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Before jumping to fight the 108 scholars questioning the quality of Modi government’s economic data, chartered accountants must look within. The collapsing corporate governance and unreliable balance sheets speak poorly of Indian accounting diligence. They should remember Modi’s advice on their Foundation Day: Their signature should stand for trust.

Even an Ambani can’t get away in crackdown on delinquent businessmen

Anil Ambani escaped jail by a whisker and returned Ericsson $80 million he owed them, thanks to benevolent big brother Mukesh. This is a major milestone in Indian business. Modi and courts should take credit for the crackdown on delinquent businessmen. The message is: Even an Ambani can’t get away.

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  1. It is time to regularise other competent accounting bodies such as ACCA and CPA. It will take away the monopoly of CAs in India and make it more competent

  2. And the economists who policies India followed till 1991 are to be honoured? Is that the implication of your edit? Do you journalists even know which countries were behind us in 1947 and overtook us as we wallowed in five year plans, licence Raj, 97.5% marginal rate of income tax etc etc? Please comment on the contents of the letter, not the letter writers.


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