Tuesday, 17 May, 2022

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Hindi hegemony will only end when other Indian languages like Tamil are reinvented

Protesting against Amit Shah's Hindi imposition is fine but do non-Hindi states like Tamil Nadu work for the advancement of their own languages?

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Not blindly praying in Sanskrit anymore, Tamil Nadu devotees on Stalin’s temple reform

The newly-elected DMK government has given devotees of 47 state temples the option to offer prayers in Tamil. Many say will understand meaning now, some aren’t so happy.

DMK govt will work on getting ‘official’ tag for all Eighth Schedule languages, says Stalin

According to Article 343 of the Constitution, the official language of the union government is Hindi in Devanagari script. The Eighth Schedule has 22 languages.

Kalki — rebel Tamil literary giant who quit school to join Non-Cooperation Movement

Kalki was a prominent Tamil literary figure in the 1930s and '40s known for cult novels like 'Ponniyan Selvan' and 'Alai Osai'.

Translate ‘Gaay hamari mata hai’. That’s the secularism gap between English, Indian languages

The English intellectual can't ignore Indian languages anymore or will end up legitimising the flawed Hindutva argument about the revenge of the subaltern.

Vellore now Veeloor: TN changes names of 1,018 places so you pronounce them the Tamil way

The timing of announcement drew flak given that it was done in the middle of a pandemic. The entire process though took 2 years and 7 ministries, including 2 central ministries.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar bats for citizenship of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees amid NRC-CAB debate

Art of Living founder Sri Sri Rvi Shankar has asked the govt to grant citizenship to the Sri Lankan Tamils who fled their country during the ethnic strife in 1980s.

Haryana CM Khattar wins the internet with his Tamil, once again

In interview to a Tamil TV channel, Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar answers most of the questions in fluent Tamil.

Tamil now echoing across US: Modi says as ‘One nation, One language’ controversy dies down

PM Modi's remarks are being seen as an attempt to reach out to the people of Tamil Nadu after Home Minister Amit Shah's comments on Hindi kicked up a controversy

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Bad timing could hamper LIC IPO

Most early public enterprise IPOs have been trading 75% below their original price, small investors concerned.


Representational image of army personnel in Ladakh | ANI

India ‘doesn’t foresee’ border fighting with China, but ‘won’t back down’ if tensions reignite

Aim is to ensure not just disengagement of troops, but overall de-escalation. Govt in favour of solving tensions through talks as it wants peace with all neighbours including China.

How Congress is like the Ambassador & why Indian politics needs a brand new set of wheels

Like the car, nothing the party has done to reinvent itself has worked. Only way forward is to offer something looking towards the future, not in image of glorious past.