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The Election Commission’s unprecedented move to invoke special powers to end campaigning in West Bengal 24 hours before its time is gross over-reaction. A long-drawn, seven-phase election was meant to prevent precisely such trouble. This is not just a failure of law enforcement agencies but also of the Election Commission.

In ugly BJP vs Trinamool fight, it’s Bengal’s intellectual pride that is getting hurt

Vandalisation of educationist and reformer Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar’s statue in Bengal after Amit Shah’s roadshow is symbolic but not shocking. In their mindless hunger for votes, both BJP and TMC are turning Bengal into a communal boiling pot. But the pillars holding up Bengal’s intellectual pride are taking the hit.

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  1. If amit Shah wears a monkey’s mask or fixes a tail to his back to scream Jai Shri Ram in a state where goddess Durga is most preferred. Suppose TMC had done all this in ayodhya wouldn’t there also be a similar situation. Shameful to create havoc just to get votes. Bengal should reject BJP candidates

  2. Mamata owes her rise to BJP. She was a nondescript fellow only in the name of Vajapayee she opend her book, as central forces allowd a fair election. But basic fact is she is an unlettered and street woman. No distrubance in UP, Rajsthan, MP and Andhra, why in WB alone? I feel the people of Bengal are intolerant and they have a CM they deserve.

  3. A new party wishing to take root in Bengal should bring a promise of economic revival and regeneration. The state has been falling behind the rest of the country since the mid 1960s. Like Ireland, it pushes its bright young to other parts of the country. Ivy League colleges in the US have so many Bengalis on their faculty. There are dark tales of near starvation and child trafficking from tea estates in north Bengal. Communal harmony is something Bengal has got right after the terrible riots around Partition. On an almost stagnant economic base, what the state does not need is strong religious polarisation. Calcutta can be a gateway to both the northeast and ASEAN.

  4. Shekhar Ji,you have disappointed me immensely.When Mamta was fighting CPM it was secular V secular,as soon as BJP enters the scene why everything turns communal?


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