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Topic: weight loss

Does drinking coffee help you burn fat? Let’s find out

Caffeine is the main ingredient in most fat burners found in the market. But is there enough scientific research to support coffee as a fat-burning agent?

Exercise works, but see how changing your diet can add 10 years to your life

A study says that eating healthier could extend lifespan up to seven years in middle-aged adults, and in young adults, by about ten years.

Green tea is good for your health but marketing makes it seem like a ‘superfood’. It’s not

Green tea is heavily promoted for its effects on burning fat and enhancing metabolism. But there are no clinical trials to prove this hypothesis.

Mental health checks important before & after bariatric surgery, says Mumbai’s Dr Harsh Sheth

For best outcomes of bariatric surgery, both the patient and medical team should pay heed to counselling, encourage a positive mindset, and do regular follow-ups, he adds.

Pompeo says losing 40 kg in 6 months a lifestyle choice, not ‘cancer’ or ‘for presidential run’

Mike Pompeo, who served as CIA director and US Secy of State under Trump, says after 'lifetime struggle', he embarked on big change in diet & lifestyle starting in June 2021.

Herbal teas are soothing but not a solution for PCOS. Focus on modifying lifestyle instead

Women receive confusing information on how to manage polycystic ovary syndrome. Bloggers and budding fitness enthusiasts offer quick remedies like herbal teas. Don't fall for them.

Ten small changes you can make today to prevent weight gain

Weight gain isn’t usually the result of overeating large amounts of food.

Can’t fit into your college jeans? You could be at risk of Type 2 diabetes, UK study warns

Small trial conducted on 12 people, who were put through a weight loss programme, indicates that diabetes is not caused by obesity but by being too heavy for one's own body.

Diet pills, fat burners, herbal tea — Why they damage our health more than help us lose weight

For overweight Indians, diet supplements may seem like a magical solution. But even if they claim to be ‘natural’, they lead to serious health risks.

Pinterest wants you to love your body & ‘focus on what matters most’, bans ads on weight loss

In statement issued last week, popular social media platform Pinterest said its decision was driven by data that showed a steep rise in unhealthy eating & living habits with onset of Covid.

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File image of Airbus 380 | Commons

Airbus emerges as front runner to win Jet Airways’ order worth $5.5 billion

Once India’s top private airline, Jet Airways is returning to the skies. The company is trying to acquire A320neo jets and A220 planes from Airbus SE, Boeing Co. and Embraer SA.


The Indian Air Force logo | Commons

Almost 4,000 enrol for IAF’s Agnipath recruitment scheme on day 1 of online registrations

These registrations pertain to the Indian Air Force's Agniveer Vayu programme. The online portal for the first phase was opened at 10 am Friday, and will close on 5 July.

With Agnipath, Modi govt’s shock & awe doctrine may have misfired a vital reform, yet again

Modi govt's biggest flaw has been its disinclination to accept limitations of electoral majorities. This ruined land acquisition and farm reform, stalled labour codes.