Saturday, 19 January, 2019

Topic: Syria

File photo of Justin Trudeau | Scott Olson/Getty Images

China sentences a Canadian to death for drug trafficking, Trudeau calls verdict arbitrary  

Theresa May urges parliamentarians to give the Brexit deal ‘a second look’ and House Republicans unseat leader from committees over white supremacy remark.
Donald Trump

White House prepares for border wall as Donald Trump threatens national emergency

Japan PM Shinzo Abe speaks in support of Theresa May and Mike Pompeo speaks in Cairo about Trump’s vision for Middle East.
Trump and Jinping

US, China officials meet in Beijing for sixth-round negotiations to end trade war

US NSA John Bolton says troops can’t be withdrawn from Syria, and Saudi Arabia puts into effect new law to alert women of divorce.

Santa faces delay at Gatwick, while Congress has a Christmas gift for America

The best cartoons of the day, chosen by editors at ThePrint.
Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley is a hard act to follow at the UN

Nikki Haley leaves with her reputation not just intact but burnished. The same cannot be said of Trump’s other departed top-level appointees.
Nikki Haley

Unlike Trump, Nikki Haley wasn’t a transactionalist but an exceptionalist

There were moments when Haley’s foreign policy differed with Trump’s and even UN’s philosophy. She did not think all countries are equal.
Ruskin Bond

Why Ruskin Bond never wrote about Indian politicians

In this excerpt from his book 'Beauty of All My Days', Bond recalls memories of him having seen and heard Nehru as well as his conversations with Morarji Desai, Acharya Kripalani. 
A screengrab of the boys in the cave | Facebook/Thai Royal Navy

Diver dies in Thai cave rescue effort, and Afghanistan has ended virginity testing

Justin Trudeau says he does not think he acted 'inappropriately' at 2000 musical fest, and bombing resumes in Syria as ceasefire deal falls through. ...
Latest news on chemical warfare |

Urging a total ban, India opposes bid to give chemical weapons watchdog more teeth

India's Ambassador & Permanent Representative to the OPCW said India believes those who indulge in such "abhorrent acts" must be held accountable
A Rohingya man sitting in a refugee camp

With 68.5 million people displaced globally, here’s why World Refugee Day is important

India, struggling with the issue of Rohingya Muslim refugees, has granted asylum to displaced people from Tibet, Afghanistan, Pakistan among others.

Karnataka crisis: Can horse-trading be checked or should it be accepted as part of politics?

The Karnataka Congress called a legislature party meeting Friday to address the issue of horse trading in the state and put up a show of strength. The Congress ...