Wednesday, 18 May, 2022
TopicUnited States of America

Topic: United States of America

UK, US ‘concerned’ about unconfirmed reports of chemical attack in Mariupol

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said use of chemical weapons would be a ‘callous escalation in this conflict”.

As war clouds gather over Ukraine, American defence stocks rise even as markets go down

Aerospace giant Northrop Grumman’s stocks saw sharp 4.53% rise, among several defence companies defying market trend as US and other NATO countries warned citizens to leave Ukraine.

Why challenge to 1 US state’s law has cast shadow on 50-yr-old order on women’s abortion rights

US Supreme Court currently hearing a case that challenges a Mississippi law that seeks to prohibit abortions beyond 15 weeks of pregnancy except on grounds of a medical emergency.

Here’s how an organisation tried to buy the original US Constitution with cryptocurrency

A bid by crowdfunders to buy a historic copy of the US Constitution has focused attention on DAOs — a part of the new wave of digital investing.

8 killed, several injured in stampede at American rapper Travis Scott’s concert

At a concert in Houston attended by some 50,000 fans, a crowd surged towards the front stage, squeezing audience members who had nowhere to escape

Why India could gain ‘major leverage’ as Australia, UK, US join hands to take on China

AUKUS is a new trilateral security partnership. UK & US will help Australia acquire nuclear-powered submarines, pushing it to directly counter China.

Texas abortion law shows when human life begins is a question of politics – not biology

As a biologist and philosopher, I have been watching players in the US abortion debate make claims about biology for many years.

US urges Pakistan to keep working with FATF to address money laundering, terror financing

FATF asked Pakistan to 'swiftly complete' its 27-point action plan' and ensure terrorism financing probes target senior leaders and commanders of UN-designated terror groups.

US adds Pakistan, along with 14 other countries in list of Child Soldiers Prevention Act

The list identifies foreign governments with government-supported armed groups that recruit or use child soldiers and subjects them to certain restrictions.

US Health Secretary urges WHO for ‘transparent’ 2nd phase of Covid origins investigation

In a video message Tuesday, Xavier Becerra urged that next phase of investigation should give international experts the independence to fully assess the source of the virus.

On Camera


File photo of Assi Ghat, Varanasi | Representative Image | Neera Majumdar | ThePrint

Forget Gyanvapi for a moment, Varanasi needs justice for a recent carnage: 2006 IM bombings

The real victim of the Varanasi bombing investigation has been the idea of justice. It's more lethal than any bombs the Indian Mujahideen planted.
File image of Tata Group's headquarters in Mumbai | Photo: Dhiraj Singh | Bloomberg

Tata in acquisition talks with as many as 5 brands, to bolster position in consumer goods sector

The conglomerate will likely face stiff competition in the sector from existing global giants such as Unilever, as well as Indian tycoon Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries.


Representational image of Pangong Tso | ThePrint

China building ‘bigger, broader’ 2nd bridge at Pangong Tso that can carry armoured columns

China's People's Liberation Army aims for multiple routes to counter any possible operations by the Indian forces on the southern banks of the Pangong Tso in the future.

How Congress is like the Ambassador & why Indian politics needs a brand new set of wheels

Like the car, nothing the party has done to reinvent itself has worked. Only way forward is to offer something looking towards the future, not in image of glorious past.