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The suspension of MPLADS for two years to divert money to the consolidated fund for Covid-19 crisis is wise. MPLADS was a flawed idea that encouraged institutionalised corruption and was too restrictive for impact. Poorly monitored, it was plagued with misreporting and inflated costs and created an unnecessary parallel bureaucracy.

BJP has much to be proud of at 40, but is it truly Bharatiya or just Hindu majoritarian?

BJP has reasons to be proud on turning 40. From a Hindi heartland ‘Brahmin-Bania’ to a caste-neutral, pan-India party with a massive membership, it has come a long way. It must introspect too. Is it truly Bharatiya or just Hindu majoritarian? What’s its vision and leadership beyond the Modi cult?

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  1. A party with a heart large enough to make space for all Indians. Including the least privileged, and the minorities. That would get my abiding vote.

    • The least privileged – ok. Why minorities? They have been pampered enough since Independence. No other nation pampered minorities the way India did.

      The Church is the largest private land owner in India. Can you imagine Hindus owning the largest swathes of land in a Christian country?

      The Muslims can do just about anything in India, such as block important roads, hit the police, threaten to kill mediapersons, force the SC to bootlick them, kill cops etc. No one can or should raise a voice against them for fear of life and limb.

      So never again say minorities. They are not. They are the privileged section of society. They are the new Brahmins.

      The poor are truly deserving of your affection, not the minorities.


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