Thursday, 1 December, 2022
TopicSanjay Singh

Topic: Sanjay Singh

Arvind Kejriwal to skip Lok Sabha polls, AAP to field another candidate in Varanasi

AAP leader Sanjay Singh said that the party chief will not contest the upcoming polls as he wants to provide special focus to his state. 

Set up a JPC to look into Rafale deal, says AAP petitioner Sanjay Singh

AAP MP Sanjay Singh wants issue to be discussed in Parliament, says curative petition remains an option.

Modi govt tells Supreme Court to figure out if it’s competent to review Rafale case

Attorney General K.K. Venugopal said Rafale was a matter for experts, not one for judicial review based on media reports & documents.

Aam Aadmi Party plans to contest 80-100 seats in 2019 Lok Sabha polls

AAP leader Sanjay Singh said party would focus in Punjab, Haryana and AAP's home turf Delhi to win maximum seats in 2019.

आखिर कौन हैं ये ‘बाहरी’ जिनको आप ने दिया राज्य सभा का टिकट?

आम आदमी पार्टी नेता कुमार विश्वास को राज्यसभा टिकट नहीं, पार्टी ने बाहरियों डॉक्टर सुशील गुप्ता और एन डी गुप्ता को नामांकित किया.

Who are the mysterious Guptas Kejriwal is sending to Rajya Sabha & causing turmoil in AAP?

AAP leader Kumar Vishwas denied ticket as party nominated outsiders, Dr Sushil Gupta and N D Gupta, for RS berths.

On Camera


Congress MP Shashi Tharoor (Photo/ANI)

Operation ‘Discipline Tharoor’ failed in Kerala. But battle against Pinarayi won’t be easy

If his attacks on Modi and the BJP are any indication, Tharoor would rather be measured than go all-out, especially as an exponent of positive politics.

51 cow universities, old pension scheme, jobs — what RSS affiliates want from 2023 Budget

Welfare schemes and ‘self-reliance’ figure high on Sangh organisations’ wishlists for finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman ahead of the Budget, which she will present on 1 February.


A soldier with 'Arjun', a black kite trained to down enemy drones, during the Yudh Abhyas exercise being held in Auli, Uttarakhand | Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

It’s a plane, no it’s a bird! Army’s training eagles & falcons to swoop down on hostile drones

The birds are also being trained for surveillance at Remount Veterinary Corps Centre in Meerut, with cameras fitted to their heads to record videos.

A Gujarat gamble: A likely reason Rahul is not giving Modi a fight this assembly election

I'd rather not buy idea that Rahul's holding his fire until 2024. More likely, Congress believes Karnataka offers best chance of winning a Gujarat-sized state if Gujarat is too challenging.