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Rather than speaking now, the Congress should have owned up the so-called ‘surgical strikes’ when they happened. Cross-LoC operations continue on a regular basis at the battalion, brigade and divisional level. But they cannot be compared to 2016 operation because it was vastly different in terms of scope and intensity.

Rahul & Priyanka Gandhi doublespeak on UP alliance is adding to voter confusion

Priyanka Gandhi is adding to the confusion and trust deficit between the Congress and the UP mahagatbandhan by her talk about fielding weak candidates. But Rahul Gandhi says the Congress will not divide the UP vote. This lack of cohesion is typical and doesn’t augur well for any post-poll alliance.

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  1. Congress and it’s leaders have come together to loot country and ask own share in the loot. Take even a corporator of Congress, you will find him neck deep in corruption and overnight he becomes rich. This the legacy of Congress. The new creed of voters is more informed and net savvy. They know Congress way of working which are anti national and they are bound to dump Congress in a shit hole.

  2. The Congress, after recovering from the shock of defeat in May 2014, should have created a first rate communications team. To some extent, it has done so, to improve its social media presence. Consider the basic research Shri Raj Thackeray’s team has done, assembling material easily available on the net, which added punch to his speeches. The Congress and the NCP could easily have done the same. Dr Singh’s excellent interview could have come ages ago. Since veterans joining political parties is no longer taboo, it could have got a respected figure like Lt Gen Hooda to place its point of view regularly before the national media. All the more since it understood early on that a muscular approach to security issues is the USP of the incumbent.

  3. The Assembly election of March 2017 gave the Congress a sense of its power and presence in Uttar Pradesh. Not much has changed in its favour, despite the induction of the charismatic Ms Priyanka Gandhi into the campaign. Had the party been humble, it could perhaps have got ten seats to contest as part of the Mahagatbandhan. Failing that, possibly due to Ms Mayawati’s obduracy, it should have done exactly what the lady is suggesting. No other state – perhaps not even three of them – comes close to UP in its potential to change the national dynamic. If an earthquake is helping harvest a farmer’s bounteous crop of potatoes, he should look on indolently …


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