the making of pan masala.
Ikea's first Indian store in Hyderabad

How it took more than 12 years for world’s biggest furniture retailer to open a store in India

Ikea’s 12 year-long wait is marked by an intensive & extensive mapping of the Indian market along with overcoming investment barriers.
A man looks at an electronic ticker displayed outside BSE | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Foreigners return to India’s bond market, but local investors still cautious

Rising oil prices and fears of greater fiscal spending before next year's election are making local investors wary. 
Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is coming to hire you & it may not be such a bad thing

AI advocates argue technology can eliminate racial or gender biases, assess candidates based on skills and also help them develop internal talent. 

These Chinese companies are giving Apple and Samsung a run for their smartphones

Cheaper handsets with innovative designs are steadily winning over the market, posing a serious threat to the two tech giants.  Apple and Samsung’s dominat...
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Modi govt to review China-led Asia trade pact amid worrying economic consequences for India

Different ministries fear influx of excessive Chinese imports & the limited possibility of free movement of skilled tech workers from India.
The Bombay Stock Exchange

Analysts say Sensex surge due to few stocks, shows no clarity

Market analysts are not as excited as investors are about Indian stock market rally. 
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India’s economy is an elephant that’s starting to run, says IMF

Rationalisation of GST & labour reforms will be key to India's higher growth, said the international body.
Xi Jinping

China is forcing devout Muslims to drink liquor, but the world is looking away

Beijing needs to realise that repression in Xinjiang, through which several ancient trade routes passed, can take a heavy toll on Xi’s pet Belt & Road Initiative.

India’s first Ikea store is ready to welcome 60 lakh costumers

Ikea invested over Rs 1000 crore in the Hyderabad store which is the first of 25 that are to come.

Finally, Bollywood has courage to look at Muslims as regular Indians & not terrorists

Anubhav Sinha's Mulk breaks Bollywood’s Sunny Deol-ised mould of the Muslim as a terrorist. It makes you feel an ordinary Muslim family’s fears, dilemmas and anger.