General Sarfraz Sattar (left) and Pakistan Army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa | ThePrint
General Sarfraz Sattar (left) and Pakistan Army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa | ThePrint
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New Delhi: The second-most senior Pakistan Army officer, General Sarfraz Sattar, has allegedly been forced to resign after being kept under house arrest with his family for weeks. The claim was made by Pakistan journalist Gul Bukhari on Twitter.

General Sattar was next in line to be General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s successor as army chief until his extension scuppered the former’s prospects.

Sources in the Indian security establishment told ThePrint that there was no independent confirmation of his forced resignation.

As director general of the strategic plans division, Sattar headed the operations of Pakistan’s nuclear command until November, when the charge was given to Lt Gen. Nadeem Zaki Manj. At the time, Pakistani media had reported that Sattar had retired.

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A ‘vocal critic of Bajwa’s extension’

Gen. Sattar has been known to be close to Bajwa’s predecessor Gen. Raheel Sharif, and was one of the senior army officers who reportedly vocally opposed an extension for Bajwa. The latter was to retire in November but has now been given a three-year extension.

“He had a sure shot chance at becoming the chief had Bajwa not got an extension. He was groomed by Gen. Sharif to ensure that he could become the chief of army staff,” a source in the Indian establishment said.

“A number of campaigns were run against Gen. Bajwa to ensure he does not become chief and then to ensure he does not get an extension. This included a whisper campaign that suggested Bajwa was an Ahmadi,” a second source said. 

The Ahmadis are a persecuted Islamic minority in Pakistan who are prohibited by law from recognising themselves as Muslim.

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  1. Stop persecution of muslims in India and give the right of self determination to Indian occupied kashmiris as promised by UN resolutions. Sikhs are also being persecuted in Indian Punjab.

  2. The indian media is highly constipated with their venom against agains Pakistan ans Pakistan army. They find these useless Planted tweeters like Gul Bukhari and then fabricate stories based on those hateful tweets. So much for the crdibility of the indian media.. Huh..

    • Well! Indian government and Indian Media is desperate to put blame on Pakistan even now demonstrations are taking place through out India for months an Internal problem of India that too are blaming Pakistan. Indian Occupied Kashmir is virtually shut for 5 months we Kashmiris demand India out of occupied Kashmir sooner the better.

  3. This lollipop article is based on nothing but hearsay. None of the rumors floated here can be verified.

    And just btw, Gul Bukhari is not considered to be a journalist in any country other than India. She is known for making things up but if you guys believe them then I guess that’s all that matters.

  4. Since Ahmedias are non Muslim just as Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Baudhh, Parsi, Jew etc and further more their Mecca i e birth place of their dirty prophet is also Kadiyan in Indian Panjab and furthermore, as claimed by them, persecuted religiously they must also be included in CAA for Indian citizenship !!! The action will give satisfaction to Godhara award winner & Nobel peace prize aspirant Mr Khotabhai & at the same time with the help of Ahmedias can win election and topple Captain Amrindersingh in next election !!!

  5. She is mythomaniac lier, a fabricator, treacherous and one of the most venal lady, she is on payroll of foreign intelligence agencies

  6. I hope the indian writer who publishes this article on the tweet of gul bukhari must be knowing who she is; and if anyone dont know her then let me define her. Gul bukhari is antistate, on the pay list of indian and afghan intelligence agencies and nowadays living in europe in five star hotels on expense of indian agencies. She is highly dislike in pakistan and famous for fake news just like her masters indians. Indians media and newspaper are making their people fools by spreading false news. General sarfaraz retired on the dates of his retirement just as seven other generals retired.

  7. The veracity of this article is zero. Since, General Sarfraz was never from Punjab Regiment. Only Indian media (print & electronic) can tell such fabricated lies ….


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