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Bengal cop Rajeev Kumar is doing himself no favours by avoiding CBI questioning and remaining untraceable. CBI is no paragon of virtue. It’s possible Kumar is caught in the BJP-TMC political tussle, but he chose to seek protection from the latter. He should now face CBI and fight this legally.

Outrage over Mysore Pak GI tag is nonsense. It’s a delicacy even if it’s from Chennai

The faux controversy over GI tag for Mysore Pak reflects the outrage of the unemployed. Cooked food, based on a publicly available recipe, cannot have a GI tag or trademark. A rasgulla will be as tasty, from Bengal or Odisha. Mysore Pak is a delicacy even if it’s from Chennai.

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  1. Given the fraught state of bilateral relations, only a matter of time before some people begin to outrage over the word Pak, insist that it be replaced with something more wholesome and appetising.


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