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Workers sort onions at the Agriculture Produce Market Committee wholesale market in Lasalgaon, Maharashtra | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Modi govt must treat farmers as businessmen & introduce ease of doing agri-business index

If Narendra Modi wants to double farmers’ incomes, then the Centre has to create a system that can rank states according to agricultural performance.
Lok Sabha

Centre gives a lot of money to states for social welfare. A good policy, but only on paper

In the last 18 years, the Centre spent Rs 14 lakh crore on social services. But centrally sponsored schemes are undermining state say.
People wait to check their names on the final draft of the Assam's National Register of Citizens

Bengali Muslims are not sure where they belong this Lok Sabha election

TMC’s electoral games to garner Muslim votes in Bengal and BJP’s NRC push has made an entire community vulnerable to statelessness.
Parliament House

After Lok Sabha polls, new govt must be wary of big-bang ideas that lead to bad outcomes

From bank nationalisation to demonetisation, the Indian state often rushed into things it was not able to handle well.
The North Block of the Central Secretariat buildings| Anindito Mukherjee/Bloomberg

State regulation in India – the art of rolling over rather than rolling back

Regulatory bodies were created to de-politicise decision making. But in India, something different has happened.
Narendra Modi

Of mindless words and a vacuum of ideas: Indian politics under Modi reflects emptiness

Indians have ceased to be ‘argumentative’; instead, they have started surrendering. There’s no intellectual debate; only status-seeking, clever discourse. The very popular, but quite cynical, perception of politics, particularly in the middle class, is that it is ugly, conspiratorial, and power-centric. Politicians are seen as corrupt, uneducated thugs, who are ignorant of issues. Elections are often described as unnecessarily expensive, and a wasteful exercise. Most people on the street say that there is not much difference between the one party and its candidates or another. “Our fate does not change anyway,” is a common refrain. And yet, ironically, most elections have 65 to even 80 per cent voter turnout. If there is indeed such deep hatred about politics and politicians, then why do people come out and vote in such large numbers? Why do they, despite such manifestly expressed contempt towards politicians, invite them to grace various occasions? Even media houses, which generally spread...

On Camera

File photo of the CBI M Nageshwara Rao

Ban foreign donations to Indian NGOs: Ex-CBI acting chief writes in RSS mouthpiece

About Rs 2 lakh crore in foreign ‘donations’ has been pumped into India in last two decades. Why do foreigners' have this unrequited love for Indians?

Homoeopathy for coronavirus: Is AYUSH commitment to alt meds healthy or promoting quackery?

AYUSH ministry issued a health advisory Wednesday for the prevention of coronavirus infections through homoeopathy and ayurveda.


Army chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane

Army will pull forces out of internal security duties in Northeast: Gen MM Naravane

Working on a plan for the next 18-24 months on how to draw down regular forces from security duties in Northeast, Army Chief General M.M. Naravane says.

The world has a message for Modi: Brand India is severely damaged

India’s image — and by extension Modi’s — has been damaged by a combination of identity politics and economic decline. But the world isn’t writing us off, not yet.