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Can India be the next space startup haven, or will China beat us to it?

India and China are competing in the world economy for many things, one of them being the private space industry. There have been over 80 space startups in China since 2014, while India has a mere handful. India’s private space industry has also only raised about $20 million, whereas the Chinese have easily raised more than ten times that amount. In the race to occupy the global space market, ThePrint asks: Can India be the next space startup haven or will it be China? Country which gives incentives and makes business entrepreneur-friendly will have the most space start-ups Sanjay Nekkanti Co-founder, Dhruva Space If you are just comparing the number of space start-ups in India vs China, then China is already way ahead. There are 15-plus space start-ups in China and the cumulative investment that these companies have raised is over $500 million. Few of these start-ups have already started demonstrating capabilities by either test firing next-generation launch vehicles...

Should ISRO help India’s private space players grow or focus only on its big missions?

As ISRO basks in the glory of its successful HysIS launch, India's first fully private satellite is still awaiting its own ride aboard a SpaceX rocket. This satellite was built ground up by the private company Exseed Space without much external assistance. ThePrint asks: Should ISRO help India's private space players grow or focus only on its big missions? https://youtu.be/NXd2DheE7FM ISRO collaborating with private companies gives India an edge Kris Nair Founder of Exseed Space, first company to send a private satellite to space India is a world leader in satellite launches – not many people know that ISRO was the global market leader in 2017. We believe India is the right place to start building the ecosystem for space activities and it drove us to start the company last year. ISRO planted the seed for the ecosystem and can now also support it. There are enough precedents for this like NASA, ESA, etc. We believe a...

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Pakistani troops have violated ceasefire over 110 times along the LoC since January.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

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