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Illustration: Ramandeep Kaur | ThePrint

What India must do to be a functioning social democracy — stop practising state capitalism

India, more an electoral democracy than a system-respecting republic, is moving in the direction of pre-socialist Britain, with powerful billionaires controlling the state.
File photo of Bernie Sanders supporters at a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona

OK Boomers, you might be one of the reasons why Millennials are embracing socialism

It's the generation in their 20s-30s that's facing the brunt of Covid. They're watching older generations milk the system at their expense, through what some call Boomer socialism.
Parotta | Wikimedia Commons

Parota-vs-roti tax fight will exist until Indian policymakers let go of Socialist mindset

The roti-vs-parota battle is hardly India’s first tax classification problem. Remember chappal vs sandal? It’s a problem with how Indian officials function.
Medics outside an isolation ward of coronavirus at Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad, on 2 March 2020 | PTI

India doesn’t want taali-thali charity from billionaires, it wants Socialist state to act

Everyone becomes a Socialist in a pandemic. It’s time India realises billionaires aren’t the cure for coronavirus — the State is. 
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Socialism may just be what the service economy needs

It’s possible that the future of advanced economies will be a plateau in the output of manufactured goods and food and an increase in consumption of services.
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American politics is taking a radical new turn. Socialism is no longer a dirty word

American dream is fading with jobs being shifted to Shanghai and Bengaluru, factories shutting down and “outsourcing” raising corporate profits but lowering American wages.
Jawaharlal Nehru, July 1957 | Flickr

Blame British, not Nehru for India’s ‘damaging’ socialist stand on economy after Independence

The fact that the private sector of the time looked to the government to raise investment levels indicates that Nehru had less elbow room than currently claimed.

Here’s how India’s middle class forces a Right-wing Modi govt to stay economically Left

Indian middle class’ fetish for a nanny state compels govt intervention in managing prices. This keeps both crony capitalists and voters happy.
Indian children work at a construction project in New Delhi, India | Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Indian elites holding back wealth tied in slums. And here’s what Modi govt can do

Elites view encroachers as disruptors of property rights system, and oppose regularisation. But that’s what India needs to free up capital held in slums.
File image of C. Rajagopalachari | Twitter

60 years ago, a Right liberal Swatantra Party had challenged Nehru’s socialist Raj

It was a sign of Swatantra Party's political acumen that many of its policies would be adopted by Narasimha Rao 17 years after its demise in 1974.

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Liquid Oxygen containers being loaded by Indian Air Force aircraft at Changi Airport in Singapore on 24 April 2021 | Photo: Twitter/@PIBHomeAffairs

Armed forces can turn Delhi’s Covid situation around in 48 hours. Time to call them in

The full potential of the armed forces is not being utilised. They are not in the decision-making loop and military representatives have not been consulted.
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Why does it feel like Indian stock markets live on another planet?

The question is a fair one, considering the risky asset class in a country struggling with its most horrific calamity since its violent partition & independence nearly 75 years ago.


The Ministry of Defence at South Block in New Delhi | Commons

Big boost for military as Modi govt gives officers powers of additional & joint secretaries

Formal appointment means the officers can now dispose of files at their levels under powers delegated to them, instead of routing them through Secretary, DMA, Gen. Bipin Rawat.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Mayday, Mayday — How Modi govt led India into a perfect storm

Triumphalism, premature declaration of victory meant no one checked if India had enough vaccines, oxygen, remdesivir, bringing us back to a crisis where we need foreign aid after four decades.