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Brigade Road in Bengaluru

WEF selects Bengaluru, Hyderabad among 36 to pioneer smart cities roadmap

The list of 36 cities will herald a new roadmap for safely adopting new technology as part of the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance.
Representational image of a vaccine shot | RF._.studio | Pexels

Why fewer people are awaiting a Covid-19 vaccine now compared to 3 months ago

As we inch closer towards a Covid vaccine, people’s reluctance is also growing.

These are the markets of tomorrow — hyperloops, edtech, e-vehicles and reskilling

Covid-19 has disrupted economies, highlighting how technological & socio-institutional innovation is now needed for the creation of new products and assets.
Employees at a mobile phone plant in Sriperumbudur | Photo: Karen Dias | Bloomberg

Just under half of India’s labour force digitally skilled, WEF’s Future of Jobs report says

World Economic Forum’s 'Future of Jobs' report also found that automation of work will displace 85 million jobs globally in the next five years.
A person wears a bandana as a mask while seated in a meat shop during a lockdown imposed due to the coronavirus in Mumbai. | Photographer: Dhiraj Singh| Bloomberg

Unemployment world’s top perceived business risk, social instability a concern in India — WEF

WEF report surveyed business leaders from 127 countries to find out the top perceived risks. Unemployment or underemployment found to be biggest concern everywhere.
A farming project in Central African Republic

How one-dollar scratch cards are helping farmers plan their future harvest

Farmers feed entire nations, but they often lack the finance to invest in vital seeds and fertiliser to make their fragile agricultural holdings sustainable.
People wear masks as they walk inside a mall west in Florida.

These countries think their govt did a good job of dealing with the Covid pandemic

Across the 14 countries surveyed, 59% of respondents said greater international cooperation would have reduced number of Covid cases in their own country.
Representational image | Pixabay

9 out of 10 people don’t want to return to their pre-Covid lives, finds WEF survey

Survey conducted by WEF and Ipsos finds that 87% Indians want an equitable and sustainable future, and were waiting for changes in their post-pandemic personal lives.
Lab technicians produce Covid-19 diagnostic kits in a laboratory in Faridabad

87% adults in India say they will take Covid-19 vaccine when available — WEF survey

Global survey finds 41% people are optimistic there will be a Covid-19 vaccine before the end of 2020, and 74% adults would be willing to get vaccinated.
Woman working on a laptop (Representational image) | Flickr

Employees are ready to return to office, but flexible work is here to stay

Post-Covid, there will be a heightened focus on flexibility, and the value of human experience at the workplace.

On Camera

Why fermentation can change the way the world eats and also help the environment

To create a global food system that is inclusive, efficient, and sustainable, we must transform our current protein production methods.
Representional Image. A Indian Oil Corporation outlet | Commons

Petrol price crosses Rs 82 a litre, diesel past Rs 72

Petrol price on Saturday was hiked by 24 paise per litre and diesel by 27 paise as hopes of a Covid vaccine development led to a rally in international oil prices.


A MiG-29K fighter aircraft (representational image) | ANI

Engine, design deficiencies — Third crash puts Russian MiG-29K back in focus

Since November last year, three MiG-29K fighter jets have been involved in accidents in India, with the latest crash happening this Thursday. 

Shambles over farmers’ protest shows Modi-Shah BJP needs a Punjab tutorial

Modi-Shah BJP has tended to patronise Punjab & Sikhs, instead of being a respectful partner. Its strategy to tackle protests farm laws crisis has given Sikhs the good fight they love.