Saturday, 4 December, 2021
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Representational image| A factory in Bahadurgarh, Haryana | Udit Kulshrestha/Bloomberg

Covid crisis has exposed gaps in urban Swachh Bharat Mission. It must be revamped

The Swachh Bharat Mission won’t work in Covid times unless it is equipped with wastewater management, better infrastructure and protects sanitation workers better.
A file photo of migrant labourers gathered at a bus stand in Jaipur | PTI

Job loss, rent and exodus — Covid-19 crisis tells us migrants need housing security

Practising social distancing and staying home to fight the coronavirus is not possible for migrant workers without housing security.
Apps displayed on a phone | Photo: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

YouTube, FB should counter rumours, provide information on food and shelter in Covid times

Digital platforms have the potential to disseminate accurate information that is required to fight the stigma around Covid-19 disease.

From unpaid domestic care work to menstrual hygiene – Covid’s double whammy for Indian women

In Covid, India needs to develop gender-responsive strategies to strengthen public health preparedness, which do not de-prioritise health needs of women.
People distributing essential items in Worli, Mumbai | Photo: Ashish Raje/ANI

India is fighting Covid-19 like Liberia fought the Ebola outbreak

Community based organisations have mounted Covid-19 responses by supporting quarantine facilities and providing hygiene kits in their areas.
Representational Image | A faucet and a soap | Photo: Pixabay

Hand washing is a luxury — govt should give soaps to urban poor during the Covid-19 crisis

Government should provide WASH services in informal settlements during the Covid-19 pandemic as they lack the infrastructure to fight this pandemic.
A slum in Mumbai | Representational Image | Wikimedia Commons

Hand washing to stop coronavirus — 78% of toilets in Mumbai slums lack reliable water supply

Water and sanitation concerns of Indian slums need to be addressed in the fight against coronavirus, otherwise it can have a nationwide impact.
Illustration: Ramandeep Kaur | ThePrint

Bezos, Branson & Musk — Are billionaires popularising space travel or just on an ego trip?

Jeff Bezos will travel to the edge of space in his New Shepard aircraft — more than a week after billionaire Richard Branson defeated him in a fast developing space race.