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A file photo of Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi. | Photo: Praveen Jain/ThePrint

Congress, UPA parties plan front to take on Modi govt over campus violence, CAA-NRC, economy

Senior leaders of Congress, NCP, CPI, DMK & RJD are likely to meet on 13 January to devise plan. Formation of strategic group also in the works.
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Modi in denial about economy is worrisome. He must first admit a problem before tackling it

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P Chidambaram

Once the Amit Shah of UPA govt, tables have turned for Chidambaram

UPA government’s most powerful minister, P. Chidambaram is now staring at the darkest abyss.

Modi 2.0 needs to undo the damage done to the economy by UPA & his own first term

Businesses aren’t investing thanks to mistakes made by UPA. But Modi 1.0 must share the blame for muted financial reforms, partisan telecom policy etc.
File photo of PM Narendra Modi and former PM Manmohan Singh | PTI

What separates Modi’s NDA from Manmohan Singh’s UPA – Chidambaram’s arrest

Under successive Congress regimes, no one was ‘hanged’, not because there were no lamp posts, but because the political will was missing.
PM Narendra Modi

Modi won’t win in 2024, unless these nine economic follies are reversed

In 2024 Lok Sabha election, it will be good economics that will deliver PM Modi a good political outcome. He needs advisers he will listen to.
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Siddhartha’s death highlights troubling issue — agencies’ vigilante role can hurt business

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks in the Lok Sabha during the Budget Session of Parliament

Budget 2019: India has a law to cap fiscal deficit but UPA and NDA couldn’t care less

No matter what the specific deficits caps, debt limits or escape clauses are, a stronger rule of law in fiscal policy is in public interest.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former prime minister Manmohan Singh

Bharat Ratna for Manmohan Singh? He doesn’t deserve one

Hailing Manmohan Singh may serve a political purpose for Modi, but Manmohan’s legacy is nothing to be proud of.

From Bihar to Andhra, how India fought, and won, its 50-yr war with Left-wing extremism

Maoists still have strength in certain regions but it’s grossly untenable to say they pose an existential threat to India as they did in late 2000s.

On Camera

People wearing masks in a park in Shanghai, China | Qilai Shen | Bloomberg

Asians will become the new Muslims — how coronavirus will change our world like 9/11

To control another Covid-19 outbreak, solutions like body screening, temperature guns, sanitising kits will become a permanent part of our lives.

Covid-19 Battle: Are Indian chief ministers measuring up or need strong central oversight?

PM Modi held a video conference with all chief ministers Thursday to take stock of the situation arising out of the Covid-19 health emergency.


The consignment in Maldives

IAF airlifts 6.2 tonnes of essential medicines, hospital consumables to Maldives

The consignment was airlifted to Male by an Indian Air Force C-130 aircraft, as part of 'Operation Sanjeevani'.

Modi’s India isn’t Mao’s China. Silly forecasts assume we’ll let corona kill millions of us

There are many scary scenarios about how badly we Indians may be affected or how many killed by Covid-19. But they presume we will do nothing to influence our fates.